Frank the Pimp achievement in Dead Rising

Frank the Pimp

Simultaneously escort 8 female survivors.

Frank the Pimp+0.1
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How to unlock the Frank the Pimp achievement

  • CatapultNinjaXCatapultNinjaX74,490
    25 Sep 2016 25 Sep 2016
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    *** start a new game in 72-hour mode and kill all survivors you encounter - this is important ... don't forget to kill Cliff's 3 captives in the room next to Crislip's. if you don't kill them all, Nick and Sally won't spawn at the appropriate time on Day 2 which means you won't be able to get the achievement ***

    as has already been noted, this YouTube video is great:

    Day 2 @ 11:00am in Leisure Park

    - be in Leisure Park waiting on Otis to call re: the Restaurant Man scoop
    - take the call and head into Paradise Plaza; kill Ronald [RESTAURANT MAN] in Jill's Sandwiches
    - use a queen to save Pamela in Paradise Plaza
    - After Pamela starts following you, talk to Heather in the toy store and give her a weapon
    - Escort Heather and Pamela to the bathroom where the Wonderland Plaza shortcut is
    - Wait here until noon when you receive the "Above the Law" scoop
    - Continue waiting until 1:00pm in the Paradise Plaza bathrooms with Heather and Pamela
    - At 1:05pm take the shortcut through to Wonderland Plaza
    - Give Heather and Pamela a waypoint in the bathroom right away
    - Go kill Nick and save Sally who are hanging from the bunny in Wonderland Plaza
    - Escort Sally back to the bathroom waypoint by holding her hand (this is easiest)
    - Go kill Jo the cop
    - Right after killing Jo, leave the 4 captive women tied up and go quickly down to the bathroom to reset the waypoint for Heather, Pamela, and Sally
    - Head back up to where Jo was, untie the 4 women there and escort them to the bathrooms - you have to nudge them or hold their hands one at a time - it's annoying but don't press "Y" otherwise your waypoint will be reset which you don't want
    - When all 7 women are in the bathroom take the shortcut to Paradise Plaza
    - After the Sean/cult cut scene, quickly run back to reset the bathroom waypoint for the 7 women so they don't get mobbed
    - Head back and kill all of the cultists, then save Jennifer who is in the box
    - Achievement should unlock as soon as Jennifer joins you

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    Robster80I DID IT! I got the two in the Paradise Plaza first, then waited until Noon (and made 2 separate saves) before using the shortcut to the Wonderland Plaza, killed Jo, then got her prisoners and the other two girls back to the bathroom (after 3 retries), saved, then went back to the Paradise Plaza via the shortcut until 1pm, then went back and got Sally before I went back and saved Jennifer for the 2 achievements.
    Posted by Robster80 on 19 Aug 18 at 19:36
    Remu6Is it essential to kill Ronald?
    Posted by Remu6 on 25 Mar 20 at 03:58
    Due to a dispute I'm having with Trueachievements I am sadly revoking all of my guides. PM me on Xbox Live for a valid link.
    Posted on 17 Aug 20 at 18:22
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  • Strategy OneStrategy One669,558
    25 Sep 2016 14 Sep 2016 14 Sep 2016
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    Frank the Pimp

    I found a great video on Youtube for this achievement that will help you get this achievement. I recommend having the mega-man blaster which you must complete a game killing 53,594 zombies.

    Credit for the video goes to PJtheplayer

    If you haven't unlocked it yet you will also obtain this achievement as well:

    Dead RisingTour GuideThe Tour Guide achievement in Dead Rising worth 56 pointsEscort 8 survivors at once.
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    thurgood231No worries, just figured I'd see if anyone else had this problem. I should've just taken the other girls with me to the above the law scoop instead of leaving them in the bathroom.
    Posted by thurgood231 on 21 Sep 16 at 17:59
    Strategy OneWhen I had the 2 girls I left them in the bathroom and when I did the above the law they teleported or ran I guess to the bottom of the stairs lol
    Posted by Strategy One on 21 Sep 16 at 19:32
    GTAmissions1Here is my configuration:

    1. Waited outside for "Restaurant Man scoop" is called in
    2. Killed Ronald and then rescued Pamela and Heather
    3. Waited until 1 PM which is one hour after "Above The Law" scoop
    4. Rescued Sally and killed Nick (while escorting Heather and Pamela to Above The Law scoop)
    5. Killed Jo and rescued the four survivors (Keep all survivors together, DO NOT keep them in the bathroom or else it will cause confusion between two groups)
    6. Took all 7 survivors to Paradise Plaza (need to act quick to provide a waypoint marker because they will run out and get destroyed)
    7. Picked up Jennifer and achievements unlocked

    Some key takeaways:

    * All survivors prior to Restaurant Man MUST be killed because you cannot have more than 8 survivors at any one time
    * I did kill Kent when I was waiting (used the Mega Man blaster)
    * Recommend saving when waiting for 1 PM (hour after Above The Law scoop) in case a survivor does get killed (nearly had a close call, but very lucky that I saved her)
    * Ignore the case file because it will screw up Pamela and Heather spawn (spawns between 9 AM to 11 AM)
    Posted by GTAmissions1 on 27 Sep 16 at 03:52
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