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How to unlock the Infiltrator achievement

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    This is for completing the infiltrate the cult mission, there is some requirements for this and some recommendations.

    1) This is a mission that seems to appear only in the late days (5 and beyond), so your better option is to keep corruption controlled over the continents.
    2) Mira is the member to bring (maybe others work too), since she has some positive outcomes and CAN infiltrate the cult.
    3) There is a pre-mission, on the day before called Cult of Gargos you need to complete. Don't forget to bring Mira, before this mission send her to go near the guards and, after it, send her to infiltrate the cult. I think if you don't have an orange dialog, you won't be able to infiltrate it.
    4) On the Infiltrate the Cult, pre-battle, you should choose the option to answer the cult leader and after the fight choose the option Search the Cultists' lair or Do a Cleansing Ritual (Thanks
    5) I've only seen these missions, after I completed the quests Temple Under Siege and Deal with the Devil, in this order. Also, make Mira your first option on these, because she has some positive outcomes. On the first mission, choose to release the cultists, which will unlock the second quest. And on the second quest, choose the orange option marked for mira. It was brought to my attention by SiegfriedX that you can unlock the achievement without playing them in the same run. I'm still holding confirmation if they are real pre-requisites that can be done in other play-throughs.
    6) What I actually did was start a new play-through and skipped turns until I got one of the missions of interest in the first days. If I could not get it I just restarted.

    So, in summary, always bring Mira, complete the quests Temple Under Siege (release cultists) and Deal with the Devil, wait finishing all possible missions, while postponing the arrival of gargos. In the end, complete the Cult or Gargos (Infiltrate the Cult) and Infiltrate the Cult (Search the Cult's Lair), again with Mira.

    Per comments, another possible character than can be used is Shadow Jago, if you don't have Mira, he is a possibility.

    If you don't have Mira or Shadow Jago, one possibility is to defeat him (the real one not the mimic), during in your play-through. In this case, he will offer to join and you can use him, during this play-through, even if you don't own it.

    This is what my memory was capable to retain. If you have corrections or more details, please put in the comments.

    UPDATE: Exe the Hero pointed out that you can accomplish this with Hisako, playerforty4 pointed out that you can use Orchid, Fummm pointed out that you can use Sadira and, finally, Fejer said hed it with Kan-ra.

    Thanks to dieotze74, SiegfriedX and Psparky27 for some tips and corrections.
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    AP E JCSo, they've must changed something. If anybody can confirm this, i would like to change the guide accordingly, or maybe it is a glitch in your game.
    Posted by AP E JC on 09 Nov 16 at 08:59
    FejerI got it with Kan-Ra. Used the same options as described for Mira.
    Posted by Fejer on 21 Nov 16 at 20:50
    AP E JCNice, I will update the guide.
    Posted by AP E JC on 22 Nov 16 at 09:32
    METALI0NI did it with Orchid last night.
    Posted by METALI0N on 12 Feb 17 at 10:01
    AP E JCNice,it worked for you too METALI0N
    Posted by AP E JC on 13 Feb 17 at 09:13
    ForcefulOliver2it does indeed work with orchid, the choice ¨respond to the cultist¨ and ¨search the cultist lair¨ does not have the head of orchid beside the choice and is not written in orange(thats something you should mention to clear things out) but it still give you the achievement, awesome guide. +1 from me!
    Posted by ForcefulOliver2 on 04 Jun 17 at 02:12
    a banned flaskJust got this my team was riptor, fulgor and shin hisako so guess she works too
    Posted by a banned flask on 04 Jun 17 at 05:09
    AP E JCyes, there are lots of setups that work. And also the game has been updated so many times to support new fighter options
    Posted by AP E JC on 04 Jun 17 at 13:38
    MalttikettuJago, Saberwulf and Sadira. Orange choices (respond to the cultist; search the cultist lair etc) I could do with Sadira. So it worked for me. Good post, thank you for the help.
    Posted by Malttikettu on 25 May 19 at 09:12
    Th3FreakinRicanI got this playing with cinder, orchid, and riptor. On the cult of gargos mission, as cinder, i approached the guards (pre-match) then on the 2nd mission “infilitrate the cult”, i ignored cinder’s choice (approach the alter) and chose to respond to the leader, but they made me. After the match i chose to search the lair. For whatever reason, the achievement still popped even tho the cultists made me and i didn’t technically infiltrate the cult.
    Posted by Th3FreakinRican on 19 Mar at 04:12
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