Seriously Good At This achievement in BioShock

Seriously Good At This

Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting.

Seriously Good At This0
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How to unlock the Seriously Good At This achievement

  • staR eXistenZstaR eXistenZ1,076,091
    14 Sep 2016 14 Sep 2016 15 Sep 2016
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    I recommend doing this achievement in two ways:

    1. Play through the game on your preffered difficulty, and after completing it you will unlock New Game Plus, available for all difficulties and all your data like weapons, inventory, research etc. will carry over as soon as you reach the Medical Pavillon. This makes Survivor difficulty a lot easier!

    Spoiler ahead!!!

    2. You can also get all achievements, except for the challenge mode achievements, in almost one playthrough... Just select your preffered difficulty and play until you reach the last fight against Fontaine. When you drain his Adam for the fourth time, just hit start and select Survivor difficulty and press A to apply. Watch the cutscene and your cheevo should pop!!! If you disabled the Vita-Chambers, the Brass Balls achievement should pop as well...

    But only if you switch it to Hard instead of Survivor because the Brass Balls achievement only pops on Hard for some Reason and NOT on Survivor difficulty, thanks to
    Toa TAK for pointing that out. You can always reuse the last autosave just before the fight in order to get the achievements you need.

    I hope this helps and enjoy this amazing game!!!

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    Harley Quinn000I couldn’t get it to pop on Hard mode, but I was able to on Survivor mode. However still +1 from me!
    Posted by Harley Quinn000 on 17 Jun 18 at 05:10
    Raw Sauce RossFor those who did what I did and switched to survivor not knowing this wouldn’t unlock, all you have to do is reload the save back up before the fight, switch it to easy again then proceed with the fight. Then do the exploit and switch to HARD after stabbing the final boss for the last time.
    Posted by Raw Sauce Ross on 16 Feb 19 at 00:40
    C5 PrimeCan confirm that it still works like a charm as of March 2020, thanks!
    Posted by C5 Prime on 02 Mar at 20:33
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  • cooper101183cooper101183764,316
    28 Oct 2016 28 Oct 2016
    29 0 4
    Just to note this achievement is seriously glitched. I played through the game doing all achievements in my first playthrough including Brass Balls. This achievement and the achievement for rescuing all little sisters did not pop.

    I had to replay the final fight on a higher difficulty and then both popped. I retried on hard and then tried lower but only turning the difficulty upto survivor unlocked those last two.

    Panic over but I thought I would update this incase anyone else struggles.
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    guns vs kittensExact situation for me as well, beat it on Survivor, popped the achievements no issue.

    +1 from me, good looking out
    Posted by guns vs kittens on 27 Jan 17 at 01:25
    Harley Quinn000Same thing happened to me. Didn’t pop on hard, but it popped for survivor. +1 from me!
    Posted by Harley Quinn000 on 17 Jun 18 at 05:11
    o Heres Jonny oSame for me, thank you for the help.
    Posted by o Heres Jonny o on 06 Nov 18 at 22:54
  • KimievaKimieva107,527
    07 Jan 2017 07 Jan 2017 17 Jan 2017
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    If you're like me, you played BioShock on the XB360 and play it on Hard all the time. Thus, the newer difficulty offers an upgraded challenge to the seasoned players of Hard difficulty, and if you want to get the achievement by actually playing the game on this difficulty, here are some tips.

    1: The biggest difference, as you no doubt imagine, is that enemies both deal and soak more damage. Otherwise, the rest of the game is largely the same. Resources are as abundant as they typically are, so it isn't as though you will be starved for bullets or cash.

    2: The most effective Big Daddy killer on this difficulty is Security Bullseye: either by targeting the Big Daddy when it walks in front of a hacked camera, or deliberately triggering an alarm with a failed hack and then targeting it. Let the Security Bots do the work for you. It will save health, ammo, and EVE.

    3: Keeping #2 above in mind, that's also the best and quickest method to research Big Daddies, Security Bots, and if they are present when you attack, Little Sisters. All of your shots will be Action Shots and if you frame them correctly, shots with Multiple Subjects.

    4: On the topic of research, if you are patient, you can complete all research for the Nitro Splicer, Gun Splicer, and Little Sister in Neptune's Bounty, while also getting a pretty good jump on the research for Rosies, Spider Splicers, and the various Security devices. In addition to damage bonuses, this will also give you a handful of tonics that can be very helpful, particularly Photographer's Eye 2 for Level 2 Rosie research, Security Expert 2 for Level 2 Security Bot research, and Static Discharge 2 for Level 4 Gun Splicer research.

    5: Before you go to the Smuggler's Den, take a detour and go back to Medical Pavilion. Fully research the Thuggish Splicer there (they are a bit tougher in Arcadia) and to get the Sport Boost tonics and the additional damage benefits. If you killed a Bouncer your first time here, take your *first* Bouncer photo on the Bouncer's corpse, since that will automatically push you into the next tier of research with the weakest possible photo. You can then photograph the living Bouncers in Medical for better bonuses. If you have not completed any Gun Splicer or Nitro Splicer research, you can also do that in Medical.

    6: If you want more ADAM, take advantage of the Extra Little Sister Bug. I can confirm that it works in this version of the game. The hardest one to take advantage of is the one in Arcadia as you have to be meticulous about triggering it, and you will not be able to use Security Bullseye to assist you. The easiest one to trigger is in Fort Frolic, so use it if you find yourself in need of additional upgrades. And since these trigger the rewards provided by Tenenbaum, if you are saving the Little Sisters, you will get the Tenenbaum rewards earlier in the game than you otherwise would. Again, this allows for quicker upgrades.

    7: In the latter part of the game, the fully upgraded Chemical Thrower becomes potentially your best weapon. Combining Napalm with Human Inferno 1 and 2, or Electric Gel with Electric Flesh 1 and 2, on top of your research bonus, and Damage Research tonics 1 and 2, and most enemies go down very quickly.

    8: Alternatively, the best weapon in the game can be the Wrench, but it requires Wrench Jockey 1 and 2, Wrench Lurker 1 and 2, the fourth Level of Bouncer Research, Damage Research 1 and 2, Frozen Field 1 and 2, Sport Boosts 1 & 2, and the all the other research bonus. It's a lot of combine, but it makes the Wrench capable of taking down Big Daddies.

    9: The Fontaine fight can be finished without too much difficulty by equipping the following tonics: Human Inferno 1 & 2, Electric Flesh 1 & 2, Armored Shell 1 & 2, Eve Link 2, Sport Boost 1 & 2, Medical Expert 3, and then whatever else you feel will help you survive. Use the Chemical Thrower and Electric Gel for Rounds 1 and 2 of the fight. For round 3, use any remaining Electric Gel if you have it, and then switch to Napalm. NOTE: For rounds 2 and 3, as soon as Fontaine leaps out of the ADAM mechanism, hit him with the Security Bullseye. This will cause the Security Bots he summons at the start of those rounds to target him instead of you.

    Hope this helps!
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