Saint achievement in Dead Rising


Get at least 50 survivors out of the mall.

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How to unlock the Saint achievement

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    28 Sep 2016 28 Sep 2016
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    I've verified that this method works on the Xbox One re-mastered version if you're going for the Saint Achievement exclusively. This method aims for Ending B which means you're going to let Case 7-1 [THE LAST RESORT] lapse intentionally on Day 3 and then be at the Heliport at noon on Day 4, September 22nd.

    Using this method you must lead 48 survivors to the Security Room. Brad, Jessie, Isabella, and Otis all count as survivors for this achievement ... so, Ending B is your friend for this 72-hour mode play-through that is "Saint" focused because in Ending B all of these characters survive.

    This is what you want your Notebook to look like at the end:

    Here's what your Survivor Chart should look like:

    52 survivors safe; that's 48 plus Brad, Jessie, Isabella, and Otis. Barnaby is the only one that gets the shaft here but hey, he had it coming.

    I recommend being level 50 and having the Real Mega Buster unlocked as it saves valuable time in dealing with psychopaths.

    Day 1 - September 19th
    [SURVIVOR 1, 2]
    12:30pm: Save Jeff + Natalie on Rooftop - snap a picture of the vent that leads to the Security Room; save it for later, you need it for the gun shop survivors on Day 3

    1:00pm: Go help Brad in the Food Court; beat Carlito; follow Brad through Al Fresca Plaza to Entrance Plaza

    [SURVIVOR 3]
    1:30pm: Save Bill in Entrance Plaza upstairs @ In the Closet; give him a gun
    2:00pm: Talk to Kent in Paradise Plaza @ Columbian Roastmasters while headed back to Security Room w/ Bill; progress his storyline by taking pictures as required

    [SURVIVOR 4, 5, 6, 7]
    4:00pm: Go save Aaron, Burt, and Leah in Al Fresca Plaza
    6:00pm: Convicts spawn; save Sophie in Leisure Park
    7:30pm: take your 4 survivors to the Security Room; Aaron, Burt, Leah, and Sophie

    8:00pm: go kill Cletus in the gun shop, get any books you need, get a skateboard, grab some shotguns, have a good time, etc.

    9:00pm: Be in the Food Court to get the "Out of Control" scoop call
    10:00pm: Still be in the Food Court to get the "Japanese Tourists" scoop call

    [SURVIVOR 8, 9, 10]
    10:05pm: go to Wonderland Plaza; save Yuu and Shinji in the bookstore; beat Adam the clown; save Greg ... take the 3 of them back to Security Room via the shortcut Greg unlocks

    [SURVIVOR 11]
    11:00pm: go save David in North Plaza - he needs to be carried, so best to save him on his own

    1:00am: you have a little time to kill before 6am on Day 2, so it's a good idea to go get the Maintenance Tunnel key just in case you need it later; I like to use the tunnels to access Wonderland Plaza right after getting the meds for Brad on Day 2 ... it's a quick way to get to Ross and Tonya in Run Like the Wind on the 2nd floor; also, it's also a good idea to always carry 1 or 2 bottles of wine for healing you and/or survivors or for Floyd who needs a bottle on Day 3 because he sucks

    Day 2 - September 20th
    6:00am: rescue professor as part of Case 2-2; progress Case Files; get meds for Brad in North Plaza @ Seon's (Grocery Store)

    [SURVIVOR 12, 13]
    7:00am: Go get Tonya + Ross [THE LOVERS] in Wonderland Plaza; don't give Ross a gun! take them back to Security Room, give Jessie the meds for Brad

    [SURVIVOR 14, 15]
    9:00am: save Heather and Pamela in Paradise Plaza; use a queen to save Pamela

    [SURVIVOR 16]
    10:00am: quickly save Gordon [THE COWARD] in Al Fresca Plaza; hustle back with him in order to get the 11am call from Otis re: Ronald the Restaurant Man ... take this call in the Warehouse

    [SURVIVOR 17]
    11:15am: save Ronald in Paradise Plaza @ Jill's Sandwiches; head up to Columbian Roastmasters at noon to show Kent an Erotica photo to progress his storyline; listen to the "Above the Law" Otis call at noon to get the scoop

    [SURVIVOR 18]
    1:05pm: save Jennifer from the cultists in Paradise Plaza; you'll get a cutscene when you enter Paradise Plaza from the Warehouse if you enter after 1pm

    [SURVIVOR 19, 20, 21]
    2:00pm: go kill Cliff in Crislip's; save Josh, Barbara, and Rich in the storage room next to Crislip's and hurry back to the Warehouse ... you need to be back before 3pm

    3:00pm: progress Case 4-1 and 4-2; go beat Isabella on her motorcycle etc.
    5:00pm: take 2 Otis calls from Paradise Plaza ... he'll call about Floyd and The Snipers

    [SURVIVOR 22, 23]
    5:05pm: go kill the 3 Snipers; save Floyd in Ned's Knicknackery and pick-up Wayne in the cosmetics store ... take both of them back to the Security Room quickly

    [SURVIVOR 24, 25]
    6:00pm: receive a call from Otis in Paradise Plaza re: Jolie and Rachel in Entrance Plaza
    6:05pm: go save Jolie and Rachel in Entrance Plaza - take them back to Security Room
    7:00pm: receive call about Ronald's appetite; take him a snack when you save Jolie and Rachel

    [SURVIVOR 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31]
    8:00pm: take the bathroom shortcut to Wonderland Plaza; kill Jo the cop; leave her 4 captives tied up for a minute while you save Nick and Sally who are hanging from the pink bunny in Wonderland Plaza - queens are helpful here; untie the 4 women Jo had captive; escort all 6 back to the Security Room before midnight

    Day 3 - September 21st
    12:00am: take the Otis call about meeting Isabella and another call about Sean and his cultists at Colby's Movieland ... take these calls from the Warehouse

    [SURVIVOR 32]
    12:30am: save Kendell in North Plaza while you're headed to meet Isabella; escort Isabella and Kendell back to the Security Room safely

    [SURVIVOR 33, 34, 35, 36, 37]
    1:30am: kill Sean at Colby's; save Nathan, Ray, Beth, Michelle, and Cheryl in the movie theater - don't forget Cheryl who is locked in the closet
    3:00am: take the Otis call with your 5 survivors in the Warehouse
    3:15am: progress the Case Files, and drop off a bottle of wine to Floyd ... who sucks

    [SURVIVOR 38, 39, 40]
    4:00am: head over to the gun shop in North Plaza; save Brett, Jonathan, and Alyssa in the gun shop by showing them your picture of the vent/air-duct; take them back to the Security Room before 5am

    [SURVIVOR 41]
    5:00am: take the Long-haired punk call from Otis in the Warehouse; immediately go grab Gil in the Food Court on your way to Paul; make sure you go through Leisure Park for this - it's an important detail

    [SURVIVOR 42, 43, 44]
    7:00am: with Gil in tow, deal with Paul (save him by putting out the fire), and save Mindy + Debbie in the back room; take Gil, Paul, Mindy and Debbie back to the Security Room via the bathroom shortcut

    [SURVIVOR 45, 46]
    8:00am: take the Otis call re: A Sick Man (Leroy) from the Warehouse
    8:05am: go save Susan and Leroy in Wonderland Plaza

    [SURVIVOR 47]
    11:00am: let "The Last Resort" lapse for ending B ... don't worry about it :)
    11:50am: be waiting in Columbian Roastmasters to deal with Kent
    12:00pm: kill Kent and save Tad, his captive
    12:05pm: take the Otis call for Kendell's Betrayal; this might occur during the fight with Kent so ... be cautious
    12:30pm: take Tad to the Security Room and resolve Kindell's mutiny attempt; WARNING: after rescuing Tad, do not leave the Security Room without resolving Kindell's mutiny by talking with him - otherwise his mutiny succeeds and you lose a bunch of survivors, which means no achievement

    [SURVIVOR 48]
    1:00mpm: take the Otis call "A Woman in Despair" from the Warehouse
    1:05pm: go save Simone in Paradise Plaza @ the CD shop; go hang out at the Heliport until noon on Day 4
    5:00pm: Otis calls about Paul's Present ... go grab a molotov cocktail from him
    7:00pm: Otis calls re: Simone the Gunslinger ... take her a handgun
    8:00pm: Otis calls re: Cheryl's Request ... go take awesome erotica pictures of her
    8:30pm: Go to the Heliport and wait until noon the next day for Ed

    Day 4 - September 22nd

    12:00pm: be waiting at the Heliport for Ending B

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    magikman79I had the same thing happen with Jo's captives but it worked out to 50 survivors in the end
    Posted by magikman79 on 16 May 20 at 15:54
    Remu6I fucked up and I didn't give him Ronald the food, can I still do it?
    Posted by Remu6 on 22 Jun 20 at 02:07
    Catatonic NaliHere's a thing that some people might find useful. You can combine this quite easily with the Transmissionary achievement with just a little careful saving.

    Follow this Saint guide closely and make sure you trigger all the mentioned Otis calls. Cross reference with Catapult's Transmissionary guide if you feel the need.

    At about 10:45am on Day 3 make a fresh save.
    At 11am take the call from Otis saying that Isabella wants to see you.
    Go to the Security Room to continue with the case file. Head towards the maintenance tunnels. Isabella will call you saying to hurry. I'm not sure if the calls from Isabella are required for Transmissionary but better to be safe and accept them.
    At 12pm you'll get two calls from Otis giving you the scoops "Kindell's Betrayal" as long as you're not in the Security Room and "A Woman In Despair" as long as you're not in Paradise Plaza.
    Finish the case clearing all the bombs out of the tunnels. Isabella will call you again towards the end of the case.
    Head back to the Security room collecting Simone from Paradise Plaza along the way. You must do this for a later call from Otis.
    Drop SImone off and talk to Kindell to stop his mutiny.
    Hang around in the warehouse waiting for the last handful of calls.
    At 5pm Otis calls to tell you to come back and talk to Jessie.
    Immediately afterwards he calls again saying to talk to Paul.
    At 7pm he'll call telling you to come talk to Simone.
    At 8pm he'll call telling you to come talk to Cheryl.
    You don't have to go talk to any of these people if you don't want to, just taking the calls is good enough.
    After the 8pm call you should pop Transmissionary if you've received all the calls. At this point I reloaded my 10:45am save and continued with the Saint guide to get that achievement as well.
    Posted by Catatonic Nali on 23 Sep 20 at 21:34
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    This guide can help you get multiple achievements in one playthrough.

    Dead RisingTransmissionaryThe Transmissionary achievement in Dead Rising worth 75 pointsAnswer all calls from Otis.

    Dead RisingLife SaverThe Life Saver achievement in Dead Rising worth 39 pointsGet at least 20 survivors out of the mall.

    Dead RisingHumanistThe Humanist achievement in Dead Rising worth 36 pointsGet at least 10 survivors out of the mall.


    Credit: CarlottaMonroe

    Don't worry too much if you don't keep up with the times in the guide there is plenty of time in certain parts, this guy must have been an absolute beast to do it in these times.
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    Agnt WashintubI messed up posting the solution here, so permission granted or whatever.
    Posted by Agnt Washintub on 19 Sep 16 at 01:17
  • Eien RinneganEien Rinnegan898,729
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    If you want a visual guide you can follow my complete playthrough for both "Saint" and "Transmissionary" at the link below:

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