Zombie Genocider achievement in Dead Rising

Zombie Genocider

Defeat at least 53,594 zombies.

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How to unlock the Zombie Genocider achievement

  • CatapultNinjaXCatapultNinjaX74,492
    14 Sep 2016 13 Sep 2016
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    Great solution by Xv iLeGenDzZ vX toast

    I used a slightly different method. There are 3 cars in the maintenance tunnels that you can use to maximize zombie deaths for this achievement. Here's my method:

    (1) definitely grab some OJ and the horror 2 book as mentioned by Xv iLeGenDzZ vX
    (2) head to the maintenance tunnel entrance which is accessed by going through the park
    (3) get in the red convertible and enter the tunnels
    (4) take an immediate right, then a left, then a right, then a left which will put you at the white car
    (5) get in the white car and follow the attached map: right, left, right, left again which puts you at the white van
    (6) get in the white van and drive the loop
    (7) head up the ramp and get in the red convertible again

    I averaged about 1200 kills per loop with this method and managed to have lots of fun despite the repetition. Your zombie mileage may vary clap

    Helpful map here: http://imgur.com/sYZ93R2

    I marked the maintenance tunnel key on the map as well ... if you want to save during your run at this achievement make sure you get the key then head up the stairs by the white car to put you back in Paradise Plaza right by the bathrooms for a quick save. When you re-load ... head down the stairs and start with the white car.

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    GTAmissions1Used the method outlined with the visual aid provided and I achieved the required amount of kills with 31 hours to spare. Now working on the 24 hours spent indoors right now.

    Positive up vote from me.
    Posted by GTAmissions1 on 16 Sep 16 at 05:44
    Pedle ZelnipPersonally I found that the truck would break down before getting back to the off ramp more often than not. I ended up doing a modified route where once I got the truck, I'd head straight to the off ramp and found that worked better. Ended up finishing with just under 40 hours to spare.
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 19 Apr 17 at 20:15
    Broon43Great guide and tips here. +1.
    My advice would be to definitely make a quick save every four or five laps once you get to the white car. Paradise Plaza is right there, just take the stairs up (after nabbing the maintenance key) and hit the bathroom right by the exit. I made sure to save every 5k - 6k kills just in case of a power outage or the console crashing.
    Also, there are always some wasps you can grab where the van is, which will help you grab a good 50-100 kills right outside the meat processing plant.
    Thanks again.
    Posted by Broon43 on 22 Jul 20 at 21:24
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  • YhannosYhannos643,323
    13 Sep 2016 13 Sep 2016
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    Zombie Genocider requires you to kill 53,594 zombies in one playthrough of the game. You are going to need around 3 hours to complete it.

    To start the achievement start a fresh playthrough, and once you set foot in Paradise Plaza go to Bachman's Bookporium on the ground floor and pick up the Horror 2 book, which boosts PP from zombie kills by 25%. Then grab some Orange Juice from Colombian Roastmasters upstairs just in case you need to heal while obtaining the achievement.

    Now head to the western side of Leisure Park, and look for a little alley to a parking lot (look on the map for a car symbol). In this parking lot you'll find a motorcycle and a red car. Here is where the method begins.

    Drive the red car into the Maintenance Tunnels, go left and follow all the way to the end, killing as many zombies as possible. Try to hit propane tanks to maximise kills as well. Once you hit the dead end you will see a large group of zombies, so drive through them, then reverse into them, and repeat until the car breaks. Then get into the white truck and drive it back out to the parking lot, and repeat the process again. You should get 500-600 kills per trip.

    Every 1,000 kills you will get 25,000 PP as well, which will level you up fast. I hit Level 30 during my attempt, starting from Level 1. Make sure to save frequently during this as well, as the Xbox has a habit of crashing.

    Once you have the achievement, remember to get an ending to unlock one of the best weapons in the game, the Real Mega Buster. You should have a day left to play once you have the achievement (I had around 30 hours), so use the remaining time to get some other achievements, such as Gourmet, Clothes Horse and Karate Champ.
  • Strategy OneStrategy One669,610
    15 Sep 2016 14 Sep 2016 14 Sep 2016
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    To add to any of these solutions, when you are heading towards the white car make sure to take a right where the maintenence area is just to spawn 300-400 zombies. If you back up and hit the canisters that blow up you will net the kills in about 5-10 seconds and doing my runs I was getting 1300 kills per 3-car cycle...... In 4 minutes laugh

    Lastly, remember to save. My game crashed just past 25k kills.
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