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Better With a Friend achievement in Dead Rising 2

Better With a Friend

Solve all case files in Co-op.mode.

Better With a Friend0
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How to unlock the Better With a Friend achievement

  • magikman79magikman79
    07 Jun 2020 09 Jun 2020 12 Sep 2023
    If you're playing through the story with someone just for this achievement, don't forget you can skip large periods of time by watching movies in the Cinema...
    Movies start at 1, 3, 5, 7, & 9pm... (and Midnight) Each movie last an Hour & a half & ALWAYS ends an hour & a half after the movie start time... So if you go into the 1pm movie at 2pm, you're still going to exit the movie at 2:30, so it's best to go in as soon as the movie starts to skip the maximum amount of time...
    You also can NOT skip the movie cut scene, if you skip it time will not advance, you just exit the movie, so you WILL need to watch the whole 10 second cut scene.

    There is also an unlisted "Time share video" at midnight, it also lasts 1.5 hours.!Akf6xS8fXjFmvRXEcQ1QKsYEzd8v?e=ZcqckC

    Just remember, all you need is the main story missions, & do NOT need overtime mode.
    The second player only really needs to be there for the story missions & it does not have to be done in 1 play through or even with the same player, Any multiplayer partner will do.
    The most commonly missed part is the very first mission, but aside form that I recommend checking your progress after each case.

    Last Advice.... SAVE OFTEN This port crashes ALL THE TIME... When using movies to skip time, I often drove down to the rock & saved after every movie or two, the second player does not even have to move, just take a motorbike or the SUV down to the rock & save then drive back & you'll still be early for the next movie.

    If this guide needs additions or editing feel free to message me here on TA or on Xbox. If this guide helped you please give a thumbs up.

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    decapitated danFYI 2022 and beyond

    ALWAYS check if your progress % bar is updating after finishing a case.

    ALWAYS have a separate save before beginning a case just incase it doesn't update so you can re run the case.

    If your bar doesn't update hard reset your console then re run the case again

    ALWAYS save before finishing a certain achievement that involves collecting, giving or killing so you can reload before the last one is needed and it will unlock.

    My heads up for anyone doing coop to save you time and stress.
    Posted by decapitated dan On 19 Dec 22 at 05:36
    HaIfaxaDid the entire game with a mate and ended up on 94%. There were a few cases where it didn't seem to update the percentage, and even replaying it 3-4 times with restarting Xbox didn't fix it. Hmm. I didn't do the "TK Needs Zombrex" mission and I'm wondering if that one was required
    Posted by HaIfaxa On 26 Dec 22 at 03:44
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  • TheOnlyMattoTheOnlyMatto
    29 Jul 2019 29 Jul 2019 29 Apr 2020
    Complete all case files, and zombrex katey, with a partner and you will complete this. You need to give TK the zombrex to keep him alive After the army arrives and the base is overwhelmed by zombies. This does not have to be in one sitting, the wife and I completed this over a few sittings. Over time is not needed. You only need to have someone join right before completing any case file, just make sure it registers after each part. Zombrex don't seem to register after the first but I deemed needed for completion.

    For the last boss: Have one person clearing zombies on the bottom, loaded up with weapons like light sabers and nail bats. Have one person fighting him hand to hand with the magazine for hand to hand and the magazine for healing. The rest of the inventory should be loaded up with Pain killers (Beer + Beer). Easy fight, just do endless Drop kicks on him and dodge if he gets too close. If you can back him into a corner he doesn't even dodge.

    If it doesn't unlock apparently you can replay up to the first zombrex to unlock it, credit xShtanky. It unlocked fine for me.
    JayD101 mentions that zombrex may not be needed to complete this achievement. Not confirmed yet
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    TheOnlyMattoeasiest way to find someone is to use a gaming session. people tend to join fast if they need the game.
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto On 20 Feb 21 at 15:39
    NoseyLogicNeed to do this achievement, anyone that also needs it message me on Xbox
    GT: NoseyLogic
    Posted by NoseyLogic On 29 Jun 21 at 20:27
    ABoTxBagelLooking to get started on this, if anyone else needs a partner let me know
    Posted by ABoTxBagel On 31 Oct 22 at 18:01
  • HaIfaxaHaIfaxa
    26 Dec 2022 12 Jan 2023 12 Jan 2023
    An alternative solution for the socially averse or people who are just having too much trouble with randoms:

    You can two box this achievement somewhat reliably. The co-op partner only needs to be there for the end of the case file in order for progress to go up. That being said, this achievement is known to be pretty buggy in general. My advice would be to save before every case is completed, just in case progress doesn't go up. Make sure you check the achievement progress after every case file. Katie Zombrex missions do not count at all, so don't stress if progress doesn't move, *but* obviously they're required to progress the story. This achievement can also be earnt with different partners whenever you want.

    If you do double box this achievement, my advice is to get the second profile to wait on the main menu until you're about to finish the case file, that way when they join the game they'll instantly teleport to you and you won't need to move a second character back and forth. Makes it far easier, as if you're playing by yourself until the very moment you don't need to.

    Good luck!
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