Golden Age of Comics achievement in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Golden Age of Comics

Attained gold on all comic missions

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How to unlock the Golden Age of Comics achievement

  • RiddleMeThis JERiddleMeThis JE619,946
    17 Sep 2016 18 Sep 2016
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    What I would highly recommend is playing the game on normal, and then do a second run loading your data from the finished save on easy, making sure you pick up all the Sim Discs.

    (Just consider one thing: You have to pick up 5 Daredevil and 5 Black Panther figures in order to unlock their Simulator Missions, EVEN IF YOU UNLOCKED THE CHARACTERS ON YOUR FIRST RUN).

    Be specially careful with Mysterio's Sim Disk is in Fake Doom's Castle, Deadpool's Sim Disc where you find Heimdall's Horn and the Piledriver's Sim Disks on Planet Skrull. THESE ARE MISSABLE IF YOU DON'T GET THEM.

    Getting gold on these missions is generally very straighforward, with just a few exceptions. For these, I give some advice:

    Captain America: The only danger is failing to defeat Winter Soldier, because you have the 1 minute counter while you fight him. However, you can restart the counter if you press the three random buttons from the four computers around the nuke. You can easily press 2, locate the third one and fight the WS until the last seconds and just press it. Repeat the process and you should make it.

    Blade: Abuse Spike of Destruction on everything. When you get to the open area with the bridge, throw enemies to save time. As soon as you see the fire giants, steal their swords and use them to kill them and any leapers or flying enemies until it breaks.
    Against Dark Spider-Man, continue the Spike of Destruction Abuse trying to avoid his web attacks. You can use Blood of the Warrior if you do it carefully, since it makes you more vulnerable to damage.

    Storm: Use Lighting Attack over and over, and take advantage that you can use it behind closed doors to kill enemies before entering their rooms. While on the bumper car section, get almost the required 20,000 points so you can take your time with the boss. Storm's boss requires the most strategy of all the Sim missions. Just fly away from her whip, use lighting strike, fly away, use lighting strike...

    Ghost Rider: Activate Penance Stare to gain energy with every kill, and abuse Ravaging Fire on the enemies. For leapers use Damnation, since it will make them explode when they grab your back.

    Iceman: While generally hated, it is easier than it may look. You may use Frigid Armor, but Polar Explosion is your main attack. Upgrade it to the max and abuse it. It slows enemies, stop their attacks and makes leapers explode when they grab you, just like Ghost Rider's Damnation.

    Dr. Strange: Abuse Black Magic (which you should completely upgrade) and use levitation to throw enemies in the bridge area and its surroundings. The boss is hard, just like Storm's. Just fly away while throwing black magic at him.

    Spider Woman: This was the hardest for me, the only I had to repeat more than two times (in fact, I did it 4 times for the Gold, and got only 50 more points than needed). The technique is using fully charged venom blasts to kill melee enemies and Doom bots, while using ensnare to immovilze ranged enemies, and kill them with melee. Spider-Woman ultimate power is of no good, since turned enemies won't give you points when they explode. The boss, on the other hand, is extremely easy: just fly up in the air shooting fully charged Venom Blasts and he will go down in no time (try not to miss, the seconds are precious).

    (As you can see, most of these are in Mephisto's Realm: Iceman, Ghost Rider, Blade, Dr. Strange. The technique is abusing ranged attacks to prevent the leapers to grab you and throw enemies of cliffs. If you do this, and steal fire giants' swords to kill them, you should have an easier time than by any other tactic.

    The other maps are very easy: Murderworld, Omega Base and Asgard have infinite enemies, so you can grind points in those maps (murderwold in the bumper cars section, Omega base on the room with 8 transport terminals and Asgard on every room). Heliecarrier seems to respawn enemies in some rooms if you go back two rooms; finally, Skrull has fixed enemies but most of them are on bridges, and respawn once or twice, so you can throw them to easily save time.)

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    Pedle ZelnipI struggled with Dr Strange's, one thing that I found that helped in the battle against Baron Mordo was to use teleport. Basically I'd throw dark magic at him, and as soon as he got close I'd teleport away then rinse & repeat. Doing this I got 20,150 barely enough for the gold.
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 26 Nov 18 at 22:24
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  • a Fi1thy Casuala Fi1thy Casual353,682
    12 Nov 2016 14 Nov 2016 14 Nov 2016
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    If you need assistance regarding the sim disc locations, click HERE for the locations of each. Credit goes to Kaldo for the list.

    It should also be noted that 3 discs are missable:

    - Mysterio (Murder World)
    - Deadpool (Asgard 4)
    - Piledriver (Skrull 1)

    Every other sim disc can be obtained if missed via extraction. Black Panther and Daredevil's sim discs are acquired once they unlock (need to collect the 5 figurines of each).


    Sim Disc missions are fairly straight forward: You have a required amount of points to obtain in a specified time limit.

    Points are acquired via defeating enemies, and in a few rare occasions, completing objectives (Captain America, Human Torch). A few missions had an objective to keep an ally alive, however the only two you need to concern yourselves with are Spider-Man's and Storm's missions. Both missions have a minigame that is directly related to keeping allies alive, of which failing means having to play the mission again.

    In general, for specific character missions, the points required for gold is 20,000 points (I believe Wolverine is set at 22,000). The Vs missions range from 20,000 to 40,000 points.

    The missions are set in one of 6 locations:
    - Mephisto's Realm
    - Murderworld
    - Skrull
    - Asgard
    - Helicarrier
    - Omega Base

    4 out of the 6 locations offers an infinite amount of enemies to spawn, making the objective extremely easy to obtain simply by farming.

    - Murderworld: the Bumper Car Arena right before the boss fight has enemies spawning indefinately.
    - Asgard: enemies literally spawn from everywhere all the time.
    - Helicarrier: In the 4th room you have a few breakable crates against the north wall, and four enemies that are in the room (there is also the blue field preventing you from entering this room im mediately, just for note). If you take out all 4 enemies, and then go back through the door where you came in and turn around, the 4 enemies will respawn. This can be done indefinately to farm the required points.
    - Omega Base: Halfway through the level, you will enter an area with six teleporters transporting 6 enemies in at a time. The objective is to destroy the teleporter terminals to stop the enemies from coming into the room. Don't, and instead, farm your way to the required points for gold.

    The last 2 areas are a bit more difficult as they do not offer an infinite amount of enemies to farm for the gold rating. This is where you need to use the time bonus in order to succeed.

    For both Skrull and Mephisto's Realm, if you execute the process below you should get gold with little to no issues:

    Defeat enough enemies for ~12,200 points + Beat the mission in under 6 mins = Gold Rating

    Some missions will be closer than others, but using that approach I did not have to make a second attempt at a mission on either the Skrull missions or Mephisto's Realm.

    Comments, Questions and Neg Vote justifications below.
  • Pedle ZelnipPedle Zelnip850,145
    27 Nov 2018 28 Nov 2018
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