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Emperor's Glory

Destroy all the enemy chariots, in every race of a season.

Emperor's Glory+0.1
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How to unlock the Emperor's Glory achievement

    09 Aug 2016 09 Aug 2016 27 Sep 2016
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    Wraithrock's solution helped point how to know when you are the one making the kill, but how to get those kills needed a bit more detail. After playing through the whole game (Just 3 races) these are the ways that I know how to take out your enemies.

    **For those having trouble with the first race (2 laps): Try to grind someone out into the wall right at the start of the race, then make sure you keep going for grind kills. Tap A just to get enough of a lead to line up your cart against their horses and pin them into that wall. If you don't kill them on the first try, line yourself up again and either whip them to death if they have low health or go in for another grind. You don't have a whole lot of time, but I was able to take out 3 in the first lap and the other 2 in the second. Keep at it!**

    Destroying an enemy chariot can be done in multiple ways :

    Whip attacks: Using the left and right triggers, try to aim for the enemy chariot's horses for maximum damage. Will take many hits to take out your enemy, so best used when enemy's health is about half or lower.

    Grinding: Gain a lead on your enemy and try to pin your chariot against their horses so the enemy has no choice by to ride the walls. This grinds down enemy health bars quickly and is my personal favorite choice in ease and effectiveness.

    Wall Crash*: Steer your enemy to drive his chariot straight into a wall. Easiest done during turns and usually done by grinding into them so they have no choice but to take that momentum straight into the wall. This must be a head-on collision with the wall, as it might not work if he is angled too much to the side. This can instantly kill an opponent if done correctly, but is very risky. Not only do you have a chance of crashing yourself but you also can lose a lot of ground during the race if you don't correct your steering immediately after. I recommend pulling back on the left stick just as your opponent crashes to avoid crashing yourself.

    Obstacles*: There are piles of debris and statues placed throughout the track, and if an enemy chariot's health is low enough, a quick bump into one can easily take them out. The bigger the obstacle, the more damage they take. This is trickier to do, but it is a way of going about getting your kills.

    *Both Wall Crashes and Obstacle Kills can sometimes not give you credit for the kill. Always make sure that your cart has the yellow arrows pointed down onto it in the slow motion camera after a take down to make sure you received credit! (Notice added on Soundgoodizer's request.)

    This game is simple by design, as such it follows pretty simple rules. If you are behind an enemy chariot, and it bumps into you, you will take most if not all of the damage, so always make sure you have the lead on your opponent before trying to go in for an attack. Don't be afraid to tap the A button to get that small lead, just don't go into a mad dash because the AI will try to keep up and you might end up rushing the race.

    Here is helpful video guide by Maka91 for "Emperor's Glory" and other achievements in the game :

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    Hyper445This was a pain to unlock. The way I did it, grind on all the enemies you can while constantly whipping. If they get destroyed by an obstacle or crash into a wall, just kill yourself and restart that race
    Posted by Hyper445 on 16 Sep 17 at 17:27
    planchetflawIt seems that it is just "3 different races in a row". If you don't kill everyone on races 1 and 2, but do so on 3 then you can start a new season and you only need to do it on races 1 and 2 consecutively. You can't do it in different seasons unless races run consecutively (ex - First attempt race 1 - fail, race 2 - success, race 3 - success / Second attempt race 1 - success *Achievement Pops*)
    Posted by planchetflaw on 08 Jan 18 at 05:30
    Devorin827Finally decided to give this another shot, I got it during a consecutive season. Now to uninstall and forget I ever played
    Posted by Devorin827 on 02 Aug 18 at 02:33
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  • ДжэйДжэй355,801
    11 Aug 2016 11 Aug 2016 11 Aug 2016
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    Unlocked for me only doing all 3 races in a row, but I would say take your time learning it in the third race (because first race is two laps and it is the hardest) and than work it in a row.

    DO NOT RACE smashing A, start it slowly wiping them from the start with RT and LT, trying to put one of them against the wall, be a bit ahead of him and slow down him and yourself with gently pushing back LS, while constantly wiping with RT or LT, there is a small replay window with yellow arrows above you, when you kill him, if no arrow in replay window (they could suicide or kill each other) smash yourself into the wall and play the race again. After killing first one, sprint to next one with pushing A and do the same. Do it SLOWLY, they won't speed up unless you do. Never bump them from behind - you get very much damage, better to slow down with back LS. Make sure you've seen yellow arrows in replay video (or restart the race). If you see some guy has low health try to kill him first, before he is killed or suiceded! After race watch the stats till you see "Enemies Slain: 5" - that is ok!
  • wraithrockwraithrock1,745,518
    09 Aug 2016 09 Aug 2016 09 Aug 2016
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    *YOU* have to destroy all of them. It looks like if they crash, another chariot causes them to damage out, or someone else cracks them out with the whip etc. the achievement will not unlock. Be sure to check after each race to be certain, it needs to say 5 destroyed after each race. Each time I took one out it showed a small replay clip with arrows over my chariot. Keep an eye out for this as well. If you are in the 2nd of 3rd race and something goes wrong crash yourself out. You may retry and still get the achievement as long as YOU destroy all 5 in each race. Also I mostly used the whip and always focused on the one with the lowest health.

    Hope this helps to clarify things a bit.
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    Calex dEUSThanks for posting, was wondering why I wasn't getting it. I thought maybe it was because I was dying and retrying. Means I have to play this rubbish some more facepalm
    Posted by Calex dEUS on 09 Aug 16 at 11:14
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