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Survivor achievement in Killer Instinct


Complete a Shadow Lords playthrough without dying

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How to unlock the Survivor achievement

  • EvilBilboXBLEvilBilboXBL608,165
    05 Mar 2017 06 Mar 2017
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    This isn't as daunting as it seems, and the key for me was Eyedol. His Titans Vengeance perma bonus that allows him to take less damage from projectiles and walk through them is crazy helpful for making it through all four Omens and Gargos without any deaths.

    In getting to Gargos I started a new game on Normal and tried to control the corruption from zone to zone to get one Omen at a time to ensure I could use Eyedol on each one. I also made sure to skip every shadow mission as you never know how good the shadow you're going to fight will be.

    For the Gargos fight with Eyedol I used the following setup:
    - Killer Watcher Guardian. Use whatever your best Guardian is for the Attack and Defense boost.
    - Dragonskin Nanobots Mk III for +25% Defense
    - Myogene Nanobots Mk III for +25% Attack
    - Embalmed Lizard Foot to prevent Gargos from getting too much instinct and shadow if he gets off a combo, but I don't think I ended up needing it.
    - ARES Battle Stim Mk III for constant Shadow refills during the match.

    So with the +100% Defense and +105% Attack from the guardian and nanobots I was able to nearly kill him with a perfect victory and I'm not very good. Using the combo assist I was able to pretty easily mash my way to a simple victory.

    I actually found the Omen fights more challenging than Gargos, but I also didn't use the nanobots for those fights.

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    Hero2NoneEyedol is unlocked through shadow mode. You have to select certain options tht appear before & after certain matches. Theres a guide online I'm sure cause thts where I learned. Been workin on completion for this for awhile but I know hes unlock through shadow mode
    Posted by Hero2None on 03 Jul 21 at 13:15
    Hero2NoneSo I assume on the Gargos fight u hafta beat him with your first fighter u choose or does the achievement pop if u need to use the other characters?
    Posted by Hero2None on 17 Jul 21 at 08:26
    planchetflawJust a warning with the Eyedol story line, do NOT destroy his soul when given the option. That finishes his story but doesn't unlock him. You must choose to recruit him. This option appears after you vs him on the Astral level (same level as Gargos fights on), which is about the 4th or 5th time you fight him in his story after reaching the 7/7 on the map for him. A bit confusing that his story line continues beyond the 7/7 for a few more turns.

    Now I need to unlock Kilgore.
    Posted by planchetflaw on 05 Feb at 22:28
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    31 May 2021 09 Sep 2022 09 Sep 2022
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    tldr: Tired of trying to keep up with who you've done what with for achievements? Click my spreadsheet link below and start tracking it!

    This is not a specific guide but more so a checklist along with some tips for tackling this game as a whole. There are other excellent, very detailed guides for unlocking each specific achievement.

    When I decided to start Killer Instinct from scratch in early 2021 (began 3/26/21 and finished 6/21/21), I decided that I needed a way to guide and track my progress to completion in the most efficient way possible. With a base game of 94 achievements and 28 DLCs which is composed of 23 characters, a ranked MP DLC (League Title Update), a story mode (similar to MK's ladder system), an RPG type mode (Shadow Lords 1 & 2), and Shadow Mode (machine learning type bot simulator) that made up another 370 achievements, this game was going to take some time and coordination.

    I created a spreadsheet by exporting all of the Achievement Titles, Achievement Descriptions, and Gamerscore from TA. I added the following columns:

    • Order: to keep the initial achievement order
    • BASE/DLC: determines if the achievement was part of the base game or one of the DLCs
    • Release Date: for sorting purposes
    • Type: I created 23 "Types" of achievements in this game, most are repetitive across characters (i.e. win versus match with [insert character])
    • Character: let's you know which character the achievement applies to. There are 29 characters in total. Some achievements are assigned to "Any" meaning those do not apply to a specific character. Omen does not follow the normal DLC achievement path rather it has 5 random achievements tied to it.
    • Unlocked: put an "x" in the cell if you have unlocked it. This ties in with the Pivot tab where you refresh the pivot tables to show your percentage complete.
    If you decide to use the spreadsheet, start by deleting all of the x's in the Unlocked column on KI TA tab (not to be confused with the KI TA sortable tab which is used for sorting to your hearts desire without messing with your main tab). Once you start filling in "x" 's in the KI TA tab, you can refresh the Pivot tab to see your progress based on Type and/or Character.


    I hope this spreadsheet helps for anyone starting this beast of game that is quite fun. It was more time consuming than challenging but overall I really enjoyed it.

    • Complete the Shadow Mode achievements first as these have broken in the past and were unobtainable for a while before they patched it.
    • Find a hardcore, dedicated group to boost ranked achievements. Playing this game legit online will take a while and will be pretty tough!
    • Try to have fun with Shadow Lords Mode, once I understood how it worked (which just took playing it a while) it was a lot of fun!
    • Keep a second controller handy for some of the Fight Challenges. For example, blocks can be done easily by rubber banding your main controller to block while you perform a move with the second controller.
    • If you haven't already, read through the Walkthrough. It was well done up to the point before the writer quit updating it. For the rest, read through the guides and of course, the comments on the guides for good info.
    Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions to make the spreadsheet better.
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