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“Worlds of Hurt” – Tough Guy

Rescued the Little Sister in “Worlds of Hurt” on medium or higher difficulty using only the wrench.

“Worlds of Hurt” – Tough Guy-0.2
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How to unlock the “Worlds of Hurt” – Tough Guy achievement

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    Wrench/Camera All plasmids/Tonics are allowed.

    Here is the method/tactics I used. I will list the tactics for each arena I visited as well as the Plasmids I purchased. This list is in the order I went in.

    Quick Tips:

    Buy film ASAP, search all corpses/containers, Photograph through the glass; Enrage & Target Dummy essential; Use health Stations during arenas; Unlock Damage Research bonuses (massive help); Utilise the save function, Manage Adam resources effectively. Auto Hack bonus essential for Turret Maze (Research Turrets)

    1 - A Single Splicer

    Drop down turn right and grab the two first aid kits, run over to the Splicer and cave his skull in. Search the 4 corpses for money, film & health. Collect your weapons

    2 - A single Big Daddy - Buy Film (only if collected none)

    While on the glass roof take two pictures of the big daddy. This should be repeated every arena. Run over to the big daddy hit him with wrench. Run directly into the Electrified Water, the B/D will follow. Get out quickly, and stand near the pillar. Here its too deep for him to get out. He will gradually be electrocuted. If he does get out just run back in.

    Make A Save

    3 - Spider Splicer Arena - Purchase Wrench Jockey, Armoured Shell

    Run over the glass roof taking pics, you will unlock damage bonuses and Extra Nutrition 3 tonic. Drop through the hole and cast Target Dummy, as one takes the bait run over and wrench them. Circle the perimeter, repeating this process. Check the corpses afterwards as most give a health kit. As long as you got the damage bonuses from the pictures then it will take 4 swings with the wrench to kill them.

    Make A Save

    4 - Houdini Splicer Arena - Static Discharge

    Very easy arena. Drop through hole, begining making your way down the stairs. Stop when you'renear a health machine. Begin casting Target Dummy. Capture the Splicers in action and once you have killed 3/4 and unlocked Natural Camouflage Tonic, beginning moving down. Repeat the process at the very bottom, cast dummy, take pics then wrench them. You will unlock easy to predict Houdini movement bonus. Target Dummy is the key here.

    Return to base, buy health eve etc Make A Save

    5 - Security Bots Arena - Hacking Plasmids.

    Drop down and as soon as you hear the alarm cast Target Dummy. Get a Picture of security Bots in action, then smash them out of the air. Repeat this until all are destroyed. There are two inactive security bots on the ground, walk up to them and hack them or buy them out. Lead them past the Big Daddy into a room with a Thuggish splicer; get a pic of the scene. Go back to Daddy. Provided you got good pics of the daddy in the earlier arena another goodpicture will unlock Wrench Jockey 2 Equip straight away.

    Keep casting target dummy, whack the daddy a few times and the bots will damage him. If he hits you your static discharge will stagger/damage him. Run to health machine instead of using up your health packs. Provided you get the technique your bots will maul him. You should use no more than 3 health packs for this whole arena. Attack him from behind, his melee can damage you even when he is aiming for the dummy, so get behind a few whacks on him, recast dummy and either repeat or back off to heal. Once he falls collect all of the debris.

    Back at Base - Make a Save

    6- Mixed Enemies Arena - Enrage Eve Saver

    Run round the glass roof, taking as many photographs as possible. Drop down cast target dummy ,round the corner is a gun turret place the dummy in line with this. When an enemy appears cast enrage. Keep your distance, You will hear the fracas, keep repeating this until the noise dies down.

    Assess the carnage there should be a few corpses. Run to a health machine - Make a Save. You will see a Big Daddy, use dummy to draw enemies near the daddy then cast enrage. The Daddy's health should be down almost half. Lure him near the health machine and begin the standard method. Cast Target Dummy, 3/4 Whacks, back off recast - again if youre hit then static discharge gives a great chance to get some extra hits in. Run to the health machine to top up when hes attacking the dummy. Just repeat this until he's gone.

    After this mop up any enemies. Use your cam to capture the carnage.

    Back at Base - Make A Save

    7 - Big Daddy Arena - Insect Swarm 3

    Take pics on glass roof as per usual. Drop down and use you Target Dummy to lure a Bouncer next to Elite Rosie. Enrage the bouncer and occassionally cast Insect Swarm, then keep well away. The Elite Rosie will destroy all of the Big Daddys so the Insect Swarm slowly wittles Down her health. After that battle use target dummy to lure a standard Rosie near to Elite Rosie. Again Enrage the Standard Rosie keep well back, casting insect swarm.

    Run past a health machine and there will be a final Bouncer. Lure him with Target Dummy then enrage. Repeat previous process. There isjust you and Elite Rosie now. She is deadly, she fires grenades and can one shot kill you. There is a very simple tactic. Cast Insect Swarm and run away. I did a circular lap of the perimeter, returning only to cast another swarm. Her health quickly comes down.

    **Insect Swarm does sustained damage, gradual damage. Much more effective than incinerate for long endurance battles**

    You will then hear the beloved chime when she drops.

    8 - Turret Maze - Electro Bolt 3 Buy whatever you can afford

    Photograph all turrets through glass and you will unlock the Auto-Turret Hack. This makes this the easiest arena. You will begin near a RPG turret. Cast a Target Dummy to entire the Leadhead splicers, they will be blown up by the RPGs. If not cast enrage and they will attack the turrets. And die in the process.

    When they are dead. Cast Electro-Bolt on the Rpg run over and press X to auto hack. Now quickly run from one turret to the next auto-hacking. You will use a lot of eve. When you reach the Big Daddy, repeat the usual process, place a dummy in front of the turrets. There is a security bot in the dirt which can be hacked.The turrets wont attack daddy unless he is hostile. So cast either elctro-bolt or swarm or both, the bots and turretts should finish him off in 10 seconds. Help the process along with Insect Swarm and a few whacks of the wrench.

    Final Wave

    Run Straight to the vending machines top up health and eve.

    There will be 4 waves of a mixture of enemies. Target Dummy & Enrage will be most effective. Check corpses for coin and health, run to the health station and vending machines if supplies are low. The final battle is an elite Bouncer. Make A Save when he appears. Use your plasmids and the usual method. Insect Swarm will devastate, target dummy, 3/4 whacks then repeat, electro bolt sis useful to get a few more whacks in.

    After the battle Run to Little Sister and Rescue her. The achievement will pop.

    I played on hard, it was a real struggle early on. I hope these few tips and strategies help. I never ever used Insect swarm but now I am a huge fan
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    I Rownan I If you use the electricity plasmid on an enemy before attacking it usually only take 1 or 2 hits to kill. Works on all enemies but big daddy.
    Posted by I Rownan I on 29 Apr 17 at 06:36
    marklynx Nicely detailed, thank you.
    Posted by marklynx on 08 Oct 18 at 00:12
    OhMyGoth1 Fantastic solution. Tips for a specific room was exactly what I was looking for.
    Posted by OhMyGoth1 on 17 Dec 18 at 01:17
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