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One Fully Upgraded Weapon

Fully upgrade one weapon.

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How to unlock the One Fully Upgraded Weapon achievement

  • Leo AscendentLeo Ascendent483,480
    19 Sep 2016 19 Sep 2016
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    Courtesy of

    Neptune's Bounty

    Freezer Bottom Floor: Go through Fontaine Fisheries (where Peach Wilkins asked for the three Spider Splicer pictures). As the player goes down the stairs from the second floor to the first they should see the machine right in front of them.


    Tree Farm: On the way to the Farmer's Market, it'll be on one's left.

    Farmer's Market

    Winery Cellar Bottom Floor: Take the stairs from the top floor to the bottom floor, and keep going straight once done descending the stairs. The machine should be right in front of the player in the water.

    Fort Frolic

    Le Marquis D'Epoque: Start from the Circus of Values machine in the Lower Atrium. With one's back to the machine, go down the stairs into the Southern Mall. Make a right at the end towards the Gene Bank, then make a left and a quick right, then another left and another right to go into Le Marquis D'Epoque. Go straight upon entering and go down the stairs. The player will see a U-Invent machine in front of them. Go right and then turn right, go straight and then make a quick left to see a room filled with cigars along with the Power to the People machine.

    Sinclair Spirits: Once one enters the room, turn left. One should see water falling from the ceiling with a door behind it. To open this door, go to the counter on the opposite side of the room, and there should be a button behind the counter. Press it to open up the door, then go downstairs and the machine should be right there. Upon using this Power to the People machine, all the "statues" will come alive and attack the player. These Plastered Splicers do not make any sound or scream dialogue like most Splicers. They attack the player in complete silence, so keep a watchful eye, as they also never stop spawning and while providing a steady supply of items, can be deadly when exploring. It might be helpful to use this machine near the end of the level to avoid most of them.


    Hephaestus Core: Right across from the Gatherer's Garden, on the southwest corner of the core.
    Kyburz' Office: In the back of the room on the north side.

    Olympus Heights

    Mercury Suites: In the main square opposite side of the elevator's doors, on the center pillar.
    Sander Cohen's Apartment: This is the room where the player gets the achievement/trophy for entering Sander Cohen's personal quarters.

    Note: The player must let Cohen live when he was in Fort Frolic to be able to get into this room, otherwise it will be locked, and they will not be able to access the machine. Sander Cohen's apartment can be seen at the lower left of the corner of the map, on the west side square. Basically, go into Cohen's apartment on the first floor, and if the player disrupts the dancers (such as by knocking over the gramophone or killing the dancers), Cohen will come down from his private quarters and open the door for the player. Through the door, at the top of the stairs, turn left and the player will see the machine right there.

    Apollo Square

    Hestia Chambers Fourth Floor: To get to the fourth floor, the player needs to go to the top of the staircase. Enter the room on the right and one should be in Atlas' headquarters. There will be a machine in the second room.
    Point Prometheus

    Atrium: The machine is right next to the Big Daddy corpse on the south side of the Atrium.
    Optimized Eugenics: The machine is right next to the Gene Bank in Eugenics Analysis.
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  • Ac1dDrinksAc1dDrinks222,313
    14 Sep 2016 05 Oct 2016
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    Hey guys for those who need a visual guide with some commentary i made a guide! (It also has all the Audio Diaries with it)

  • PangoBaraPangoBara1,128,986
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    There's a glitch that lets you earn every weapon upgrade achievement without even starting the campaign.

    Load up the "Worlds of Hurt" challenge on Easy.

    In the 2nd room you have to clear out, there will be one Big Daddy. Kill him really fast using whatever bullets you have/ your wrench. In the corner of that room is a weapon upgrade machine.
    Walk up to it and MAKE A HARD SAVE BEFORE USING IT.

    Step 1: Use it and choose the first pistol upgrade.
    BioShockUpgraded a WeaponThe Upgraded a Weapon achievement in BioShock worth 6 pointsAcquire at least one weapon upgrade.

    Step 2: Accept the gift from the Little Sister and leave the room on the warp pad.
    Step 3: Go into the "All Kinds of Big Daddies Room" (or whatever it's named it has a picture of a Big Daddy above the doorway)
    Step 4: Go into the far left corner of the room (there's a rabid Big Daddy pounding on a vent in the far right corner)
    Step 5: Use the weapon upgrade machine to buy the 2nd pistol upgrade
    BioShockOne Fully Upgraded WeaponThe One Fully Upgraded Weapon achievement in BioShock worth 7 pointsFully upgrade one weapon.

    Step 6: Load up your save and repeat with the machine gun
    BioShockTwo Fully Upgraded WeaponsThe Two Fully Upgraded Weapons achievement in BioShock worth 7 pointsFully upgrade two weapons.

    Step 7: Repeat with Shotgun
    BioShockThree Fully Upgraded WeaponsThe Three Fully Upgraded Weapons achievement in BioShock worth 15 pointsFully upgrade three weapons.

    Step 8: Repeat with Grenade Launcher
    BioShockFour Fully upgraded WeaponsThe Four Fully upgraded Weapons achievement in BioShock worth 16 pointsFully upgrade four weapons.

    Step 9: Repeat with Plasma Caster
    BioShockFive Fully Upgraded WeaponsThe Five Fully Upgraded Weapons achievement in BioShock worth 18 pointsFully upgrade five weapons.

    Step 10: Repeat with Crossbow
    BioShockWeapon SpecialistThe Weapon Specialist achievement in BioShock worth 42 pointsAcquire all upgrades for all weapons.

    Also you can use this to mop up any you missed during the campaign, I missed doing just one weapon so I only needed to do that, there's no need to go through the whole list and do ones you did during the campaign.
    I just wanted this method posted for anyone who doesn't feel like collecting them again or if it didn't unlock when you were going for it for some reason or the other.
    Now enjoy the games!
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