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Beans Bullets Bandages

(Online) Get 10002 kills

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  • FlammmyFlammmy77,747
    31 Oct 2009 28 Jun 2009 28 Mar 2012
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    As all the other (unhelpful) suggestions mentioned, you need to play a lot as there is no way to glitch or easily get this. Here are some suggestions that usually result in me getting the most kills, in the least amount of time:

    1) Use tanks and turrets - don't go for creates, points, etc etc etc. Just use any heavy or light tank to rag on your enemy infantry. If you are using a tank, learn to juke out lazer guided missiles. (A good old run in a strait line, then reverse at the end works 85% of the time

    2) Typically don't snipe - You will have a nice kill/death ratio at the end, but you probably wont get more than 10 kills in a regularly match.

    3) [rather obvious] switch between classes as necessary. If your assault rifle is not working out for you, switch out. One kit doesn't work for all maps or situations.

    4) Avoid being 'tricky'. I often find myself wanting to craft a carefully set trap of c4 or landmines. Even if it works, I will have spent a lot of time for few kills. Go for the loud and noisy approach and just spray with a turret, you will probably get way more kills.

    5) Boosting - if you are gonna do it, the best way is for you to be a sniper, and all your friends on the other team to spawn off one of their squad mates and then get headshotted. But good luck doing this. If you have friends who are willing to do this for you for hours on end, you must be bribing them better than I do. ;-P

    6) If you find yourself on a map you generally do not do well on (or just don't get kills very fast on) just quit and find a different match, much better than struggling for 20 minutes with little to show for it.

    7) If you are going for this achievement, the find-all-five weapons will be useful:
    your3mynextt4rget Unlocks QBU88 Recon weapon
    try4ndrunf0rcov3r Unlocks the M60 Support weapon
    cov3r1ngthecorn3r Unlocks the Uzi Special Ops weapon
    aw3somef1rep0wer Unlocks USAS12 Demolition weapon
    [highly recommend this sniper]
    [there is no code for the assault rifle, it is a pain to get, you can try entering one of your previous battlefield games on EA's website... one way to get the assault rifle is to go play battlefield heros... it a free browser game]

    That is all for now, good luck and reply with any additional suggestions, tips or questions!

    Ok, so I finally got my achievement... If you are interested, here are my stats at time of completion... (as seen on my profile on

    External image

    The achievement pops right in the middle of the game, after you get the final kill.

    One final 'hint' that you can choose to use or not is the artillery glitch. it is a glitch that allows you to bypass the wait time for the artillery (you don't have to wait for the bar to fill up again before firing... very powerful glitch)
    - How to do the artillery glitch:
    - Fire artillery at the point you want
    - 3rd person view of your 5 shots being shot out
    as soon as this 3rd person bit ends, the camera switches to where the shots are about to hit, as soon as it switches to this view, hit 'b' to get out
    - Get back in, the shots will hit as normal, you just wont see them hit, and you can fire again immediately. (they still do all the normal damage as if you had watched the shells hit the ground)
    - If you get out too early or too late you miss the glitch, and you have to wait for the bar to refill...
  • Strategy OneStrategy One640,861
    15 Jun 2012 23 May 2012 03 Feb 2015
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    Beans Bullets Bandages Boosting strategy

    External image

    First off, I would like to say: when im boosting that is top priority, I have a laptop in front of me and a cellphone right next to that. If either of those slow down or make the session get less out of what is capable while boosting. Then I will not touch them.

    These other solutions are only based on doing it by playing the game which isn't the fastest. The other solutions are also head hurting, headache creating and time consuming. Get in a group that is always boosting this achievement at a good time late at night (Not too late but just to where there is no one really playing).

    This is not recommended during daytime, Friday nights, and definitely not Saturday nights.

    By Honorguy XNL: The times when randoms are almost not active? For that is between like 7 am and 2PM (times most sessions start/end) GMT+1 here but simply said. Early in the morning for Europe :)

    Step 1:Before the session starts

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Step 2: After the map has been taken

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Things to look out for:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Important Information

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Ideas from fellow BFBC boosters:

    Trivolt: Try not to use the word blue or red when describing anyone or anything, instead use the word Russian or American. This will help avoid confusion.(Thanks Trivolt!)

    Do not read below this line if you don't like math, I made this part to save time, if you don't care about saving 5-10+ hours overall of boosting don't read any further.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    I hope everyone understands what I am trying to say, I don't like losing time when I could be doing other things, but if you prevent this from happening you will save 10 or more hours boosting this achievement.
    Please everyone who reads this, don't take advantage of the simple way to boost this game, when you have the ability to spawn, SPAWN!
  • Sovereign in 4KSovereign in 4K415,410
    03 Mar 2012 04 Mar 2012 31 Mar 2012
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    I just won this achievement today, so I will share my tactics on how I played through this on multiplayer.

    First, I tried to stay away from the large open maps. If all the vehicles are taken, running across open land is a time killer and you are easy bait for snipers and helos. On the way to BBB, you will play on these, but l would limit it to a minimum.

    Second, sitting on a ridgeline and sniping looks great, but alot of time is burned if you can't use the sniper rifles effectively. The weapons I preferred were the M-16 assault rifle and the M-60 machine gun. I tried using the Specialist class weapons, but I died quite a bit before my enemy did. They have great fire rate, but lack stopping power. The Demolition class weapons are the opposite. The shotguns are great, but the reload time is really slow. I like the idea of killing my enemies before they get too close.

    The M-16 assault rifle has excellent range and stopping power. The M-60 machine gun can shoot numerous rounds without having to reload and also has great stopping power. Both have healing packs, if you have unlocked them, so you can heal yourself up quickly and return to battle.

    Lastly, have FUN! The BBB achievement requires alot of hours to get to 10002 kills. I would recommend avoiding kill sessions as these will just slow you down considerably. The few I was a part of showed me the frustration of dealing with randoms in gameplay.

    The BBB achievement will show on screen in gameplay when you get your final kill, so you don't have to finish the match like some of the other achievements in the game in order for it to be updated. For me, the in-game leaderboard was not keeping up with the kills I was getting. Sometimes, going to the Xbox dashboard and restarting the game, updates the kills, but not always. When you get to the last 50 kills or so, just keep an eye out for achievement.

    I had a good time going for this achievement because I played with friends and I didn't mind the multiplayer too much. Even if you choose a small map and the computer still puts you on a large map, check your recent players list. More times than not, one of those players is playing on a more suitable map that will allow you to join in progress.

    I ran with the M-16 assault rifle, most of the time, and used the "run and gun" method. I averaged between 1.25 and 1.5 kills/minute, which gave me close to 100 kills/hour. I really enjoyed the house to house fighting on the smaller maps. I am just an average player with average skills, but I did pull in 3000+ kills in 6 days and 6500 kills in 3 weeks.

    Good Hunting to all!
  • BulgyDragonZordBulgyDragonZord497,416
    06 Apr 2014 26 May 2014 02 Apr 2019
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    This game is now Backward Compatible on the XBox One Console.

    Firstly I would like to give credit to everyone who has posted solutions for this achievement. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to create this solution to help everyone else, since I have suffered so much with this achievement.

    By popular demand by friends, I have been recommended to post a solution for this achievement in this game. This is the 2nd hardest online achievement to get in Battlefield: Bad Company. As the name implies, in order for you to get it… you need to get 10,002 Kills across all of your games played.

    The link below takes you to a decent website called Statsverse. It is a site designed to keep track of what you have achieved on a handful of Battlefield games. Battlefield: Bad Company is one of them and by typing in your Gamer-Tag, it will present to you a list of your Kills, Deaths, Awards, Time Played and much more. Sadly as of October 2017 the site is broken, because if you currently type in your name at any point and then click the Update button once it’s loaded, you get an endless loading screen that does not change your status on your page. This makes the tracking more difficult as you will likely have to communicate with people to find out what Awards they are missing or already got. Feel free to check out the website if you want to test it…

    Boosting Method

    If your planning on boosting the Kills in this game, then you’ll need to get some players that will be willing to help you (and themselves as well). A minimum of 4 people/accounts is required in order to participate in Conquest Matches, without putting yourself in squads. But the best number of players to have for Kill Sessions is 8. If you have less than 8, it can difficult to boost since randoms can join in your games and if you have more than 8, then it’ll take longer to boost since everyone will want a turn, and the energy at the top of the screen will drain faster.

    Planning Ahead

    Before you even decide to boost for the Kills, you’ll need to download some extra DLC. First you’ll need to download the Community Map Pack, which gives you access to the extra maps that are in the game, and secondly you’ll need to download the Conquest Game Mode, since you’ll be doing a lot of Conquest Matches to get your chosen Awards.

    Both these map packs alone will set you back around 300MB, which isn’t much

    Organising A Boosting Session

    First you’ll need to get 8 players, so I suggest you create a gaming session or search for one on the site. Once you have done that, then whoever is the host needs to decide which two players will form the squads. Once decided the two people need to go into Multiplayer, then Custom Match and then press cn_X for Squad Invite.

    Originally you would only be able to invite friends into the squad, however there is a trick you can do in which you can invite anyone. Simply choose anyone on your friend list and give them an invite, you may need to inform them what you are doing. Once that is done open your XBox Live Party or cn_guide and then click and invite the players which are going to be in your squad.

    Once both players have their 2 squads with 4 players each, get one of you to search on the chosen map you wish to use for boosting. Ensure before they search that they select the Conquest Game Mode. Once one team is searching for a map, get the other team to follow and let them search as well. Chances are you will both be searching for the same map.

    If you get the chosen map you are searching for, then there is a high chance that no one is playing Conquest, which means you have some time to neutralize the flags before randoms join. If you don’t get the chosen map, then there are either randoms already playing the game, a clan is trying to prevent you from boosting, or there are already some boosters boosting on this game.

    Squad Issues

    As of October 2017 one of the main issues that has happened recently with the game is the difficulty of getting a group of 3 or 4 people into a Squad. The downside with the Squad with this game is unless you have a successful group of 4 people loaded into the match without anyone getting disconnected, should a random or another person join the team, they will split the squads up and can easily spawn into the match with everyone else. As you can imagine, this will give out some difficulty because if a random gets into the match with yourselves, they can easily destroy your organisation and your work.

    If you wanted to restart the Squads and try and get 4 people into the groups, the best method would be to return to the main menu of the game and retry the process. If that doesn’t work you can always try and invite another person within the group and see if they can get in as a group of 4 together. If that also doesn’t work, then the other methods would be to restart the game, the console or the Internet Router.

    What Do I Do If I Get In A Game On My Own With My Boosting Group?

    If you have the game to yourselves and everyone is on the correct team (4 vs 4), then you’ll need to act fast and neutralize the enemy flags.

    What is Neutralizing?

    Neutralizing is when capture the opponent’s flag, and make the flag turn white. Once the flag is white, you then step away from the flag and prevent yourself or your squad capturing the flag with the team your based in. By neutralizing the flags you will prevent randoms from joining in your matches. The only time randoms can join in the match is if someone on your squad loses XBox Live connection or quits, a brand new game loads up, or if you fail to neutralize all of the coloured flags in time.

    Why do we need to be in a squad?

    The maximum amount of players that can be in the squad on this game is 4. You cannot have anymore but you can have less. The reason why you form up a squad is because when you neutralize the flags, originally no one would be able to respawn. However you can because if one of you in your squad was to die, then you can simply respawn behind one of your squad members (which will be one of your boosting partners). Whilst this all sounds useful, you must keep in mind that if all 4 players in a squad get killed at once, no one on that squad can respawn so it means the game would have to end.

    In addition to this matter if one of you loses connection and gets kicked from the game, it means your squad will have an empty slot, which brings the risk of randoms. If you don’t have a full squad of 4 players, a random can join the game under the Squad Selection, which could destroy your game.

    There is however a method which can be used should one of you get kicked from the game, which is to get one member of the squad which is still in the game to go and capture 1 flag. The leader of that squad needs to leave and re-invite everyone to a created squad. Once everyone has re-joined then the leader needs to research the map that everyone is boosting on. Once returned simply neutralize the flag you have spawned on and then kill the randoms that are infiltrating the server, should you have any.

    We have the game now to ourselves, how do we boost Kills?

    Meet up in an area on the map that’s far away from any of the flags. Find a quiet straight spot that doesn’t that you believe will be safe to sit around and claim your kills. Once all of you have arrived, decide between all of you one person per team, who’s going for Kills first.
    Once decided, the chosen players need to crouch by pressing cn_RS and then they need to put themselves in a back-to-back sequence. Make sure both players are exactly in line together, and no one leaves a gap.

    Have the 3 remaining players on each team to stand in front of the opponent who is crouched in back-to-back mode. The two, which are back-to-back, can now start doing Knife Kills, which is done by rapidly tapping the cn_Y button. Alternatively if you find this difficult, you can press the cn_Y button to equip the Knife and then press the cn_RT button afterwards to continue swiping the Knife.

    The Knife will kill all 3 opponents that are staring in front of you on your screen. Now even though everyone apart from the knife stabbers are dead, once the time limit for respawning has finished, the 3 players can then respawn. The trick you are doing is that everyone will spawn behind the person on his or her team who is doing the knife killing. However an opponent will be right in front of you when you respawn (because of the back-to-back formation), so it means you’ll get killed with the knife straight away.
    It takes around 15 seconds before a player can respawn in the match. To respawn, you just need to press the cn_A button when the game allows you to.

    This is all very well, and it means you’ll get a fair amount of kills during your duration (as well as some Awards and Achievements). However a drawback is that the players which are getting killed need to move around at some point to prevent themselves from getting kicked. So it’s important that the players who are killing the respawners allow them to move around time to time, to prevent anyone from getting kicked from the match.

    The trick when doing this is if you are the person who’s getting killed, when you spawn with the cn_A button, quickly flick the cn_LS in any direction of your choice, before you get stabbed. Personally I would let your character move backwards a little by lightly pressing cn_LSd. Apply this method to your main account and dummy accounts as well if you are planning to use them in the game as bait. You can try and use Turbo Controllers or Rubber-Band the Controller as well, but it won’t be that easy to achieve.

    By default, the game will allow you to have 5 Minutes of inactivity before you get kicked. But be-aware that the game may get picky and could possibly kick you after 2 – 3 Minutes of inactivity.

    When it’s my turn to get kills, how long do I have?

    It depends how long you want to boost for, and how popular the game is with randoms. If there are 8 of you in a session, and it’s set for 3 hours, I recommend everyone gets 2x 15 Minute Rotations of Kills.
    The reason why I would give everyone 2 rotations instead of 1x 30 Minute is because the risk that randoms, clans and other issues. Additionally everyone would have at least had a turn in doing kills, so no one would be walking away from the session with nothing.

    How many Kills can you get in a Match?

    Good Question: It has been confirmed that the amount of Kills you will get, depends upon what Map you are playing in the Conquest Game Mode.
    If you are playing on a Small Map, you the energy bar at the top will drain more slower, allowing you to get more Kills. If you are playing on a Large Map, the energy bar will drain the fastest, meaning you will get less Kills in the round.
    Some boosters in the past preferred to boost “only” on the smallest maps, since they like to walk away with a lot more kills and less games played. However due to the ongoing issues with the Squad’s and the Servers itself, I recommend you keep whatever map you are playing on for boosting, unless you all have to leave the map for reasons.

    Here is a list of all the maps that you get in the Conquest Game Mode and the maximum amount of kills you can get for each of the teams. Note that 1 person will walk away with an extra kill since that final kill will be the victory one. And if anyone commits suicide, kills randoms or dies un-expectedly, the amount of kills the person on the same team will get at the end of the match will be reduced…

    Harvest Day – Large Map – Winner: 100 Kills Max – Loser: 99 Kills Max
    End Of The Line – Large Map – Winner: 100 Kills Max – Loser: 99 Kills Max
    Ascension – Small Map – Winner: 100 Kills Max – Loser: 149 Kills Max
    Oasis – Medium Map – Winner: 125 Kills Max – Loser: 124 Kills Max

    DLC Maps

    Acta Non Verba – Small Map – Winner: 150 Kills Max – Loser: 149 Kills Max
    Warning: For some unknown reason, “Acta Non Verba” does not allow you to perform “Team-Kills” and the map does not have any Vehicles. This means if a random joins, you may have trouble trying to get rid of them.
    Crossing Over – Large Map – Winner: 100 Kills Max – Loser: 99 Kills Max
    Par For The Course – Medium Map – Winner: 125 Kills Max – Loser: 124 Kills Max
    Ghost Town – Medium Map – Winner: 125 Kills Max – Loser: 124 Kills Max

    What do I need to watch out for?

    Randoms: Even though you have neutralized the flags and the game is yours, randoms can still join your game and sit for a duration until the game ends, or if someone gets kicked.

    Players Getting Kicked: A player in the game can get kicked un-expectedly due to connection, staying idle for more than 2 minutes or team killing, so make sure everyone is kept under control because Award sessions can be messy.

    Clans: There are a handful of Clans, which play this game as well and most of them hate boosters. Sometimes they’ll leave if you’ve got control of the server, but if you are close to finishing a game, they may wait until a new game starts and then screw you over. Clans will cheat in ways to prevent you from boosting such as Quick-Scoping with a rifle (jumping and shooting), team killing and even crashing the server (which anyone can do on this game).

    Other Boosting Groups: You won’t be alone when you boost this game. There are other boosters that will want a server as well as yourself. The problem with this game is that unless 24 players are in a server, everyone will join on the same one. Some other boosting groups will get angry if they notice you are boosting and may attempt to destroy you when the game is available for them to join. Others may be generous and leave you boost, however if this happens you may get a message and they may ask if they can have the server after your finished.

    So what can I do if another group of boosters are boosting the game?

    Firstly, don’t get involved in arguments and fight for the server. You cannot blame anyone except the game, since Conquest only has 1 server, unless 24 players fill it (a new one would be created). If you and your group end up joining a game in which another group of boosters is boosting, then just sit and wait what happens. The boosters may leave or even send you a message saying what their doing. And even if you do end up joining the game don’t get involved with them, they may end up allowing you to play the map and allow you and your team to do whatever you want in another corner.

    If you don’t have any luck and they continue boosting, then the best method is to negotiate with your teams and agree on overtime. In the meantime the teams can go and play another game, or you can always go and play some Gold Rush to get some Awards their. It is wise as well that someone regularly checks the Conquest server just in case the boosters leave and you can have the game for yourself. You may even have to cancel a session if things don’t go as planned.

    When I boosted the game, there were another group of boosters as well, but they were generous and asked us if they can have like 15 – 30 minutes to finish. We mostly said yes and then they when their time was finished, they actually kept the server for us to arrive to prevent randoms. Believe me… in this game, respect and kindness goes a long way.

    Checking how many Kills you’ve got in total

    Due to the fact that Statverse is not working properly, there is no proper way in checking to see how many Kills you will have overall except for the game’s Leaderboard Menu. This is done by going into Multiplayer, then Stats and then choosing Leaderboards. Here you will find features such as Kills, Deaths, Kill Ratio and you can also compare it with your friends. Obviously you will want to find out how many Kills you’ve got overall in the game when you pass by.
    Despite this though, the leaderboard does not register newly acquired Kills for a period of time, so even though you can check the leaderboard and it will give you a different number of Kills, or the same as what you had before, doesn’t mean that’s the exact number of Kills you’ve got so far.
    With this in mind a recommendation is to leave the game for a couple to a few hours, then check this menu again later to see if the amount of Kills you’ve got in the game has increased.
    Another interesting thing about this achievement with the Leaderboards is that, you may get some Kills hidden that the game never registered, as some players unlocked the achievement earlier than getting 10,002 Kills. For instance some people have it on the Leaderboard and their total amount of Kills is 10,000, 9999, 10,001 etc.


    Kill Boosting is far easier compared to Award Boosting in this game. You will be doing a lot more Kill Boosting than anything else when it comes to the online achievements, because different sessions will have different outcomes of how many kills you’ve managed to achieve. If you don’t have the Conquest Lobby for yourself and the group, you can always try and play some Gold Rush and attempt to get some Kills that you can add to the Leaderboard.

    I wish you all the very best of luck if you decide to go for this achievement. Never give up on it because it can be done, just some time and patience will do the trick. If you find any information in this solution, which needs changing or updating, please let me know.

  • Dr MartyDr Marty527,668
    16 Jun 2018 11 Sep 2018 22 Feb 2019
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    Back-to-back Knifing Boost Method w/ 4 accounts

    You won't need 8 accounts for this method. First of all it is difficult getting 8 individuals to agree on a specific time of day and then also stick around for this multiple weeks long endeavor. It is much easier with only 2 people, who each double-box. This way you are much more flexible time-wise.

    The first thing to know is that the Conquest servers idle when not used. Which means you will receive a 'cannot connect to server' message. (This was explained to me by a DICE employee). However, if you continuously try, the server will eventually open a lobby for you. On average it took us 20min; the longest we tried was 1h15min. But eventually it always works. The server, however, is much more responsive when more people submit requests. With 6 people you can get a lobby open in about 5min.

    This is how xDEADxRlSlNGx and I did this:
    Why only 4 account?
    The way we boosted the 10002 kills is with 4 accounts. 2 of mine and 2 of my buddy's, which is the minimum to open a lobby. I know that you can lock down a lobby with 8 people (see solutions above), which is helpful against randoms. But it is quite useless against some of the anti-boosters you will inevitably encounter. They will simply wait until you have to start a new round and mess you up before you can neutralize all the flags and set up properly. And some of the worst anti-boosters will indeed wait for a long time to mess with you. One time we had a guy occupying the server for the entire day!
    With 4 accounts (especially if two of you are double-boxing), you are much more flexible time-wise and can out-wait most anti-boosters. Just wait 30min to 1h and they will have left, at which point you can boost again. Having to coordinate between 8 boosters, it is very unlikely that all of you can reconvene at a later time, and thus, your session is a bust.
    Of course, if you have more dummy accounts, feel free to add as many as you like. The kill count will increase more quickly with more accounts in the game. The objective is to keep the number of human players (who will also need their own 100002 kills) down to a minimum.

    The set-up
    After you have neutralized all the flags, set up for the back-to-back knifing method (described in solutions above). It is pretty reliable in spawn-killing most randoms, even with only 4 accounts. There are ways to get out of the spawn-kill, but most randoms are not aware of these tricks.
    The way we did it is set up in a house with one knifer facing a corner of the room and the other one facing the inside of the room. For randoms it will almost be impossible to get away from the person facing the corner. It is easier to get away from the person facing the inside of the room. However, I have a CronusMax and turbo'ed the knife button. In 50h of boosting only 1 person ever got away from being spawn-killed, and that was due to my own mistake.

    Don't spawn your dummy while a random is in the lobby
    As soon as a random enters your lobby, stop spawning in with your dummy accounts. If the random happens to spawn at the same time as your dummy, you will only knife one of them, giving the random a few seconds to get away or kill you. Always wait until the random spawned and has been killed, before you spawn in with your dummy. This way you have 15sec to spawn in with your dummy without him spawning on top of the dummy.
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