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How to unlock the I am Bad Company! achievement

  • AKA bob marly21AKA bob marly211,303,907
    25 May 2010 01 Nov 2010 05 May 2012
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    Boosting method:
    Play the game late at night hoping to find a server by yourself, since the game requires 4 people to start a match. Now if you find a match by yourself it should say requires 3 people to start. invite 3 friends to boost with and unlock the awards you wish to earn and each person taking a turn. I usually let each person get 5 savior trophies each for ex. than keep the rotation going. Now once you get a random in your game a whole mess of randoms will usually join. So once one random joins your game have your other 3 players quit out of the match and just wait for the random to leave. He will hopefully leave since the game will not start if 4 players are not in the room. doing this method I have been able to hold a server to myself for a good 2 to 3 hours.

    Helicopter Road Kills:
    If you are attempting to get the 4 road kills with a helicopter I would suggest doing this on conquest since a lot of conquest maps will give you helicopters. You don't have to actually fly the helicopter to get the road kills. You can just stay in the helicopter to where your blades are moving then have your boosting partner on the other team jump on top of a vehicle than into the helicopters blades. and each kill will count as a road kill.

    Potential glitch issues:
    Now as far as the achievement glitching for some people, I believe this may occur from the squad wild card award. I got the squad wild card award earlier this year and I got the savior trophies last like a lot of people suggest, and the achievement popped. While I was doing the achievement with one of my friends he got the saviors last but he didn't get the achievement. The only difference was he got the squad wild card award back when the game first came out. So you may be in the clear of this glitch if you have not yet gotten the squad card wild card or have only gotten this award in the past year or so.

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    tom4444 1Anyone still boosting this?
    Add me:
    GT: tom4444 1
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    Posted by Lunonaut on 16 Dec 20 at 04:37
    Monarch of HellI am trying to boost this, if anyone is willing to help please add me my gamertag: Monarch of Hell
    Posted by Monarch of Hell on 15 Jan at 00:52
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  • TrivoltTrivolt105,284
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    The requirements for this achievement are quite simple: get every award. Unfortunately some awards are near impossible to get with regular play. Especially now, with only the die-hards still playing. So boosting is probably your best option. However boosting in this game is not simple and can be very frustrating. Some of the die-hards don't like it when you boost, and they will do anything to stop you from boosting. It's not uncommon to only get 1 award in a 4 hour session.

    But don't let this discourage you, it can be done. And the better the session is organized, the quicker you can get this high ratio achievement. In this guide I'll try to explain the best boosting methods, the awards themselves and give some general tips.

    Boosting methods
    There are different methods, depending on the number of people you got in the session. But before we go into that, you'll need to know some thinks first:

    Locking down Conquest
    Conquest is a game mode which comes with the free DLC. 5 flags, the more flags your team has captured, the faster the other team will lose tickets. Once a flag is captured you can spawn on that location. And now for the important part: a flag can be neutral, at which point no one can spawn on that location. If you neutralize all the flags in the map, then the only place to spawn is on your squad. If you can take out all the other players then they will be stuck at the spawn screen and the match is yours.

    Forcing a new Conquest match
    At the moment of writing this guide, there are so little people playing Conquest that most of the times there's only one Conquest match available. You can custom search for each map, but you'll always end up in that same match. If there are more than 2 other people playing on a side, then it becomes quite difficult to lock down the match. But if there are at least 18 people in that match (9vs9), then searching for a different map with a squad of 4 will create a new match. You'll probably going to have to use the other people in you session to fill the main match to 9vs9, so when the new match loads have them quit out, squad up and search for the new match. If you are quick enough, you'll be the only ones in that match. Lock it down and commence the boosting.

    Squad integrity
    A squad consists of 4 players and you'll have to set up the squad before entering any match to make sure you'll be on the same squad all the time. This is very important because otherwise randoms will be assigned to your squad and they will be able to spawn on you and ruin everything. Should you lose someone (disconnect or kicked for inactivity) it's best to have the rest of the squad quit out and squad up again.

    Time to boost
    The best time, as the other guides already mentioned, is at 23:00 CET during the week. Hardly anyone plays at that hour. However if you are unlucky there might be 1 or 2 people, which are enough to ruin your session...

    Always assign someone to be the spawner. If you're whole squad dies in a locked Conquest match you can't spawn any more and the match will be over. (The other team needs to capture all flags in that case). In Gold Rush this means that your squad has to spawn at the base again and make it to the boost spot all over again.

    Less then 8 people boosting:
    If you have less than 8 people in your session then you can't lock down Conquest. The randoms will simple be assigned to your squad and spawn in. But if you are the only ones playing then this isn't a real issue. As soon as 1 random joins the match, have everyone except for the 1 person going for his/her award quit out. The match

    will not continue with only 2 people so changes are high that the random will leave after a couple of minutes. Then have everyone search for the match again to continue. If searching doesn't wok the joining session in progress can be used. No need to worry about squads in this situation. You can also try Gold Rush. Most awards can be gotten just with 1 or 2 friends. All you need is some good teamwork.

    8 people boosting:
    With 8 people you have 2 full squads. If you can lock down a Conquest map then you are free to do most of the awards. However even though no random can spawn in, that doesn't mean they're not in the game. For most vehicle awards you'll have to capture a flag for the vehicles to spawn, at which point the randoms can spawn too. If there are no randoms you can try to capture one flag and neutralize it as soon as you see someone connecting to the match. (It takes at least 20 seconds for new players to spawn, while neutralizing only takes about 5). Just make sure you have someone keeping an eye out for anyone connecting and be ready to neutralize.

    If you can't lock down a Conquest match you'll have to work in a regular match. Most people prefer Gold Rush, because the other players will mostly be focused on the objective. Conquest is much more open and any anti-booster will easily find you. If in Gold Rush, wait until the first attacker base moves up. Usually this is after the first 2 crates are destroyed, but some maps, like 'End of the Line', require the first 4 crates to be destroyed. Since waiting is boring, I suggest you have all defenders blow up the crates with C4. Once the Attackers base moves you will have a nice and quite spot near the first attackers base to boost. Downside is that the defenders will need to get there too. Luckily due to squad spawn everyone can get there quick once 1 defender has made it. But don't be too quick when spawning, if the base moves again, it will cancel your spawn and set the spawn location selection to the new base. Just keep trying to spawn on your squad and you'll be fine.

    12 people boosting:
    Omg, I so love this method. It can be very tricky so manage 12 people, but if you can, this will be the most productive method for the harder awards. With 12 it will be quite easy to force a new Conquest match and lock it down quickly. You'll need to set up 3 squads, resulting in 8 people on one team, and 4 on the other. This may seem unfair, but the big advantage is that every random will join the team which has only the 4, so the team with 8 can capture a flag and don't have to neutralize every time a random connects. You can have 3 randoms before worrying about neutralizing. Once a 4th random connects you do have to neutralize, because any other random connecting could be joining the team of 8, and spawn in if the flag is still captured.

    The biggest challenge with 12 people is communication. Xbox Live Party only allows 8 people, and ingame you can only talk to your squad mates. And boosting this game without good communication will simply result in a waste of time for everybody. You could have someone switch between 2 parties all the time, or do what I did: use 2 headsets and pass any info between both parties.

    More that 12 people boosting:
    I haven't been in a session with more that 12 people, but I guess that 16 people will be somewhat the same as 8, and 20 people the same as 12. If you can get 24 people together for this game, then you don't have to worry about randoms or squads, but communication and structure will be your enemy. If you can get 24 people together for this game, and have a productive session without chaos, then you deserve this achievement more then anyone else...

    The awards are divided into 3 categories. Wildcards, Patches and Trophies. Difficulty also goes in that order. Aim for the wildcards first, then the patches and lastly the trophies. While going for the wildcards and patches you will get most of the trophies anyway.

    You can track which award you have in the multiplayer menu of the game, but not while in a match. You can however check your last 5 awards by pressing start -> my awards. In the past you could also check you progress on statsverse, but that site does not seem to work any more.

    The patches and some of the wildcards have a sub-requirement. You'll need to meet those sub-requirements first, because the 'in a round' requirement will not store. For example the wildcard 'Tank Buster': this requires destroying 5 tanks in a round AND 25 total tanks destroyed. If you destroy 5 tanks in a round, but haven't destroyed 25 tanks in total, the wildcard will not be awarded. If you get the 25 in the same round however, it will be awarded. But if the round ends before that, you'll have to get 5 in a round again.

    You don't have to boost all the awards. Some of them are quite easy to get in regular games. And in case you didn't know, there's also an achievement for getting 10002 kills. On your road to that one you'll get plenty of awards. Since this is a boosting guide, the notes with most awards are purely on how to get them while boosting.


    In a Round: 20 Kills from Headshots.

    Simply 20 headshots. I recommend using a sniper because you're gonna need 100 of those.

    Global: 80 Kills with Handgun.

    Only sniper class has a handgun. Use LB to equip. It's actually a very good gun, so getting kills in regular matches shouldn't be that hard

    In a Round: 4 Roadkills with any air vehicle.

    Easiest is to park a vehicle next to the chopper and have 4 people jump in the rotors. You do not have to fly the chopper, just sitting in the pilot seat is enough. It doesn't always kill immediately, but just keep jumping and it will work. The description however is a bit misleading, since the Russian Havoc doesn't count. (Thanks to THA BEAST 721 for testing and confirming)

    Dead Eye
    Global: Get 100 Headshots with any sniper rifle.

    No need to boost this one. Just use the sniper you're most comfortable with and only focus on getting headshots. You can also get the headshots while doing Avengers.

    Snake Eyes
    In a Round: Get 11 Kills as 2 different classes.

    This one requires you to get at least 22 kills in a round. You can switch class by picking up a bag or spawning as a different class. On a 15 kill round rotation you can easily finish your turn with one class, and then just pick a different class for your next turn.

    Deuces Are Wild
    In a Round: Kill two enemies of each kit.

    Changes are this one will pop before you know it. If you won't want to take the risk, simply tell your boosting-mates to use different classes.

    Beat The House
    In a Round: 15 Grenade Kills.

    Have the other team huddle up and throw a grenade between them. You can refill your grenades at a ammo box, or simply run over the dropped bags. Getting this one will also get you the 'Explosive Efficiency' trophy.

    Armor Buster
    In a Round: Kill 5 Armored Vehicles
    25 Total Armored Vehicle Kills.

    A vehicle kill is destroying a vehicle with an enemy in it (or had an enemy in it less than 3 seconds ago). Only the light tank and heavy tank count as armored vehicles. Humvee does not count. You can combine this one with Mine kill trophy, Rocket launcher trophy, Laser Designating trophy and Emplacement trophy.

    Tank Buster
    In a Round: Kill 5 Tanks
    25 Total Tank Kills.

    Same as Armor Buster, but only the heavy tank counts.

    Chopper Chopper
    In a Round: Kill 5 Air Vehicles
    25 Total Helicopter Kills.

    Same as Armor Buster. However the choppers are a glitches. For destroying the 25, all 3 types of choppers count, but for the '5 in a round' the Russian Havoc doesn't count.

    1 On 1 Land
    In a Round: Destroy a Tank of the same kind without using any assistance.

    Destroy a heavy tank with an enemy in it with a heavy tank. Destroying a light tank doesn't count. If the other tank has 99% health or less, have someone repair it otherwise it won't count. Best to combine with 'Gold Tank Warfare Patch'

    1 On 1 Sea
    In a Round: Destroy a Sea Vehicle of the same kind without any assistance.

    In Conquest, only the maps 'End of the line' and 'Par for the Course' have boats. The boats do spawn even if the flags are neutral. Simply destroy a boat with an enemy in it with the turret of another boat. Best to combine with 'Gold Naval Surface Warfare Patch'

    1 On 1 Air
    In a Round: Destroy an Air Vehicle of the same kind without any assistance.

    Again, destroying the Russian Havoc doesn't work. Destroying an Apache with the Havoc doesn't work either. Best map would be 'Crossing over', since you can have 2 apaches. Have everyone meet up at the US base. One of each team go to Blueberry Hill and have the US capture the flag. Once the apache spawns, neutralize the flag and fly the apache to the US base. Land it on the road near the base, facing the flag. Now have the US capture the US base flag so the other apache spawns. Get in the gunner seat of the 1st apache and have someone from the enemy team take place in the other apache and destroy it. You can also do this on 'End of the Line'. A second Apache will spawn on the Russian base if the US captures the flag. Best to combine with 'Gold Combat Aviator Patch'

    Straight Flush
    In a Round: Destroy 1 Vehicle of each kind.

    There are 3 kinds: land, air and water. Not sure if destroying the golf cards works. But Humvee, boat and Apache work perfectly. The Havoc DOES NOT count. (Thanks to Acepurvis). You can use whatever means to destroy them.

    Three Of A Kind
    In a Round: Destroy 3 Vehicles of the same kind.

    You'll get this while going for the 'Five Of A Kind' wildcard.

    Five Of A Kind
    In a Round: Destroy 5 Vehicles of the same kind.

    You'll get this together with the 'Tank Buster' or the 'Chopper Chopper' wildcard.

    Full House
    In a Round: Destroy 3 vehicles of same the kind and two of another.

    Any combination works. Although not sure about the Havoc. Best to do 3 boats and 2 humvees. (they spawn the fastest)

    Cab Driver
    In a Round: 5 minutes as the Driver in a vehicle with passengers.

    You don't have to drive. Standing still also works, as long as you move once in a while otherwise you'll get kicked for inactivity. Best to do this if you're in a 8 player locked Conquest match, almost out of tickets and are waiting for any randoms to leave. Or on Gold Rush while on attackers side. Once the base moves, just hang back and wait.

    In a Round: 2 seconds Airtime in a Land Vehicle.

    Best in a humvee or buggy. No need to boost.

    Staying Dry
    50 kills with naval vehicles.

    This one is a bit confusing. The description in the game says 50 road kills with a boat, so that how I got it. Have the other team jump in the water and drive over them. Works best with some speed and hitting them from behind.

    Two Pair
    In a Round: Get 2 of any 2 Trophies.

    You'll get this sooner than later.

    Santa's Little Helper
    In a Round: 10 Kill Assist Points.

    Health has to be below 50% for it to count. And it's 10 kill assists, not 10 points. You could get this if someone is going for Emplacements or transport vehicle kills. Simply injure someone and let your team mate get the kill.

    Full Deck
    In a Round: 52 Total Kills.

    In Conquest each team only has 100 tickets. So only 2 people can get this per round. In my boosting session I ask people who want this to skip 2 turns (15 kills) and have them start in a new round. There are too many awards that can be combines with this one... But to keep the paste going I always recommend Emplacement or some other fast kills.

    Global: x50 Saviour Trophies.

    See 'Saviour Trophy'.

    Global: x50 Avenger Trophies.

    Either the description is wrong, or mine was glitched. I got this one even though I only had 2 Avenger trophies. Seems to be 50 Avenger kills in stead of trophies.

    Destruction Site
    In a Round: Destroy 1000 objects.

    Objects are everything except for walls and trees. I got this spamming the Artillery gun, but any form of explosion will help you get multiple objects. Does not need to be done in a single round (despite what the description says). The in-game menu will show it's accumulative. Thanks to AwakeDeadeye, LuckyConquerer2 and o DEEVIUS o for confirming.

    In a Round: Kill 5 enemies within 2 seconds.

    This one is a bit tricky. Usually boosting session consist of 8, so you only have 4 enemies. You can have someone from you team quit out and try to get on the other team, meet up and use C4 to get 5 in one go. But most fun is to rig a jeep with C4, have the other squad in it and have them park it near a random team mate. (Snipers are easiest since they sit still most of the time). Then simply detonate the C4. This however requires you to be in a regular match.

    Squad Wild Card
    In a Round: 1 Squad Member Trophy + 10 kills per squad member.

    Have everyone in the squad get a Squad Member Trophy by getting 5 Saviour kills. (6 will give you 2 Saviour trophies). And if the session is organized, everyone should have at least 10 kills.

    Top Squad Wild Card
    In a Round: get 20 Squad Bonus points
    Become the best squad on each map.

    You have to be best squad in Gold Rush on each of the original maps:
    - Harvest Day
    - Over and Out
    - End of the Line
    - Ascension
    - Valley Run
    - Deconstruction
    - Oasis
    - Final Ignition

    The Squad Bonus Points are a bit confusing. No one seems to know exactly how to get them. I got it while boosting kills (back2back knifing). If you know, please let me know.

    This award seems to be a little glitched though.The bar for the maps will also fill if you are the best squad in Conquest. As with most of these list, it's best to write down all the maps that you've been Top Squad on since there's no other way of knowing which maps you still need. (Thanks to Juicyjams for confirming)

    Squad Avenger Card
    Global: Get 100 Avenger kills avenging squad members.

    Same as Avenger wildcard, but now avenging squad members. (Which you do when boosting).

    The Patches require multiple trophies, so some will take a little more time. But the good thing is they stack. For example if you have 7 Naval Warfare Trophies, destroying 2 boats with a boat (in a round) will unlock bronze, silver and gold.

    Bronze Assault Patch
    In a Round: 2 Kills as Assault
    Assault Rifle Efficiency Trophy
    Grenadier Efficiency Trophy
    Grenade Launcher Efficiency Trophy

    Silver Assault Patch
    In a Round: 2 Kills as Assault
    Bronze Assault Patch
    M16 Efficiency Trophy

    Gold Assault Patch
    In a Round: 2 Kills as Assault
    Silver Assault Patch
    Melee Combat Trophy

    Bronze Recon Patch
    In a Round: 2 Kills as Recon
    Marksman Trophy
    Firearm Efficiency Trophy
    Laser Designating Efficiency Trophy

    Silver Recon Patch
    In a Round: 2 Kills as Recon
    Bronze Recon Patch
    SVU Efficiency Trophy

    Gold Recon Patch
    In a Round: 2 Kills as Recon
    Silver Recon Patch
    Combat Efficiency Trophy

    Bronze Demolitions Patch
    In a Round: 2 Kills as Demolition
    Rocket Launcher Efficiency Trophy
    Shotgun Efficieny Trophy
    Frag Out Efficiency Trophy

    Silver Demolititions Patch
    In a Round: 2 Kills as Demolition
    Bronze Demolitions Patch
    Mine Placement Efficiency Trophy

    Gold Demolitions Patch
    In a Round: 2 Kills as Demolition
    Silver Demolitions Patch
    Avenger Trophy

    Bronze Support Patch
    In a Round: 2 Kills as Support
    Light Machinegun Efficiency Trophy
    Medic Trophy
    Combat Engineer Trophy

    Silver Support Patch
    In a Round: 2 Kills as Support
    Bronze Support Patch
    Mortar Strike Efficiency Trophy

    Gold Support Patch
    In a Round: 2 Kills as Support
    Silver Support Patch
    Saviour Trophy

    Bronze Specialist Patch
    In a Round: 2 Kills as Specialist
    Compact Assault Rifle Efficiency Trophy
    Target Tagging Efficiency Trophy
    Demo Pack Efficiency Trophy

    Silver Specialist Patch
    In a Round: 2 Kills as Specialist
    Bronze Specialist Patch
    UMP Trophy

    Gold Specialist Patch
    In a Round: 2 Kills as Specialist
    Silver Specialist Patch
    Explosive Efficiency Trophy

    Bronze Savior Patch
    In a Round: 10 Savior Points
    x3 Savior Trophy

    Silver Savior Patch
    In a Round: 10 Savior Points
    Bronze Savior Patch
    x5 Savior Trophy

    Gold Savior Patch
    In a Round: 10 Savior Points
    Silver Savior Patch
    x7 Savior Trophy

    Bronze Avenger Patch
    In a Round: 10 Avenger Points
    x3 Avenger Trophy

    Silver Avenger Patch
    In a Round: 10 Avenger Points
    Bronze Avenger Patch
    x5 Avenger Trophy

    Gold Avenger Patch
    In a Round: 10 Avenger Points
    Silver Avenger Patch
    x7 Avenger Trophy

    Bronze Transport Vehicle Patch
    In a Round: 2 Road Kills
    x3 Transport Vehicle Trophy

    Silver Transport Vehicle Patch
    In a Round: 2 Road Kills
    Bronze Transport Vehicle Patch
    x5 Transport Vehicle Trophy

    Gold Transport Vehicle Patch
    In a Round: 2 Road Kills
    Silver Transport Vehicle Patch
    x7 Transport Vehicle Trophy

    Bronze Tank Warfare Patch
    In a Round: Kill 2 tanks in Tank Combat
    x3 Tank Warfare Trophy

    Silver Tank Warfare Patch
    In a Round: Kill 2 tanks in Tank Combat
    Bronze Tank Warfare Patch
    x5 Tank Warfare Trophy

    Gold Tank Warfare Patch
    In a Round: Kill 2 tanks in Tank Combat
    Silver Tank Warfare Patch
    x7 Tank Warfare Trophy

    Bronze Naval Surface Warfare Patch
    In a Round: Destroy 2 Naval Vehicles with a boat
    x3 Naval Warfare Trophy

    Silver Naval Surface Warfare Patch
    In a Round: Destroy 2 Naval Vehicles with a boat
    Bronze Naval Surface Warfare Patch
    x5 Naval Warfare Trophy

    Gold Naval Surface Warfare Patch
    In a Round: Destroy 2 Naval Vehicles with a boat
    Silver Naval Surface Warfare Patch
    x7 Naval Warfare Trophy

    Bronze Combat Aviator Patch
    In a Round: Kill 2 Helicopters in a Helicopter
    x3 Combat Aviator Trophy

    Silver Combat Aviator Patch
    In a Round: Kill 2 Helicopters in a Helicopter
    Bronze Combat Aviator Patch
    x5 Combat Aviator Trophy

    Gold Combat Aviator Patch
    In a Round: Kill 2 Helicopters in a Helicopter
    Silver combat Aviator Patch
    x7 Combat Aviator Trophy

    Bronze Emplacement Patch
    In a Round: Kill 3 Vehicles and 3 Soldiers with Stationary Guns
    x3 Emplacement Trophy

    Silver Emplacement Patch
    In a Round: Kill 3 Vehicles and 3 Soldiers with Stationary Guns
    Bronze Emplacement Patch
    x5 Emplacement Trophy

    Gold Emplacement Patch
    In a Round: Kill 3 Vehicles and 3 Soldiers with Stationary Guns
    Silver Emplacement Patch
    x7 Emplacement Trophy

    Destroying a vehicle with an enemy in it counts for both. So you only need to destroy 3 vehicles with an enemy in it. Also, for some weird reason, destroying a stationary gun counts as a vehicle kill. Useful if you're on a map and don't have vehicles (or can't spawn them), but have access to a rocket emplacement with which you can hit any other stationary gun. And the stationary gun respawns rather quick.

    Bronze Artillery Patch
    In a Round: 1 Kill with Artillery
    x3 Big Guns Trophy

    Silver Artillery Patch
    In a Round: 1 Kill with Artillery
    Bronze Artillery Patch
    x5 Big Guns Trophy

    Gold Artillery Patch
    In a Round: 1 Kill with Artillery
    Silver Artillery Patch
    x7 Big Guns Trophy

    Bronze Attack Patch
    In a Round: Destroy 1 Objective
    Objective Destroyer Trophy, Objective Attack Trophy

    Silver Attack Patch
    In a Round: Destroy 1 Objective
    x3 Objective Destroyer Trophy
    x3 Objective Attack Trophy

    Gold Attack Patch
    In a Round: Destroy 1 Objective
    x6 Objective Destroyer Trophy
    x6 Objective Attack Trophy

    Bronze Defend Patch
    In a Round: 3 Kills as a Defender
    x3 Objective Defender Trophy

    Silver Defend Patch
    In a Round: 3 Kills as a Defender
    x6 Objective Defender Trophy

    Gold Defend Patch
    In a Round: 3 Kills as a Defender
    x10 Objective Defender Trophy

    Bronze Squad Patch
    In a Round: 10 Squad Points
    Squad Member Trophy, Squad Medication Trophy

    Silver Squad Patch
    In a Round: 10 Squad Points
    x3 Squad Member Trophy
    x3 Squad Medication Trophy

    Gold Squad Patch
    In a Round: 10 Squad Points
    x6 Squad Member Trophy
    x6 Squad Medication Trophy

    Trophies must be gotten in a round. You can get multiple trophies during a round and most are so simple they don't require any boosting.

    Assault Rifle Efficiency
    6 Kills with Assault Rifle.

    Grenadier Efficiency
    3 Kills with Grenade playing Assault.

    Grenade Launcher Efficiency
    6 Kills with Grenade Launcher.

    Carbine Efficiency
    6 Kills with M16A2.

    You'll need to unlock the M16A2 first before you can get this one.

    5 Kills with Sniper Rifle.

    Firearm Efficiency
    3 Kills with Handgun.

    Laser Designating Efficiency
    3 Kills from Laser Designating.

    Can be combined when destroying vehicles for wildcards.

    SVU Efficiency
    5 Kills with the SVU.

    Unlockable weapon

    Rocket Launcher Efficiency
    3 Kills with the Rocket Launcher.

    Can be combined when destroying vehicles for wildcards.

    Shotgun Efficiency
    5 Kills with the Shotgun.

    Frag Out Efficiency
    3 kills with the Grenade while playing Demolition Kit.

    Mine Placement Efficiency
    3 Kills with the AT Mine.

    Can be combined when destroying vehicles for wildcards.

    Light Machinegun Efficiency
    6 Kills with Light Machinegun.

    30 Heal Points from medkit.

    You'll get this one together with 'Squad Medication' Trophy.

    Combat Engineer
    30 Vehicle Repair Points.

    Have a teammate sit in a tank and 2nd person damaging it, then simply use the repair tool to fix it again.

    Mortar Strike Efficiency
    3 Kills with Mortar Strike.

    Compact Assault Rifle Efficiency
    6 Kills with Compact Assault Rifle.

    6 kills with the main weapon from specialist class.

    Target Tagging Efficiency
    2 Kill Assists from Dartgun Tagging.

    Easiest is tagging a vehicle that someone is going to destroy for his/her award. You'll need to tag the vehicle after someone has entered it. Some say it only counts if the vehicle is destroyed by a rocket launcher, but it hasn't been confirmed yet.

    Demo Pack Efficiency
    3 Kills with C4.

    Can be combined when destroying vehicles for wildcards.

    6 Kills with UMP.

    Unlockable weapon.

    Explosive Efficiency
    10 Kills with Explosives.

    You'll get this while going for the 'Beat The House' wildcard

    Melee Combat (Dogtag)
    5 Melee Kills.

    You'll get plenty when doing Saviours or Avengers

    Combat Efficiency
    6 Kill Streak.

    You'll get plenty when doing Saviours or Avengers

    Kill Assist
    5 Kill Assists.

    Sit in the vehicle during someone else's turn who's going for kills with that vehicle.

    15 Saviour Points.

    You're going to need 50 of those, so knowing how this works will save everyone a lot of time. You get 5 points for saving a squad mate from being killed by killing the person who has done damage to your squad mate, so that's a least 150 kills.

    This is for 2 people doing Saviours at the same time: Green is one team, grey the other. Each team must have a 'sponge'. This should be an Assault class with the 2nd live syringe (unlocked) and will restore his health after each kill. The helper is someone from the other team shooting the sponge. Best to select Recon and fire 2 shots with the pistol in the leg (you can just shoot from the hip, aiming down sight sometimes will trigger the auto aim and turn you around). The Person going for the Saviour stands behind the helper and knifes him quickly after the 1st or 2nd shot. The helper must take care not to kill the sponge. Watch the sponges health before shooting. You can actually have 2 helpers since both the sponge as the person going for the Saviours can be spawner.

    (I had an awesome MS paint image explaining it better, but it got removed :-( I will try to upload it again)

    In a Round 30 Avenger Points.

    Simply form a line, alternating players from each team. nr2 will knife nr1, nr3 will knife nr2 and so on. The last person (nr8) will not get a kill. This is because otherwise you kill the other teams spawner. Then the last person will start the new line (see red nr2). Have everyone in the same order. Now nr1 will knife nr8, nr2 will knife nr1 and so on again. The reason for this order is because the 1st, 2nd and last one will not get an avenger kill, but with the rotation everyone will get it. It also makes it less confusing on who is going where. Simply pick a place, and after each kill round move one spot back.

    (I had an awesome MS paint image explaining it better, but it got removed :-( I will try to upload it again)

    High Card
    Get the best IAR score.

    You'll get this one while boosting 'Full Deck', but changes are you'll get it way earlier.

    Wheels Of Hazard
    2 Road Kills.

    Transport Vehicle
    5 Kills with Transport Vehicle.

    Simply use the gunner seat.

    Tank Warfare
    5 Kills with Tanks.

    Both main gun and turret count. Turret is faster for boosting.

    Naval Surface Warfare
    5 Kills with a Sea Vehicle.

    Road kills also count. And you'll need 50 boat road kills for the 'Staying Dry' wildcard.

    Combat Aviator
    5 kills with an Air Vehicle.

    You don't have to fly the chopper, kills as gunner also counts. Simply park the chopper in a nice spot and have the other team stand in front of it. Just have a little room between them otherwise you'll damage the chopper. Road kills don't count.

    Clear Skies
    5 kills with Air Defence.

    You don't have to destroy choppers for this one, you can kill people on the ground too.

    5 Kills with a Stationary Weapon.

    Winning Team
    Winning the Round.

    Big Guns
    5 Kills with Artillery.

    Objective Destroyer
    Destroy 3 Objectives.

    This one can be very hard to boost. The objectives are the crates in Gold Rush. Every base has 2, and when those are destroyed the base will move up. If you have one or more friends on the defending team, then with some teamwork you might be able to boost this. You don't have to arm the crate, you can also destroy it with rockets and C4. Depending on how good the other players are, you could have the defending people damage the crates, and then finish it with some C4.

    Objective Attack
    Destroy the last Objective.

    Same as 'Object Destroyer', but only the last objective counts. Some maps have more crates than others, so you kinda have to know the map to know whether it's the last base or not. Go to the crate which is further away, damage it a bit, plant some C4 on it and wait until the other crate is destroyed. Then finish it.

    Objective Defender
    In a Round 18 Defend Bonus Points.

    You get Defend Bonus Points if you kill an enemy close to an objective. This can be a flag or a gold crate. No need to boost, you'll get plenty of those.

    Squad Member
    Assist or Save 5 Squad Members.

    You'll get this while doing Saviours.

    Squad Medication
    80 Squad member heal points.

    You can do this with just 2 people. Have the other launch a grenade at his feet and then give him a med pack. Works best if the other person moves a little further after each shot. It will stop giving you points after a few times, but it will start giving you points after some time again.

    Best Squad
    Best squad of the round.

    General tips
    - Make a list of the awards you really want to get. This will speed up the session.
    - plan you awards smart. You can work on multiple awards at the same time, and try to go for the awards you think are the hardest to get first. (For most that will be chopper and boat awards).
    - Rubberband your controller if you need to go afk, otherwise you'll be kicked out of the game for inactivity. Also check if your character doesn't move along the whole map and accidentely captures a flag when rubberbanding.
    - Be prepared to go over session time. It's kinda hard to exactly plan how long each turn is going to take, so at least stay until everyone has an equal amount of turns. Also if the session is going well a lot of people want to stay longer just to get more done.
    - There is no blue or red team. Your team is always blue, enemy is always red. Better use USA, Russian, MEC, Attacker or Defender. (Press start to see which team you're on)
    - Name your gamertag when someone asks if anyone needs anything. Saying 'I need it' doesn't really help since most can't distinguish voices.
    - Try to use your knife as much as possible. It's the quickest kill, and if you are in a regular match you won't show up on the minimap. Once you show up on the minimap, the other players will be searching for you.
    - Try not to team kill too much. After 5 or 6 teamkills you will be kicked from the match.

    If you miss anything or have tips please leave a comment. And if you vote negative please leave a comment why so I can improve this guide.

    - 04-03-2015: removed dead links
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    coasterflohi, one question can i make the awards in an "no ranglist play". i only know that the achievements have been done in a ranglist match, but the awards are something different
    Posted by coasterflo on 28 Oct 16 at 16:15
    DEaThTIlLTHeEnDI didn't see it mentioned. I had trouble getting the clear skies trophy legitimately but if you're doing boosting sessions there is an AA gun on par for the course near Russian spawn on conquest.
    Posted by DEaThTIlLTHeEnD on 11 Aug 19 at 03:27
    tom4444 1Anyone still boosting this?
    Add me:
    GT: tom4444 1
    Posted by tom4444 1 on 12 Oct 20 at 21:32
  • YemethYemeth277,108
    12 Oct 2010 12 Oct 2010 02 Feb 2011
    40 6 11
    As of 12th October 2010, SuperNewby with cooperation with Elxx have done a massive manual fix for a large list(Thanks xDimm) of glitched gamers, and I believe are taking new requests still. If your name was on the list posted here: http://forums.electronicarts.co.uk/18651163-post2441.html , log in to multiplayer to get your achievement.

    Good luck with unlocking this buggy achievement. We fought blood and bone over at the official forums to get this finally sorted.

    UPDATE: Elxx is still manually fixing it for new people. But this wont be forever. Go now and post your details here: http://forums.electronicarts.co.uk/battlefield-bad-company/8...

    UPDATE #2: This seems to have been universally fixed. Here is a quote from the forums about it:


    The server will not start to autocorrect your stats until you actually have earned all 120 awards, so no need to worry if the counter is showing 116 when you actually have 117 awards. When all 120 awards have been unlocked, the server will check if the counter is 120. If not, it will add +1 to your counter for each full round you complete until you hit 120 and the final achievment/trophy is unlocked.

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    blkalleykatYes LAFTA when I earned all 120 awards the website was still saying I was short 1 award. I played the next match until we the defenders won. I got the achievement at the screen with the blue banner on the bottom. This was back in April 2011 so the fix is in place.
    Posted by blkalleykat on 10 Aug 11 at 19:43
    Young H0VAHi im new to the game and i have about 75 awards but some show as if i haven't gotten them. do i need to manually fix this or do i have them awarded just not showing?
    Posted by Young H0VA on 16 Jan 12 at 08:43
    YemethJust keep playing, once you get all of them you should get the achievement.
    Posted by Yemeth on 16 Jan 12 at 09:49
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