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Secret Achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Secret Achievement101 (30)

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Mild Gonolini
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Mild Gonolini
Achievement won on 12 Nov 16
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Posted on 14 November 16 at 21:09
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*Note, this is an exact copy of my "A better tomorrow guide" because the steps for them are identical, they unlock at the same time. This is the main Easter egg for the Zombies map “Revelations”, it is in my opinion second hardest of black ops 3, behind Gorod Krovi, so if you got through that map, this one shouldn't be too bad.

Do not underestimate it, however, this is still very challenging, before I start on how to do it, there's some stuff you should know.

-I'm assuming you are very familiar with the map layout including the names of each area of the map (Kino is the theatre, Nacht is where Juggernog is etc.)
-I'm also assuming you know how to do all the generator type things and unlock pack- a- punch, it's quite easy, but if you're not sure look up a guide.
- I won't include how to build the shield because it is not required for the Easter egg, but it is very useful and I highly suggest you figure out how to build it.
-The lil Arnies can be upgraded and this can be very beneficial for you in the boss fights, this is not required however and I got through just fine without it, even so it's quite easy to upgrade so look up a guide if you're interested
- I unfortunately can't confirm this, but there are some people who say the host of the game must have done all previous Easter eggs in black ops 3 to complete this one, I have also seen reports saying this isn't true, I personally didn't want to risk it so I hosted the game having done all previous Easter eggs.

This Easter egg can be done with any number of people, although I find 3 to be the magic number. 1 and 2 is not enough and its very easy for you both to down at the same time, and with 4 the boss fights are made far more challenging, so I suggest 3 people in the game. There are no prerequisites for this Easter egg, and no required gobblegum. However, I personally wouldn't hesitate to use some mega gobblegums especially for the boss fights. After taste is great to bring into the boss fights as if you down and get revived you keep your perks, no matter how many times you down, and losing Jugg in the boss fights it's pretty dangerous.

So with your crew all set and your gobblegums ready start a private match on Revelations.

Step 1: Tombstones

This step is very easy and can be done the second you spawn in. Looking left from where you spawned in floating on a distant island is 2 tombstones. As well, if you buy the left door you'll see 2 more floating on a separate island in front of you. Numbering these tombstones 1-4 going from left to right you must shoot them in the order: 2,3,1,4. You can use any weapon, I recommend your starting pistol. A thunder sound will be hear signalling this is complete.

Step 2: Keeper ritual

For this step it is required you have built the keeper summoning altar thing.

Building the keeper summoning altar thing:

There are 3 pieces around the map you must collect.
-The first one will spawn in either mob of the dead or origins and looks like a flag, it's pretty easy to spot, just look around. I've seen in on the top of the dig site in origins and in the cafeteria in MOTD right to your right as you walk in, it could spawn in other places in those areas I believe though.
-The second piece looks like a skull and is in Verukt. I've seen it on a chair to the left right as you land there from MOTD and at the top of the stairs to the right in a chair when facing the portal outside.
- the third piece is in either Kino or Der eisendrache. It looks like large pink crystal. I've seen it in the bottom room with the 4 statues in DE and right beside the pyramid.

Once all three pieces are collected you must find a summoning altar. Every island has one except the spawn island. Their locations are:
- At the back left of the theatre in Kino.
-Near where Speed Cola WAS for Verukt (meaning World at war verrukt) (top floor).
-In the area the robot would have stomped down in origins, opposite the area with double tap.

Go up to any one of these and hold x to craft the thing. Now you can go to any one of these and for the low low price of 5000 points call in a keeper to help you out. It should be noted that you do not need to put in all 5000 at once. Say if one player goes up to it and holds x with 3000 points, they will lose all their points, but the cost will now only be 2000 points.

Now, for this step, you are looking for a small rock that is visible on one of the launch pads around the map. It will always be at the back of the launch pad and looks like a triangle, it is quite small and hard to see, but you will know when you see it. You need to find whichever launch pad has this rock on it. It is here your keeper will need to perform his ritual. To set that up:

You must call in the keeper from an island that is not the one the rock is on. You now must take the appropriate launch pad so you land on the launch pad with the rock. At this point the launch pad will be red, and you temporarily won't be able to launch. During this time, you must stand on the triangular rock at the back of the launch pad. The keeeper will then start doing a ritual, which lasts about three minutes (you can get off the rock now).

While doing the ritual all zombies on the map will ignore players and try and attack the keeper, who you must defend. Since this ritual takes such a long time, it's very easy to go through 3 or 4 rounds just on this step, which you want to avoid. What I did is, had one player holding zombies on one end of the map, since it was an early round they were both walking. The other players then started the ritual on the opposite end of the map. Since the zombies were both walking they didn't even reach the keeper before the ritual was finished.

Now once the ritual finishes the keeper drops an audio tape which you can grab. You must take it to nacht and place it in an audio player which is on the top floor, there's some story here if you care, but otherwise you can move to the next step.

Step 3: Arnie the holes

For this step at least one player will need to have obtained lil arnies from the box (basically monkey bombs) now with them, you must head into the giant apothicon (where PAP is). Inside this guy there are a total of nine little breathing hole things around the perimeter. They're fairly obvious and gross. Now basically you need to throw an arnie into all 9 of these holes. It is important you keep track of which holes you had arnied all ready, because you don't want to do the same one twice.

You only have 3 arnies so throw these 3 into the first 3 holes. Once all 3 have been thrown a number of margwas will spawn inside the apothicon with you, so some decent weaponry is recommended to deal with them. Each one will drop a powerup so hopefully one is a max ammo. If not, you will need to play until either another player gets arnies or you get a max ammo. Then just rinse and repeat for the next 3 holes, causing 3 more margwas to spawn in, and same thing for the last 3. Once all nine holes have been thoroughly arnied, another audio reel will spawn, this one in the middle of the apothicon, top level. Grab it and play it on the player in Kino, across from the teleporter.

Step 4: Building a body

This step is fairly straight forward but can be a bit annoying. To start you will need an upgraded Apothicon servant.

Upgrading the Apothicon servant

The Apothicon servant can be obtained from the box but upgrading it is a bit of a challenge. It's quite frustrating because essentially you are required to hit 5 incredibly small little pieces of floating debris outside the map which are very far away from you using the Apothicon servant. I'll give you the general area of where they can be found, but you will likely need to watch a video because they are incredibly small and there's already a bunch of debris floating around.
- In shangri- la, looking straight up when in the middle of the stairs.
-Nacht, top floor looking out the window.
- Verukt: when facing the portal outside look at your 1 o'clock and up.
-In the same area as the last one look right more and up more. This one is apparently visible from origins, but I can't for the life of me see it, even so here it is barely visible. It's so far away the projectile leaves your render distance before it hits, so you can even see if you hit or not until it disappears.
-Also in verukt, stand in front of the launch pad taking you to MOTD and look straight up.

This is incredibly frustrating as the iron sights on the gun are very imprecise, so you will likely miss multiple shots. If you hit it a portal will form and the debris will be sucked into it.

Once all 5 pieces are shot you can pac- a- punch the Apothicon servant using the PAP machine for 5000 points just as normal.

For the step, you will also need any other pac-a-punched gun (preferably automatic and with range)

Now there are 6 locations around the map you must shoot with this normal upgraded gun. They don't stand out at all and are usually just specific sections of the wall (I have no idea how people found this out) once they are shot, a small bone will float out of the area (this can often be near impossible to see). Once this happens you must shoot the general area with the upgraded Apothicon to suck the bone piece away, there is a small audio que when you do this right. The 6 locations are:

-In shangri- la, above the stamin- up machine there's a kind of blue rock sticking out at the top of the wall, this one is fairly obvious.

- In spawn, if you head over to where you do the corruption generator and look left you'll see a church with a bunch of debris floating in front of it. This one is near impossible to see. On the wall of the church above some candles is a kind of yellow strip of light, shoot this.

-In nacht if you're on the top floor and facing the giant Apothicon, there will be a ramp leading down behind and to your right. Overhanging this ramp the ceiling is broken and you need to shoot a brick in this broken ceiling, just kind of shoot everyone until the thing pops out.

-In verukt, if looking at the portal, to the right there is a water fall outside the map. There's a rock overhanging the bottom of this water fall, around the tip of this large rock is where you must shoot.

- In origins if you go to where the robot would normally step and look outside the map you'll see a small fire right in front of you, about 5 feet away. There's a series of pointy rocks here as well, and a few smaller rocks placed in front of these, one of these rocks is what you must shoot.

-This one is quite annoying to hit. It is in der eisendrache and requires the 0 gravity be activated. Once activated in the top right corner of the room (when facing the portal) there is a spot in the wall you can jump over and begin a cool wall run track outside the map, if you make it to the end you can get a free perk, don't worry if you fall off the map, you'll just be teleported to safety. Now start this wall running and on the third wall you need to shoot a specific brick in the bottom right corner while mid air. It looks no different from the rest of the bricks so just spray with your upgraded gun in the general area. You will see it floating if you do get it. What's nice is the Apothicon servant can suck up the bone from the map, without needing to wall run, you should see it floating.

Once all 6 bones are collected, head to nacht and go upstairs. On the floor will be a skeleton comprised of all the bones you just retrieved, you must shoot this again with the upgraded Apothicon servant and it will form a dead body. Which you also must shoot with the Apothicon. Once this is done another audio record will drop which must be played in origins at the top of the dig site.

Step 5: Giving ghost Sophia a metal body

This is fairly straightforward. If you head to Nacht after the last audio tape finishes there will be a large robot head (Sophia) floating in the centre of the ceiling on the top floor. You need to get her out of her ghost form or something...

Anyway, at each of the corruption engines there is a corruption turret available for purchase once the corruption engine has been completed. You need to activate this turret on any of the spots and turn it around 180 degrees so you are facing the portal, then if you look to the left you will see a slightly different rock floating in the sky. It is blue in colour and has a distinct shape. If you shoot this floating rock, you will be ejected from the turret but it will continue shooting.

You must do this for all 4 turrets, the rocks are fairly easy to spot and all look the same. each one is located around your 10 o'clock when facing the portal. Each turret costs 2000 points to activate, so it will be 8000 points total. It does not need to be the same person activating each one.

Once you have used all 4 turrets, head back over to Nacht, and you will see that the rocks were actually deflecting the lasers onto ghost Sophia. Hold x on her and she will form a physical body and start moving. Follow her and she will lead you to Kino der toten, where she will land on top of the teleporter.

Step 6: Samantha's room

Once Sophia has perched on top of the teleported in kino, it can now be used to teleport. All players in the game must enter the teleported and hold x, to teleport (there is no prompt to do so however).

You will end up in Samantha's room in the Dr. Monty House overlooking the map. All you need to do while here is grab this book sitting on her bed by holding x. Wait a few seconds and you will automatically teleport back.

When you return, go to the podium on the Kino stage and hold x, which will deposit the book you just grabbed onto the podium, causing it to shoot a light toward the projector room (go check it out up there it's kind of cool, but not needed just yet)

Step 7: Egg incubation.

This step is not difficult, but incredibly annoying. Basically, once the book has been placed, 4 Apothicon eggs will spawn somewhere in the map. They are easy enough to see but relatively small (about the size of an ostrich egg) they also are noticeably orange in colour. Unlike collectibles on past Easter eggs, where there at most maybe 3 or 4 spawns, there's upwards of 20-25 spawns for these 4 eggs, so it's quite annoying trying to find them. Here are the places I personally found them (but there are many more)

-Bottom of the shangri- la stairs in some fire on the ground.
- In spawn, heading towards the shangri- la jump pad look right when going down the small stairs.
-In spawn inside a wooden barrel by the gobblegum machine
-In verrukt, on the ground on the right side when moving going across the exterior area to the corruption engine.
-In verrukt, between the two zetzubo green tank things on the top floor.
-In Kino, from the projection room head out the right side (when facing the stage) and continue towards the stage. It's sitting by some theatre seats overhanging you just as you reach the bottom.
- In der eisendrache, heading down the walkway to Kino, inside a bucket beside the wunderfizz machine

Again, this is just me and my groups locations, it's entirely possible non of your eggs spawn here, but just keep your eyes peeled and you will find all 4.

Now, once you have all 4 eggs (note each player can only have egg in their inventory at a time) you must bring them into the Apothicon. In the very center, there's a green liquid pool, and around it are 4 weird... things, they're hard to describe but fairly obvious. Holding x on one with an egg will make you put the egg inside of it (it's kind of disgusting) once it is in there, you personally must get 10 zombie kills (only zombie kills, spiders/ parasites don't count) near the incubating egg (meaning if your teammates get kills near your egg, it won't count). This must be done with all 4 eggs placed into the 4 different chamber... things. Once 10 kills have been obtained, a gateworm will be “born” where you placed your egg, grab it with x.

Now, using this gateworm, you want to search the entire map, checking every corner. You are listening for a very noticeable “ding” noise, which begins slow but gets faster the closer you get to it. It is quite clear what this noise is when you hear it, and the locations are random, ensure you are very thorough with your searching. When you find the location (where the dinging is the fastest) hold x to place the gate worm there. Wait a few seconds, and a symbol will appear for you to grab with x. This entire process (finding the egg, incubating it, and finding the dings to get a symbol) must be done with 4 separate eggs. You can only be working on one at a time, so it's best if everyone does an egg from start to finish.

Once you have done this 4 times and gotten four symbol (you can check by pressing the score button: cn_back and looking in the bottom right corner, making sure there are 4 symbols there). You can move onto the next step.

Step 8: Boss fight the first

So, needless to say, this is a boss fight, not the final boss fight but a kind of preliminary one. You won't be fighting a boss, but instead a number of margwas in dangerous and changing terrain. One player will already have an upgraded Apothicon servant, which is very useful for the fight, as well as an upgraded thunder gun, both of which will quickly kill margwas. Lil arnies are also very beneficial as they can allow you to easily revive downed team mates. So make sure you are geared up and perked up appropriately for the fight, it's not super difficult but shouldn't be taken lightly.

To begin the boss fight all players must head into the projector room in Kino and stand on the purple symbol on the floor, automatically teleporting them.

When you enter the area, the boss fight doesn't immediately begin, there's a small puzzle to solve first. Head to the opposite end of the room and you'll see the book you got from sam's room sitting there. Hold x on it and it will begin flipping trough pages. During this, zombies and furies and stuff (not margwas yet) will spawn, so it's best if one person focuses on the book and the others cover him. The book is going to flip to a page containing a picture of one of the symbols in the bottom right hand corner of the screen when you check your score. It does this 4 times for each symbol, and you need to remember the order the symbols came in. I found it easiest to just number the symbols 1,2,3,4 in order from the ones on the score screen, so instead of remembering the symbol itself you just remember its number. Once all 4 numbers have been shown, head black up to where you spawned in and you'll see a floating purple symbol cycling through symbols every 4 or 5 seconds, zombies are still spawning, so make sure the other players cover. You want to wait until the first symbol shown to you in the book is displayed, and hold x on it, if done correctly the symbol will appear in front of you in gold and the purple symbol will continue cycling. You must do this 4 times for the symbols in the correct order. Be careful because it will try and trick you, it can show you symbols very similar to ones you're looking for except certain parts are flipped, so be cautious. If you do accidentally select an incorrect symbol, your team will be teleported back to the map, and you must finish the round before teleporting back to try again.

Once all 4 symbols are selected, the boss fight begins. There are 4 stages to it, and in each stage the objective is just kill all the margwas, so it's best to not shoot zombies unless you need to, as they don't stop spawning. For each stage, the map changes to one of four things:

-The walls keep shifting, this is the worst one as you can get screwed over by an unlucky movement and get trapped.
- Certain parts of the arena become fire, which is obviously painful to you, stay to sides of the map and you'll be fine.
-Low gravity is activated (like what happens in der eisendrache), but there are areas of light which are safe and the rest of the map will slowly hurt you if you walk on it. You take damage very slowly and even so, just keep jumping and you'll be fine.
-The pillars around the center of the map glow purple and move slowly, they damage you if you touch them.

So again, once a new wave begins, kill all the margwas to move on, you are granted one max ammo at the front of the room so use it sparingly. Once the last margwa of the last wave is killed, the enemies will all die. In the center of the room is the summoning key, which someone must grab with x to teleport back.

Step 9: Throwing the Summoning key

If you've ever played the multiplayer game mode “uplink” the summoning key acts a lot like the uplink ball. The person holding it can't use any other weapons, but mêle with it is an insta- kill on zombies, as well you can throw it with cn_RT to teammates or anything. If you throw it off the map don't worry it will teleport back to you.

This step is quite easy, you just need to throw the summoning key at a number of different objects around the map. If you hit the object successfully, there is a very obvious blast of white light and child's toy will float where you threw it. The locations are:
-In mob of the dead, on the catwalk with your back to the portal, there's a faint poster on the cell wall of one of the cells.
- In origins, head to the top of the dig site, and stop at the top of the ramp going down to buried. Looking out you'll see a gravestone about 20 feet away.
- In verrukt, head outside, on the left side outside the map there's a mounted machine gun atop a fountain.
- In Kino, head to the middle of the area and look straight up at the chandelier, you're aiming for a radio in the chandelier which is very hard to see, just aim a bit in front of the chandelier and you should get it.
-In der eisendrache, head to the portal and turn around. Up and to the left there is a large clock, it can be hard to see but move around the area for a better look, throw it at the clock.
-In shangri- la, while on the stairs facing the entrance to der eisendrache, look left, on top of a large wooden holder there's this silver sphere type thing (it's from the shangri- la Easter egg)
-In Nacht on the bottom floor look out the window to the right of the spawn portal, there's a red barrel obscured slightly to the right.

You can do these in any order, and when the last one is hit the summoning key will disappear. This means you're ready for the final boss fight.

Step 10: Boss fight take 2

This boss fight plays almost identically to the boss fight from shadows of evil. So if you're familiar with that, this shouldn't be too hard. Even so, this is a fairly easy boss battle all and all, it can be over very quickly if you work together. The thunder gun and Apothicon servant are necessary, as they are very good at clearing out large volumes of zombies/ margwas. Other than that, LMGs are very useful for the actual boss (the shadowman) as well, I found shotguns to be pretty good for him if you are close enough (all upgraded of course). And lil arnies are almost a necessity, because the shadow man only open up for attack briefly, and you can't be distracted with zombies while you are shooting him. For gobblegum, I found aftertaste to a be a lifesaver (you keep your perks if you down and get revived).

To start the boss fight all players must head to the kino teleporters and hold x.

All types of enemies will spawn consistently, so be careful and keep moving. As well, the map will morph into the different ones found in the first battle at random. The shadow man has a shield to start with, so you can't take him down until that is taken down. To do that, head to any one of the 4 glowing green pedestals around the map and hold x. This will place the summing key there and you must get kills (they can be anywhere in the room) to power it up. Once it is Powered up, one player grab it and throw it at the ghost Sophia sitting in the middle of the room. This will cause her to fire her laser at the shadowman, taking away his shield. As soon as this happens get lil arnies out because you have to quickly shoot the shadowman. Once he takes a certain amount of damage he teleports, and then again, and again, he keeps teleporting every time he takes enough damage. Unlike in shadows where he teleported randomly throughout the room, he will stay mostly in the same general area. Keep firing on him until he teleports right inside the giant Apothicon behind him's mouth. As soon as this happens, one player needs to be ready to hold x on the Sam's room book where it was when you did the margwa fight. If you do so properly a laser will fire out of the book and you win!

If you are not quick enough to damage the shadowman, he will regenerate his shield, and you must place the summing key again and charge it.

Once he is killed a series of cutscenes will play followed by the two achievements. As well you will get 1 million xp if you had done all the previous Easter eggs in black ops 3, which is enough to almost reach a prestige from level 1, and a pretty cool calling card. The game ends once the Easter egg is complete (this is unfortunately unavoidable)

All and all I didn't find this Easter egg to be that difficult, it's pretty hard to explain through text the locations of a number of very small things around the map you need to shoot, so you may want to look up a video.

If you have any further questions about this feel free to leave it in the comments or just message me directly. Good luck!

This was the video guide I personally used. I take 0 credit for the guide, all credit goes to MrRoflWaffles on youtube.

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