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Create 20 different flavors of Nuka-Cola

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How to unlock the Beverageer achievement

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    All solutions above are good I myself used one for finding all the recipes unfortunely they do not include some information I was looking for. So here it is:

    After collecting all the recipes you need to collect all the requirements for 20 new flavors.


    #1 Newka-Cola (Nuka-Cherry x1, N-C x1)
    #2 Nuka-Berry (Nuka-Cherry x1, N-C x1, Nuka-Grape x1)
    #3 Nuka-Bombdrop (Bourbon x1, N-C x1, N-C Dark x1, Rum x1, Vodka x1)
    #4 Nuka-Buzz (N-C Wild x2)
    #5 Nuka-Cide (Nuka-Cherry x1, N-C x1, N-C Dark x1, N-C Orange x1, N-C Quantum x1, N-C Quartz x1, N-C Victory x1, N-C Wild x1, Nuka-Grape x1)
    #6 Nuka-Cooler (N-C Quantum x1, N-C Quartz x1, N-C Victory x1)
    #7 Nuka-Fancy (Nuka-Cherry x1, N-C Wild x1)
    #8 Nuka-Free (Dirty Water x1, N-C x1)
    #9 Nuka-Frutti (Nuka-Cherry x1, N-C x1, N-C Orange x1, Nuka-Grape x1)
    #10 Nuka-Hearty (Carrot Flower x1, N-C x1, N-C Dark x1, Tato x1)
    #11 Nuka-Lixir (Med-X x1, N-C x1, N-C Orange x1)
    #12 Nuka-Love (Nuka-Cherry x1, N-C Quartz x1)
    #13 Nuka-Power (N-C x1, N-C Dark x2)
    #14 Nuka-Punch (Nuka-Cherry x1, N-C Orange x1, N-C Quartz x1, Nuka-Grape x1)
    #15 Nuka-Ray (N-C Orange x1, N-C Victory x1)
    #16 Nuka-Rush (N-C Victory x1, N-C Wild x1)
    #17 Nuka-Sunrise (Nuka-Cherry x1, N-C Orange x1)
    #18 Nuka-Twin (N-C x1, N-C Wild x1)
    #19 Nuka-Void (N-C Dark x1, N-C Quantum x1)
    #20 Nuka-Xtreme (N-C x1, N-C Quantum x1, Nuka-Grape x1)

    That is overall:

    Nuka-Cola: 11
    Nuka-Cherry: 8
    Nuka-Cola Dark: 6
    Nuka-Cola Wild: 6
    Nuka-Cola Orange: 6
    Nuka-Grape: 5
    Nuka-Cola Quantum: 4
    Nuka-Cola Quartz: 4
    Nuka-Cola Victory: 4
    Dirty Water: 1
    Bourbon: 1
    Rum: 1
    Vodka: 1
    Med-X: 1
    Carrot Flower: 1
    Tato: 1

    You can get all the Colas from a Vendor in Nuka-World Market called Shelbie Chase also pickup all Colas from behind her and basically you can pickup everything in there it will not be considered stealing. Once you have it simply fast travel anywhere** (can be in Nuka-World)* and sleep for 24hours. Get back to her and store is refilled. I personally used "Safari Adventure Primate House" it's on top left corner enter building and in a cage to your right is a bed in which you can sleep.

    *If for some reason sleeping 24 hours in Nuka-World do not work just do that in commonwealth.
    **EDIT: You don't have to fast travel away, simply sit on the chair next to Shelbie and wait for 24 hours.

    External image

    How to get the rest:

    I believe most of you will have all alcohol required if not simply go to any bar or check other vendors in Nuka-Market they sell some of that too or use Diamond City Market in commonwealth where you can get practically everything (Dirty Water, Med-X, alcohol). For some reason I had no RUM and was unable to find it anywhere nobody had it in a store. Easy place to get a RUM is in commonwealth. Fast travel to commonwealth and then fast travel to Fort Strong. Go pass the building, jump down the cliff and it will be in a box with teddybear.


    External image

    External image

    External image

    Carrot Flower:

    Commonwealth, fast travel to Wildwood Cemetery and you will find at least one growing near the graves.

    External image

    External image


    Commonwealth, fast travel to Abernathy Farm and they are growing all over the place.

    External image

    External image

    Once you get all the stuff you need to find/build a Nuka-Mixer Station in any settlement you control, if you don't want to build it you can use any in Nuka World.

    Nuka-Mixer Station: Workshop->Crafting->Nuka-Mixer Station. (steel x4, Rubber x1).

    Here is one posible location in Nuka-World in Kiddie Kingdom.

    Got any idea how to improve solution, like or dislike it? Feel free to share your comment.
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    Rafe Harwood The one thing that sprang to mind as I was trying to get this sucker done finally, would be to have the bits and pieces listed in alphabetical order!!

    Nice work :)
    Posted by Rafe Harwood on 04 Nov 17 at 23:16
    Namcres Another location for carrot flower. Directly south of the Galactic Zone is a little hut by the river that is full of cave crickets. The tiny hill in front of the hut has carrot flowers.
    Posted by Namcres on 23 Jul 18 at 15:43
    JEDI 4 hire Nuka-Cide: Behind the counter at Cappy’s Cafe in Nuka-Town USA.
    Nuka-Cooler: on a display sheld in a shop in the Star Market in the Galactic Zone. it’s the first stall on your right as you enter the market from Star Control.
    Nuka-Void: on a counter in the main hall of the Starlight Interstellar Theater dungeon in the Galactic Zone.
    Nuka-Ray: on the ground in the gift shop on the lower level of the RobCo Battlezone, a dungeon in the Galactic Zone.
    Nuka-Lixir: in the employee only areas located at the end of the Funhouse, a dungeon in the Kiddie Kingdom. It’s right by the terminal.
    Nuka-Berry: in a dressing room backstage at King Cola’s Court, a theater dungeon in Kiddie Kingdom.
    Nuka-Bombdrop: on a food cart just outside of Mad Mulligan’s Mine in Dry Rock Gulch.
    Nuka-Sunrise Recipe: in an employee only area near the Dry Rock Gulch Theater in Dry Rock Gulch. Pick a red door to access it.
    Nuka-Xtreme: On a table near the flagpole on a roof in the Dry Rock Gulch Theater in Dry Rock Gulch.
    Nuka-Rush: On the reception desk near the entrance inside Welcome Center, a dungeon in Safari Adventure.
    Nuka-Hearty: in a little structure behind the stage in Jungle Journey Theater, a dungeon in the Safari Adventure.– Go to the shack found behind the theater stage.
    Nuka-Power: on a desk in an office with a snooker table in Nuka-World Power Plant.
    Nuka-Frutti: search the booths in the diner at the Hubologist’s Camp.
    Nuka-Punch: On a bureau at the end of the Grandchester Mystery Mansion tour; best collected after putting down the boss.
    Nuka-Love: given during conversation with Evan, a scavenger found to the south of Nuka-Station. Agree to accept supplies from him to collect this.
    Posted by JEDI 4 hire on 19 Jan at 20:12
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