The Harvester achievement in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided™

The Harvester

You convinced Detective Montag that neither Gunn nor Radko could be the murderer.

The Harvester0
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How to unlock the The Harvester achievement

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    During the side mission where you investigate the murder of Angela Gunn, you will have the opportunity to gather evidence and interview two suspects. The suspects are Johnny Gunn and Radko. Johnny is automatically a suspect, but to get Radko to show up as a suspect you must talk to an NPC named Scandalmonger near Angela Gunn's body. After you have collected the evidence and interviewed both suspects, you will be required to decide who to pin the murder on. You must choose to exonerate both suspects to unlock the achievement. Blaming either Johnny or Radko will forfeit the achievement.

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    Fa1con87I never got 2 suspects only Gunn? there was no other evidence that points to a Radko
    Posted by Fa1con87 on 23 Aug 16 at 19:34
    RossaF1@Fa1con87 - I thought the same thing as I finished this mission and didn't see any mention of a "Radko". But I went back to an autosave right before I completed the side mission and found out there is a guy you can talk to who points you to Radko.

    Look for a guy near the dead body called "Scandalmonger" and talk to him (he's on the other side of some police tape); then talk to Montag again. Ask about the case > Suspects? > Radko Perry. You'll then get the chance to go talk to Radko.
    Posted by RossaF1 on 24 Aug 16 at 05:55
    Mercutio0305Thx @rossaf1 had the same problem
    Posted by Mercutio0305 on 28 Aug 16 at 12:33
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    This mission can only be started in your second prague visit. Go to your apartment complex and talk to a bystander and then to Dari. Sympathize with her and start the mission.

    Talk to detective Montag and find all 7 clues at the crime scene. Go back to Daria and ask her about everything.

    Take the Metro to Pilgrim's Station North and go to Johnny Gunn's apartment. Talk to him about the murder, Belltower and Angela. After that, pick up the Medical Form next to his bed.

    When you return to Montag at the crime scene, don't close the case, instead tell him about the evidence you found. This opens up two new objectives, that will lead to the truth.

    First take the Metro north again and visit the police station and search the lockers for Smolenski's Notes.

    Then, go to Radko and find out as much as you can. After that go downstairs examine the bear head and move on to the laptop. Message with Ivanka. Negotiate first and then Bluff. When you go back upstairs check the safe behind the picture to find another important piece of evidence.

    Now is the time to present your evidence. Exonerate both suspects and fire off all the gathered evidence you found.
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    Anima PuraI didn't get this on my first playthrough, so I had to check things out here. I lost valuable time by not talking to the NPC in the beginning.
    Please edit your solution to include the fact that you need to talk to Scandalmonger before doing anything else.
    Posted by Anima Pura on 10 Sep 16 at 14:47
    Zarbon001I almost had to go back a third time if I didn't read the comments. You should really edit your guide to include talking to Scandalmonger in your text solution.
    Posted by Zarbon001 on 25 Sep 16 at 02:53
    AbsolutioN IXThanks M33TSPINNER (quality name), almost missed the NPC as well.
    Posted by AbsolutioN IX on 26 Feb 17 at 04:26
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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Trophy/Achievement Guide - The Harvester

    During your second visit to Prague, make your way to the alley beside Adam Jensen's apartment to find what is now a crime scene. Start by talking to some of the onlookers to get some information about what is going on because we are about to go all L.A. Noire in this mission.
    Talk to a woman named Daria at the crime scene and she will give you a mission to find the killer. After talking to her talk to the case detective Montag. Let him know that you're helping with the case then activate your Smart Vision and search the crime scene for 7 pieces of evidence.

    - A Screwdriver is in the victim’s body
    - Marks are on the victim’s body
    - Bruises are also on the victim’s body
    - An EMP Fragment is in the street, several feet away from the body
    - There’s an ID Card on the ground near Daria
    - Broken Glasses are near a cop and an onlooker
    - An Augment is crushed into the wall, to the right of the body

    Now talk to Daria again and max out all her conversations then head off to find Johnny, the husband of the deceased. When reaching Johnny I found that always suspecting him worked the best as you will get some very vital information regarding his hands and proof that he wasn't the killer. Before you leave his apartment check his bed and grab the medical report then talk to him again then make your way back to montag.

    Upon returning to Montag give him all the evidence and max out all his diolouge but don't select Complete just yet. Instead follow both waypoints starting with the police station and break into a locker in the back right of the corner and take the copycat folder. Now go talk to Radko and max out his diolouge then walk down to his computer, inspecting the bear head and his computer and you will see through the messanger that he is being blackmailed.

    Now return to Montag and comeplete the investigation. When you can blame one of the victims you must Exonerate both of them. This is because neither of them did it and choosing this option will not only unlock an achievement/trophy but the second part to this quest on your third visit to the city.
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