Transmissionary achievement in Dead Rising


Answer all calls from Otis.

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How to unlock the Transmissionary achievement

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    This achievement is tough can be tricky! Here's my documentation of the play-through that worked for me (on my second try). I've confirmed that this method works for the Xbox One re-mastered version.

    - level 50
    - real mega buster unlocked

    Keep in mind, you MUST save Paul, Simone, Kendall, Ronald, Floyd, and Cheryl as they all trigger additional Otis calls later (mutiny aversion, request, etc.) and you also must save some other people as well because the above noted survivors need to have some other people around them in their respective rooms within the Security Room e in order to trigger the Otis calls.

    You must complete ALL cases through Day 3 in order to get the achievement. Play the main story-line and don't miss out on any case files!!! Try to be in a relatively safe place in order to listen to the FULL duration of each call from Otis - he's so needy. There are 30 Otis calls in total.

    *** Otis will never call you if you're in the Security Room or on the Rooftop. If you're waiting for a call and need to be near the Security Room, I suggest the Warehouse. ***

    DAY 1: 19th
    12:30pm: talked to Otis, received Mall Map and Transceiver ... here we go

    - headed to rooftop, rescued Jeff and Natalie

    [OTIS CALL 1] 12:45pm - The first time you enter the Warehouse - "Warehouse Intro" transmission.

    - headed to Food Court to provide backup for Brad on Case 1-1
    - on the way picked up Engineering and Entertainment books from Bachman's Bookporium in Paradise Plaza

    [OTIS CALL 2] 1:50pm - right after starting Case 1-4 while in Entrance Plaza
    The first time you enter Entrance Plaza (After Case 1-3) - "Entrance Plaza Intro" transmission.

    [OTIS CALL 3] 2:00pm - while in Entrance Plaza on my way to get Bill at "In the Closet" - "Cut from the Same Cloth" scoop transmission, Otis told me about Kent in Paradise Plaza.

    - 2:30pm: go get Bill who is hiding upstairs at 'In The Closet' behind boxes; give him a gun
    [OTIS CALL 4] 3:00pm - when i entered the food court with Bill following me
    The first time you enter the Food Court - "Food Court Intro" transmission.

    - killed Kent at Columbian Roastmasters in Paradise Plaza

    [OTIS CALL 5] 4:00pm - after killing Kent in Paradise Plaza
    19th/4pm Anywhere but Al Fresca Plaza - "Barricade Pair" Scoop transmission.

    - took Bill back to security room
    - entered the office in the Security Room to complete Case 1-4

    [OTIS CALL 6] 5:00pm - while in Leisure Park faffing about
    19th/5pm Anywhere but Al Fresca Plaza - "A Mother's Lament" Scoop transmission.

    - headed to Al Fresca via Leisure Park and Food Court
    - killed Leah in the Jewelry Store
    - saved Burt and Aaron [Barricade Pair]
    - killed the convicts in Leisure Park and saved Sophie
    - returned Aaron, Burt and Sophie safely to the security room

    [OTIS CALL 7] 9:00pm - while in food court
    19th/9pm Anywhere but Wonderland Plaza - "Out of Control" scoop transmission.

    [OTIS CALL 8] 10:00pm - while in food court f'ing around still
    19th/10pm Anywhere but Wonderland Plaza - "Japanese Tourist" scoop transmission.

    [OTIS CALL 9] 10:05pm - upon first entry into Wonderland Plaza
    The first time you enter Wonderland Plaza - "Wonderland Plaza Intro" transmission.

    - straight-up murdered both Japanese dudes in the bookstore [JAPANESE TOURIST]
    - grabbed 'Criminal Biography' book for third and final mini-chainsaw multiplier
    - killed Adam the terrifying clown; grabbed mini-chainsaw and saved Greg; followed him to the shortcut back to Paradise Plaza through the bathrooms

    [OTIS CALL 10] 11:00pm - while following Greg to the shortcut
    19th/11pm Anywhere but North Plaza - "Shadows in North Plaza" scoop transmission.

    - took Greg to the security room because why not? :)
    - entered the Office and saw a cut scene where Brad throws a soda to Frank ... never seen that one before

    DAY 2: 20th
    [OTIS CALL 11] 12:15am - entered the North Plaza for the first time
    The first time you enter North Plaza - "North Plaza Intro" transmission.

    - killed David [SHADOWS IN THE NORTH PLAZA]
    - killed Cletus in the gun shop; picked up some shotguns for good measure; they're good for crowd control
    - headed to maintenance tunnels via Leisure Park and red convertible

    [OTIS CALL 12] 2:00am - first trip to maintenance tunnels
    First time you enter the Maintenance Tunnel - "Maintenance Tunnel Intro" transmission ... try to take this one from a car if you can - that way you won't be interrupted by zombies

    - had some time to kill, so went to get the maintenance tunnel key
    - went to get a fresh mini-chainsaw in Wonderland Plaza and took the shortcut to Paradise Plaza

    [OTIS CALL 13] 6:00am - while in the Warehouse waiting
    20th/6am *** DO NOT BE IN THE SECURITY OFFICE *** - Otis calls to tell you to talk to Jessie about Case 2-1

    [OTIS CALL 14] 6:20am - upon re-entering Warehouse after beginning Case 2-2, Otis calls to tell you the EP/PP gate is open

    - head to the Entrance Plaza to save the professor and smack Sniper Carlito down to complete Case 2-2

    [OTIS CALL 15] 7:00am - while in North Plaza on the way to supermarket
    20th/7am Anywhere but Wonderland Plaza - "The Lovers" scoop transmission

    [OTIS CALL 16] 7:20am - upon entering supermarket during Case 2-3 - "Supermarket Intro" transmission (Kill Steven for Case 2-3)

    [OTIS CALL 17] 8:00am - while in Wonderland Plaza
    20th/8am Anywhere but North Plaza - "The Hatchet Man" scoop transmission

    - stopped by to kill Ross & Tanya [THE LOVERS] in Wonderland Plaza on my way back with meds for Brad
    - took bathroom shortcut back to Paradise Plaza on way back to Security Room
    - took meds to Brad and completed Case 2-3

    [OTIS CALL 18] 9:00am - while in Paradise Plaza
    20th/9am Anywhere but Al Fresca Plaza - "The Coward" scoop transmission.

    - went to North Plaza and killed Cliff in Crislip's; rescued his 3 prisoners in storage room using the key he dropped
    - saved Josh, Barabara, & Rich along with Pamela & her sister Heather who were in Paradise Plaza on my way back ... use a queen to help Pamela - she's being mobbed by a ton of zombies

    [OTIS CALL 19] 11:00am - in Paradise Plaza
    20th/11am Anywhere but the Security Room or Rooftop - Otis calls to tell you the medicine is working and Jessie wants you to come see her

    [OTIS CALL 20] 11:15am - in Warehouse on my way back to Security Room
    20th/11am Anywhere but Paradise Plaza - "Restaurant Man"(Ronald) scoop transmission.

    - picked up Ronald in Paradise Plaza @ Jill's Sandwiches [RESTAURANT MAN] - took him back to the Security Room safely

    [OTIS CALL 21] 12:00pm - while escorting Ronald back to safety
    20th/Noon Anywhere but Wonderland Plaza - "Above the Law" scoop transmission.

    - killed Gordon in Al Fresca Plaza @ McHandy's Hardware [THE COWARD]
    - killed Jo the cop in Wonderland Plaza (second level), left her 4 captive women tied up for a minute
    - saved Nick & Sally who were hanging from the bunny near where Jo was (saved by throwing a hunk of meat at them to get them down, can also use queens if you've got them)
    - Untied Jo's 4 captives with Nick and Sally following me
    - Took all 6 survivors through the shortcut in Wonderland Plaza back to Paradise Plaza
    - saved Jennifer from the clutches of the cult dudes
    - headed to Warehouse to wait for Otis' 3pm call with 7 survivors following me

    [OTIS CALL 22] 3:00pm - in the Warehouse
    20th/3pm Anywhere but the Security Room - Otis calls and says he sees Isabella on the monitors.

    - took all 7 of my survivors back to the Security Room (3:30)
    - completed Case 4-1 by entering the office
    - Went to fight Isabella on her motorcycle in North Plaza
    - Grabbed a couple of snacks (for Ronald's Apetite later), secured more weapons and headed towards Entrance Plaza (without going inside)

    [OTIS CALL 23] 5:00pm - while in Paradise Plaza
    20th/5pm Anywhere but Entrance Plaza -
    "Antique Lover" scoop transmission.

    [OTIS CALL 24] 5:05pm - while in Paradise Plaza
    20th/5pm Anywhere but Entrance Plaza -
    "The Woman Who Didn't Make it" scoop transmission.

    [OTIS CALL 25] 5:10pm - while in Paradise Plaza
    20th/5pm Anywhere but Entrance Plaza -
    "Mark of the Sniper" scoop transmission.

    - Went to Entrance Plaza via Paradise Plaza
    - killed all 3 snipers on second floor of Entrance Plaza
    - saved Jolie (Granmma's kids), then Rachel (Ladies' Space), and then Floyd (Ned's Knicknackery) and finally Wayne (Estelle's Fine Lady Cosmetics)

    [OTIS CALL 26] 7:00pm - while in Entrance Plaza
    20th/7pm Anywhere but the Security Room - "Ronald's Apetite" Survivor Request Transmission

    - saved all 4 survivors in tow and settled Ronald's hunger

    DAY 3: 21st

    [OTIS CALL 27] 12:00am - while in Leisure Park killing time
    21st/Midnight Anywhere but North Plaza - Otis calls and tells you to meet Isabella for Case 5-1.

    [OTIS CALL 28] 12:05am - while in Leisure Park killing time
    21st/Midnight Anywhere but Colby's Movieland - "A Strange Group" scoop transmission.

    - saved Kindell while on my way to meet Isabella
    - escorted both back to Security Room

    [OTIS CALL 29] 2:00am - Colby's Movieland
    21st/2am Anywhere but the Security Room - "Floyd the Sommelier" Survivor Request Transmission.

    - killed Sean in Colby's Movieland
    - killed the 4 captives who Sean had tied up in the theater
    - saved Cheryl (who was locked in back room)

    [OTIS CALL 30] 3:00am - while in the Warehouse waiting w/ Cheryl
    21st/3am Anywhere but the Security Room - Otis calls to tell you Isabella is awake.

    - rescued Cheryl, gave Floyd his wine to clear-up "Floyd the Sommelier"
    - ran to the gun shop in North Plaza, killed everybody there (3 survivors)

    [OTIS CALL 31] 5:00am - in gun shop in North Plaza
    21st/5am Anywhere but Wonderland Plaza - "Long Haired Punk" scoop transmission.

    - saved Paul (plus Mindy & Debbie just because i'm sweet like that)

    [OTIS CALL 32] 8:00am - Paradise Plaza bathrooms
    21st/8am Anywhere but Wonderland Plaza - "A Sick Man" scoop transmission.

    - saved Leroy & Susan in Wonderland Plaza - took them back via the bathroom shortcut

    [OTIS CALL 33] 11:00am - Paradise Plaza messing around
    21st/11am Anywhere but the Security Room - Otis calls to tell you Isabella wants to see you.

    [ISABELLA CALL 1] 11:15am - Warehouse
    Isabella calls to say I should hurry about the bombs in the tunnels

    [OTIS CALL 34] 12:00pm - Paradise Plaza bathrooms
    21st/Noon Anywhere but the Security Room - "Kindell's Betrayal" Survivor Request Transmission. (expires at 5pm)

    [OTIS CALL 35] 12:05pm - Wonderland Plaza bathrooms
    21st/Noon Anywhere but Paradise Plaza - "A Woman in Dispair" scoop transmission. (expires at 5pm)

    - saved Simone in Paradise Plaza at the CD store; this is essential for Otis Call 38
    - resolved Kindell's mutiny attempt
    - got all the bombs from maintenance tunnels (expires at 5pm)

    [ISABELLA CALL 2] - 3:30pm - Maintenance Tunnels
    Isabella called to confirm I got all the bombs and told me to take them outside

    - went back into the Maintenance Tunnels to take a picture of Zombie Brad because ... achievement

    [OTIS CALL 36] 5:00pm - Paradise Plaza
    Otis called to tell me that Jessie is worried about me and to come back to the Security Room

    [OTIS CALL 37] 5:05pm
    21st/5pm Anywhere but the Security Room -
    "Paul's Present" Survivor Request Transmission.

    [OTIS CALL 38] 7:00pm - Paradise Plaza
    21st/7pm Anywhere but the Security Room -
    "Simone the Gunslinger" Survivor Request Transmission.

    [OTIS CALL 39] 8:00pm - Paradise Plaza
    21st/8pm Anywhere but the Security Room -
    "Cheryl's Request" Survivor Request Transmission.

    The achievement should unlock right after listening to the call re: Cheryl's Request.

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    All the TigersA word of warning: get the Maintenance Tunnel Key call from Otis BEFORE the case with the time bombs. If you wait until you have to go get the bombs, then the first Maintenance Tunnel call is overridden by the "Get all the bombs" call from Isabella. There is no way to undo this and you will miss the achievement.
    Posted by All the Tigers on 26 Jan 17 at 22:28
    MattiasAndersonAnd I believe I made an error doing the photos for kent early on instead of letting Otis tell me about it.
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 17 Jan 20 at 05:39
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  • Agnt WashintubAgnt Washintub845,624
    17 Sep 2016 18 Sep 2016
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    This is just an add-on to Legendz guide, I tried to use the guide he posted a link to but found that it was a lot of text to read

    So I found this guide for anyone who wants a guide with much less text (credit to CarlottaMonroe):

    One last thing don't think you are doing bad if you are behind the times in the guide, this guy much of been an absolute beast to get it in the times he says.
  • Boss ComplexBoss Complex707,237
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    Xv iLeGenDzZ vX & Agnt Washtub Both have written very good solutions.

    i would like to add this list of the transmission times , for people who want to check them off as they go to make sure they don't miss one. use this link --->

    BEST DONE WHEN GOING FOR THE "SAINT" ACHIEVEMENT AS WELL! (as you need a certain amount of survivors in the same room as the Quest Survivors (Kindell, Cheryl, Simone, Paul etc.)  for otis to call you about their Mutiny/Request)

    quick tip. this is actually much easier than the 360 version, as we are now given 5 save slots to save on. so make sure to save a lot and switch save files every once and a while in case you mess up. if you follow the guide close and have the REAL MEGA BUSTER, this achievement is easy.

    Finish Case 7 and get the call from otis for the beginning of case 8 then ignore the main scoops. after the case 8 "call" the only calls remaining will be about survivor request missions aka Cheryl, Kindell, Paul.

    i actually followed the link "AGNT" posted above carefully time wise. keep a save file from before the bomb collector scoop (to go back and use for the saint achievement, as you should have collected all survivors at this point, plus if you load this save and dont do the main scoops, brad and jess survive and you have isabella to add to the survivor count). ( i had 52 survivors at the end game stats )

    Popped for me right after otis called about Cheryl wanting to Pose for the camera.
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