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Trials of Gnomus

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Trials of Gnomus

Boss Battle Boss achievement in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

Boss Battle Boss

Enter the Mystery Portal and Defeat a Boss Hunt on Craaazy Difficulty

Boss Battle Boss+1.5
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How to unlock the Boss Battle Boss achievement

  • smakzillaasmakzillaa745,694
    01 Oct 2016 29 Sep 2016 27 Jan 2017
    66 4 56
    WARNING: In order to unlock Hard & Craaazy achievements for Boss
    Hunt, you must complete the difficulty that comes before it for each individual Boss Hunt to even play on Hard or Craaazy

    To get this achievement you must complete the Mystery Portal game mode Boss Hunt on Craaazy difficulty. Unfortunately the game mode is not always available to be played. To see when the next game mode for the Mystery Portal, keep an eye on http://www.pvzgw2.com/events-calendar to see when it opens again.

    You will want to group up with liked minded individuals that you can communicate with for the higher difficulties, doing it with randoms is only really feasible on Normal difficulty but can still be a challenge. To group up for this game mode, you must party up in the Backyard Battleground, you cannot do it in the game mode otherwise you will be paired up with randoms.

    Plant Team Strategy

    Your Team setup should include at least 2 Sunflowers, the rest depends on the players.
    Characters to avoid using are:
    -All Chompers: As a Chomper you have no long range capabilities (except Yeti Chomper but I'd still say avoid it) and with being up close you will take enormous amounts of damage, especially on higher difficulties.
    -Most Cactus characters should be avoided because when the boss has appeared you must be very mobile. Future Cactus and Bandit Cactus if you are very good with them
    -Single-shot characters (excluding Peashooters): Unless you are very good with them, it is best to go for their full auto version to not get overwhelmed by the smaller enemies.
    -Party variants should be avoided unless you are very skilled with and have upgrades that make them better. Too weak statistically on their own.

    Character Suggestions:
    -Vampire: Using this variant and with having the Elite rank level 5's Vampiric upgrade you will be practically immortal as long as you keep firing at the boss. Using this variant you could swap in Dark Flower instead of Heal Flower to have another mini-fighter helping along
    Stuffy: Every time you kill an enemy they will drop health for you or a teammate to pick up. Fire very fast, has 40 clip and surprisingly accurate.
    Fire/Power: Fire provides Damage over time while Power helps killing smaller enemies

    Fire/Toxic: Provides excellent damage over time
    Ice: Able to freeze enemies and slow the boss down a bit
    Commando: Full auto firing can be very helpful

    All Other Plants you can use any variant, but the elemental variants will be a lot more useful in the long run.

    Sasquatch Boss Hunt
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Yeti King (Ran from January 26, 2017 - January 29, 2017)
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Zombie Team Strategy

    Your team should consist of at least two Scientists, the two other characters are dependent on what they are best with.

    Characters to avoid:
    -Zoologist - has way too short of range to be useful
    -Chemist - While very powerful, also has too short of range to be useful or becomes to risky.
    -Pirates - same thing as Cactus since they are part sniper or need to be close with their Scattershot
    -Tank Commander & Scuba Soldier- unless you have the reload upgrades, it will fire too slow to be useful
    -Roadie Z - Need to be close up to be useful
    -Party Variants should be passed over unless they are fairly leveled and have quite a few upgrades

    Characters best to go for:
    - Fire and Toxic variants will be helpful for damage over time for the best and some aoe depending on the variant.
    -Electric variants are good for taking out groups of minions
    -Ice Variants will freeze minions and slow down the boss.

    Scientist tip: It's best to have the heal ball instead of the sticky explodey ball in this mode.

    Spooky Squash Boss Hunt (ran fromOct 27 2016 - Oct 30 2016)
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    The Brothers Gnomus (ran from November 24 2016 - November 27 2016)
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    I will update this solution if there are any changes to this mode.
    If you give a negative, please comment with feedback, thank you.

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    SkeetieXAny boss hunts planned for 2020 anyone know?
    Posted by SkeetieX on 17 Jan 20 at 20:09
    PlanesWalker 97right now, they don't even have events anymore. this scares me.
    Posted by PlanesWalker 97 on 23 Jan 20 at 23:25
    EarthboundXYeah Planes is right, go to the calendar link, there's not even a calendar shown there anymore.

    Looks like EA might be getting ready to shut more of the game down, or already have.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 24 Jan 20 at 07:16
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  • Darth BarthusDarth Barthus519,657
    01 Oct 2016 01 Oct 2016 01 Oct 2016
    11 7 1
    Here are some tips for how we just got this. We found that the legacy characters are much more effective than the new ones. Two toxic peas and two flowers. After the rage wipe, where you gather around the garden, as soon as that is finished all four run to the opposite side of the map, you need to thin out the zombies or you will die. Work your way back to the middle. The chili bean bomb is excellent for clearing groups of zombies who are chasing you. Plant heal potted plants in your central area in every pot stay in the central area as much as you can. If you die during the burgers stage, respawn as you do not have time to heal. Also during the burgers stage send two teams one right one left pea and flower. Work together have patience. Good luck!!!
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    Mr McMuffenNice, got it first try
    Posted by Mr McMuffen on 01 Oct 16 at 16:11
  • SiksmaSiksma89,208
    01 Jul 2017 24 Jun 2018 24 Jun 2018
    3 3 2
    So to get this achievement you need to complete boss hunt on craaazy difficulty.

    You need to do normal and hard first. (or have an friend with the craaazy bait)

    So the easiest one is the gnomus brothers. (Wich is the one i have done it on)

    Do this with friends. I did it with randoms and i won. But you need much luck. (One even left midway and we still won)

    The best characters for this are:
    2x toxic brains (could be swapped out for electro brains or even normal super brains)
    2x astronauts (or other scientists with enough range and damage.)

    How to do this:
    Place the craazy bait.
    If anybody gets hit by an special bomb gnome they go to the rome area to the statue.
    Survive until the boss comes.
    Scientist and brains stick together and the 2 groups go the other side. Shoot down gnomes on the way.
    Shoot on the blocks until the color of the gnome is there (if the gnome is blue you shoot the block until the colour is blue etc.)
    Do this until all blocks are the same colour of the gnome.
    Then you need to shoot down the gnome, if the timer ends the gnome changes to another gnome and anybody who is cursed wil die. If he dies you need to banish him. An super brains needs to do this. When he is banished another gnome comes.
    Repeat this another 3 times.

    Scientist tip: when all teammates are dead just teleport around the map, it worked for me. Don't bother to revive.

    When you complete this you get the achievement and an hat.
    Good luck! smile
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    iTz CRUSHERI dont have the astronaut. Who is a good second scientist?
    Posted by iTz CRUSHER on 23 Aug 18 at 14:41
    SiksmaArchaeologist is an good choise, sorry for the late reaction, but hope it helps
    Posted by Siksma on 27 Sep 18 at 14:04
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