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  • GalaxiaGuyGalaxiaGuy403,865
    13 Sep 2016 29 Sep 2016
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    There is a repeatable daily quest that awards a series of datachips corresponding to bits of the story that lead up to the events of Star Trek Online.

    For Federation (and Federation allied Romulan) characters it is acquired from Commander Viala at Starfleet Academy and is called "History 101: Alpha Quadrant from 2380". For Klingon (and Klingon allied Romulan) characters it is a available from Ch'toh at the Klingon Academy and is called "Learning the Lore of the Empire".

    It is available every day and each time you complete it you get one datachip at random. You must use the datachip from your inventory* to "discover" the related piece of lore. There are 165 required for the achievement and it can drop duplicates.

    A complete list is here:

    You can attempt each day with each of your characters* and you can trade with other players (including using the exchange).

    * Make sure to use the datachips on the same character as it (probably) is not tracked account wide.

    As mentioned by Flezza, this achievement is tracked in game as a series of accolades. From the in game menu (press cn_start), go to Missions > Mission Journal > Accolades > In Progress and then scroll down to Lore Accolades to see them.

    Updated to include the correct quest name after comment from Lonesquiff.
  • CasperWeaselCasperWeasel146,856
    14 Sep 2016
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    The path to 2409 answers and questions
    This is a complete list of the questions and answers for the Star Trek online event the path to 2409. This list is current as of Stardate 89805.12. I will do my best to keep it updated. In the meantime, you might be interested in the article I wrote about the event for the path to 2409. That article describes how to obtain extra data chips for fun and profit. If you are interested in the 2409 lore it is in the wiki. Enjoy this complete list of the path to 2409 answers.
    Volume 1
    Chapter 1 – Who was the first praetor after Shinzon’s death? Tal’aura
    Chapter 2 – Which ship was retrofitted in late 2379? U.S.S. Enterprise-E
    Chapter 3 – Who led the Andak project on Cardassia Prime? Keiko O’Brien
    Volume 2
    Chapter 1 – Who led the Romulan forces fighting the Remans? Tomalak
    Chapter 2 – Who was the first empress of the imperial Romulan state? Donatra
    Chapter 3 – With which planet did the Romulans in the unification movement want to reconnect? Vulcan
    Chapter 4 – Who did the Cardassian government turn over for prosecution? No one
    Chapter 5 – On Stardate 58839.03, construction on a Starfleet ship begain in San Francisco. What ship was it? U.S.S. Stargazer-A
    Volume 3
    Chapter 1 – What was in short supply on the Romulan homeworld? Food
    Chapter 2 – Which family rejected Tal’aura’s reorganization of the Romulan Senate? The line of Tellus
    Chapter 3 – Which planet did the Klingons take from the Romulans? Khitomer
    Chapter 4 – Who did the Klingons fight when they conquered Khitomer? The Romulans
    Chapter 5 – Who argued against aid for the Unification movement on Romulus? T’Los of Vulcan
    Chapter 6 – What did the Doctor sue to keep from Starfleet? Mobile emitter
    Chapter 7 – How many Cardassians disappeared from Cardassia Prime in 2382? 472
    Volume 4
    Chapter 1 – Why did violence break out in the Romulan capital? Food Rationing
    Chapter 2 – Who defected to join the Imperial Romulan State? Admiral Taris
    Chapter 3 – Which religious group became popular on Cardassia Prime? The Oralians
    Chapter 4 – Who did Martok defeat in a duel of honor? Councilor Qolka
    Chapter 5 – Which group began work to develop a mobile emitter? Soong Foundation
    Volume 5
    Chapter 1 – Who was Tal’aura’s new proconsul? Sela
    Chapter 2 – Who went to Romulus to speak for the Imperial Romulan State? Admiral Taris
    Chapter 3 – How did Tal’aura die? Assassinated as she slept
    Chapter 4 – Who attacked the I.K.S. Quv? A Gorn ship
    Chapter 5 – Where did Odo and Laas meet? Koralis III
    Chapter 6 – Which organization was trying to restore B-4? Soong Foundation
    Volume 6
    Chapter 1 – Where did Jean-Luc Picard go during his final mission as captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise-E? Khitomer
    Chapter 2 – Which ship was Beverly Crusher given when she was promoted to captain? U.S.S. Pasteur
    Chapter 3 – Which former Enterprise-E officer helped unlock the Data Matrix? Geordi La Forge
    Chapter 4 – Which organization did Seven of Nine join? Daystrom Institute
    Chapter 5 – Who was the leader of the Tal Shiar? Rehaek
    Chapter 6 – Who lost the campaign for Praetor after Tal’aura’s death? Sela
    Chapter 7 – Who did Donatra ally with after Tal’aura’s death? The Remans
    Volume 7
    Chapter 1 – Which planet was overmined according to the Romulan Mining Guild? Remus
    Chapter 2 – To which planet did the Remans relocate? Crateris
    Chapter 3 – Whom did Rehaek blame for the assassination of Praetor Tal’aura? The Nobles
    Chapter 4 – Who convinced the praetor to commute Sela’s death sentence? Donatra
    Chapter 5 – What position was Data given when he returned to Starfleet? Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise-E
    Chapter 6 – Who conquered Gila IV? The Klingon Empire
    Chapter 7 – How much did a protest permit cost on Ferenginar? One bar of gold-pressed latinum
    Chapter 8 – Who was the First of the Alpha Jem’Hadar? Lamat’Ukan
    Volume 8
    Chapter 1 – Who designed the Jellyfish? Geordi La Forge
    Chapter 2 – Who killed Raimus? Hassan the undying
    Chapter 3 – What proposal by the Grand Nagus was rejected in 2387? Ferrengi alliance with the federation
    Chapter 4 – Which planet did the Jem’Hadar occupy? Devros II
    Chapter 5 – Which group first detected radiation fluctuations in the Hobus star? Romulan Mining Guild
    Chapter 6 – Who did Donatra order to return to Romulus? Admiral Taris
    Chapter 7 – How long did the Romulan military report it would take to evacuate the home world? Six weeks
    Chapter 8 – Who did Martok appoint to be a commander of the Klingon fleet? Worf
    Chapter 9 – Which ship was lost in the Hobus system with the Jellyfish? Narada
    Volume 9
    Chapter 1 – Which world was the first to claim the title of capital of the Romulan star empire? Rator III
    Chapter 2 – Which faction refused to send aid to the Romulans? Klingon empire
    Chapter 3 – Who led the faction of the High Council that blamed the Federation for the loss of the fleet? J’mpok
    Chapter 4 – What is the name of Worf’s second son? K’Dhan
    Chapter 5 – How many planets withdrew their ambassadors to Vulcan? 19
    Volume 10
    Chapter 1 – How many Romulans attempted to take over as emperor in 2389? 5
    Chapter 2 – Which faction allied with the Gorn? Nausicaans
    Chapter 3 – What was the name of B’Vat’s son? K’das
    Chapter 4 – Where did Gul Madred build a mining operation? Septimus system
    Chapter 5 – Who was the Federation Council representative from Vulcan? T’Los
    Chapter 6 – What happened to expand the Doctor’s lawsuit? It became a class-action suit covering all sentient artificial lifeforms in the Federation
    Volume 11
    Chapter 1 – Which group wanted protection from Nausicaan raiders? Federation transport union
    Chapter 2 – How many recommendations did the Klingon defense force have to improve their status? Three
    Chapter 3 – Which Romulan colony requested federation protection? Talvath
    Chapter 4 – Who did the crew of the U.S.S. Pasteur work with to develop a treatment for Yarmin Fel syndrome? Cardassian ministry of science
    Chapter 5 – Which group sought to block the class-action lawsuit dealing with the rights of artificial lifeforms? Holonovel publishers and programmers
    Chapter 6 – Which ship explored the McAllister C-5 nebula? U.S.S. Enterprise-E
    Chapter 7 – Who met with the leaders of the Federation transport union? Nan Bacco
    Volume 12
    Chapter 1 – Who met with leaders of the Federation transport union? Federation president Nan Bacco
    Chapter 2 – What was the name of the Klingon who planted the explosive at the peace conference? J’dah
    Chapter 3 – Who did the Gorn talk to about an alliance? The Letheans
    Chapter 4 – Who led the Klingon invasion into the Zeta Pictoris system? J’mpok
    Chapter 5 – Where did Sela and her followers settle? Makar
    Chapter 6 – Who agreed to finance the reconstruction of the Cardassan industrial complex? Grand Nagus Rom
    Chapter 7 – What did the Soong foundation want to add to the Federation constitution? Rights for artificial lifeforms
    Chapter 8 – Which ship was successful with and extremely diverse crew? U.S.S. Titan
    Volume 13
    Chapter 1 – Who won the election for federation president? Aennik Okeg
    Chapter 2 – Where were the 2392 peace talks held? Cestus III
    Chapter 3 – Which great house was supporting J’mpok in 2392? The house of Torg
    Chapter 4 – Who did Gul Madred start exporting ore to? Romulans
    Chapter 5 – What was the name of the Romulan capital? Rihan
    Volume 14
    Chapter 1 – Who did J’mpok ban from the great hall? Ambassador Worf
    Chapter 2 – What is the name of the group that guards the Klingon chancellor? Yan-Isleth
    Chapter 3 – Who was the arbiter of succession? B’vat
    Chapter 4 – Which worlds joined the Federation in 2393? Bajor and Tama Prime
    Chapter 5 – Which ship met with a being claiming to be from the Metron Consortium? U.S.S. Stargazer-A
    Chapter 6 – Which group did Gul Madred hire to protect his mines? Alpha Jem’Hadar
    Chapter 7 – Who did Taris clash with over the role of the military? General Tebok
    Volume 15
    Chapter 1 – In what system does the house of J’mpok own property? Pheben
    Chapter 2 – On which planet did Melani D’ian settle? Ter’jas Mor
    Chapter 3 – What happened to crime rates after Melani D’ian took control of the Orion syndicate? Increased significantly
    Chapter 4 – What was the new name for the Romulan capital city being constructed on Rator III? Nova Roma
    Chapter 5 – Which photonic lifeform was declared sentient by the Federation supreme court? The Doctor
    Chapter 6 – What was the name of Alexander Rozhenko’s son? D’Vak
    Volume 16
    Chapter 1 – Where was the U.S.S. Kelso when it was destroyed? Devron Sector
    Chapter 2 – How many members of Starfleet security where court-martialed after the destruction of the U.S.S. Kelso? Six
    Chapter 3 – What rank was the Doctor’s Starfleet commission? Lieutenant Commander
    Chapter 4 – What races rebuilt the monastery at P’Jem? Vulcan, Human, and Andorian
    Chapter 5 – Where was Ja’rod when he was ambushed? Rha’darus
    Volume 17
    Chapter 1 – Who developed a treatment for Bloodfire? Beverly Crusher
    Chapter 2 – How many warships were missing from Cardassia Prime? At least 75
    Chapter 3 – Who was the leader of the Klingon defense force’s seventh fleet? D’ald
    Chapter 4 – Which house did captain Klor owe fealty to? House of Martok
    Chapter 5 – Who were trading ships and weapons for Sela’s decalithium? Dopterians
    Chapter 6 – Who was the captain of the U.S.S. Cochrane? T’Vix
    Volume 18
    Chapter 1 – Which ship was Geordi la Forge given command of when he was promoted to captain? U.S.S. Challenger
    Chapter 2 – Who restored the house of Duras to legitimacy? J’mpok
    Chapter 3 – Who moved to the former Orion homeworld in 2397? Hassan the Undying
    Chapter 4 – What did general Tebok refuse to do in 2397? Fire on civilians on Kevatras
    Volume 19
    Chapter 1 – Which beings did the Federation council exclude form the dual citizenship program? Artificial lifeforms
    Chapter 2 – Rhea was the first person granted dual citizenship in the Federation. Where else did she hold citizenship? Ferenginar
    Chapter 3 – What bloc helped Aennik Okeg win a second term as Federation President? New voters with dual citizenship
    Chapter 4 – Which ship was Naomi Wildman assigned to? U.S.S. Hathaway
    Chapter 5 – What kind of explosive was used in the attack on the peace conference in 2398? Ultritium resin
    Chapter 6 – Who took command of the Romulan second fleet? General Velal
    Volume 20
    Chapter 1 – Who inspired many Ferengi to apply to Starfleet academy? Nog
    Chapter 2 – Which technology formed the basis of Starfleet’s transwarp network? Borg
    Chapter 3 – What did Tebok’s crew think was causing the malfunctions on the Alth’Indor? Computer virus
    Chapter 4 – What did J’mpok call the Undine? qa’meH quv
    Chapter 5 – Who condemned the Klingon invasion of the Gorn hegemony? Federation council
    Chapter 6 – Who was allowed to stay in the first city after Federation citizens were asked to leave? Worf
    Volume 21
    Chapter 1 – What did the Federation do after the outbreak of war between the Klingons and the Gorn? Reinforced borders and outposts
    Chapter 2 – In 2400, what did the Federation council declare to be illegal? Gorn-Klingon war
    Chapter 3 – where was Harry Kim assigned in 2400? Starbase 11
    Chapter 4 – Who was investigating the destruction of the I.R.W. Alth’Indor? Sela
    Volume 22
    Chapter 1 – Where did Sela and general Velal meet in 2401? Zeta Voltantis
    Chapter 2 – Who was elected to lead the Cardassian union in 2401? Natima Lang
    Chapter 3 – Who was revealed to be an Undine in 2401? Councilor Konjah
    Chapter 4 – In 2401, which ship attempted to aid the Gorn? U.S.S. Lindberg
    Chapter 5 – Who resigned his post after the Federation council refused to change their position on the Gorn-Klingon war? Worf
    Chapter 6 – Who was named head of Starfleet corps of engineers in 2401? Miles O’Brien
    Volume 23
    Chapter 1 – Who blockaded the Gorn homeworld in 2402? Klingons and Orions
    Chapter 2 – In 2402, Klingons attacked a Starfleet vessel during cadet Miral Paris’s senior cruise. Which ship did they attack? U.S.S. Pike
    Chapter 3 – To which race may the Lorians be related? Xindi
    Chapter 4 – To where did Jean-Luc Picard retire? France
    Chapter 5 – Who was the leader of the True Way in 2402? Gul Madred
    Chapter 6 – Who arrived to support general Velal after he rebelled against praetor Taris? Sela
    Volume 24
    Chapter 1 – What did the Klingons destory to allow them to land on the Gorn Homeworld? Planetary power relay
    Chapter 2 – Which general was in charge of the Klingon force that invaded the Gorn homeworld? General Klag
    Chapter 3 – Why did the Klingons execute the Gorn prime minister and head of military intelligence? They were Undine in disguise
    Chapter 4 – Who did J’mpok give a non-voting seat on the High Council in 2403? Slathis
    Chapter 5 – What is the name of emperor Kahless’s ship? I.K.S. Batlh
    Chapter 6 – Who captured praetor Taris after the revolt in 2403? No one
    Chapter 7 – Who was named leader of the Romulan fleet after the revolt in 2403? General Velal
    Volume 25
    Chapter 1 – What did Starfleet open more of in 2404? Transwarp hubs
    Chapter 2 – What did the Soong foundation want Starfleet to disclose in 2404? Location and condition of all holograms
    Chapter 3 – How long did J’mpok give the Federation to remove its citizens from the Hromi cluster? Three months
    Chapter 4 – Where did Sela open a memorial in 2404? Remains of the Romulan homeworld
    Volume 26
    Chapter 1 – What was the first Federation system attacked by the Klingons in 2405? Korvat
    Chapter 2 – What ship was damaged defending Korvat? U.S.S. Montgomery Scott
    Chapter 3 – Who signed a non-agression pact with the Klingon Empire in 2405? The Nausicaans
    Chapter 4 – What did the Ferengi agree to share with the Federation in 2405? Technology and information
    Chapter 5 – Who was elected Federation president in 2405? Aennik Okeg
    Chapter 6 – What planet did the Gorn attack in 2405? Sherman’s planet
    Volume 27
    Chapter 1 – The Klingons attempted to conquer the Archanis Sector once before 2408. In which year did that happen? 2372
    Chapter 2 – In 2406, the Federation developed power cells that allowed for the creation of personal shields. Where were the power cells developed? Memory Alpha
    Chapter 3 – What did the Carnegie colony provide for the Federation? Factories and replicator facilities
    Chapter 4 – Who was the head of Starfleet intelligence in 2406? Chakotay
    Volume 28
    Chapter 1 – Who rejected the idea of a Federation-Klingon cease fire in 2407? Chancellor J’mpok
    Chapter 2 – In 2407, which species was struck by the virus that devastated the Carnegie colony? Phylosians
    Chapter 3 – What were the Romulans searching for in 2407? Sword of S’task
    Chapter 4 – Who sought an alliance with the Klingon Empire in 2407? Letheans
    Volume 29
    Chapter 1 – Who is the mayor of Pike city in 2408? Jae Aaron
    Chapter 2 – Who became the Romulan praetor after Sela was crowned empress? No one
    Chapter 3 – What did Sela do at her coronation? Took a blood oath to uphold the empire
    Chapter 4 – Where did Starfleet send the U.S.S. Enterprise-E in 2408? Starbase 236
  • TheDude722TheDude722474,310
    08 Dec 2016 07 Nov 2016 08 Dec 2016
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    I've noticed my individual chip accolades were registering immediately, but the volume accolades were not until I left the area or logged out and came back in. When the next area loaded, that's when my volume accolade showed up. Remember this when you want your final chip to pop your achievement.

    If you're playing several different characters, you can mail your datachips to one character, to make it easier to make the best progress. I am playing a Federation and a Klingon Empire character. Instead of doing this with 2 separate accolade lists, I mail chips from my Klingon to my Fed so he could add to his bigger accolade head start. It works.

    Any Klingon Empire character has to be at least level 10 (Lt Commander) to receive datachips from the library computer. Federation characters can be level 4 or higher to get datachips from the library computer. (thanks Galren) Also, Romulan Republic characters can join in the 2409 collecting after they choose an affiliation after the From the Ashes story arc.

    Press cn_A at a mail station, then press cn_RB to get to the Compose Mail tab.
    Highlight the "To:" box and press cn_A.
    Type a @-symbol then your gamertag. Press cn_start to submit.
    --- @{gamertag} --- (example: @thedude722)
    Highlight the "Subject:" box and press cn_A. Type anything and press cn_start to submit.
    Highlight the small inventory slot under the large 'body' box of the email. Press cn_A.
    Highlight the datachip you wish to mail to your other character and press cn_A.
    Press cn_X to Send the mail.

    Your receiving character must be at a Mail station to receive the attached goods. Go to your Inbox and highlight the mail with your goods. Press cn_Y to secure the item into your inventory. Use the datachip from your inventory and boom. Accolade.

    Only use the datachips you need. Sell the rest on the Exchange so you can afford to buy gear or any missing datachips when you get a near-full collection.
  • farmnoobfarmnoob261,775
    28 Nov 2016
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    All the solutions posted below are correct, but they are missing the fast method. At the exchange if you search for "Datachip" under the "All" subsection you will be presented with a list of all datachips needed for the various achievements. You can then buy any chip you need to compete your list. They can be expensive so I recommend checking daily to see which are available cheap.

    This method relies almost entirely on credits. The best way to make quick credits are anomalies within missions. By completing the wave match puzzle, resources will be awarded in 3-5 (usually) increments. I have found that all resource types obtained through this manor can be sold for 10k credits each. Also look at other objects in your inventory that could have worth and search for them on the exchange. The more credits you make the better. I have seen some guides that let Klingon characters make around 600k credits/hour, but I have not tried it as I am playing as the Federation.

    Finally, dont forget to get your free datachip by completing the History 101/102 quests daily. Even if you dont get the chip you need, you can sell it to someone else who needs it.
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