Auld Lang Syne achievement in BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition

Auld Lang Syne

Completed the Main Campaign on 1999 Mode.

Auld Lang Syne+0.5
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How to unlock the Auld Lang Syne achievement

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    1999 mode isn't that hard in most cases, but there are a few areas where help is necessary. I would highly recommend NOT using the dollar machines and getting the missable acheivement at the same time.

    BioShock Infinite: The Complete EditionScavenger huntThe Scavenger hunt achievement in BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition worth 271 pointsCompleted the Main Campaign in 1999 Mode without purchasing anything from a Dollar Bill machine.

    Troubled Areas

    In the vault.

    An easy method, that worked for me is to get rid of the bodies from Mrs. Comstock so she cannot keep reviving them. I did this by walking to the vault door, shooting at her to activate from INSIDE the vault and then running BACK through the back entrance in the wall. I then circled around and went up the stairs and entered the boss room from the patio. Again i shot at her jumped off and went back in the hall. If you enter from here, you can leave the room which offers shelter. and all the enemies will follow you up the stairs, and if you kill them here, she will not follow and therefore once they are dead, she will not revive them, and then you can easily kill her.

    Fight outside Comstock house

    MUST HAVE UPGRADED Devils Kiss FIRE TRAPS. Lay 5-10 traps to the left of the statue as shown in the video. As soon as she spawns, she will be killed. HOwever, these must be upgraded for maximum damage, and an instant death. (see 4:41 on video of actual placement)

    Command Deck - made easy

    This is VERY EASY! Make sure you have the upgraded RETURN TO SENDER trap. Then immediately upon starting, encircle the blue glowing machine with traps. As long as an enemy doesn't get too close, they will take 95% of all damage for the entire fight. And then possess everything that comes close and prioritize your bird to attack anything with a rocket. It helps a lot to have the clothing perk that gives you salt for your kills so that you can keep up the possessions indefinately.

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    TheBongoFuryGreat guide! The "hardest" part is the first chapter or 2 when you don't own the armour yet.
    But after that: With using the "Extra! Extra!" gear when you find a Voxophone and scavenge every single part of the game, all the barrels, and possessing all machines this will be a breeze through. Even Lady Comstock wasn't that hard with this trick.

    You can even kill Lady Comstock in the bank with Charge and gear with a high chance to either burn or shock. Only the final fight can be a bit hard, but you can even kill most soldiers until Lady C is all out of soldiers and she does nothing but fly around and be pissed....
    It cost me nothing more than 600$. I still ended up with +30 lock picks left and 6000$ in my pocket..
    Posted by TheBongoFury on 03 Mar 17 at 21:41
    TuxedoPunchJust some extra tips:

    When dealing with Handymen, you can permastun them by using the crows. Just cast the crows and then you can get two or three shotgun blasts off before the spell stops. Recast and repeat.
    Posted by TuxedoPunch on 04 Jun 17 at 14:40
    Killjoy KaitlinThis guide was such a life saver! Although I didn't have a lot of the Crow vigor traps to put down it still took her health down to half, enough for me to kill her. The final battle I forgot to upgrade the return to sender trap and it was impossible to complete it without it so I had to reload an earlier chapter to upgrade it and then I got it first shot! Thanks for the great guide.
    Posted by Killjoy Kaitlin on 19 Jul 17 at 01:01
    NoHeroes94Huge thank you for the tips on the 2 bosses, made them very easy.

    Overall, however, 1999 was nowhere near as bad as people made out to be as long as you are somewhat competent at FPS games. smile I'm not amazing, but I only died about 6-8 times during the entire playthrough (I technically haven't completed it yet; I managed to get Command Deck done before work and the rest is non-combat so it'll be piss-easy). Easily the hardest part IMO was the beginning of Downtown Emporia, that area sucks

    Extra Tips:
    - My main piece of advice = search absolutely everything. I mean everything, every drawer, every corpse, every thing. Was able to upgrade shotgun, sniper, devils kiss and return to sender plus partial upgrades to other weapons and vigors.
    - I grabbed all 24 infusions. Maxed out shields, and got health & salts to 7 or 8. This is another thing that will massively, massively help non-elite gamers like me. prioritise shields because they regenerate.
    - Spam shock jockey if you're in a panic. Resources are scarce in 1999, but salts are not. You will find salts as quick as you use them, so don't worry too much.
    - Went from A-B wherever possible (did a "completionist" run first on easy)
    - Shock Jockey / Shotgun combo is amazing for dispatching regular enemies (including heavies).
    - Murder of Crows/shotgun (or volley / RPG) combo on Handymen is decent, plus a gear drop where they take much more damage
    - Shock Jockey and Shotgun/Sniper/Volley or Devils kiss against Patriots. Found them much less difficult than handymen.
    Posted by NoHeroes94 on 14 Aug 17 at 08:08
    BigDaddyUltimaDoes the konami code still work to unlock this mode or do you have to beat hard first?
    Posted by BigDaddyUltima on 12 Nov 17 at 02:09
    Zarda1Early on use bucking bronco and one shot a lot of enemies and then later once you have charge upgrade that, a good weapon and combine with gear that stuns and the game will be easy. The Konami code does work.
    Posted by Zarda1 on 30 Jan 18 at 01:38
    creeping montethe Benny Hill music absolutely made that video
    Posted by creeping monte on 17 Nov 20 at 06:03
    Eds Killerbox 7Gotta agree with the benny hill music! Thanks for great guide. Command deck always used to give me probs, even on normal...not any more.
    Posted by Eds Killerbox 7 on 31 Dec 20 at 15:26
    Adam9154Thanks for the Comstock tips! That fight was driving me mad and this made it easy.
    Posted by Adam9154 on 20 Feb at 18:45
    Adam9154Putting the shields around the generator thing on the command ship made it so easy! I messed up a few times putting them on the floor rather than the side. But once I got them on the sides it barely took damage!
    Posted by Adam9154 on 21 Feb at 08:10
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