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Love And War achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Love And War

In Gorod Krovi, the one must be freed.

Love And War-1.0
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How to unlock the Love And War achievement

  • Mild GonoliniMild Gonolini343,159
    19 Aug 2016 05 Oct 2016 16 Aug 2019
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    FINAL UPDATE: THIS ACHIEVEMENT IS NOW CONFIRMED FIXED! You will be able to complete this Easter egg as normal and get the achievement, congrats to Avenge El Chapo for being the first one on TA to get this done after it being fixed. It was a long arduous journey but we managed to get Treyarch to fix this. Thank you to everyone who signed the petition and contacted the Better Business Bureau, without the attention this got on here and Reddit we wouldn’t have been able to get through the Activision and Treyarch, I’m sure a bunch of people will be glad they can finally 100% black ops 3, let people know in the comments if you’re looking for a group, it shouldn’t be too hard to find one. Good work guys!

    This achievement is currently (and has been for some time) bugged and unobtainable. Looking at the comments, you can complete the Easter egg and after the cutscene you get disconnected from the game and do not get the achievement. So if your intention is to get this achievement, do not bother right now until this is fixed. Reading the comments, people have contacted Treyarch and they say they are looking into it, but who knows how long that will take. I will update this guide if I learn this achievement is fixed.

    Update: There’s been a lot of attention drawn to this broken achievement (which after over 13 months is still not fixed). A petition was made (link here: which I suggest everybody sign. As well, thanks to ChrisD0811 for suggesting opening a case wth the better business bureau. It is unlawful for treyarch to sell a broken DLC so there is a case to be made to the BBB, who will hopefully force Treyarch to make a fix if enough complaints are filed. Link to open a case:

    Don’t be afraid to tweet at Treyarch, post on Reddit, etc. (while being civil). Make sure they know we haven’t forgotten about this and won’t stand for them ignoring the complaints because the game is not at the peak of it’s popularity. With luck hopefully they’ll have no choice but to look into a fix.

    Update 2: As of today (July 31, 2019) Treyarch officially tweeted that they would be actively looking in to a fix for this broken Easter egg, yay! No word on how long this might take (and this is unfortunately not a guarantee that it will ever actually be fixed), but this shows we finally managed to get through to them and forced them to address it. I’ll update this guide when I learn that it has been fixed, but stay optimistic

    This is the main Easter egg for the DLC map gorod krovi, and boy, it's a real doozy. In my opinion the hardest Easter egg in black ops 3.

    You can do this with any number of people, although I recommend as many as you can, as it makes it easier, this is nearly impossible solo, but if you're up for the challenge go for it. This Easter egg is quite time consuming so make sure you give yourself a ton of time (at least 3 hourssr) as it will likely take you to round 20+ so if you're not used to playing zombies at higher rounds this may be very difficult for you. Here are some tips to make it a bit easier:

    1. Thanks to PhilTheStampede for clarifying the requirements for these helmets. There are 3 helmets in the map which can make things much easier. A mangler helmet, which while worn lets you do more damage to the Russian Manglers and take less damage. The Valkyrie drone helmet which, same thing as the other one, just with Valkyrie drone, and finally the dragon wings (which I guess aren't a helmet). I wouldn't worry about the Valkyrie drone helmet since they're easy enough to deal with already, but the mangler helmet is very useful for the boss fight and the final challenge step, as well the dragon wings let you travel to the hatchery instantly and for free, which is very useful because you'll need to go over there a lot late game.

    To get the wings, all players must travel to the hatchery from the 3 dragon flight locations. Obviously it is best to have done all players at once, meaning it can be done for as little as 1500 points. The wings are found on a mannequin in the department store, second floor. She is near the back and facing the wall.

    The mangler helmet requires that 5 manglers have their gun arms and helmets shot off before they are killed, you should easily get enough manglers to do this during the dragon strike defense, focus fire on those two areas. The mangler helmet is on the third floor of the store, also on a mannequin near the stairs.

    2. Something else key to this Easter egg is properly biding your time, you want to do this on as low a round as possible, so it's important that you do as much as you can every round. You can do a lot of stuff at once. Make sure you do the dragon strike defense on as early a round as you can, even if you don't think you have adequate weapons, try it anyway as soon as you get to the hatchery. The gauntlet as well can and should be built as soon as the dragon egg is obtained. Basically, before starting the next round think if there is anything you can possibly do to progress the Easter egg and do it, you don't want to be stuck doing the challenges on a high round.


    There are no required gobblegums for this Easter egg, that being said, the gobblegum “undead man walking” is a god send for the bulk of this Easter egg, and it is very difficult to complete without it. For the boss fight at the end I'd recommend you bring in an aftertaste (let's you keep perks if downed and revived) but nothing is required.

    Once you're all ready, start up gorod krovi in a private match.

    I'm skipping over turning on the power and unlocking pac- a- punch, frankly if you're interested in doing this Easter egg you should know how to do all that.

    Step 1: trophy collecting

    This step is very long and requires multiple things be done around the map. To start, head over to the hatchery, where the pac- a- punch is, and head downstairs to the sewer entrance. While facing the sewer, look left and up and you will see a scaly egg hanging over you. Shoot this with any weapon and it will roll down to the right of the sewer entrance, hold cn_X to pick it up (any player can do it). This will activate this step and allow you to start collecting trophies. There are 6 trophies around the map, 3 of them you can get without building anything, assuming that area of the maps open, the other 3 are much more difficult. It does not matter what order you get them in, let's start with the easier ones:

    Trophy 1: tunnels

    From where you shot the egg down, jump into the sewer. As you zoom along, about half way through there is a bright glowing red pipe. It is decently easy to spot, just spray your gun as soon as you see it and you should be fine. Now you must head back to the hatchery (or just have another's player stay there while you shoot the pipe) on the bottom most floor behind the stairs, there is a toilet, which the trophy comes out of, hold cn_X to retrieve the trophy, very simple.

    Trophy 2: Eye Beam

    Head over to the supply depot area (which has the train crashed into it). Now you want to look for a trap called the “gigant eye beam” which is found on the bottom floor near the back. Activate this for 1500 points and wait for it to run out. The area it was shooting on the ground now reveals a trophy for you to grab.

    Trophy 3: Statue

    Head over to dragon command (where the power is turned on) and look behind you when you are facing the stairs. You should see a large Russian statue... painting? Thing... it doesn't matter it's very obvious. There are a bunch of people pictured. You must shoot the raised hand on the far right person, which drops the trophy right below him, easy.

    Trophy 4: Shield blast

    This trophy requires you to have built the shield, which is actually incredibly easy, and a pretty powerful weapon. There are 3 parts around the map. They are: 1. The bunker, 2. The infirmary, and 3. The armoury. The prices are not super hard to find but they do change places every game (while staying in the same general area) I'm lazy so I won't go into detail as to specific locations of these parts. Anyway, grab all three and build the shield in the bunker, only one person needs it for this step, but everyone should get one as it can save your butt on multiple occasions. Head over to the tank station (where you buy double tap) and stand on the railing just to the right of double tap, looking left. You will see a pipe on the wall with a large hole in it, you must whip out your shield and shoot this hole with the RT attack. Doing so will throw the trophy right beside double tap for you to grab.

    Trophy 5: Dragon Strike

    For this trophy you need to dragon strike... obviously. Here's how you do that:

    Obtaining the dragon strike

    All players must go over to the hatchery for this. You will want some decent weapons as you're basically camping for 4 rounds. The ray gun mark three makes this incredibly easy, but is not required. From where you spawn in head over to the opposite side of the top floor, where you will see a large device... thing. All players must hold x on this to initiate it. This traps you in the hatchery and the only way out is either completing it or dying. Basically, there are three directions zombies will come from, and there are 4 rounds. Each round the enemies will come from a different side, with them coming from all sides on the final rounds. In addition to the zombies, a fair number of manglers (the armoured zombies) spawn, which have a lot more health. Basically you just need to survive the 4 rounds. The zombies do not give you points and the normal rounds don't go up during this. You are given one free max ammo at the bottom of the stairs, so only take it if you really need it. Once all four rounds are completed, head back over to where you activated it and you can get the dragon strike. One player needs to now head over to the area in front of the supply depot, and use their dragon strike on the large puddle in the middle of the circular area, which will reveal the trophy.

    Trophy 6: gauntlet of Siegfried

    This one requires you build the gauntlet of Siegfried, which is quite a challenge in itself.

    Building the gauntlet of Siegfried

    Remember that egg you shot down at the beginning of this Easter egg? Well now you need to place it in a nest. There are many nests around the map, and it is completely irrelevant where you plant it. I planted it out front of dragon command, so do the same, or don't, I don't care. Now you need the dragon to breathe fire on it, this is as simple as just waiting there until it does, it will eventually (note you can also just use the dragon strike on it, if you're not a fan of waiting). The egg now needs to cool for a round, so play a full round, then pick the egg up. At this point, if you head over to the challenges (at spawn) the bottommost one will reveal the next step to getting the gauntlet. You basically have a series of challenges to complete, and they are cumulative across all players, so you don't need to do it individually. The first task is to kill napalm zombies, no not those guys from shangri- la, a napalm zombie on this map is simply a zombie that has been hit by the dragons fire. The easiest place to this is in tank depot. Train a group of zombies and wait for the dragon to breath fire, then whip out your shield (which negates fire damage) and lead the zombies through fire, killing them all once you finish. I don't know the exact number of zombies you need, but it's only about 15, so this won't take you long, you will get a visual notification on your screen when it is finished.
    The next challenge is to get penetrating multi kills. This means a bullet went through one zombie and killed another. The best thing to use for this is sniper rifle, especially with double tap. Fire into a group of zombies and you should get this no problem quickly.
    Now onto the final challenge, melee kills. Just use your shield melee, one hit kill, easy done in no time.
    Now head over to the hatchery and go to the basement. There is a large cylinder which you must place the egg in, and defend from zombies for a few seconds. During this step, at least one Valkyrie drone will spawn, it is very important you kill it near to the generator which is to the right of the incubator. This turns on the generator. I'll explain why you do this soon. After the egg has been defended you must wait 2 rounds, after which the gauntlet is yours! Simply head to your challenge grave stone and hold x on the bottom most challenge to obtain it.
    One player must now head to the bunker where you build the shield, and use the gauntlet to melee a large safe at the back of the room, the trophy is inside. With all 6 trophies collected you can move onto the next step.

    Step 2: The air pressure valves

    Now I won't lie to you, I haven't the slightest idea what you do for this step, it is an incredibly difficult puzzle which I myself have no idea how to solve, don't worry though, I'll make it very easy for you to do, even if you don't exactly know what you're doing. Now, there are 6 pressure valve things around the map. They are difficult to describe but fairly obvious, you may have, like me, already seen one and thought it looked out of place. They are located at:
    -The tank factory on the wall across from where the dragon breathes fire.
    -Underneath the infirmary by some bunk beds.
    -Dragon command, top of the stairs head right.
    -The top of armoury, by where the elevator is purchased
    -bottom floor of supply depot
    -Department store, back of the third floor.

    Now, because you killed the Valkyrie drone earlier to power on the generator, you only have a few minutes to do this before it shuts down. If it does shut down, simply head back to the generator and hold x (you may need to start a new round) to start it again. Now you are looking for 2 special pressure valves, which change every game.
    1. The light on the top of the main console is green.
    2. There is a difficult to see code cylinder inside the tube of one of them.

    Now find the locations of these two items and remember where they are.

    Now at this point you can try figuring out how to solve this puzzle, or use this program I found:

    Please note, I take no responsibility for making that webpage. I don't know who did it but all credit goes to them.

    To use it place the location of the green light where it says start valve, and the code cylinder where it says end valve. Easy as that. It will automatically figure out what each valve needs to be set to. So follow what it says. If you did it correctly the code cylinder will be revealed where you first saw it, and you can grab it to move onto the next step.

    Step 3: Enter the password

    Very easy, head over to Sophia (the giant robot head to the right of the power switch) and hold x to place the code cylinder to the left of the main console. Now you must shoot the individual spinning cylinders so that going top to bottom it spells KRONOS. I don't know why that's what it's supposed to be, but it is (incredible reference maybe?) now confirm the password and you can move on.

    Step 4: Challenges

    This part makes up the bulk of the Easter egg. Those 6 trophies you collected earlier correspond to a different challenge you must complete, some of them are not too bad, some are damn near impossible, and you have to do all 6. Basically, the large map adjacent to Sophia has all the trophies below it, you must hold x here for it to randomly pick one. Now this is where a large number of dead man waking gobble gums are almost a necessity, they make these much easier, as all the zombies on the map walk as if they were on round 1 for 4 minutes, making these challenges much easier. I'll go over every challenge in detail.

    Challenge 1: Russian mangler.

    This trophy looks like a mangler. Once active, a friendly one will spawn somewhere in the map, for me it was either in tank factory, department store or supply depot. Your job is to find him and escort him back to the challenge screen. This challenge is decently easy, especially if dead man walking is active. The mangler will take damage from both zombies and you shooting him, so make sure you kill any zombies around him, and go easy on the explosives. Edit: thanks to @TrueHelp for pointing out that the mangler won’t actually take damage from zombies, only from your guns/ grenades. He will walk directly to dragon command, unless you get too far away from him, in which case he will go back the way he came. He periodically fires his laser canon thing, which can still damage you, so be careful, if he takes enough damage, he will begin to sprint, which is good because it means he gets there faster, but bad because he has less health. So get him to a little pad to the right of the challenge trophies and you're done that challenge.

    Challenge 2: Grauph module.

    This one is very difficult without undead man walking. The trophy looks like a drop pod same as you would use to get the pieces for calling the dragon. With this challenge, a grauph module will spawn outside of the map at either the dragon command, tank factory or supply depot, all visible from where you ride the dragon it the respective area. This is simple, defend the drop pod. A horde of zombies will spawn outside of the map and head towards it, this is why undead man walking is very helpful, as it slows them down giving you more time to shoot them. Don't go shy on your dragon strikes, it's pretty self explanatory, just don't let them get near the thing. While this is going on, zombies will not spawn in map, so you don't have to worry about watching your back, I recommend all players be focused on defending. Once it is complete, all the zombies will be killed, and you must throw your baby dragon using the gauntlet to retrieve whatever it is you were defending, challenge done.

    Challenge 3: Valkyrie drone

    This one is very difficult, and undead man walking is important to have. It is actually exactly the same as the mangler challenge, only this time you are defending a Valkyrie drone. It will spawn in spawn and very slowly make its way to the dragon command. The difference here is this has an incredibly low amount of health, one or two hits from zombies or you shooting it and it dies, forcing you to start over next round. Because you can damage it, you can only really use bullet weapons, as a wonder weapon will likely blow it up by accident. I personally was not able to do this without undead man walking active because it is likely a high round and the zombies swarm is fast, once it reaches the trophies, challenge done.

    Challenge 4: Gersh soul

    This one isn't super hard, but it does require you have upgraded weapons. The trophy looks like a blob, 'nuff said. For this challenge, a glowing yellow whisp like thing (I guess it's the soul of Gersh or something???) will spawn somewhere on the map. Your objective is to shoot it with an upgraded weapon, which will cause it to zoom off somewhere, you must keep following it, shooting it as soon as you see it. That's really it. It moves very fast so it can be difficult to figure out where it went. To fail, you must have not shot it for a long period of time. It's quite difficult to fail. Eventually the whips reaches the trophies and you're done.

    Challenge 5: The stupid bomb step

    This challenge is easily the hardest one, and what's annoying is you need to be prepared for it every time you start a new challenge, so before pushing the button everyone should be in position anticipating this challenge, and moving if it is isn't it. Basically, there are 6 bombs around the map, and they need to be defused in a specific order. The challenge is, you have very very little time to do this, maybe 30 seconds, and if you don't defuse all the bombs in time, they explode downing anyone nearby. What's worse, if you accidentally defuse a bomb out of order, it also explodes, downing the person who defused it. Now, the locations of the 6 bombs are:
    -At The back of the bottom floor of the department store
    -In the infirmary, after coming up the stairs from the bunker it is on the back side of the pedestal to your left.
    - Top floor of the tank factory, by the gobble gum machine
    -Entering the supply depot on the right entrance, bear right and you'll see it to your left when you reach a wall.
    -Bottom floor of the armoury, to the left of the wonderfizz machine
    -Top of dragon command, bear left, you'll run right into it.

    Now, I'm going to explain how to do this with 4 players. It should be noted that the fewer players you have, the more time you have. Solo, this is actually quite easy because you have 3 odd minutes to complete it, which is more than enough time.
    So, each person has a different role.
    Person 1: Is looking at the map in dragon command above the trophies, and is responsible for the dragon command bomb.
    Person 2: Is responsible for both the infirmary bomb and the tank station bomb.
    Person 3: responsible for both the armoury bomb and the supply depot bomb.
    Person 4: responsible only for the department store bomb.

    Again, make sure everyone is waiting near their respective bombs every time you start a new challenge, you have very little time to do this and can't afford to have to run across the map to your bombs. If this challenge is selected (trophy looks like a nuke power up) then the person watching the map needs to pay close attention to the map. Areas of the map will light up in sequence indicating the order to defuse in. It will flash the order once very fast, almost impossible to see, and then one more time slower, and that's it. The person watching the screen must relay this info to everyone else and direct them in what order to defuse, making sure to defuse his/ her own bomb in the process. This player has a very difficult job, as if they mess up it can down their teammates. I was the one doing this when I did the Easter egg, and I found it to be easiest to just film the sequence with your phone, as it is quite difficult to remember the order. Thanks again to PhilTheStampede for suggesting that the person watching the screen write down abbreviations on a piece of paper as they go. As well, it may be worth a trial run where you don't trigger any bombs, and get the hang of it, because remember messing up could cost someone all their perks. Beyond that, trigger the bombs in the given order and you will have completed the challenge, congrats that one sucks.

    Challenge 6: group 935

    This trophy looks like the group 935 logo. I am not certain, but from my experience this is always the last challenge you get. When this challenge appears, a key card will be given to you from the trophy machine, pick it up and have all players head to the hatchery. On the second floor, in the bottom right corner there is a little computer with a red screen, the player with the keycard needs to hold x on this. All zombies will die and you'll see a download progress bar on your screen. At this point, it is effectively the same thing as getting the dragon strike, but now only manglers spawn. Some very powerful weaponry is definitely required for this, the ray gun mark three being a necessity as you will be constantly swarmed by tons of manglers. As before you get a free max ammo. As long as someone has the mark 3, and everyone has powerful upgraded guns and lots of perks, this isn't that hard. Once the download is complete he'd back to where you placed the keycard (note that zombies spawn in right away, so be fast about it as it is easy to get trapped).

    Insert the keycard into Sophia, and YAY! You finished all the challenges. Take the power core out of Sophia and head to spawn. Release your dragon and it will fly over to Nikolai with the power core, now all that's left is a little boss fight...

    Step 5: Boss fight

    And now time for the boss fight! The other boss fights in this game are nothing compared to this. It is incredibly challenging. As such, all players should have lots of perks, a full shield, and powerful weapons. As well everyone should have a gobblegum, I personally like after taste, but it's up to you. Someone with the nx shadow claw upgraded can help to, as they can revive some by simply shooting them.

    Once you're all geared up, all players must stand on the grate in front of Sophia, dropping them into the sewers which take you to the boss fight, press a button in the very centre of the area to initiate the boss fight. Note that you are given 2 max ammos for the entirety of this boss fight, so do not grab them unless you need to, as you will burn through a lot of ammo and want every bit you can get.

    Now this fight consists of actually 2 enemies. To start, you fight the dragon that has been harassing you this whole time. Zombies and Russian manglers spawn a lot, so keep moving. The dragon will occasionally light the entire area on fire, leaving safe points in the corners, it can be dangerous staying in the corners, as there isn't much room and you could get swarmed. Don't be afraid to equip your shield and run into the fire, you take no fire damage. To kill the dragon, you must shoot him in these areas which periodically glow orange, located on his chest, left wing and neck. The areas are very small, and I recommend an upgraded LMG so you can keep fire on him without needing to reload. Once you do enough damage, the dragon will fly to a different area, prompting Nikolai 1.0 to shoot it with his harpoon, creating a new glowing area. Keep this up until you finally kill the dragon. This first boss battle isn't too bad, it's not that easy, but the dragon's attacks are decently easy to avoid. To key is to ignore the manglers and zombies as they don't stop spawning and focus all fire on the dragon.

    Once the dragon is dead, a cutscenes will play, followed by a second boss battle, this time against Nikolai 1.0. This is a much harder boss battle, as Nikolai has many highly damaging attacks, in addition to the multitude of zombies. Nikolai will occasionally release RAPS (basically the meat balls from shadows of evil) as well as shoot his electric harpoon at you which stuns and slows you down (among other attacks he has) to damage him, you must aim for the glowing yellow parts of his mech suit. These are, to start located on the left and right bottom corners of the cock pit glass (these two are always vulnerable) and two which occasionally pop up over his left and right shoulder. Once a target has taken enough damage it will break. Keep in mind, all of these targets must be destroyed before you move on to the next phase. Once all of these are gone a final target will appear underneath the cockpit window, which also must be shot. Once this is destroyed you have finished him. Some keys to this boss battle are, again, try to ignore the zombies as best you can, but kill his RAPS, as they are faster than you. Never stop moving and pay attention to when the targets appear so you get as much damage onto them as possible (they all take a lot of hits) be smart with your max ammos. When I did this, we barely finished before we were completely out of ammo, so make sure you do not grab the ammos early. Fighting Nikolai is quite difficult, but if you persevere and manage to take him out, you get a... strange... cutscene and this achievement, congrats! This Easter egg is very difficult, but it's totally doable if you use good gobblegums and have decent weaponry/ perks.

    Good luck!!!

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    bam maximusSo it finally popped for me while I was playing Revelations, 5 days later. I’d love to say I was doing something special, but I was in the middle of reviving my friend when it popped. No idea.
    Posted by bam maximus on 22 Mar at 12:55
    MESSIAH99looking to do this easter egg gamertag messiah99. pretty decent player already did der eishendrache solo.looking for the rest
    Posted by MESSIAH99 on 17 Aug at 01:59
    John AceyThis is comments section for solutions, not "looking for group" -section.
    Use game's forum for that:
    Call of Duty: Black Ops III Forum
    Or make/join a session yourself:
    Gaming Sessions
    Posted by John Acey on 17 Aug at 07:27
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  • Zaro KarosZaro Karos534,024
    10 May 2017 10 May 2017 10 May 2017
    7 3 4
    Requirement: Near Death Experience
    The hardest part of this Easter Egg is the boss fight, if you're like me you'll easily get to the boss fight in an hour and a half but will struggle with multiple attempts. If you play solo and use the Near Death Experience goggle gum you will have unlimited deaths during the boss fight. The rounds do not progress when you make it to the boss fight. As long as you use your ammo wisely you will be fine, I never grabbed either of the two max ammo power-ups in the center because ammo really isn't a problem. Playing on solo also makes it extremely easy as you can pause whenever you feel like it to help with certain steps. I had spent 10+ tries with a group almost always making it to the boss fight but with Near Death Experience I got this achievement on my first try.

    Tip: Mangler Trophy: Shoot off the mangler's arm, he will become enraged and he will sprint at you. This makes him easy to transport and hard to lose.

    Warning: Make sure you're close to the boss fight before grabbing Near Death Experience, the gobble gum last's for 3 rounds plus the round you are currently on. It is beneficial to use this with the trophy steps but if you screw up the trophy step you will have to wait for at least one round to pass. Two if the round consists of valkyries as you can not start the trophy process during this round.

    If you have any questions feel free to pm me on either Xbox or on TrueAchievements. Good luck with this achievement, it is definitely the hardest Black Ops III Easter Egg out there.
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    Excalibur0126I imagine this would also work with Aftertaste. This is really helpful advice for most of the bosses. Thanks!
    Posted by Excalibur0126 on 09 Oct 18 at 05:01
    Diesel Foleyyou must excel at this game. Ive done all other easter eggs on black ops games but getting past the challenges solo is for me near impossible...I can get to the challenges by round 11 but always fail on the 2nd or 3rd challenge due to the rounds continuing …
    great advice about near death experience...shame I never knew this until now as only got this egg left to do...if I ever get to the boss fight
    Posted by Diesel Foley on 26 Dec 19 at 17:27
    Fear The PeopleThis is seriously the best tip there is!! It makes the boss battle almost a complete joke. Thank you!
    Posted by Fear The People on 29 Jan at 08:27
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