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How to unlock the ∞ Mode achievement

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    Dead Rising
    Overtime Mode
    1. First Aid Kit
    Seon's Food and Stuff, North Plaza

    2. Camp Stove
    Sports High, Entrance Plaza

    3. Perfume Bottle
    Estelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics, Entrance Plaza

    4. Coffee Filters
    Security Room

    5. Developing Solution
    Cam's Camera, Paradise Plaza

    6. Cold Spray
    SporTrance, Paradise Plaza

    7. Blender
    Columbian Roastmasters, Paradise Plaza (Food Court also.)

    8. Magnifying Glass
    Wonder Jewels, Wonderland Plaza
    The first item is the First Aid Kit, which you'll find the Pharmacy in Seon's.
    It's on the shelves next to where the medicine was in Medicine Run.

    Take the stairs down to the tunnels.
    Drive down to the Entrance Plaza. Go to Sports High.
    The Camp Stove is on a set of stand-alone shelving units near the door.

    On the second floor you'll find the Perfume Bottle in Estelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics.

    Stay on the top level of the Entrance Plaza and go back down the opposite side.
    Head through the side door to the Security Room which will now let you through.
    The Coffee Filters are on the desk in front of the security monitors.

    Take the airvents out onto the Rooftop and then head into the Warehouse.
    Go out into Paradise Plaza and into Cam's Camera right beside the Warehouse door.
    Pick up the Developing Solution behind the counter.

    Head upstairs and pick up the Cold Spray just inside the door of SporTrance.

    Go across the corridor and into Colombian Roastmasters for the Blender.

    The final item on the list is in Wonderland Plaza.
    Wonder Gems is directly across from the bathrooms in Wonderland Plaza.
    The Magnifying Glass is on a counter near the back of the store.

    With everything now in your possession head into North Plaza and back to Carlito's Hideout.
    Back at the hideout, speak to Isabela to hand over the goodies.
    When the cutscene ends, speak to Isabela again.
    This time, the generator's stopped working, and she'll need a replacement.
    Carlito used the clock tower in the Leisure Park as storage. Check out that area.

    Back in North Plaza, head out to Leisure Park to see that the zombies have started to return.
    You've also got the Special Forces attack helicopter buzzing overhead.
    It's worth keeping an eye on the zombies- collect any Queens you spot.

    Approach the wreckage of Ed's helicopter by the clock tower to discover the tower hollow.
    There appears to be a tunnel underneath that could lead outside.

    Examine the maintenance panel on the opposite side of the tower from the hole.
    Once you have the replacement generator go back to Carlito's Hideout and hand it over.

    Collect 10 Queens.
    You'll need to keep Isabela close for this bit she's the one holding the pheromone.

    When you come to the first big gate open the grate on the left-hand side.
    Let Isabela go through and throw the lever.
    Further down the tunnel you'll come to another big gate.
    This one has a smaller door built into it which will let you both through.

    You'll eventually reach a third gate.
    Let Isabella through a smaller grate to the side.

    To open the gate go down the path to the left of the gate and double back up the stairs.
    You'll have to set Isabela down to throw the lever.
    There's a small side gate here that you can go through, but watch out for the soldiers.

    Make it to the jeep and get in and you'll be one step closer to freedom.
    XM3 Prototype Tank

    The best advice for this face-off is to never stop firing.
    The task of actually shooting it falls to Isabela, who you'll control in a first-person view.

    There are three weak points on the XM3:
    Two rows of glowing lights above the front treads.
    A small targeting device that pops up before the main cannon fires.

    If you see the targeting device appear concentrate your fire on that.
    Cause it enough damage and it'll pull back into the main body of the tank.
    That will cancel the main cannon's firing sequence and sparing you some damage.
    Keep shooting above the treads and you'll wear its health meter down pretty steadily.

    After a while, the XM3 will begin releasing mini-choppers, in squads of four.
    They won't do much damage in small numbers but a couple flying around will be trouble.
    The targeting device on the tank should still take priority.

    As the fight nears the end, the tank will start shooting missiles at you.
    Seeing that Brock is distracted, Frank jumps onto the tank.
    Brock Mason

    None of the weapons you might have had in your inventory will be available.
    The most effective move in your repertoire is the Backflip Kick.
    If you're Level 50, four or five of these will take Brock's health down extremely quickly.
    Source: strategywiki.org
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