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Defeat Gargos on Godlike difficulty

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  • NetgetsNetgets947,083
    20 Nov 2016 23 Nov 2016 23 Nov 2016
    18 2 10
    This is strategy for noob player like me.

    To defeat godlike Gargos, you should have epic or killer guardian of snake and fractured ward.

    1. Rash with snake : Tapping light punch near Gargos. CPU Gargos has no solution against it. Because of snake guardian, auto combo make huge damage even you stopped combo early.

    2. Riptor with fractured ward : Fire (heavy punch) with fractured ward is extreamly good to defeat Gargos. This is good for disrubt rebirth of Gargos too.

    3. Use your best character for third slot. Just forget my Jago. T.T

    Please refer to below video. Good luck.

  • MonkytildeathMonkytildeath397,160
    26 Oct 2018 14 Nov 2018 05 Dec 2018
    11 0 4
    Here is an easy method that I used since I'm also no very good at the game. I'll make it short, sweet and to the point.

    Team: Eyedol, Riptor, Rash

    - guardian: Astral Tiki (gold)
    - Artifacts: Myogene/Dragonskin Nanobots Mk(preferably level III), Mummy Talisman
    - Consumable: Gibraltar Shield Mk III

    -Guardian: Fractured Ward (gold)
    -Artifacts: Myogene/Dragonskin Nanobots Mk(preferably level III), Mummy Talisman, Demon Talisman
    - Consumable: Embalmed Fingernail or Pickled Rodent Brain

    -Guardian: Snake (blue or higher)
    -Artifacts: Myogene/Dragonskin Nanobots Mk(preferably level III), Mummy Talisman, Demon Talisman
    - Consumable: Embalmed Fingernail or Adrenaline Stim Beta Mk III

    Note: Essentially I just spammed the grapple with Eyedol (Astral Tiki gives uninterrupted grabs) but make sure you look at how much time you have left with it because you will need to land a heavy attack to activate it again. (Also works well with Omens too).

    Here is a video I recorded using my cheese method

    *Fight starts at 2:10 * The beginning is the setup I use

  • MarkyshizzleMarkyshizzle1,284,931
    05 Sep 2016 05 Sep 2016
    10 6 16
    This game has alot to do with skill however these are some tips that will no doubt help.

    Stock up on resources!
    Simulate matches on Godlike to get crazy amounts of currency!
    Buy Guardians! Get Killer Guardians!
    Stop in the shop and buy the best potions, etc. Including the ones from my video!
    Practice with your three best characters!

    The goal is to get to Gargos with zero abilities active for him. It makes it much easier. This achievement isn't nearly as hard as you think it is at first with the proper setup like i have in the video.

    Good luck and feel free to post your own tips below!

  • Legendary J ManLegendary J Man417,270
    04 Jan 2017 06 Jan 2017 06 Jan 2017
    4 1 4
    This is a post season three solution.
    There is no surefire way to scrub out Gargos on godlike, he is just too mean. This is definately a skill based achievement. i just did this last night and here is what helped:

    1) unlock Eyedol
    Eyedol has specific buffs against Omens and Gargos. Using him I was able to kill all 3 Omens without any problems. In the Gargos fight I was able to get Gargos down to danger on his second health bar before I lost him.

    2) Get gold guardians
    You will have to grind out the other two difficulties and dailies to get 1700 astral gems to buy the killer pack. You will want at least 2 gold tier guardians, preferably 3. It doesnt matter what guardians because you mainly want it for the passive damage and defense buff. I had a gold Vampire Bat and 2 gold Watchers when I did it and I never used the abilities on Gargos.

    3) Stock pile a lot of resources
    Before I attempted the godlike run I got the achievement for getting to day 20, which I did on normal mode. By the time you get there you will have a ton of resources saved up. You want to be able to craft the items you need when you run out. I used a lot of the items that gave +damage and +defense to my fighters. My consumables were generally either unblockable attacks or immune to combo breakers.

    4) Streamline your run
    On godlike you want to do as few matches as possible. Ideally you want to just beat the 3 Omens and then skip to Gargos. To do this you will need to use the Shadoworm item. This lets you reduce corruption in the areas you win matches in. That way you can let one area spawn an Omen while you keep the other area low corruption. You will still end up spawning Gargos on turn 7 or 8.

    On the run where I won I used Eyedol, Tusk (he can not die) and Jago. On my fight with Gargos I ended up getting him down to danger with Eyedol and then beating him with Jago. I attribute it to having my damage and defense buffed to the gills with gold guardians, items, and consumables.
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