100 mixed achievement in Top Spin 3

100 mixed

Play 50 matches in women's World Tour and 50 matches in men's World Tour.

100 mixed0
4 guidesOnline Game Mode - These achievements require a connection to live services, such as Xbox Live, for playing an online game mode, for sharing content, accessing leaderboards, or validating data with a server.Versus - These achievements can be obtained by two or more players in a face off gamemode who have met the achievement requirements.Cumulative + - These achievements are obtained by repeatedly performing the same action or set of actions over time.

How to unlock the 100 mixed achievement

  • FoerlFoerl591,932
    04 Dec 2011 04 Dec 2011 23 Jul 2012
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    if you have 2 boxes and 2 copies of the game:

    quitting out works. but only for the one who's not quitting (the winner).

    i just quit out of 50 matches on each side (with lvl 30 characters to match up easily + playing out the first point) and bamm, after 100 matches of quitting my main account got both achievements: 100 mixed + world career.

    if you don't get it after said matches try and complete a full match either on womens or mens tour and you should be good.

    thanks ginnorz for pointing out that BOTH accounts get the achievement. so if you're boosting this with a buddy this will be done even faster now.

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    Ginn0rzThanks for this solution Foerl. I went for this achievement with two xboxes and two copies of the game also. I only forfeited with my dummy account so my main one could get the wins. After 100 matches, BOTH accounts got the achievements. This happened today, so it's worth others bearing this in mind if they don't have two xboxes and can work on this with a partner.
    Posted by Ginn0rz on 22 Jul 12 at 21:36
    Foerlsweet! just didn't see it pop on my "boosting" account... but since it says "play" instead of win, this should be alright! :D thanks man, i'll update the solution!
    Posted by Foerl on 23 Jul 12 at 11:46
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  • Van UdenVan Uden708,050
    19 Jul 2008 24 Apr 2009
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    World Tour = ranked matches, you need to play 50 matches as a female player and 50 matches as a male player. The matches have to be completed, quiting out will give you a loss, but the match won't count towards your played matches
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    fronkdegronkAnd pray there is not an xbox live update or your stats will reset.
    Posted by fronkdegronk on 18 Jul 10 at 01:45
    Van Udenrofl
    Posted by Van Uden on 18 Jul 10 at 01:51
  • Chunkeh MunkehChunkeh Munkeh2,404,044
    07 Nov 2011 06 Nov 2011
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    This is only a solution for the crappy updates that wipe your progress.

    I recently replaced my 2 xboxes with new ones in the middle of going for this achievement so I didnt bother to transfer my player data for the online achievements, however, my wife did.

    I thought of an idea which was to log in with a silver account (or gold if you want) to trigger the update. Let the game update then sign out and sign in with your main account.

    I can confirm this method works as my wife has her record, so you can carry on from where you left off regardless of any updates due to your cache wiping or whatever
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    Ginn0rzYou are a genius! Why the hell did I not think of that. +1 from me.
    Posted by Ginn0rz on 17 Nov 11 at 10:31
    FandangalHoly shit if this works i'll name my firstborn after you!
    Posted by Fandangal on 03 Nov 12 at 23:32
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