Grand Master achievement in Happy Dungeons

Grand Master

Reach Player Level 50.

Grand Master+0.3
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How to unlock the Grand Master achievement

  • SoupaBuoySoupaBuoy464,373
    19 Apr 2019 05 Apr 2019 23 Apr 2019
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    I'm popping this solution up for anyone looking at doing this in the last two months before shutdown - or already on their way there. This is mostly based on solo running - your mileage may vary based on how focused you are or how often you play in groups. Running groups is far faster - particularly if you grind Tubby Zombie as described below.

    I have now unlocked this, and thought I'd offer a solution tailored to how the game plays right now with the permanent XP boosts:

    1. Happy Jewels are easy to obtain through Orders and through daily logins. Don't be afraid to invest these into Happy Cards early on for some better gear in your favoured class. I chose to stick with Warrior, but Mage is also a viable option. Cleric isn't worth it. Look for weight 7-10 weapons with silver stars in particular as these will help you breeze through early levels where dropped items are a lot weaker - I got a weight 10 silver starred javelin in one of my early packs and I'm still using it at level 41. I bought about five packs and I have 1400 Happy Jewels at time of writing, so you definitely won't go short of them.

    2. Keep your starting equipment (if you still have it). These are some of the easiest items to Awaken for:
    Happy DungeonsDiversityThe Diversity achievement in Happy Dungeons worth 135 pointsAwake an item.

    3. For efficiency, if you have equipment from the above packs that is above weight 8 and silver starred, keep it for the rest of your grind and level them to the max. You might find better pieces around, but changing items up will give you marginal gains in time when you come to the core grind after level 30. By all means do if you want to break up the monotony, but it's not going to get you that much faster at Infection or the Tubby Zombie.

    4. Level 1-30 took me 25-30 hours. I didn't play particularly efficiently either, switching between story, Infinite Dungeon and repeating levels for other achievements. I'd recommend sticking to the story, playing up to two levels higher than you currently are. Ramp up the difficulty when you can for maximum speed. You'll eventually be playing Death by level 30. I believe you can get dragged through higher-level dungeons to speed this up, but I didn't personally try that.

    5. By level 30, you should be able to tackle Infection on Death difficulty, or take a decent stab at Tubby Zombie with the right tools and strong companions. I detail both grinds below:

    a) Infection:
    You want to clear the second room of all enemies as well as the third room. Then in the maze, you want to take the portals that lead you South and East on the map until you find the purple boss door, killing enemies as you go - Biopurses in here are worth much more XP. Biopurses are the gold goblins that run around not attacking you - they're marked out by a red arrow above them. A single, optimal run should net you about 800,000 XP solo and take about 6-7 minutes from start to restart (or around 750k if you skip clearing room 3 and the maze enemies, which should save you 30s/1min). So in an hour, you could get 6-8M XP, depending on how quickly you jump back in. I generally hit about 5-6M/hour with breaks to level equipment/sell stuff/get coffee etc. Level 30-50 is just under 300M XP, so should take 50 hours and about. Level 30 to 40 took me just under 10 hours. So from Level 1 to 50 should take around 80 hours, there or thereabouts this way.

    b) Tubby Zombie:
    If you can get a session together, play the Arena Quest mission Arena of Ice. Before the session, you'll want Thunder Javelins, Brute Busters, Undead Killer and/or Spears. You'll burn through about four-six of these tools every round and I ended up completing 500 rounds - so look out for the sales on the Happy Jewel shop to stock up. If you're boosting, make sure you add everyone as friends on Live before starting up the game for the session. When you start the level, take the right-hand portal. When you load in, you should be aiming at Tubby so just let rip with the javelins/spears. Most runs I did took about 1.5mins from start to finish, with 417k XP for a four-person, all-friends run. If you can't get four people, make sure whatever spare slots you have are occupied by a spare controller as this will maximize your possible XP. In four-person sessions I averaged between 14-16M per hour - so this is 2/3x faster than running Infection solo.

    Obviously, if you chance across some Goblin Bane/Undead Killer buffs on weapons as you level, equipping these to your weapons will help shave a few seconds off here and there. It all counts - by the end of my grind I had completed Infection 90 times on Death, and done 650 Tubby Zombie runs.

    6. I'd complete this leveling achievement before the other misc ones like zombie kills, Finishing Move, revives, Insane runs etc. as these will slow your progress down - and they'll ultimately be faster to blitz through when you're max level. That said, doing progress to other achievements can break up the monotony in what's ultimately a long grind.

    If you're just starting, good luck - happy to field questions as I'm actively playing over the final few weeks!
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  • DEUS boya 25DEUS boya 25317,393
    24 Apr 2017 30 Dec 2017 03 Jan 2018
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    1- the more players are in the game, the greater the number of enemies and therefore the experience
    2- the more players are in the game, the greater the number of enemies and therefore the experience
    3- play with other players to get a bonus experience, and add them to your friends list to get a second bonus

    the previus guide can help but i use this:

    -Chapter 0: Prologue
    In this chapter you can't die but you can play only in local private, connect other controllers to obtain bonus exp
    -Chapter 1: Quest Knight ---> Cookie Thief
    video in loading....
    -Chapter 2: Blazing Inferno ---> Infection
    video in loading....
    -Chapter 3: fool and intellect ---> Big Game

    Can obtain more exp whitthis news:
    - the new buff "exp bonanza" (LV1 +10%, LV2 +20%...)
    - minion skill "happy time" (this skill give you a +2% on the experince of all the player in game max +26% x4 player=+104%)
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    Frankies BackWhere did you get a minion with happy time?
    Posted by Frankies Back on 21 Jan 18 at 02:54
    GiinceeDoes insane difficulty give you more XP than easy? Or is the difficulty irrelevant?
    Posted by Giincee on 13 Apr 19 at 22:29
    DEUS boya 25You find that tipe of Minion on the event or whit insane shop.

    Choose the max difficile you can.
    Posted by DEUS boya 25 on 14 Apr 19 at 07:32
  • All the TigersAll the Tigers490,234
    26 Nov 2017 09 Aug 2017 24 Aug 2017
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    Ah, another grinding achievement. Fun stuff, right? Not really. Not really at all. Getting to level 50 will take you the longest of any currently-released achievement for this game. Here's how to speed it up a little bit.

    1.) Play with friends: You get a bonus to experience for completing missions and quests within missions with other people, especially if you're both friends with one another. Unfortunately, the game doesn't always recognize when you've befriended someone on Xbox live. If you look at the upper right corner of their lobby card, you should see a green silhouette of a person. That means you're friends with each other and will receive the bonus. If you don't see that, then exit all the way out to the intro screen and reload.

    2.) Spend a dollar/Euro/pound: Premium members get a bonus to experience, as well as other benefits, depending on how many Happy Jewels they've purchased. Buying 1 Jewel is all you need to get a 10% bonus to experience. The lowest denomination you can buy is 10 Jewels, though, and that costs 1 unit of currency (a dollar, a Euro, a pound). You can spend more (much more) to get to the next level, or even the level after that, but you reach a point of diminishing returns. Go to the Happy Jewels screen under the Shop menu and press cn_back to see how many Jewels you have to buy to get to the next level.

    3.) Play lots of short levels: The best level you can play is Infection as part of Chapter 2 on Death difficulty. Insane will give you more, but not enough to justify the extra time and effort it takes to complete the level. Kill all the gobs in the second room. Defeat them all in 60 seconds and you'll complete the first of two quests for this mission. Next, just run past everything in the next room and in the maze. In the final room, look for the little yellow "biopurses" that run around. They net you 20k+ in experience each, and there are six of them. Along the way, kill 50 gobs for the final quest. Regular gobs only give you 4 xp each in this room, so just focus on the biopurses. Completing both quests with four players, all friends, and killing all six biopurses should earn you ~350-380k experience.

    4.) Events: Look out for in-game events. They don't happen often, but they usually consist of a one-room dungeon where you kill one boss. In a recent event dungeon, they gave you 380k xp for a 30-second fight (if you were with three other friends). Keep checking back for events, too. ToyLogic said they're aware the level grind gets really bad after level 30 and are looking for ways to remedy the situation. Event dungeons seems to be how they're doing it.

    This is a long grind. Level 49-50 alone takes over 40,000,000 experience, but keep at it. Play often and with friends to reduce the tedium. And keep an eye out for ToyLogic to release in-game experience events and items that boost your xp and Happy Stars.
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    Permanent double exp starting today.
    Posted by Heretic555666 on 06 Nov 17 at 19:50
    Frankies BackAnyone know why i sometimes get 44k from biopurses and sometimes i get 31k?
    Posted by Frankies Back on 04 Jan 18 at 05:45
    VixyNyanYou should go inside the purple door instead of the blue one toward the final room. Those "biopurses" give you 99,999 exp each, and if you are solo as a Mage with the Wind enchant, they can be killed rather quickly. But any other class with strong gear will work too.
    Posted by VixyNyan on 22 Dec 18 at 00:51
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