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Zombie Genocide Master achievement in Dead Rising 2

Zombie Genocide Master

Kill 72,000 zombies.

Zombie Genocide Master0
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How to unlock the Zombie Genocide Master achievement

  • TVthePunisherTVthePunisher
    06 Nov 2016 06 Nov 2016 06 Nov 2016
    Zombie Genocider in Crash Rising 2! YCMV (Your Crashing May Vary)

    An issue lately with remasters, at least ironically the "second game" in a series of remasters, is constant crashing. Bioshock 2 suffers it...and this game (along with Off the Record) suffer due to this. Now much like the old saying "YMMV", not everybody has to deal with it. Yeah you might be one of those lucky few that rarely if EVER suffers a crash in this game...but if you're like me and a few of my buddies across Xbox One and Playstation 4, you'll experience heavy crashing in relation to Silver Strip/Platinum Strip/Fortune Park. It could be the jump of this game from 30FPS to 60FPS but as of this guide, there has been no patches for the Xbox One version (don't know about PS4).

    What causes the crashing? Hell if I know. A major culprit seems to be Yucatan, much like the infamous Foodcourt Bug in Infinite Mode for the original Dead Rising (which apparently is still present in the remaster), if you enter Yucatan from Silver Strip you risk the entire game crashing. Now it may crash in Yucatan...or it may crash outside. It might not even crash! In my successful run, I had it crash maybe a total of 7 roughly once every 10-20K kills. Yes, I kept entering's essential to get ahead of the estimated kills per time period (see list below in CRASHING AND OTHER NOTES).

    Preparation - No Case/Zombrex Run

    This achievement takes roughly 6-8 real life hours to complete. If you "get ahead" in kills, you could easily finish around 12AM-2AM on Day 4 (10AM is when the Military Arrives and it's Gameover). Of course, you're not going to get the extra time for the Firebombing or Overtime (if you go that far), so if you prefer the extra time do see the other method.

    Following Things in a List:

    - SUV Key
    - Level 50 (for max speed, item slots, etc.) *OPTIONAL, just makes things easier.
    - Ninja Clothing Piece and Sports Fan Clothing Piece (doesn't matter which, just one of each you'll get the full effect from both unlike Off the Record where you need to wear the full outfits for these particular costumes. OTR's DLC follows the same rule as DR2's for Cyborg, Fireman, etc.) *OPTIONAL, just makes things easier

    Now what you'll obviously need is the SUV Key. $2,000,000 in this game, located at the pawn shop on Silver Strip. There's a variety of ways to get your preferred method for DR2 in particular was the giant pink slot machine + the three gambling magazines. Stand in front of that for however long constantly inputting money and you'll come out a big winner. Definitely a good idea to do this a separate playthrough, get the money together, buy the SUV key then save and restart story.

    Alright so you have the SUV Key. Hopefully you are Level 50 by this point...I only really recommend it for max speed and inventory slots. Though you COULD squeeze by without both.

    Finally, what I found most important, were articles of clothing that granted special abilities. In this case, Ninja and Sports Fan. Ninja makes you practically invisible to zombies though they will still notice you over time and swipe at you, very rarely managing to grab you. Sports Fan gives you a heal boost from items but the important thing is an additional speed boost, so even at max speed for Chuck's level you can still go faster. Combine that with quickstep and you'll practically zip across the strips.

    BONUS! --- Get about 8 or more quicksteps. I think I had 9 when I makes getting back to the SUV so much simpler than using the golf cart-thing.

    The Run

    Step 1:
    Start up the game fresh and if you aren't already wearing a piece of clothing from the Ninja and Sports Fan costumes, do so now at the bathroom. Afterwards, run immediately to American Casino. On the first floor of BBQ Shack is a Driving Magazine, it's right next to a fountain-drink dispenser attached to a booth in front of large letting indicating Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack with the menu below it (in front of this drink machine you'll see a subpar bar as well with a circular appearance attached to this restaurant). Once you have the magazine, I highly recommend heading to the large circular bar called Shots & Awe in the center of the casino and grabbing multiple wines (fill your inventory). Take care of the female zombie so she's not a problem and start mixing them together to get Quicksteps. You can either fill your inventory or carry 6-8...whatever you prefer. From here, you can drink a quickstep and exit onto Platinum Strip.

    Step 2:
    Run all the way up to Fortune Park first and make a save in the middle there. Now up to Silver Strip (with Sports Fan + Quickstep this takes virtually no time at all) and into Shamrock Casino where you'll find the SUV. So here we are....the barebones of the thing.

    My method is simple enough, it involves a lot of "spirals". Basically as soon as you roll out, make your way to Yucatan and down the right path to where Boykin would crash the gate in the story. Do a quick circle and head back to the main part of Silver Strip. You'll be making circles around the strip a couple times hitting the large groups, if you see huge clusters around a Kiosk (which you will, as the spawns are generally the same and get heftier as time rolls on) make a couple circles around it and clear out a big portion before moving on. I would usually only hit two of these kiosks that had the most zombies then run the strip once down and back, then off to Fortune Park.

    In Fortune Park is where the spiral comes in. Circle the center portion and you'll notice a thick cluster of zombies all about. As you circle, alter your path just a bit so you're clearing out the next line of the spiral until you make probably 3 or 4 rotations around the Park. Veer off as needed, hitting larger groups by Royal Flush Plaza or in that section with the information boards near a gate. Feel free to get into the gate and get those zombies if you will, but afterwards go to Platinum Strip.

    I always took the right path and hit the groups as I went down, taking the large group at the left just before the Arena and making a circle at the last gap before the stairs so I could get some on the other end. After a couple circles here, I'd go down the left-most part of the stairs and slam directly into a cluster of zombies sitting in front of a kiosk. Go beyond them and to the next Kiosk, go just left of it to claim those zombies and you'll hop the curb to hit the next group of zombies before the nearby stairs. Go up and immediately slam into the large group clustered on the left up here by the Arena. Back up and you'll see a massive amount against the main doors. Run them down all the way to the end and passed the barricades, taking a moment to back up and clear the zombies you didn't hit the first run. I usually take two-three passes here before going into the main circular landing surrounding the globe.

    Spiral it like the park and go back up the left or right stairs and to the Security entrance (with all the zombies huddled in a alley, right next to the Americana Entrance). What you're going to want to do is drive straight down and immediately hit reverse as you're about to get to the stairs, that way a majority of the time you'll slam against the door but be able to back up right away without getting stuck. Doesn't always work...but it did pretty much 95% of the time for me. Back up and then back up to the Park. Do another spiral, some of the groups have respawned zombies by this point and that's more kills...particular interest around the Royal Flush area and maybe by that Map area. Afterwards, go to Silver Strip and a new spawn formation of zombies will be here for your killing pleasure. Circle the strip a couple times, getting the huge groups (particularly those on the left hand side between columns, massive amounts there) and go back to the park doing a couple spirals before heading back down to Platinum Strip. Same runthrough as before, though there's less zombies in the Arena now and the spiral. Do not bother with the security alley, just drive back up to the Park.

    SAVE! I do this every run because of the crashes. Be sure to use all three files. You'll save now, then go up to Silver Strip and clean up some more, by now your SUV should be smoking dark so get as much as you desire then ditch it to head into Yucatan. You WILL encounter Ted's cutscene, skip it and drink a quickstep immediately. Run as fast as you can back to Silver Strip and the game shouldn't crash. Get back in the SUV and resume the path above! When you need a new SUV, just run into Yucatan and back out fast.


    So here's where the crashing comes in. In my experience, it did not occur as often as I thought it would - only about every 10-20K kills. So that means roughly every 3-5 trips to and from Yucatan to spawn a new SUV an issue would occur with the game where partway through my run the game would make that loud BUZZING NOISE and crash, sending me out of the game. Thankfully, I didn't ever lose more than 500 or so kills from that last Silver Strip run due to the constant saving. Once you reload the game, use a quickstep and go straight to the SUV. I ran out of quicksteps by the end but I only crashed about 7 times, so as long as you're in the same boat you should be alright. If you run out of quicksteps, running from the park to the strip isn't so bad with max speed + sports fan item.

    As you play, you will want to keep on target or ahead of the following list of posted times (credit to a 360 solution by Ibanez V7):

    Time / Kill Goals

    Note that Day 1 is only 17 hours long, hence a short Day 4 in 72 hour mode.

    Day 1 - 7pm - 10000 kills

    Day 2 - 7am - 22000 kills

    Day 2 - 7pm - 34000 kills

    Day 3 - 7am - 46000 kills

    Day 3 - 7pm - 58000 kills

    Day 4 - 7am - 70000 kills

    Day 4 - 10am - Game over.
    Somehow I kept getting ahead, like majorly. With the method I posted above I was sitting at 12K by 7PM Day 1, then 26K Day 2 7AM. I was 40K by Day 2 7PM and consistently stayed about 6,000 kills ahead of schedule. I hit 72K at 2:25AM on Day 4, roughly 7 hours and 35 minutes (in game time) prior to the military arriving. I would have actually gotten it at 8 hours if I hadn't gotten distracted by something in the party I was in so ;>_> I had plenty of time to spare.

    So what is important to keep in mind is that by Day 1 7 PM that you're either on target of 10K kills or ahead. If you get ahead, especially 4K-6K ahead eventually, you can stop worrying about targets and keep up those values. If for any reason you fall below this, reload a previous save where things were better.


    There's only five psychopaths to worry about here, Leon Bell and the four snipers. I actually killed Leon so he wouldn't become a problem in the park, so I took a half in-game hour or more to do that. I didn't even use a combo weapon, just some stand I accidentally picked up in Americana lol...just get him stuck on something (pull the old "red flag for a bull" technique of baiting him into a railing or tree to get him stuck). As for the snipers, I ignored them...the SUV with the Magazine should survive their shots as long as you don't get stuck to where they're shooting you constantly. You'll only ever have to worry about Johnny and Big Earl if this is the case, right there above Royal Flush for Johnny and on the left corner of Platinum Strip for Earl.


    Something I began noticing around the time "HERE COMES THE GROOM" appeared - the zombies were becoming much more dense in number. I don't know if it was the added spawn of the "bride zombie" (which you will see A LOT) but I noticed many zombies "popping in" as I came towards groups, as if zombies were being added to the clusters for more kills. This significantly helps so you CAN get ahead as the zombie count does appear to increase as time goes on. An added bonus is that once Janus shows up, all the zombies that would be in front of Atlantica are pushed out into the main circle so that's a significant increase in cluster.


    It's a be prepared to be bored out of your mind. You'll get good at it, so good that you'll be weeving left and right and never hitting anything and you'll be smashing into clusters of zombies getting great amounts of kills. It's still going to entertain yourself however you can but don't lose focus of the main task. Personally? I was in an Xbox Live party for this and Off the Record's 100K zombies, laughing my butt off to various things keeping myself from falling asleep doing this mundane task.

    If you need to take a break, feel free to do so you'll be saving often anyways so you can pick up whenever. I personally wanted to get it done at once, so I could move on to other things...but you use your time as you will.

    I may upload a video of the method I used if that's needed, I hope the text description was enough. And I really, really hope the game doesn't crash on you...and if it does, less than my own (even 7 is bad for a 2016 game ~_~). BEST OF LUCK!

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    Mr SpinelesSWeird, it's been a long time since I played the 360 version, but I didn't think you had to get the kills in one game...
    Posted by Mr SpinelesS On 07 Dec 22 at 03:41
    HerrKätzchenI may be wrong, but dashboard-spam during the loading-screens between the Yucatan and the Strip seems to "fix" crashes. Only had 2 early on when I didn't pay attention to it yet. Might be worth a try.
    Posted by HerrKätzchen On 16 Jan at 22:59
    I ASK NO ONEYou could just jump in and out of Slot Ranch Casino. I'm not sure if that helps avoid Yucatan glitch. You could also avoid going down in the lower area where Leon Bell spawns when it comes to that time. And once you have the ninja outfit, it shows in your locker. I have 2 different Series X consoles where I play. On one of them, the game crashes so frequently. On the other, it rarely crashes. I don't know why, could be just dumb luck.
    Posted by I ASK NO ONE On 02 Jun at 15:33
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  • iTzDanski92iTzDanski92
    31 Jul 2017 01 Aug 2017
    Ok so following the steps I used on the xbox 360 version I decided to add a video for people who don't want to read a lot of steps, the video is quite longish but gives you a great idea on what to expect and how to get 1000kills per 40-50mins in game time making the target times/kills look wrong and congrats on your 20GAMERSCORE :)

    if it helps plz subscribe also if anyone needs the TIR achievements message me or join my session looking for 1 extra person to help complete these achievements thanks!

  • KriSpy CharMZKriSpy CharMZ
    20 Mar 2020 14 Sep 2016 03 Oct 2016
    The vehicle key costs $2,000,000 to buy in the Tinkerbox pawnshop. This is located in the lower part of the silver strip. The magazine Bargaining 1 and Bargaining 2 lower the price down 20% to $1,600,000. Now we continue on how we get this achievement. Best way to get money is playing TIR (Terror Is Reality) Another good way to get money is playing the gambling machines with a gambling magazine. You can find three magazines.
    Palisades Mall bookstore
    Royal Flush Bookstore
    The back of Shamrock casino on the Silver Strip.

    I figured that the best method to do is that you would have to do all case files but don't do the scoops. The reason for that is because you wont be pressured into getting the kills in 76 hours including the first 4 hours before the 72 hour countdown. I would also highly recommend that you make 2 laserswords which you can find two flashlights going up on platinum strip you'll see flashlights on the ground. Theirs also a maintenance room shortly after you find these flashlights on the ground with gems that are in the room. You will also want to get some orange juices and coffee creamers just in case but when the special zombies spawn you will defiantly want to have food. You can also grab a shotgun from one zombie that is like right in front of shamrocks. You would also want to go to Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack in the Americana Casino and grab the Driving book. The reason for this is because you will be able to kill more zombies before it gets destroyed. Also I never saved in less if when I was done with the case file it gave me the option because if you do save in between the rocks all your doing is wasting precious time. Another thing is if you want the 50+ zombie kills by the safe room I would not go all the way down the stairs as this can cause you to get stuck which is making you waste more time also. And I never used anything else besides the hummer the reason for this is because the slicycle isnt the most sufficient way of getting zombie kills. Each run before entering the yucatan casino you should be getting 1k-1.2k kills. When Leon spawns just let him be because he will eventually die out. When the rednecks spawn let them be also because they will just eat your time by trying to go for them. By doing this I got 72K 6-7 hours before the firebombing. Also if this doesn't deserve a positive rating please reply with a comment why. So good luck on your genocide of zombie kills.

    This is my review from the 360 edition. Once again good luck!
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    KriSpy CharMZWell thats true. I feel like I have terrible luck with that. Thats why I put TIR. But then if your not good on TIR it can be difficult to get money that way also. Will add that though.
    Posted by KriSpy CharMZ On 16 Sep 16 at 21:11
    TVthePunisherThis game (or rather version, 360 never caused issued) has an absurd amount of crashing in relation to the Silver/Platinum strips, the SUV and entering Yucatan after using it. CAPCOM really needs to patch it, that's for sure.
    Posted by TVthePunisher On 02 Oct 16 at 18:53
    KriSpy CharMZI never had that problem. Still find it funny how they don't fix major things that can crash the game. EX: Entering the Food Court during the fourth day I believe. Its a common issue but from what I heard its still not fixed on the remastered.
    Posted by KriSpy CharMZ On 02 Oct 16 at 23:49
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