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Open every chest in a Battle mini game arena in one round.

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Achievement Guide for Mine!

  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m3921,555
    30 Aug 2016 30 Aug 2016 09 Oct 2018
    146 8 18
    You can do this in a local match, (NOT AnYmore apparently) though a public one works as well. I personally did this on cove. Be sure to set the rounds to LONG to give yourself extra time. When in the pregame lobby (where you can move around), press START and vote for the cove map. Chances are it'll be one of the other two (or a map from the map packs) if you don't. I don't know whether open just means open. I moved at least one item around from each chest just to be sure.
    There's 13 chests in total on Cove.
    Now their locations:
    - 5 in the centre.
    -In these rooms there's 3. One is in the room in the top left. You'll have to jump from the room in the centre, onto the roof of the room in the far left. From here, you can jump to the chest. The 2nd chest is behind the room in the centre, against the rocks. There is also 1 chest in the water in the bottom right corner. (almost against the rocks)
    External image

    The chest in the water (bottom screen)
    External image

    -In this screenshot you can see 2 chests. One is just to the right of the small creek. One is roughly at the nose of the skull shaped rock. Go to their eye, and then you can get to their nose.
    External image

    -There's 1 chest inside the pirate ship, middle floor.

    -There's 1 chest behind a tree on top of a building (Bottom screen shows location as seen from spawn. Top screen shows location when on top of that building.
    External image

    -There's one chest in the building to the right of the skull shaped building. You can see the chest from the centre. There's ladders to take you up.
    External image

    For those who prefer a video guide, Skycaptin5 made a video guide for the cove map, also showing all 13 locations.

  • ScreensterScreenster328,618
    30 Aug 2016 30 Aug 2016
    41 0 1
    The other solution is very good, but for those who prefer video guides, I made one for this achievement. If you are having trouble finding some of the chests or finding out how to get to the chests, you may find this useful.

    You don't have to take anything from the chests.

  • SpiderrichardSpiderrichard142,998
    01 Sep 2016 02 Sep 2016 02 Sep 2016
    20 2 1
    You can get this achievement using a second controller. So Grab a second controller, load another profile and begin a split screen, offline game on the map COVE (Or play with a friend online invite only).

    There are 5 chests in the centre of the map and an additional 8 hidden elsewhere. All are covered in this video below.

  • KinectKid333KinectKid333435,501
    31 Aug 2016 31 Aug 2016
    12 2 0
    I made a video for all of the chests on the Cove map.

    This can be won in a local game with a second controller. Good luck! The battle match starts at 1:18 in the video.

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