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All That Glitters . . . in The Incredible Hulk

All That Glitters . . .177 (50)

Win a gold medal in every mini-game.

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Achievement won on 12 Jun 08
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Posted on 06 January 09 at 17:11, Edited on 19 April 14 at 15:13
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You must hit the Gold-level goal for every minigame throughout the city. The most irritating are the checkpoint races, whac-a-mole, and lamp-post darts.

THANKS to xtremerocker from x360a for some of these details!

See Hulk Run p1 - Race through the checkpoints
GOLD: 1:30
A normal checkpoint race
See Hulk Run p2 - Race through the checkpoints
GOLD: 1:30
A normal checkpoint race
See Hulk Run p3 - Race through the checkpoints while locked in sprint mode
GOLD: 26 points -- TIME LIMIT: 1:10
This is better than is sounds. Don't get caught on the cars in gridlock and you'll be fine.
See Hulk Run p4 - Smash the targets to race through the checkpoints
GOLD: 2:10
My vote for 3rd most frustrating. You have to smash the targets before going through the jump ring. It's very easy to overshoot things, and Hulk's move recovery time is abysmal. Go through it once to get a feel for the course. Rush when you can and be careful on the last 2 rings. After passing through the 3rd-to-last ring, you can sprint to the edge and hit the targets, but one of them will stop you dead. turn the corner tightly and sprint to the last ring.
Whack-a-mole - Smash the targets
GOLD: 16 -- TIME LIMIT: 1:00
This is horrible. First off, move back a bit so the mace can land. grab it. you MUST perform an overhead smash with your mace to smash a target. The problem is he takes so long to swing, you'll run out of time before you get more than 13. The easiest way to do this is to line up PERFECTLY and QUICKLY so that you knock out 2 in a row. avoid ones that look like they've been out for a while. If you miss more than 1 target, restart.
Waka waka - Collect the checkpoints
GOLD: 150 -- TIME LIMIT: 1:30
VALUES: Y=10 B=5 R=2
Yet another frustrating one. There are no real strategies, but I went left and took the rooftops where there are a lot of yellow markers. My best score was 150 after about 45 minutes of failure.
12 Days of Destruction - Complete the objectives within the time limit.
GOLD: 5:00 remaining...for this, you have a checklist: (note - these are out of order)
12 Vehicles
11 Fire Hydrants
10 Food Vendors
9 Army Soldiers
8 Rooftop A/C units
7 Bus Stops
6 Trees
5 Water Towers
4 ASAC Units
3 Tanks
2 Army Choppers
1 Kyklops

Each task completed gives a 60 second bonus. I recommend sprinting on the sidewalk and jump-punching the water towers and A/C units.
Not-So-Friendly Fire - Defeat the long-range enemies
GOLD: 45 pts -- TIME LIMIT: 1:30
VALUES: The bigger they are, the more points they are worth.
Simply take down enough enemy forces (Soldiers, Tanks, Humvees, and APCs) To meet the goal within the time limit.
Bullseye - Throw the poles at the dartboard for points.
In 5 throws, you must chuck the respawning lamppost into the wall. Standard dart board rules apply (inner ring = 3x multiplier). Scoring 45 points or more with any throw nets a bonus toss. This is easily the 2nd most frustrating mini-game. To line yourself up, center the board in the middle of your screen and go back the the darkest line in the cement. Fine-tune your alignment and use the camera view to adjust the height. from this angle, I usually go with Hulk's head (full breath height) a bit below the bulls-eye. Add 1 fully-charged throw and adjust as needed.
All Fall Down- Defeat a fully-upgraded Kyklops
GOLD: 2:00
Watch its movements carefully! When it starts to attack, it will lower it's shield for half a second. Practice your timing for chucking a large car at it when he does this. When you hit him right, he'll go down. Unleash a combo before it and its shield get up.

Alternate strategy thanks to Krillgar and Pedle Zelnip from x360a:

"I was only able to beat the Kyklops with a different combo than was recommended in the guide. Using the technique provided I was able to take down the Kyklops in 2:07 over 5 times in a row, only taking 5 seconds to get the gauntlets. Trying without the gauntlets, I was able to take him down in 2:02. Both times, his health would go away around 1:40, but it would go through the animations of him getting up and falling down for another 25 seconds, taking me past the gold medal time.

So what I finally discovered is, using gauntlets, hit him with X, X, X as soon as he falls down. Then hit him with X, X, Y, Y to get a 2nd punch going back up and taking off another 1/8th of his health. You should be able to get off two of the second combos before he regains his sheilds. Doing that combo, you can kill him after he falls for the second time. He will still get up a third time, but falls back over dead around 1:47."

Shopping Spree- Take Betty on a $10,000 shopping spree. Don't let the Army get in her way.
VALUES: G -$3000 Y-$1,500 O-$800 R-$400
Pick up Betty and take her to a store. While she goes in, protect her from the army until she is done. Repeat this process until she spends $10,000.
Hulk the Cabbie
GOLD: 400 points
Red: +10 points, +10 seconds
Yellow: +20-30 points, + 20-15 seconds
Blue: +40-50 points, +25-30 seconds
Pick up the cab with its lights on and take it to its destination. Avoid reds because they just waste time. This was some Crazy Taxi mission! wink
Destruction in a Single Bound - Jump from rooftop to rooftop as they collapse
GOLD: 3000ft
Sounds simple because you probably do this all the time. But in this case, you can't climb a building wall if you over/undershoot. I suggest heading south east and jumping due south when you hit the top of Central Park.
Unfriendly Neighbor - Cause as much destruction as possible within the time limit
GOLD: 1:00 -- LIMIT: 2000 pts
A destruction game with a twist: only destruction in the designated and switching neighborhoods count. Use the jump-forward-punch technique.
Destroy as many vehicles as possible.
GOLD: 0:35 -- POINTS LIMIT: 25 cars
A good explosion in the middle of a group of cars will blow up a bunch in the immediate vicinity. You won't have enough time to build rage, so try running through a group until they blow up (the MUST be black husks to count). Throwing cars is also an option for kabooms.
Rage against the machines - Destroy as many tanks as possible
GOLD: 8 -- TIME LIMIT: 1:30
Obtain the 'Weaponize tank and Hostile vehicle use' upgrade before doing this one. Throw a car as hard as you can into one, or get one to low health and use that one to damage the next (by weaponization or tossing). Keep in mind a weak enemy vehicle, once picked up, is destroyed.
Air Raid - Defeat as many flying enemies as possible
GOLD: 45 -- TIME LIMIT: 1:30
Build up a good amount of rage while beating on the shmucks/tossing items at choppers and unleash a full rage thunderclap.
King of the Mountain - Stay on the rooftop for as long as possible
GOLD: 1:15
Just stay on there, be careful when you jump, as a normal forward jump will send you off the edge.just wail on enemies with punch and thunderclap combos and toss some Barbaria into the dropship. The fun part is when the Bi-Beast shows up.
Strongest One There Is - Defeat all the enemies
GOLD: 8:00 remaining
Sprint into the weaker soldiers and build up rage on the others. Reminder: picking up an enemy and chucking him into a vehicle or other enemy damages them both.
Hulk Smash! - Cause at least $50,000 in damage
GOLD: 1:00
Use the small-jump-forward-punch-parallel-to-the-wall technique and you can get over $200K.
Ashes to Ashes
GOLD: 1:30
Use the jump-forward-punch wall technique around the sides of the building. A building takes slightly more damage when a new wall is punched out.
Hulk Smash: Lights out
GOLD: $100,000 -- TIME LIMIT: 1:00
Do the wall technique again, and keep in mind that lights increase your multiplier (and they are raditz weak).
Hallelujah! - Defeat soldiers
GOLD: 40 -- TIME LIMIT: 1:00
Sprint into them and knock them aside. If you have trouble seeing one, pick some thing up, use target lock in the general direction and do a light toss (no need to waste time charging it).
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