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Tablet Collector in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Tablet Collector130 (30)

Collect and read every unique eBook.

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*Order complete, not all descriptions listed - confession, I'm doing a lot of this from memory*

I'm posting this guide since I found that the order of finding these can be annoying. I strongly suggest getting as many of these as you can during your first run through Prague. You can get 42/75 before leaving Prague the first time. (You can actually get an additional 4 in the Palisade Bank now, but the last one in the bank requires you to do a mission there, so I've left those until Prague Two.)

The important thing to note is that anything you don't get before you leave Prague the second time will be MUCH harder to get during your 3rd run through Prague.

This guide is designed to give you a more natural guide to find these as you play, rather than backtracking. Some of these will require certain augs (such as Remote Hacking, the Icarus Run upgrade, the Jump Mod and the Rebreather).

(There are other excellent guides available, but I found the order of the books made me retrack. I suck at making videos, so I'll leave it to those other videos. I hope that this guide helps you find the books more efficiently.)

1 - Tales of the Arabian Front - Right next to the secondary objective


Safehouse (and building) (4)
*One of these is in the stash right next to your bed, one is on the table just past the bathroom, the third is on the kitchen counter*
2 - How not to get yourself killed
3 - Juggernaut Collective (Interpol Case File)
4 - In Terror Firma

5 - The Machinegod - On the same floor as Jensen's, in the apartment by the stairs
6 - An appeal to basic humanity - In the apartment directly below Jensen's on level 2


Svobody Beer
7 - New regulations for augmented citizens - On the bar
8 - The next three decades (Fall of an Empire) - Give the bartender one Neuropyzene, she will give you codes to the basement. Behind a locked door in the basement is the book. If you have a strength mod, you can open a hidden door (button is behind crates on the floor) with some good stuff.

Praha Mini Market - behind the Metro
9 - Global Politics review (2029 Edition - Africa) - Near the vending machines

10 - Global Politics Review (2029 Edition - American Empire) - Near the Metro is a ladder. Climb it, jump to the nearby balcony and go inside.

Vincent Van Aug Art Gallery basement - one is on the stage, one is on a chair
11 - R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots)
12 - R.U.R. (Act III of Karel Capek's play continued...)

13 - The Juggernaught Collective - In a courtyard near the Police Checkpoint, on the left as you go through the door

14 - Per Aspera Ad Astra - Just before the Konicky & Hracky restricted area, above a red sign, hop up on a scaffold and look on the bed

"The Golden Ticket" optional mission - in the Konicky & Hracky restricted area
15 - Toys that kill - In the room with the lasers, on the right window sill
16 - A city designed for you! - Near Milena

Above the "Police Checkpoint"
17. Contemporary Art Review - Inside an apartment directly above the checkpoint. A Point of Interest will direct you here if you don't find it first. *Note: Getting up here can help you bypass the checkpoint.

PAST POLICE CHECKPOINT - Once you get through...

**Note: if you choose to earn Time Traveler now (missable later), you'll need to go to Otar's Casino before Kollar's Shop. If so, make a save beforehand. Earning that achievement will make certain quests harder later, so don't do Time Traveler on your actual book run. Related to this, try to complete "The Calibrator" during Prague One, and you can get the book then.**

18 - Radko Perry bursts onto local political scene - Inside Campaign HQ - You can also get this later during "The Harvester"

63 - Church of the Machinegod - (The number is out of order because this is amended.)
This can be found in Prague One. Thanks to Hercules SR117 for pointing this out. toast
*From Allgothythm: "If you stand halfway between the entrances to Radko Perry's Campaign HQ & the pawn shop, there's a truck. Climb up the back and jump up to the balcony just above the truck's hood. Enter the apt and it's on the glass table. You can also get up to the balcony using a lift just beneath it. However, the lift needs a Biocell which is consumed upon use."
*Daelus1 also commented, "#63 is in the apartment above left when facing the pawn shop, not where you have it." I appreciate the feedback!

Koller Shop (4) - Story-Related - These may be unavailable after Prague One, not sure
19 - Global Politics Review (2029 Edition - Crouching Dragon) - In Koller’s office, on a table
20 - The Social Monitor (The New Mystics) - In a storage room before you go down the elevator
21 - World's Most Wanted (Dvali Family, 1st version) - Down the elevator near Kollar's bed
22 - Flesh and Chrome (Chapter 1) - Behind a picture of a man is a secret room. Use your Rebreather and turn off the valve, then hack the safe
*Grab the two Neuropozyne before you leave.

Cult of Personality optional quest - begins in the sewers, level 3
23. Top 10 Tech... Abandoned Technologies - On a couch where you finally confront the Cult Leader

PRAGUE NORTH - Accessible through Metro

**Note: if you're looking for a lot of credits, go to the pharmacy now. Upstairs, through a vent, in a gas-filled room, there is quite a lot of Neuropozyne. You can use these to gain certain side quests, some of which are eBook locations, but it might be better to sell these for 1000 credits each.**

24 - Family Values - On a round table near Otar's office in the casino. You can get this during "The Calibrator". The device will be destroyed after Prague One, so get this now. (Don't get this while going for Time Traveler; reload a save after that and get this afterward.) You don't need the aug - Straight Talk every time, then Accept.

TF29 HQ (5) - Story-Related
*One is in Security, all the way down on a chair, one is in Miller's office, one is in the Shooting Range on a table, one is in Fletcher's office, one is in Counterterrorism on a desk*
25 - U.N. Resolution 3507 (2029)
26 - The long mean while (Chapter 1)
27 - In Terror Firma (Part 2)
28 - Task Force 29 - Mission Statement
29 - Modern Business Review (Hacks of aggression)

Ruzicka Metro Station (1) - Story-Related - You can return here, but why?
30 - The Sleepwalking World (Depopulation) - In the Bookstore (northeast corner)

L.I.M.B. Clinic (1) - Story-Related
31 - Modern Business Review (Corporatocracy) - Opens during "Taking Care Of Business," the book is in the basement

**After you meet Vega at this clinic, the Golem City quest will unlock. The books below are still available before you go there, and I suggest getting them before you start that mission.**

32 - The next three decades (World Police) - Across the street from the LIMB Clinic is a Coffee Shop. Go to the basement. On the right side is a door (5622). Jump up the pipes to the top and through the vent to an apartment.

33 - Tech-A-Tete Magazine - In Libuse Apartments to the east, Apt 96 (level 3), on the counter.

34 - Santeu - Rise of a Corpo-Nation (Birth of a giant) - In Rose's Garden, on the counter.

35 - The Czech Republic enters the 21st century - Go to the upstairs terrace at Rose's, and jump onto the roof. It's on a mattress on the left.

36 - Ruzicka's Augmented Platform Crumbles - In the Tourist Center, through the door in the back. It's on the console.

37 - The Social Monitor (Aug Ghettos) - In the Metro at Monument Station, it's on a bench armrest toward the back. If you get off the Metro at Monument, it's right in front of you.

38 - Ruzicka's Vision for the future - To the south, in the Autodily store, on a table.

39 - Collapse of an industry (Last man standing) - Inside Ludvik's Lounge.

40 - The long mean while (Chapter 27) - Above Palisade Station, there is an apartment with a terrace. It's on a table on the terrace. You need Icarus Run level 3, jump onto the tall sign in front of the station, then charge your jump up to the terrace. (An alternative is to remote hack ladders behind the apartment, then use a weapon to break the window.)

41 - Global Politics Review (2029 Edition - Australia) - Behind Palisade Station, Remote Hack the ladder, jump to the balcony to the right and go into the flat.

*GOLEM CITY* - Get these here - You can't go back.

42 - Pride in Prejudice (Unauthorized Rucker Bio)
43 - Collapse of an industry (Part 1)
44 - Promise of a better life!
45 - Santeau - Rise of a Corpo-Nation (Growth)
46 - Global Politics Review (2029 Edition Chapter 1)
47 - Flesh and Chrome (Chapter 9)
48 - Two Bloody Cheeks
49 - The Sleepwalking World (Aug Incident)
50 - The Inconvenient Aug (Chapter 17)
51 - The Inconvenient Aug (Chapter 12)

TALOS RUCKER - Get these before you leave the room or lose your chance.

52 - The Inconvenient Aug (Chapter 2) - You have to win the debate with Rucker before he gives you access a hidden area where this is hiding. (Turn Tables, Patronize, Justify, Turn Tables.)
53 - Talos Rucker: An Autobiography - Don't leave Rucker's apartment before you get this.


**After several missions, you'll have to make a choice: ALLISON or BANK. Choose BANK first. (You may make a save and choose ALLISON for some achievements, since choosing the Heist will keep you from earning these, but make sure that in your "true" run, you choose BANK at this point. These will not be available until you complete a few story missions.**

Palisades Bank (5) - The other four may be earned as early as Prague One. The 5th MUST be earned during "The Heist."
54 - Bob Page - Anatomy of a Prodigy
55 - Jus in Bello (Part 3)
56 - Palisade: Clients & Services
57 - Palisade: Property & Data Protection
58 - AJ09-0921 Patient X - ONLY available during "The Heist."

CHURCH OF THE MACHINEGOD - Go here directly after "The Heist." (You can wait, but why?)
59 - The singularity
60 - Global Politics Review (2029 Edition - South America)
61 - The Sleepwalking World (Tectonic Weapons)

**Make sure you work on "The Harvester" quest when it appears. It didn't show up until Prague Two for me, but it may be in Prague One. This quest is necessary for several books.**

62 - A., I - Only Second Prague visit - You have to go to this location during "The Harvester," in a suspect's apartment

[63 was moved to Prague One.]

*G.A.R.M.* - You cannot get these after you leave G.A.R.M.

64 - Billion Dollar Daydreams (Part 3) - Hanger 1
65 - City as product (Chapter 4) - Hanger 1
66 - Jus in Bello (Part 4) - Hanger 2

*PRAGUE THREE* - You cannot get these after you leave Prague for the third time

67 - In the footsteps of the Harvester - This is only found if you finished "The Harvester" and are in "The Last Harvest." It's in Daria's Apartment.
68 - Tai Yong Medical Report - You will go to this location during "The Last Harvest" *IF* you have completed "The Harvester." Make sure to be thorough in your investigation, and then this book is found upstairs in a safe in the apartment.


69 - Collapse of an industry L.I.M.B. - This is in an apartment in the Red Light District. Either do a charged Icarus Jump to the balcony, or climb onto the arch, roof and jump to the balcony. Go inside.

70 - Borderline Magazine - Dvali Apartments, Level 3, Apt 95
71 - The next three decades (Russia) - From the last, go left to Apt 94.

72 - World's Most Wanted (The Dvali Family, 2nd version) - In the Theater, in Radich's Office.


73 - Travos: Mission Statement & Company Bio
74 - Port in a storm (Part 5)
75 - Santeau - Rise of a Corpo-Nation (Future Vision) - During the mission when you choose to help Brown
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