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This could be important achievement in Layers of Fear

This could be important

Read every note in the game.

This could be important0
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How to unlock the This could be important achievement

  • Beth BearBeth Bear1,413,718
    02 Aug 2016 03 Aug 2016
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    Here is a full video guide which will get you this achievement along with many of the other DLC achievements including the Tree and the apple ending.

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    ColdCutterCheers thepack1221, Project Torture and Vladzelenyak. Last one, #12 was in the workshop like you all kindly clarified.
    Posted by ColdCutter on 22 Jul 18 at 11:39
    StrangeAeons13Can confirm that they do not appear to have to be done in only one playthrough.
    I just got the pop in the crayon land section, grabbing one note I missed on my first run.
    Posted by StrangeAeons13 on 10 Nov 18 at 18:39
    DopiestEarth8If you followed the walkthrough step-by-step, you will still be missing 2 notes. They are both in the room that you have to use the clock to change the rooms appearance. The one note is in the bookcase and the other is in the wheelchair over by the safe.

    EDIT : You might not be missing them, the walkthrough just doesn't point them out very clearly and doesn't bold them like the other notes, but they are needed for this achievement.
    Posted by DopiestEarth8 on 28 Apr at 00:12
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  • Lt DavoLt Davo188,702
    13 Jan 2018 13 Jan 2018 13 Jan 2018
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    I prefer text guides, so I used the solution provided by JUSTTHINKSD, which identifies the specific 23 collectibles that count toward this achievement and excludes all those that don't count. Then I watched the video and came up with this text-only solution.

    1 - Entrance: "Dear Friend" note from lawyer J. J. Sadler at the front doorsill.

    2 - Living Room: Certificate of Pedigree by the front window.

    3 - Living Room: "My Beloved" note in a cabinet drawer next to the workshop.

    4 - Bathroom: Hawaii brochure next to the commode.

    5 - Basement: "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Kirkstein" note on a table to the left of the stairs, in a corner.

    6 - Letter from publisher C. J. Marshall in the drawer below the drawings wall.

    7 - Use the crayon next to the easel to enter the Land of Fables. Now Walk forward past the easel, pull the switch, follow the purple railroad path, grab the crayon, use it on the easel to draw birds and clouds. Now follow the green & yellow chicken foot path, go left at the Y, get stopped by the train, and make your way around the front of the train back to the other side of the crossing. Look at the drawing (angry dad at easel/happy mother and daughter in sunlight) resting against a lamppost.

    8 - From #7, go back to the other side of the train crossing. Go back to the Y and take the right path. It gives out quickly and becomes dark. Keep going and you will see a red light. Look at the drawing reading "Your dad took it."

    9 - Return to the easel. Use the paintbrush. Add the red paint (in the SW corner, if looking at the easel=North). Enter the narrow twisting corridor behind the easel and find the black paint by pushing a ball up a hill of toys. Add the black paint to the easel. Look to your right. Pick up the crayon. Look below it at the drawing of the princess dragging a sword.

    Use the crayon on the easel to re-enter the Land of Fables.

    NOTE: you'll be in the Land of Fables for a while, so go forward past the easel and pull the sword from the stone now. The next time the serpent comes by, you will slay him, removing that annoyance and earning you
    Layers of FearSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Layers of Fear worth 102 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement
    if you don't have it already.

    10 - At the easel, turn around and follow the pawprint path. When you get to a lampost and a junction, go left down the leaves path. When you see a drawing of a blue flower on a yellow circle, RUN (hold cn_LT) toward the flower and get there before you're locked out. Look at the drawing of the girl at a grave.

    11 - Return to the pawprint trail and follow it to the lamppost junction where you just were. Go right and find the treehouse. Climb the ladder, go in, and wait for the cutscene to end. Pick up the crayon. Return to the easel and draw three lollipops. You're going to follow the pawprint trail again, but things are flipped, so it isn't where it was. Go to the junction you've been to twice already and look the drawing reading "I told him nothing."

    12 - From #11, go left down the leaves trail. Look at the drawing of the dog with a heart between two halves of his body.

    13 - From #11 again (the junction), take the shoeprint/pawprint path. Look for a horse on the ground and look at the "Why Pink" drawing.

    14 - From the easel, go left down the light-colored path that passes by some cups and saucers. When you get to some standing crayons, look at the drawing of the girl and a menacing black figure.

    Now you can leave the Land of Fables any way you want to. The quickest is to take the green and yellow claw path to the jack-in-the-box, get his crayon, and use it. (There will be another drawing you can look at in the workshop, but it doesn't count for this achievement.)

    If the vision started before you got #6, get it now.

    15 - The distorted sheet music on the piano.

    16 - In the room with the broken furniture, make stairs out of the chest of drawers, climb it, and touch the clock. Turn around and look at the table. When there are bottles and books stacked on it, step off. Look for a drawing reading "Get Well Soon" sticking out of the books by the fireplace.

    17 - Touch the clock again. When you see a candelabra and a red plant on the table (and not a gramophone), step off. Look at the "Dont be sad Momy" drawing on the seat of the wheelchair.

    18 - "What time is it?" card inside the toybox with a large X inside the lid.

    19 - After you collect the third piece of the drawing of the mother, go DOWNstairs to a basement. Turn left and make your way to the end of a narrow, winding passage. Look at the photo of the girl and dog.

    20 - Knock the red vase over and grab the key. Open the door as if you're going to leave the room, but don't. Go back and open the small cabinet to the left, unlock and open the chest, and look at the drawing of two dogs.

    21 - "A Glimpse Into the Future" clipping behind the first board ramp.

    22 - "Mising Cat" drawing in the toy room next to the Mr Scooter room.

    23 - When the vision ends, look at the Last Will and Testament in a right-hand desk drawer.
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    KirklessSuper helpful! Text guides are so much easier to follow on my phone than videos. Thanks for putting this together!
    Posted by Kirkless on 25 Feb 19 at 18:36
    Lt DavoYou're welcome. I'm glad to know that a lot of gamers prefer text guides. I always have and always will!
    Posted by Lt Davo on 26 Feb 19 at 06:04
    WretchedJeansThanks for your work on this! I wish more guides were available in text lists.
    Posted by WretchedJeans on 03 Mar at 00:15
    29 Apr 2017 29 Apr 2017 29 Apr 2017
    14 2 0
    There are 23 notes totally.Outside the vision,in the real world,only 7 notes count(not like the walkthrough listed the henry marvin card don't count),the 9 kid drawings and the items DON'T count.In the crayon vision,there are 7 kid drawings which is count and 1 in paint brush vision which is count.In the mom/dad vision only 8 paper stuff the way the code paper and the last kid drawing near the lose-wheel-cat don't count.

    check this video:

    this guy collect all stuff even which is not count so use this video and my list to check which you lost:

    1 1:04
    2 1:15
    3 1:47
    4 2:23
    5 2:39
    6 3:26
    7 4:00
    8 4:35
    9 5:01
    10 5:32
    11 5:47
    12 6:04
    13 6:31
    14 6:51
    15 9:08
    16 9:49
    17 10:33
    18 12:03
    19 12:46
    20 13:25
    21 13:32
    22 14:53
    23 15:51
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