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7 Day Survivor achievement in Dead Rising

7 Day Survivor

Survive for at least 7 days.

7 Day Survivor-0.2
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How to unlock the 7 Day Survivor achievement

  • CatapultNinjaXCatapultNinjaX
    18 Sep 2016 19 Sep 2016 23 Sep 2016
    *** I've confirmed that this method works on the Xbox One remastered version***

    - level 50
    - unlocked the real mega-buster
    - iron will and determination and/or patience

    lots of great info:

    camping spots:
    - Leisure Park Gazebo: As soon as you get there on Day 1 - 9pm on Day 1 (
    - Food Court Rafters: 9pm on Day 1 - 4pm on Day 2 (
    - McHandy's Hardware in Al Fresca Plaza: 4pm on Day 2 - 9am on Day 4 ( and
    - Robsaka Digital in Entrance Plaza: 9am on Day 4 - 9am on Day 5 (
    - Blue Awnings in Paradise Plaza: 9am on Day 5 - 5am on Day 6 (
    - Movie Theater #2 in Colby's Movieland: Remainder (

    Day 1: Leisure Park, Gazebo Roof
    - Grab the real mega-buster in the security room
    - Go out to the rooftop through the vent/duct and kill Otis - he drops a raw steak
    - Grab the two cabbages on the rooftop
    - Take the door to the Warehouse - don't take the elevator
    - Pick up the squash in the Warehouse and knee-drop down to get Susan's cookies - spoiler alert: she's been murdered by zombies
    - Go back to the Security Room via the elevator and vent/duct and take the door to the Entrance Plaza
    - Go to Sinister Read on the second floor and pick-up the Health Book there
    - Avoid Paul if you happen to see him in the Entrance Plaza and go back to the Security Room
    - Go to Paradise Plaza via the Warehouse
    - Head to Jill's Sandwiches (by Colby's) and cook Otis' raw steak in the microwave
    - Take the bathroom shortcut from Paradise Plaza to Wonderland Plaza
    - Grab the second Health Book from Sir-Book-A-Lot on the second floor
    - Take the passage on the first floor from Wonderland Plaza to the North Plaza
    - Go to the storage room/empty room to the left of Crislip's for the 3rd, and final, book you'll need
    - Eat something but make sure you don't waste any energy potential - use for reference
    - Go into Crislip's and grab the Japanese Radish and Orange which are both behind the counter
    - Go out into Leisure Park and kill the 3 snipers - the are carrying lots of food
    - Use zombies to jump on top of the Gazebo; jump on their back then jump on top of the Gazebo ... this is a safe spot and you'll need to repeat this a few times
    - You're going to camp on top of the Gazebo until 9pm on Day 1
    - Use one of the sniper rifles dropped by the snipers to look at the clock tower to tell the time
    - Gather the food around Leisure Park as needed and keep coming back to the Gazebo roof; I skipped the apples in the trees that you have to hit with rocks because they're a pain in the ass to get
    - at 9:00pm, head to the Food Court and kill Carlito on the rafters above the Food Court - jump up to the rafters using the crates by the no-smoking sign in the seating area
    - Collect the food around the Food Court and hang out on the rafters; this is your camping spot

    Day 2 - Food Court, Rafters
    - Camp out on the rafters above the Food Court and eat food as needed until 2pm - I couldn't find a clock in the Food Court, so I used for reference
    - Optional but fun: At 2pm on Day 2 I decided to go to Leisure Park quickly then go right back into the Food Court to refresh the area ... I found Rich when I did that and killed him for his milk - he was up on the rafters with a submachine gun
    - At 4pm leave for Al Fresca Plaza; inventory check: at this point I was sitting on 3 golden brown pizzas and 4 bottles of wine
    - Kill Isabella in Al Fresca Plaza ... she drops cookies, milk, and an energizer
    - Set up camp behind the counter at McHandy's Hardware
    - Collect all the food around Al Fresca Plaza and bring it back to your camping spot - you can use Isabella's motorcycle for this if you want
    - 8pm Day 2 inventory check: 3 golden brown pizzas, 4 bottles of wine, 3 cartons of milk, 3 orange juice jugs, 3 pies, and 1 energizer
    - WARNING: zombies can jump the counter at McHandy's so pay attention ... it's still a good camping spot - just not 100% secure; if you wanna be super safe jump up on one of the shelves

    Day 3 - Al Fresca Plaza, McHandy's
    - Spend all day at McHandy's - use clock in Flexin' to synchronize time as needed

    Day 4 - Entrance Plaza, Robsaka Digital
    - 9am on Day 4: leave for Entrance Plaza
    - Ignore Sniper Carlito for the moment and use the door near Robsaka Digital to go back to the Security Room for a fresh real mega buster; your ammo may be getting a bit low by now
    - Head back to the Entrance Plaza and kill Sniper Carlito - easy to do from a distance with the real mega buster ... he drops a well-done steak, corn, and a snack
    - Set up a camping spot behind the counter in Robsaka Digital; note the clock behind the counter on the wall
    - Gather all of the food in the Entrance Plaza
    - WARNING: zombies can jump the counter at Robsaka Digital so pay attention ... it's still a good camping spot - just not 100% secure; an alternative is standing on top of a bookshelf in The Sinister Read which is nearby. You can use the big clock on the bee statue to tell the time when you need to
    - WARNING: Do not enter or leave Food Court from 4:05:00 to 4:23:59 or the game will freeze on loading screen. This is a known bug ... just stay away from the Food Court on Day 4 to be safe.

    Day 5 - Paradise Plaza, Blue Awnings
    - I got bored around 2am on Day 5 ... so I went to get another real mega buster and killed Todd on the Helipad for his thawed vegetables. He came at me with a paint bucket, not too threatening all things considered
    - Next I went back to the Entrance Plaza and found Simone who attacked me with a bowling ball. She dropped a carton of milk
    - 9am on Day 5: leave for Security Room and kill Chris for his melon
    - Head to the Warehouse and kill Natalie for her corn
    - Go to Paradise Plaza and head to Colby's Movieland to kill Heather for her baguette
    - Go back out to Paradise Plaza and jump up to the blue awnings by using the stairs
    - Gather all of the food in Paradise Plaza and bring it back to your camping spot
    - Inventory check: at this point I had: 1 baguette, 2 pies, 4 OJs, 2 wines, 1 well done steak, and 3 golden brown pizzas ... about 49 hours worth of food
    - Spend the night here; you'll unlock 5-day survivor and the laser sword will spawn in the Security Room

    Day 6 - Theater #2, Colby's Movieland
    - At 5am go and kill Kent in the Warehouse for a pie, coffee creamer, and a well-done steak
    - Hang out here for a bit and eat food as needed (
    - Go up to the Rooftop and kill Nathan for a pie
    - Go through the Security Room to the Helipad and kill Burt for a coffee creamer, watch out - he comes at you with a battle axe. I hopped up on the roof of where the entrance to the Security Room is (using the barrels) and shot him with the real mega buster
    - Make your way to Colby's Movieland and set up a camp in Theater #2
    - Collect the food in Colby's and bring it back to your theater
    - Inventory check: at this point I had 4 coffee creamers, 2 bottles of wine, 2 well-done steaks, 3 golden brown pizzas, and a cabbage ... something like 47 hours worth of food

    Day 7 - Theater #2, Colby's Movieland
    - Eat as needed, you should have plenty of food to last through 7 days in the safety of Theater #2 with the door closed

    * NOTE: Be sure to let yourself die after you get the achievement then save your game when prompted (i.e. DON'T just turn off your console), it's the only way to save and ensure that Arthur's Boxers and the Laser Sword are available in future games/modes!
    ** I chose to starve to death on top of the fountain in Paradise Plaza with the rest of my hoarded food:

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    Major AngryCompleted this today and thankfully the achievement unlocked. Was a lot less worrying going for this on Series X compared to the 360 as I thought my 360 was going to melt.
    Posted by Major Angry On 31 Mar at 14:23
    Major AngryCompleted this today and thankfully the achievement unlocked. Was a lot less worrying going for this on Series X compared to the 360 as I thought my 360 was going to melt.
    Posted by Major Angry On 31 Mar at 14:27
    Slavikk@N18p73pwn3r All my games are on the main Xbox drive.
    Posted by Slavikk On 31 Mar at 15:03
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  • Hexa FoxHexa Fox
    09 Oct 2016 22 Sep 2016 26 Oct 2016
    First off, I like to get the following two achievements while getting the two survivor achievements. I also recommend not going after any others. You can easily work these two achievements into the 7 day survivor. You do not want to be trying to clean up any of the other achievements while you are doing this. You honestly want to make certain that you limit your risk as much as possible while doing this.

    Dead RisingIndoorsmanThe Indoorsman achievement in Dead Rising worth 83 pointsSpend at least 24 hours indoors.

    Dead RisingOutdoorsmanThe Outdoorsman achievement in Dead Rising worth 84 pointsSpend at least 24 hours outdoors.

    Make certain that you do not enter the Food Court between day four and five or your game will freeze. If you are paying attention to the clock it will be between 04:00:00 and 05:00:00 respectfully. If you are inside the Food Court I heard that you cannot leave either. Best just avoid it all together around that time. I was so nervous on the Xbox 360 that I avoided the Food Court after day four and until I got my seven day survivor.

    My hints and tips will probably be the most effective advice that I can offer so I believe I should start there. This first tip will be a strategy that I kept to myself and many other people never figured out. I figured I would share the love for the rest of the True Achievement community.

    I. Controller Automatically Powering Off

    Assuming your Frank is maxed out you will die in exactly twenty minutes. Now, your wireless Xbox One (and Xbox 360) controller dies in exactly fifteen minutes. For anyone that has not figured this, out this should be a mountain off your shoulders. You can stock up on food and let your controller idle. When it dies it will pause the game.

    If it is left completely alone it will automatically turn off in fifteen minutes. This will allow you to come back at your own convenience. However, you will need to pay attention to your life until you get very low. Then you will need to eat something that will give you full life with the three health boost magazines in the game.

    You should note:

    1 - This is an excellent way to make certain you can do other stuff while coming back to check on the game periodically. For example, I am writing this guide while working on this. Additionally, each day in Dead Rising is equal to two real life hours. Therefore, to survive for seven days you will need survive and be active for fourteen real hours. This does not include the time that your game is paused or loading screens.

    2 - Since you will probably not get back right on time to meet the controller shutting off you will probably have to do this over the course of a couple days. Therefore, make certain your Xbox One (or Xbox 360) is set to never automatically turn off.

    3 - This method is only good if your controller is left completely alone. You only need to move one of the joysticks to ruin this for you. For example, you go to McDonalds to grab something to eat, while you are gone girl friends cat jumps onto the desk where your controller is and brushes up against the controller, moving the joystick, resetting the timer, and completely screwing you over.

    II. Location
    This is extremely important as well. The is perhaps the most important part of this guide. Now one thing I learned when going after this on the Xbox 360 is there are a lot of places that are actually not safe. It is difficult to completely determine ones that are and are not so only use places you know that work or at least feel comfortable with. I know that other players have said they were safe in certain locations and other players said zombies got in.

    For example, a popular place used to be the awnings in Paradise Plaza. If you notice zombies rarely ever (but on occasion will) come into the Colombian Roastmaster above the awning. I have heard that the zombies can fall down, glitch, and end up over the railing. I have personally seen stuff like this before so not hard to believe. Either way try to avoid a location that might look "risky" to you.

    I have also heard of zombies grouping up around doors, tripping over each other, falling down like mentioned above, and glitching through close doors. A popular place I always liked to use was the the small room near Crislips Home Saloon. It is the one where the three survivors are being held by Cliff (the psycho wielding the machete). I was always safe an cleared out any zombies packed around the door whenever I could. I never had any trouble with this place.

    III. Inventory
    I liked to carry a Skateboard, Real Mega Buster, the three health boost magazines, and saved the rest entirely for food. The Skateboard can definitely get you out of a pinch and help you immigrate from home to home substantially. The three health boost magazines are absolutely necessary for your survival. Then last but certainly not least the Real Mega Buster.

    If you take food out of this equation the Real Mega Buster is the most important part of surviving. I would recommended having a game plan to go back and replace it whenever you get low. I would highly recommend that you always try to keep at least twenty to thirty shots in it for emergencies. You never know what psychopath you may need to kill in a hurry and you are not going to be able to pull it off with some food, magazines, and a skateboard. Additionally, if you are immigrating and struggling while looking for something to eat you can use it to clear a path through the zombies.

    A lot of players like to bring food items home, and drop them there before going out to scavenge for more. As long as you do not leave the immediate area all the items will be right where you left them. If you can manage to stock up before immigrating and avoid taking damage you have the potential to spend several days in one locality. If you plan it out you should try to do this on your final couple days to limit the risk you have of getting robbed of this achievement.

    IV. Immigrating
    The most dangerous part of attempting this achievement is when you need to travel from one point to another. It is extremely important that you make certain you know what is in a area before setting up camp or diving head first into that location. For example, it only takes one garbage survivor or psychopath to ruin you. A lot of guides have you coming across Sniper Carlito in the Entrance Plaza to get this food.

    I say that this is absolutely not worth the risk. I died three-four days going after him. He was able to juggle me (could not move) with his sniper rifle and eventually carried me off the side of the ledge, killing me. Also you cannot just let the zombies eat him either. If you want his food you have to score the killing blow or you do not get any of it.

    Also if it all possible try to make certain you immigrate during the day and try to avoid at night. There are many more zombies during the night versus the day.

    V. The Hall Family
    If you are not familiar, this is the family consisting of three snipers. These three are an excellent source of food in the mall. They will spawn twice over of the course of the seven days you will need to survive. The reason I am boasting them as so important is because if you do the math you should roughly be able to survive two in game days with their food alone. They spawn in Leisure Park between 00:00:00-00:02:00 and in the Entrance Plaza between 05:07:00-05:19:00.

    They each carry one golden brown pizza, one box of cookies, and one orange. Another huge point to mention is you hardly take any damage from these clowns at all. So I cannot emphasize how important these guys are when you are going after this. However, when you go after them the second time make certain your health is pretty high. Even though they deal little damage to Frank you do not want to risk anything being smack right in the middle of day five.

    *I will add more as I think of it.
    *Please note I did not write this guide as a "step by step" but more or less what you need to do to survive. I figure that how badly you get hurt by the zombies, psychopaths, and the time you spend immigrating will differ from player to player. Therefore, you may need to immigrate sooner or later and this guide will help you more than anything.
  • Pedle ZelnipPedle Zelnip
    24 Apr 2017 24 Apr 2017 24 Apr 2017
    So there's a lot to know about this achievement, I'll go over some tips I have, as well as share many of the resources & guides I used.


    - Remember: you can pause the game at any time, you just can't save. Don't be afraid to pause & take a moment to look ahead a bit in the guide you're following to see what's coming up, or if it's safe to enter an area. It's also worth pausing occasionally to just take a break (of course, this means the total time you'll take for your run will increase).
    - before starting, make sure you disable the auto-shutoff feature on your Xbox One. This achievement requires the game to keep running for 14 hours straight, so if you pause to go to bed for the night you don't want the game shutting down while you sleep (I made this mistake on my first attempt)
    - Be judiciuos with the use of the MegaBlaster (which requires you to have first done:
    Dead RisingZombie GenociderThe Zombie Genocider achievement in Dead Rising worth 59 pointsDefeat at least 53,594 zombies.
    The guide I'll suggest tends to be overly conservative about use of the MB, which led me to try running past a group of zombies instead of shooting the odd one or two to clear a path which often resulted in the odd grab (which results in 1 health block or 20 minutes of time lost).
    - When eating food that fills all 12 health boxes, I tried to wait as close to death (which happens when you have 1 bar and the progress meter hits empty) as possible before eating so as to maximize the benefits. As a result, over time I got farther out of sync from the guide I suggest you follow, but I think this is better than trying to perfectly match the times he suggests.

    Resources - DrNewcenstein's Non-Confrontational 5 & 7 Day Survivor Guide

    This is the guide I followed & suggest you largely follow. Don't get super hung up on following it perfectly (you'll see in my notes below around day 5-6 I pretty much abandoned the guide), but generally follow it.

    Companion page for the guide, this lists some useful information like where clocks are, how health blocks map to time, etc.

    Great resource page that outlines when survivors and psychos will appear in certain areas. I found this page particluarly useful the farther I got in my playthrough. As I got farther and farther out of sync with the non-confrontational guide I could look to see if there'd be any easy survivors to pick off or psychos to avoid in the areas I was going to.

    A great page where you can track what time you're currently at as well as progress through areas. I found this particularly useful for those times when I'd have to sit in an area where there was no clock but wanted to know what time it was.


    Follow the Non-Confrontational guide. This is what I did, with the following differences:

    - Day 1, Otis was on the rooftop right at the start. I killed him & took his raw meat. I ate this in the room next to crislips before eating Susan's cookies. Note that raw meat with 3 books is 12 health, I didn't wait until I was empty on health (~3 bars full still when I ate it). I went straight to crislips after doing this (ate the cookies while waiting on the scaffolding after crislips)
    - Carlito was in the maintenance tunnel when I went down there to get the milk on day 1, I ignored him and just ran back to Wonderland after grabbing the milk
    - Arrived in Entrance Plaza on day 3 at 7:01PM so I *just* missed encountering Gil (so I didn't get his bonus wine).
    - on Day 4 I *did* dispatch Kay and ate her corn. I got to the warehouse at ~7:15PM & went straight to Paradise Plaza afterwards.
    - In Paradise Plaza I hung out on the ledge near Columbian Roastmasters where you get the Katana. I found it easier/safer to go up to the second floor through SporTrance than to try blasting all the zombies on the staircase. The downside though is it meant there was no clock for me to look at, so I'd occasionally go out on a skateboard to make a run for the clock & come back replacing the skateboards on my way back up through SporTrance.
    - on day 5 when I got to the point where I drank the last milk and had 8 OJ + books & MB, I then detoured to the Warehouse and killed Natalie (for a corn), and then went to the security room to get Chris (for a melon). This was mid-late morning on day 5.
    - on day 5 after eating the melon from Chris, I went straight to Movieland and killed Heather for her baguette
    - After killing Heather & eating the baguette, I didn't touch any food in Movieland, instead I drank one of my OJ's. After this I ran back to Paradise & to the warehouse, and then to the security room. Reason was to watch a clock until 7PM at which time I returned to Paradise to kill Lilly for a Melon. After this I went straight to Movieland & started in on the food there.
    - At movieland I had the two snacks & creamer in the concession stand. I then started drinking my OJ reserves (I had 7 at this point) to kill time until 7AM before going back to Paradise Plaza to kill Ronald, then the Helipad for Burt. On the Rooftop was another unexpected survivor (can't remember his name) who dropped a pie. After hitting the helipad I went back to Movieland & went to theatre #2 (concession I had cleared out previously).
    - I then spent my time largely following the order of food to get & eat from the non-confrontational guide. By the time I ate the last cabbage in Movieland & had full inventory I much later into day 6 than 1:30PM.
    - I then went to the maintenance key room & shut the door. Drank the milk there which left me with a full inventory of 8 full health drinks (mixtures of milk, OJ, and creamer).
    - Then went to the meat processing area, and sat in that room drinking two drinks (so I was there ~8 hours) from my inventory. I then picked up the two milk in that room giving me again 8 full health drinks + 3 books + the megablaster.
    - This is the point I completely diverged from the non-confrontational guide. I left the MPA to return to Paradise plaza, I got there sometime early on Day 7 (before 7AM), and as a result ran into Adam. I did dispose of him with the MB, which gave me more than enough food to last the day, so I again hung out on the ledge where the Katana was healing as needed until I only had 8 full health drinks again.
    - I could've just stayed on that ledge & rode it out, but I instead left Paradise Plaza for the Security Room to find Sophie & her creamer. I disposed of her and then spent the rest of my time in the security room until the achievement popped.
    - I never ever did go into Leisure Park & as a result I never encountered the convicts.

    And that's it. Good luck!
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