Cult of Personality achievement in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided™

Cult of Personality

By uncovering the key to Richard's persuasive powers, you broke his control and freed his followers.

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How to unlock the Cult of Personality achievement

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    This achievement is missable if you do SM02: Cult of Personality - Achievement the quick way.

    Go into the Sewers near your Apartment and speak with Viznik and use Viznik Keycard at tge Keycard Reader. Inside you can't use any Augmentations or Weapons.

    The short (and missable way) to complete the Quest: Go up the Leader, hack the Door (or use a Multitool (you can craft them right away), kill Richard - Quest Done

    The long way: Find the Crumpled Poster in the right Corner on a engerybox. This gives you a new Quest Marker in čistá čtvr (this means clean neighborhood).

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    There find Liborio Baradoro in the Magic Shop "Negozi Di Magia", we will provide you with three Scambling Devices. Take the Metro back to Překážka and enter the Cult Area again.

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    Here you need to install the Scambling Devices near the Emitters in the 2nd Level. Since you can use any Augmentations you just the Barrel to block the View of the Gun turrets (why the fuck do they see you if you move the barrel?!) or you can hack the Level 5 Door, sneak pass Richard and use the Computer to deactivate the Gun turrets.

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    After you installed all Scambling Devices go back to the first Floor and use the Microphone and talk to Richard. In the Conversation use Pity then Mitigate to unlock this Achievement

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    Leon KowalskiOn PC, I killed Richard but the achievement did not pop. I presume you have to install the jammers, which is consistent with the achievement's description of "By uncovering the key to Richard's persuasive powers, you broke his control and freed his followers."
    Posted by Leon Kowalski on 17 Apr 17 at 21:57
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    This achievement requires you to complete the Cult of Personality side quest.

    To start this quest enter the nearest sewer entrance to Jensen's apartment, and take the route that leads through the part with the gas. Once through, head to the end to meet a guy called Viznik, who will give you the quest. Head in through to meet the godlike Richard, who will hypnotise you.

    Once you're done being hypnotised, pick up one of the posters around the room to get another quest marker up in the northern district. Head there, and speak to Richard's partner, who will give you some signal jammers. Head back to the hypnotising room.

    Once there, place the emitters on the upper floor, on the walls. Avoiding the second turret is difficult, but Hirsute Dave says that you can just jump onto the scaffolding opposite the ladder, avoiding the second turret entirely. Then you can place the emitters easily. The positions where you have to place the emitters are small circular objects on the walls.

    Once done, talk to Richard and convince him to pack up his little escapade, and the achievement will unlock.

    Tip for Foxiest - On the upper floor, head straight across from the ladder (avoiding the turret) to see a door with a level 5 lock. Hack it or use an autotool, and head to the end to meet Richard. Valdimier says that you can cloak right past him to the security terminal, hack it and deactivate the turrets, then sneak out of the room. This now allows you to place the emitters without any chance of being seen, and therefore ruining your Foxiest run.
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    ValdimierYou can also use your cloaking augmentation after the level 5 door. Get to Richards computer (no hacking needed) and disable the turrets. Use the cloaking again and leave the room. Now you can disable the emitter without problems.
    Posted by Valdimier on 24 Aug 16 at 13:14
    spikeylizardlike to point out its not a poster on the wall but the crumpled poster on the generator
    Posted by spikeylizard on 27 Aug 16 at 17:13
    Judge NerdIt wasn't clear to me in the solution that you've got to go to the platform in the middle of the lower level and use the microphone to talk to Richard. shock Finally figured it out, but. . .
    Posted by Judge Nerd on 29 Sep 16 at 02:57
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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Achievement/Trophy Guide - Cult Of Personality

    Starting from Adam's apartment building head out the door to the left of the church fanatics on the bottom level and climb down the manhole to find a guy named Viznik. After talking to him walk through the doors and you will find yourself hypnotised and will have a conversation with Richard, the cult's leader. After your conversation with Richard, turn around from the mic and go to the back left-hand side to find a piece of crumbled up paper which will give you a new objective so head to the train station.
    When you arrive in Palisade the magic shop will be around the corner from where you exit and you will talk to Liborio, Richards magic partner. He will give you jammers which will help you combat Richards hypnotic powers so head back to where the cult is.
    When you arrive at the cults building, there are three things you can do.

    - Firstly, you can plant the jammers by taking the ladder on the left-hand side of the room and planting the first one on the wall then climb down the ladder and jump on the scaffolding on the opposite side and plant the other two avoiding the middle turret.

    - Secondly, you can build a multitool, climb the ladder from the first part and unlock the level 5 security door. Use your cloaking ability and sneak past Richard and deactivate the turrets so you can quickly plant the jammers (This will require the turret hack augment).

    Both of the above options will have you facing Richard over the screen, and you must talk him down from controlling the people. The correct choices are Pity And Mitigate.

    - Lastly, you can use the multitool to like the second option and just kill Richard. This will have you trying to explain to the cult members what is going on.

    Here is a video guide for the first solution,
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