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Foxiest of the Hounds

You triggered zero alarms during an entire playthrough.

Foxiest of the Hounds+29.4
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  • CoreScanCoreScan978,079
    24 Aug 2016 25 Aug 2016 11 May 2017
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    Okay, since people keep asking me whether or not I ran into troubles with the game creating "auto-alarms" in the GARM Facilitiy on my stealth run, I figured I might as well write a guide.

    Yes, the game glitched on me twice (badly), once in the GARM Facility in the Swiss Alps, and once on the last mission in London, shortly after I got the option to choose either stopping Marchenko or saving the VIPs. By "glitched" I mean the game kept creating alarms, without any obvious reasons (which might be either a bug or have been implemented on purpose). I did not leave bodies for enemies to find, nor was I seen by enemies or cameras, nor did I run through lasers. In fact, I avoided enemy contact whenever possible (more on that later). Strangely, both times I was perfectly out of sight of any enemies.

    GARM Facility:

    In the GARM Facility, I tried reloading previous saves about 10 times, as well as taking different routes, which didn’t work. The game kept creating an alarm mid-way between the first and the second part of the facility, a few seconds after I was contacted by Elias. It didn’t matter whether I went through the door or the pipe. I fixed the issue by reloading a save before opening the door to the GARM Facility, the first door in the area, which must be opened by hacking the panel. Opening that door triggers the cutscene with Viktor poisoning you. The second time, I did not skip the cutscene, and I entered the facility via the vent on the ground, not the door on the first floor – and it worked. I was not contacted by Elias, nor did the game trigger an alarm. Therefore,

    Save your game before opening said door to the GARM Facility. Keep the save file until you left the GARM Facility without the game (or you) having triggered any alarms.

    Important note: When doing a new run, all tutorials appear to be reset. That means you are going to get the alarm tutorial upon triggering your first alarm on a run, on the right side of the screen, which I noticed in the GARM Facility, when the game kept triggering the auto-alarm. Therefore, if you get the alarm tutorial, you know it’s your first alarm. If you reload a save upon getting an alarm, you're going to get the tutorial again if triggering another alarm.

    *** According to WhiterValkyrie, the alarm in the GARM Facility can be avoided by contacting Alex Vega upon entering the area, not Jim Miller. If you don't happen to have a save before that part, I suggest trying to take out all enemies in the first part of the facility, which might prevent the alarm from being raised. Maybe someone can confirm whether that works or not.

    The completion of secondary objectives is not required for this achievement, as confirmed by several gamers.


    In London, I got the alarm glitch literally minutes before the end, which made me pretty nervous. Upon deciding whether to go after Marchenko or save the guests from being poisoned, the game – again – triggered an alarm, apparently just for fun. It did not matter which option I chose. This time, however, I took out all enemies in the area (the remaining 10 out of 11) and disabled any alarm panels and cameras I could find. It worked. Therefore, these auto-alarms appear to be triggered by enemies using alarm panels. Keep that in mind.

    These where the only incidents where the game glitched on me. If the game happens to create auto-alarms elsewhere on your run, the same tips apply.

    General tips:

    * Save regularly, while always keeping a save at around 30 to 60 minutes back. You have a total of 11 saves at your disposal, make use of them - especially considering the auto-alarm glitch.

    * Go for this achievement on your "New Game+" run. Knowing the game, the missions and what to expect will make it much easier, not to mention still having your augmentations, items and ammo from the first run. Also, doing it on your second run will allow you to skip all side missions without having to worry about not gaining enough XP.

    * Avoid enemy contact whenever possible, most efficiently done by using the Glass-Shield Cloaking augmentation. When using this aug, do not use Biocells just to refill your energy. Instead, get out of your enemies' sight and let your energy recharge itself. Only use your Biocells to refill your energy if you are about to run out of energy (while being cloaked) and cannot hide, or your total energy level is low enough to justify a refill.

    * Avoiding enemy contact means avoiding takedowns. Takedowns drastically drain your maximum energy capacity, which can be much better spent cloaking yourself. You're going to have a hard time completing this run using cloaking AND takedowns. Furthermore and most importantly; by knocking enemies out, you run the risk of other enemies finding their bodies and triggering alarms.

    * It appears your Biocell energy is recharged to full upon entering new territory, meaning upon arriving at and getting back from Golem City, GARM Facility and London. Therefore, don't use Biocells to refill your energy when you're about to take the plane with Elias.

    * Personally, I suggest maxing out the following augmentations (in order of in-game listing): Social Enhancer, Hacking Capture, Hacking Stealth, Stealth Avatar, Smart Vision, Sarif Series 8 Energy Converter, Implanted Rebreather, Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis and Glass-Shield Cloaking. LiDAR Mark-Tracker, Icarus Landing and Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis are important too, but, in my opinion, don’t need to be fully upgraded for this run.

    * I used the Social Enhancer aug to convince Talos Rucker. If you have upgraded the Icarus Landing system, you can jump down on the left side after leaving his office, bypassing almost all enemies in the area.

    * Upon having to decide whether to go for Mission 11 or 12, I did the Bomb Maker mission, using the Social Enhancer aug to convince Allison.

    * I took Viktor out using the Killswitch.

    * If you are combining this run with the no-kill run, using the Killswitch on Viktor might void the Pacifist achievement, which I cannot confirm though, as I did separate runs and it's actually Viktor who pushes the button.

    * Do not run away from hostile enemies or panicked civilians, which might lead to alarms being activated, without you noticing. If you panic civilians, they might inform the police. You never know if the game triggers an alarm without giving you the alarm tutorial, because you've already relocated and can't hear the alarm anymore.

    * Enemies being suspicious or going into "searching" mode is okay, as long as you get clear of them before they turn hostile. If there's several hostile enemies and/or your radar turns red, I suggest reloading a save, just to play it safe.

    This achievement might be glitched for some people. There have been reports of gamers not getting the Foxiest Of The Hounds achievement, even though they've had flawless runs and never got the alarm guide/tutorial. I'm 100% positive I didn't trigger any alarms (neither before nor after reloading a save) other than the above mentioned auto-alarms, which kept showing me the alarm tutorial. Thus, if those auto-alarms constitute alarms that would void the achievement, I can confirm that reloading saves after getting an alarm is fine.

    The above tips just reflect my style of play. Also, I’m new to TA, so go easy on me. Good luck.
  • a Fi1thy Casuala Fi1thy Casual270,097
    30 Aug 2016 31 Aug 2016 14 Sep 2016
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    9/14/16 UPDATE: Having run through the game a few more times (mostly for fun) I discovered a few things in my guide that are not valid, and I will correct below.

    1.) Unlike Deus Ex: HR, there are no scripted alarms at any point in this game.

    There are, however, two points where an automatic alarm trigger will occur if:

    - You talk to Miller after meeting Marchenko at GARM
    - You fail to take out all 11(10) guards at the Apex Centre

    If you do either of the above, it will trigger an automatic alarm, and void this achievement.

    2.) If you activated the drill in the GARM facility, and fail the dialogue (as specified by DarthSolidKevin in the comments), then you have voided Foxiest.

    3.) I had originally thought that one required completing both primary and secondary objectives for main missions in order to acquire this achievement, and it was primarily from failing to take out all 11(10) guards during the London mission. Having run through the game once more on a seperate account, I can confirm that secondary objectives are not necessary (however not taking out the guards will trigger an automatic alarm at the end).

    So, to make things easier for everyone, I will list the main missions below, and which ones have actual alarms which will void your Smooth Operator bonus - Bold missions have alarms that can be triggered, Strikethrough missions have no alarms, and thus have no Smooth Operator bonus to be acquired.

    M1: Black Market Buy - No Alarms

    Prague (First Visit)
    M2: Morning Comes Too Soon - No Alarms
    M3: Getting in Top Shape Again - No Alarms
    M4: Checking Out TF29 - No Alarms
    M5: Claiming Jurisdiction - Alarms
    M6: Taking Care of Business - No Alarms

    Golem City
    M7: The Rucker Extraction - Alarms

    Prague (Second Visit)
    M8: Tracking Down the Real Terrorists - No Alarms
    M9: Checking Out the Men in Charge - Alarms
    M10: Facing the Enigma - Alarms
    M11: Confronting the Bomb-Maker - No Alarms
    M12: The Heist - Alarms

    Swiss Alps
    M13: G.A.R.M. - Alarms

    Prague (Third Visit)
    M14: Hunting Down the Final Clues - Alarms (literally everywhere in the streets)

    M15: Securing the Convention Centre - Alarms
    M16: Stopping Marchenko - Alarms
    M17: Protecting the Future - Alarms

    As I stated above, this is just for main missions. If you wish to take on some side missions, as well as this achievement, be warned that some also have alarms at some point during the mission (Neon Nights and Cult of Personality for example). I highly advise sticking to the main missions only if you are going for Foxiest as a means to mitigate the possibility of accidentally setting off an alarm.

    HELPFUL HINT: Wherever there are alarms, there are also security terminals that will deactivate alarm panels. That means, if you can find your way to a security terminal, hack/multi-tool/use passcode on it, and gain access to the system, you can literally make the Smooth Operator bonus a garuntee for that area. If the alarm panels (things on the walls with a hand print) do nothing when a guard touches it, then no alarm will sound.

    I tested this in a few areas and found it very amusing making lots of noise while I massacred a room, only to see "Smooth Operator" pop up at the end of the sequence.

    4.) If you ever see the "Alarm Tutorial" item appear on the right side of the screen, that is a great way to determine if you set off an alarm. The tutorial info will not pop up for anything until you trigger the specific in-game characteristic associated with the tutorial, so if you see the one for "Alarms" pop up on your screen, reload your previous save and try again.

    How alarms get triggered

    Basically, the alarms will start sounding if:
    - An enemy spotted you, turned "red", and brought the entire world down on your shoulders (via either him, or someone else hitting an alarm panel - the terminals in the game with the hand print on them)
    - You stood too long in front of a camera, and it went from White >> Yellow >> Red.
    - You got spotted by a turret, and it started firing bullets at you.
    - You thought "Hey, if these cameras and turrets don't exist, then I can not get spotted", and decided to destroy them
    - You failed a hack on a terminal - this means that when the system caught wind of what you were doing, and started searching for you. then the time went all the way down to zero without you backing out of the hack. Insta-Alarm, and your achievement is gone.
    - You tripped one of the many laser grids that exist in the game.
    - You fired an unsilenced weapon within earshot of an enemy. Big no-no.
    - You lobbed a grenade that goes BOOM! at earshot of an enemy. Another big no-no.

    What abilities can help you get this achievement

    Obviously there are augs that will help you much more than others regarding this achievement. Here is what I did right off the bat to get Foxiet in my initial playthrough. Yes, you can do this on New Game+, and have everything basically unlocked, but I wanted my New Game+ experience to be more of a badass run and have fun with the experimental augs wink.

    1.) Sarif Series 8 Energy Converter: Max this out as soon as possible. This will be your backbone for nearly every single thing you can do, whether it is takedown an enemy if you are in a tight spot, or needing invis to get through a section. Nearly all of your active aug abilities requires energy, and unlike in HR, not everything takes just 1 cell of energy. Different abilities drain at differing rates, and penalize differently with initial consumption. Having your cells recharge at a faster rate, with less of a delay, is more than ideal - it is crucial.

    2.) Glass-Shield Cloaking: You are going to find a lot of areas with patroling guards. Taking them out via mano e mano is a drain on your energy, and opening yourself up to a stray guard turning a corner. The vast majority of the time I went from Point A to Point B without touching a soul - just activated invis and crouched out of the area.

    3.) Smart Vision: Do not think there is only one path you ca take to get to your objective. Smart Vision, even not maxed, will help you find alternate routes in an area fairly easily with the Wall-Penetrating Imager. If you are stuck at a door, do not have a password and hacking it is unsuccessful, then take a look around and see if there is another route.

    4.) Wayfinder Radar System: Seeing where enemies/cameras/turrets are, where they are looking, and identifying patrol patterns is invaluable in a Foxiest run.

    5.) - OPTIONAL Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis: It is actually surprising how much noise you make coming out of a vent 5 feel in the air - the Leg Silencers mitigate that for you.

    6.) - OPTIONAL Icarus Landing System: There were a few bits I bypassed completely just by jumping down an elevator shaft wink. It comes in handy.

    That is essentially all I had in this run. I did not do much of anything with

    Why? Because 9 times out of 10 you can find a pocket secretary kicking around that will give you the passwords. Take a second, give the room a thorough sweep and see what you can find.

    What items/weapons will help you

    1.) Zenith Zap Stun Gun: At the very start of the game, you will be asked to choose between a "Lethal" or "Non-Lethal" playstyle. Choose "Non-Lethal.

    Then you will be asked if you want something with "Distance" or something suited for "Close Quarters". Choose "Close Quarters", and you will get this gun, and it will be the main method of neutralizing enemies when need be. Also, very good if you are going for the Pacifist achievement.

    The range is "meh" with this gun, but I went through the first half of the game with the tranq rifle, and used it maybe once, and it was for nothing crucial. After I found the Zenith, it made the second half of the game much easier.

    2.) Biocells, Biocells, Biocells: These guys charge your batteries. If you are using the glass-shield as much as I did, then you will burn through these little guys insanely fast. Fortunately, if you are backed into a corner you can craft these for 120 parts.

    3.) Multi-Tools: If you can not find a pocket secretary with a password, and that terminal is a higher security rating than you can tackle with your abilities, then these devices will give you an edge. If you are stuck in front of a locked door, and can not see an alternate route, then these devices will be a lifesaver. And, if need be, you can craft these as well for 120 parts.


    That is literally it. If you have any questions, corrections or neg vote justifications please let me know in the comments below.
  • Seraphim17Seraphim17775,739
    24 Aug 2016 25 Aug 2016 25 Aug 2016
  • Roose91Roose91786,430
    14 Sep 2016 14 Sep 2016
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    This is by far the best guide I have seen for this, it's concise and doesn't contain all the unnecessary information of other solutions.

    I take no credit for the information below, I've just copied and pasted it from gamefaqs and it was written by the user defster who has not given me permission to post this (and so if he gets in touch and wants it removed I'm more than happy to oblige).

    It's essentially just a checklist to compare against your end result for each section of the game and using this I got the achievement on my second run through the game.

    M3: ghost (once you reach the red book)
    M5: ghost, smooth operator (once you get the DSD device)
    M7: ghost, smooth operator (when meeting Sokol)
    ghost, smooth operator (getting deeper into ARC, with two augs talking)
    ghost, smooth operator (taking elevator to Rucker)
    smooth operator (leaving helicopter when returning to Prague)
    M9: did not get any bonuses post-mission. (still, make sure not to trigger alarms)
    M10: ghost (after leaving Janus meeting. must return the same way you entered - sewers triggers auto-alarm)
    M11: no bonuses at all (church mission has no alarms, unable to get ghost)
    M13: GARM, no bonus given during mission (do NOT contact Miller in the beginning)
    M14: ghost, smooth operator when talking to Miller, before starting the actual mission (reward for M13)
    M14 main: did not receive any bonuses
    M15/M16: ghost, smooth operator x2. Kill all guards and talk to Miller to avoid the alarm.
    = got Foxiest on 2nd NG+ attempt.

    Only real thing to note that isn't mentioned is to make sure you do take the elevator to Rucker and not the path through the Golden Rookery area; like if you take the sewer path after the Janus meet or contact Miller rather than Vega at GARM, this somehow seems to void getting the "Ghost" or "Smooth Operator" recognition (whether they be hidden or displayed to you) that you need for that section to count.
  • MOFOwhosinchrgeMOFOwhosinchrge579,354
    07 Jan 2017 07 Jan 2017 07 Jan 2017
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    You CAN unlocked this if the alarm randomly triggers in the GARM level. I chose to contact Miller, and used the ice drilling machine. The automatically triggered alarm is counted as a story alarm, not a player triggered alarm.

    If you get it, keep being stealthy for the rest of the game, and it will unlocked when you finish. I got this, Pacifist, and I Never Asked For This in one playthrough
  • YhannosYhannos547,565
    27 Aug 2016 27 Aug 2016
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    Foxiest of the Hounds is one of the toughest achievements to get, mostly due to the touchy nature of what an alarm is. This is what I did in my playthrough to get it:

    Put your Aug points into Cloaking and Biocells, because the main tactic that you should use throughout the game is using the cloak to bypass all enemies.

    Don't use takedowns as they drain a large portion of the Biocell, use a stun gun instead.

    Do not fail a hack. If you're about to be locked out then back out, as the lockout can raise an alarm.

    For the GARM Facility, contact Vega at the start, otherwise an unavoidable alarm will go off. What I did in the facility is cloak through the first room to the electrified pipe in the back right, then cloak to the end, and no alarm went off.

    For London, make sure to take out all 11 of the guards in the reception area, and the 3 in the back. If you don't do this, there will be an unavoidable alarm after talking to Miller. What I did is take out the guards, talk to Miller, take out Marchenko, and then save the delegates.

    Ignore all side missions. You do not want to trigger an alarm that could be avoided by simply not doing the mission. Better to be safe than sorry.

    Good luck with this achievement, you'll need it.
  • SashamorningSashamorning1,793,698
    06 Sep 2016 07 Sep 2016 07 Sep 2016
    4 1 3
    It's looking like there's a lot of conflicting info out there about Foxiest, so I'll tell you what worked for me.

    I just got this while running I Didn't Ask For This, so I was being especially careful, and skipping things that were unnecessary. Any time I thought I was about to be attacked, I reloaded. That's why it might be good to combine these two in one run.

    1) I reloaded almost every time someone had full yellow on me, but NOT every time. Whenever there was a full red, I reloaded (except when it was as a was knocking the person out). Whenever I failed a hack, I reloaded.

    2) I did a stealth run around the outside of the helicopter in Dubai. I still avoided everyone and got Ghost. Singh survived. I did the secondary objective, mostly because there's an awesome shortcut that lands you there.

    3) I did NOT get Smooth Operator in all of the missions that I could I have.

    4) I skipped the mission to save the brother in Golem. I told Gallois to get out of Dodge, since that came up.

    5) I didn't run out of Golem at the very end, and may have actually earned my Smooth Operator by doing that. (Not confirmed.) I did take out the last two guards at the end.

    6) The drones never turned hostile during Enigma, but they were definitely red and searching.

    7) I did the Helle mission, and used the breaker to kill the guys. They flashed red. (I also made sure to read the Pocket Secretary before continuing that mission.)

    8) I called Vega in GARM, and therefore avoided Miller calling in the hounds halfway through. THIS IS KEY. Calling Miller will trigger unavoidable alarms. (The Prima guide confirms this as well.)

    9) In GARM, I used the drill, and scolded the person who then called me. (Then I pulled the ladder down from below and walked across the beam, going into hangar 2 through the deactivated electrical pipe).

    10) Helle unleashed hell when I went into Dvari.

    11) In London, I silently took out all 11. Then I used the kill switch, then the security stash key to go through the secret door to Brown.

    There really aren't that many non-primary objectives in the game. I obviously didn't do all the optionals in Golem.

    I hope this sheds more light on what's foxy and what isn't.
    29 Aug 2016 29 Aug 2016 29 Aug 2016
    3 0 0
    I can confirm that taking out the final boss without the Killswitch could VOID this achievement. I was doing a Foxiest / Pacifist playthrough and chose to knock him out and I got the Pacifist achievement, but not this one. I had a save ready to get the Killswitch achievement. I killed him (thus preventing the fight / alarm) and I got Foxiest.

    Basically, it's really easy to get an alarm during the fight and not realize it. If you're sure you beat the entire game with no alarms, but still didn't get it, try using the killswitch.
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