All the Trimmings achievement in Overcooked

All the Trimmings

Be awarded three stars in every kitchen

All the Trimmings+10.4
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How to unlock the All the Trimmings achievement

  • CarlosMaestre85CarlosMaestre85228,813
    12 May 2017 12 May 2017 29 Dec 2022
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    If the solution doesn't help you, leave a reply saying how can I improve it! wink

    Dec. 2022: Flopsy86 left a valuable comment detailing many scoring aspects and gave some depth into some levels.

    Which players will get the achievement?
    angry Only the player that logs into the start screen will receive the achievement. Additional players will have to log in their respective saves and play the campaign again.

    But, according to Quarantane, both players can get the achievement now. I can't confirm that, so stay alert.

    Aug. 2019: According to Rondund, the main profile will get the campaign achievement, while other players won't. But they will get the achievement for playing at every level.

    Is it possible to finish the game solo?
    Short answer: yes, I did it. Not an easy trip in the last stages since recipes are unpredictable. Some levels seem unbalanced, but you can do it!

    TIP #1 - PLAYERS
    Try to play with an even number of players.
    It is easier to play with 2 or 4 players.
    Playing alone or with 3 players will be harder.

    Remember to use LB or RB to exchange your characters, if playing solo. Use this to optimize tasks, such as leaving one chef cutting something while the other goes to pick an ingredient up. Also, learn to use DASH and win some time whenever you can.

    If you can spare some time, always have meat in the frying pan.

    Overall, there are two types of strategies for the levels:
    (1) keep up with the good pace and organization: if, at a burger kitchen, you should always have meat in the frying pan and use your spare time to wash the dishes, mount the bread over them, etc.
    (2) make little bets, gamble the recipes to come, as I had to do in 6-4. When your kitchen accepts diverse orders or you have to change the rooms, then bet and try to guess a plate. Sometimes it will be just a lettuce salad, other times it will be a burrito.

    I had trouble especially with level 6-4. After a while, I knew the level's layout and could keep the mess to a minimum. This one was one of those where I made bets.

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    SincereSeeker6It is indeed extremely difficult to do solo. You have to move so expeditiously that it's difficult to comprehend what is going on at times. (Had to pause to figure out my next moves) You usually can't afford any downtime. Some levels I finished with 2 or 3 seconds left.

    Nevertheless, it was a satisfying victory.
    Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 11 Jun 22 at 20:49
    Skoobasauruscan anyone confirm if this has been updated so player 2 can unlock this cheev also?
    Posted by Skoobasaurus on 15 Nov 22 at 12:13
    Flopsy86I did this solo but then again, I bought this game on Switch first to see if I could get all 3 stars before attempting this (due to the odd numbered achievements).

    No one has mentioned the scoring mechanics, you will always get at least 20 points for delivering an order, you can get up to 6 additional points in tips depending on how fast you deliver the order so a slow order will get you 20-22 pts but a fast order can get you 26 pts, this could be the key difference between 2 or 3 star.

    In my honest opinion, the hardest levels on this run are 6-1 and 6-4 when running solo.

    In 6-1, I had to make my 2 characters meet up in the same section by taking advantage of the window of opportunity when the chopping boards move downwards and moving through the gap created on the opposite end otherwise it wasn't possible to cook fast enough to get the 140 pts required.

    In 6-4, you need a ridiculous 190 pts to 3 star solo, I always started out by making sure I grabbed all of the plates from the outer rooms and a few lettuce (get your partner to start chopping them pronto) while you do this. I did initially try to avoid doing the soups but you can't really ignore any recipe. The best recipes you can get are the small salads (lettuce or Lettuce+tomato) and simpler burger recipes (bun and burger only).

    Other notable levels which can be annoying

    2-3 This is probably the first one which could trip you up on your run, but I found the best way to be is use the buns to package the cook burgers and then send it across the conveyors like that, no need to send the frying pans or plates. Of course you'll have to wash plates at some point anyway, use plates if you have them available.

    4-3 I mention this one because all the movement in this level is so annoying, as a rule, I always made sure one of my characters remained in the top right quadrant where the serving hatch is, they would always have access to a cooking hob that way and the other character would usually be able to access the chopping board. It's not a hard 3 star otherwise if you're able to access everything still.

    4-4 Ugh this one, the thing which is annoying on this one is washing dishes is a pain on this one since the sinks are only at the top sides. Otherwise makes sure the pizzas are pushed towards the right side and the burgers are made of the left side since they have the facilities and just need the ingredients sent their way.

    5-4 You just need to approach this one correctly and pray you don't fall in the lava with cooked food in your hand. Use the blank tables which are travelling around on the smaller islands to put burrito wraps on, that way you can pick them up as and when you need them. The islands will follow a figure 8 path so they will circle both larger islands eventually.

    5-5 and 5-6 Both of these are very similar but they are very annoying level concepts, luckily both of these levels only need 3 successful orders (maybe 4 on 5-5 if you're unlucky).

    6-2 This level has a VERY high 3 star requirement, this is luck dependent I find because if you get the wrong soup order randomly, it could cost you. When I got 3 stars on this, I got EXACTLY 200 pts but so many times I got 196-198 on attempts. Don't be afraid to use the conveyor belts to send an onion ingredient to the other player to help them cook their onion soup order faster, doesn't really work with any other ingredient since mushroom and tomato are confined to one side only.
    Posted by Flopsy86 on 26 Dec 22 at 02:59
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  • BiLLzuMaNaTiBiLLzuMaNaTi3,610,803
    02 Aug 2016 03 Aug 2016 03 Aug 2016
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    This is a lot easier in co-op but unfortunately it's local co-op only. It's still doable solo though, you just gotta utilize your time like bringing the cooking pots over to the cutting board and putting 3 ingredients in it to carry instead of going back and forth. Also B is boost which I didn't figure out until late in the game lol

    I made a video giving some tips as well.
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    NfK Andr3aI ve beaten the boss 2 times, i ve played in local coop with My gf, but we didn't obtain this achievement. Why??
    Posted by NfK Andr3a on 03 Feb 19 at 14:33
    Dragonborn GearNot saving player two's (or more) progress independently for achievement earning kind of kills the point of co-op to a small extent.
    Posted by Dragonborn Gear on 30 May 19 at 23:11
    YellowGermA local co op game is bullshit. I never get my husband to play this, not even sure if he’ll comprehend. And the kid is 4. I don’t get developers, I play online because I don’t want people in my house. This ruined overcooked and the game with the yarn boy which I forgot how to spell 2
    Posted by YellowGerm on 15 Jul 19 at 00:39
  • GunflameGunflame566,362
    03 Oct 2018 04 Oct 2018
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    Hey everyone, just a few tips for getting this achievement. It can be a bit of a pain, but in all honesty just knowing you can DASH is half the battle. If your looking for a specific stage for help, then check out the playlist. Hope the videos help!

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