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How to unlock the Blue Ribbon Champ achievement

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    13 Sep 2016
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    I copied this from my xbox 360 guide I made a few years ago. If there are any questions just leave in the comments.

    *EDIT*: It has come to my attention that almost all the videos on this guide do not properly work anymore. The owner of the videos on youtube deleted his account so all of their videos are gone. The new videos are better and have a link that takes you to a playlist of each challenge for the "arena/theater" so that you may have a visual of what to do. the links are right below the description for each "arena." Sorry for any inconvenience to those who had no visual aid and hopefully this youtuber (Banehowl) will keep his videos up for everyone to continue to use. IF ANY LINKS ARE BROKEN (WHICH IS BOUND TO HAPPEN SINCE GOOGLE CHANGES YOUTUBE'S FORMAT OFTEN) PLEASE TELL ME VIA PERSONAL MESSAGE OR IN THE COMMENTS BELOW AND I WILL FIX IT A.S.A.P.
    EDIT: Banehowl on owns the videos for each individual challenge and his videos were broken down and shows the EASIEST way to do them. I suggest watching his videos on the rounds you may get stuck on, he has some amazing tips.

    There are a total of 60 ribbons and 15 in each theater. Before even attempting this, I STRONGLY recommend upgrading all your Vigors and beating all the theaters so you will be stronger. Every time when you beat a wave you will enter a room that is an armory, to the right there is a door where you can buy an extra life but, be warned the price doubles each time and you can only buy three (once per a life) the prices are; 500, 1000, then lastly 2000. You can only purchase up to three. You might want to begin your upgrades on your weapons whilst doing these challenges.

    This achievement is really agitating because if you fail a ribbon you have to work your way back up to that round from the beginning (round 1). Do NOT quit if you have received any ribbons that you did not already have because you will have to redo it. This achievement will be time consuming and frustrating at times.

    The first Theater is easy compared to the others and some challenges are a joke compared to the ones that are ludicrous, but the theaters get harder from left to right. All in all it is doable if you try enough times, but let's get to it!

    The Ops Zeal
    Round one (1)
    Beat the wave using only skyline attacks
    simple enough just keep attaching to the skyline and then sky attack the enemy by pressing "A" when prompted.
    Round two (2)
    Defeat the wave while only taking shield damage
    just use the sniper and keep a good distance the entire time, stay in cover.
    Round three (3)
    Defeat the wave while only using sky-hook attacks and shotgun
    I recommend using the china boom stick shotgun over the heater you are allowed to use the sky attacks (lunges by pressing "A").
    Round four (4)
    Defeat the wave while only using machine guns
    Just run around using the machine gun, it would be wise if you upgraded the damage before trying for it.
    Round five (5)
    Defeat the wave while only using the pistol and the hand cannon
    this wave is simple since the only enemy is the handyman, just keep attaching and un-attaching from the skyline and shot him with the hand cannon in the heart if possible.
    Round six (6)
    Defeat the wave without picking up weapons or looting corpses
    very simple just run around killing the enemies without picking a weapon up or with looting the corpses.
    Round seven (7)
    Defeat the wave only using zoom able weapons while they are zoomed
    I highly recommend using the Sniper Rifle and the Carbine and slowing down on the skyline is quite helpful for getting them around the corners, just be aware of the snipers in the middle.
    Round eight (8)
    Defeat the wave while only using tears possession traps and return to sender traps
    there are two gun automations. (1. a turret 2. a rocket launcher turret) Just run around the map activating those two and you will be fine.
    Round nine (9)
    Defeat the wave without hitting anyone in the heart or the head
    Use a sniper and a carbine for the accuracy and shoot the handyman in the foot.
    Round ten (10)
    Defeat the siren before she resurrects any enemies
    I used charge (fully upgraded) and a fully upgraded shotgun you must be quick on killing her {you can use a rocket launcher to throw the bodies away from her but i prefer the charge vigor}. Shawn1991 has stated in the comments that if you use the Undertow perk to launch the dead bodies off the ship she wont resurrect anyone.
    O NiceGuyAli O said in the comments
    "Using Undertow has got to be the best way. I got it on my first real attempt this way (on the actual first attempt I didn't know where the siren was). I was even clumsy and first pushed the corpses back under where you spawn instead off the deck but I guess this confused her enough to give me time to push them off completely. I then proceeded to collect salts and only confronted the soldiers by knocking them off the edge. I don't know if anyone else has come across this but after knocking two soldiers off the edge I was camped on the smaller platform the left of the spawn beside the railings, at this point the siren moved under the spawn close to the edge and just died."
    Round eleven (11)
    Defeat the wave without using the sky lines or the hook points
    Just stay on the ground (which feels weird for some reason) and run around cover to cover.
    Round twelve (12)
    Defeat the wave in 1:15
    USE CHARGE you can go through the railing if there is an enemy in sight and also the shotgun (recommend both being fully upgradable or you will die).
    Round thirteen (13)
    Defeat the wave using only weapons on the skyline or using sky line strikes
    For this one you can use the sniper while sliding in a circle and if they hop on knock them off.
    Round fourteen (14)
    Defeat the wave using only shock jockey and headshots
    PICK A SNIPER and be very careful with your shots all shock jockey does is stun them temporarily so be cautious. You can lay taps with shock jockey also if you don't want to take the chance of failing by missing.
    Round fifteen (15)
    Defeat each enemy with a different vigor type
    This was he hardest in my opinion (might want to purchase a resurrection) Kill one handyman with the charge, then use return to sender to kill the robot with a crankgun, lastly use a combination to kill the last enemy (handyman) the combo is ravens and devil's kiss but mainly devil's kiss.

    Here is a link to a playlist of videos for OPS Zeal showing each challenge with its own video by Banehowl.

    Duke and Dimwit
    Round one (1)
    Defeat all enemies using a shotgun
    Just keep flying around and jump down get a couple of good shots in, there are health packs on the right side (bottom floor) if you get low on health and also more shotguns where you spawn but on the other side of the tower. If you shock them then shot them you will deal a large amount of damage.
    Round two (2)
    Defeat two enemies with a possessed patriot
    One will spawn right in front of you at the beginning just keep possessing it until the requirements have been met.
    Round three (3)
    cause three firemen to explode in mid air
    This was a pain, for this you will need to bring down their health slowly and as the annotation goes up for them committing suicide you need to quickly throw them in the air using bucking bronco. There are more than enough to do this with.
    Round four (4)
    DAMAGE 5 enemies with a vigor trap
    They spawn on the right of you after a building moves you need to lay a crows trap and once a enemy trips it you will receive it.
    Round five (5)
    Defeat the wave in under 0:45
    quickly look to the right and attach on the sky line and lunge to most of the enemies for the others quickly dispatch them with a shotgun. Key is to keep moving and move with purpose be swift but, play it smart.
    Round six (6)
    Defeat the handyman while he is electrocuting the sky line
    You have to get the final shot/hit on him while he is shocking the sky line so shot at him to weaken him first then hop on the skyline then wait for him to jump up on the rail and shoot him quickly after you have jumped off.
    Round seven (7)
    Defeat 5 enemies using Undertow
    As soon as the enemy ship positions itself beside you just tap the left trigger to send all of them overboard another easy one to perform.
    Round eight (8)
    Defeat two enemies with a possessed rocket turret
    The rocket turret is under the ship so just keep possessing it by charging the possession vigor and enemies will jump down with you and it will eventually kill enough.
    Round nine (9)
    Defeat all enemies with a different weapon and a different vigor
    This means simply kill each enemy differently through the entire wave, don't reuse items.
    I went in with a sniper and a carbine I took out one patiot with the sniper then the crow enemy with a carbine I hopped down and use a rpg on the wall to the left of the patriot on a machine gunner pick up his machine gun and the patriot's crank gun kill one enemy with each then kill the last patriot with return to sender then use vigors on the last two enemies but make sure that they are separated when you throw them.
    Round ten (10)
    Complete the wave using only Charge; Return to Sender; and shotguns.
    Self-explanatory just equip a shotgun and use the listed vigors. When I used charge it said I failed so I only used return to sender and my shotgun (I'm assuming due to me upgrading charge fully the explosive damage affected the challenge). Avoid any traps that you may of set in previous rounds be cautious of shooting the grenades in mid air that can ruin your run through
    EDIT: A friend has confirmed that upgrading charge will void the ribbon due to explosive damage so if you have upgraded charge fully don't use it.
    Round eleven (11)
    Defeat the patriot with a possessed enemy
    weaken the patriot then posses another enemy to finish him off (do this as soon as possible as with as many enemies you can early on its difficult but with 2 soldiers left it makes it easier).
    Round twelve (12)
    Defeat all enemies with vigor traps
    Hold "LT" to lay a trap and you must be looking at the ground to lay it then the enemy must walk over the trap to trip it. Try to lay them where they jump up to if you do it right they will land on a trap each time. I suggest using Crows as devil's kiss can throw enemies off the ledge.
    Round Thirteen (13)
    defeat 5 enemies with a single devil's kiss BLAST
    I finally managed to do this one, the best way to do this is by using undertow (hold "LT") to grab the enemies and bring them down to you (bring them down beside your spawn and not on the stairs (you will need a flat surface for the devil's kiss to work properly) throw crows then use undertow to bring more down to you try to have 6 but at least five) and throw more crows (one or two to weaken them) then MAKE SURE YOU DON'T HAVE STORM EQUIPPED some say it glitches it from unlocking since it causes another explosion took hours to figure this out and people in the comments have confirmed it I can also confirm that, and then throw your devil at the ground not at a enemy (if at the ground the ball will break up better than directly towards an enemy) and if they are bunched together and weak enough you should get it as long as they are weak from the crows (they must be weak since you must kill them from the BLAST. If placed properly the ball will blow up into 5 smaller balls causing 5 smaller explosions. THIS WILL REQUIRE PATIENCE IF NOT OBTAINED RIGHT OFF THE BAT. KEEP AT IT!
    Round fourteen (14)
    kill the handyman with a tesla coil
    save him for last then weaken him and then take him in the area where the coil is and just circle him around (it might take awhile)
    Round fifteen (15)
    complete the wave in under 1:30
    This one was a pain (use charge the whole time and your shotgun at the end). equip charge and lunge to a enemy on top of the higher ships then attach to the freight hook to get on the zeppelin once on the large zeppelin charge your way down the side to the door then charge your way to the engine and cut it and charge your way out and jump on the lower ships and very quickly kill the enemies. It seems as if some disappeared one was on the ship when I got back. If you don't want to rush that fast you can use undertow to throw enemies off the first boat and undertow the patriot and shotgun him twice and then charge to the engine and off the boat. Just don't spend to long on one enemy.

    Here is a link to a playlist of videos for Duke or Dimwit theater showing each challenge with its own video by Banehowl.
    Note that wave 13 has two different videos in the playlist and one way is an easier way of how to do it.

    Raven's Dome
    Round One (1)
    Defeat all enemies with the sky-hook melee
    all the enemies are weak so just spam "Y"
    Round two (2)
    Defeat all enemies with the pistol
    you can upgrade your gun before hand and try to conserve ammo AIM FOR THE HEAD simple enough
    Round Three (3)
    Defeat all enemies using only the Undertow Vigor
    Try to get the enemies near an edge and use it wisely this one can be easy or hard depending on how you plan to use it. There are more salts in a building if you run out and Liz isn't helping
    Round four (4)
    Defeat all enemies with vigor traps
    keep a distance between them and you. I prefer using Devil's Kiss, but mix it up try out Crows and Return to Sender. Murder of Crow's traps are also VERY strong.
    Round five (5)
    Beat the Handyman before any other enemy
    This might take a couple attempts. Kill the handyman first. try using charge fully upgraded (your'e briefly invincible)keep on the move and try to stay separated from the others. The gear Brittle Skinned is also VERY helpful
    Round six (6)
    Defeat 5 enemies via friendly fire
    If your Possession is fully upgraded them being killed will count as a friendly fire and when it wears off they will kill themselves which also counts as a friendly fire kill there are tears around the map if not fully upgraded
    Round seven (7)
    Defeat the Volley Gunner and the Zealot before damaging any snipers
    this is self explanatory but stay in cover and take out the others swiftly but be careful not to take out any snipers before you have killed any one else.
    Round eight (8)
    Defeat all enemies with turrets or environmental hazards
    the environment would be oil on the ground or tesla coils etc. The turrets would be the automations on the map just run and take cover once they are activated. But continue to move shortly after.
    Round nine (9)
    Defeat all enemies in 60 seconds using Vigors only
    the best things to do this with is charge but mainly undertow to throw people off of the city. Keep throwing them off with undertow and you should be able to do this easily
    Round ten (10)
    Take no damage for 30 seconds
    VERY easy just take cover when you spawn and the survive the rest of the round
    Round eleven (11)
    Defeat all enemies with the Shotgun
    Helps if you have upgraded the shotgun (damage wise) Don't use any Vigors at all or it will fail the challenge
    Round twelve (12)
    Defeat the wave without picking up weapons or looting corpses
    Don't pick up anything or don't press "X" on a corpse
    Round thirteen (13)
    Defeat all enemies while they are distracted with a Booker decoy tear
    weaken the enemies (patriots so that you shoot them in the back) shoot the snipers, pop them in the head with a sniper when they are distracted by your decoy. If you have problems with them following run away and hide and once they don't see you throw up your decoy. You can weaken them but you can only kill them while their back is turned and are distracted
    Round fourteen (14)
    Defeat each enemy with the same weapon type it wields
    use the decoys to your advantage and the weapons are in tears across the map but you might want to go in with two of the three. 1. shotgun 2. machine gun 3. RPG The Machine gun is in the back of the building with you spawn in. RPGs are by the stairs on the building with the grass and leaves. Lastly, the Shotguns are in the building with the ceiling with the hole in it.
    Round fifteen (15)
    Defeat each enemy with a different weapon
    Go in using the RPG and a hand cannon and take out the handy man and the fireman then pick a gun up for the last enemy

    Here is a link to a playlist of videos for Ravens Dome showing each challenge with its own video by Banehowl.

    Emporia Arcade
    Round one (1)
    Defeat an enemy by bucking bronco with a possessed motorized patriot
    save one patriot and one or two soldiers, weaken them and posses the patriot and when the soldier is near death throw him up try to have 100% salts throughout this challenge and snipe the other patriot first from your spawn.

    Round two (2)
    Defeat two enemies on a skyline with vigor traps
    place a vigor trap right below the skyline where you spawn at as soon as you spawn since there are enemies that slide down to you if you don't get it try getting one on the sky line then kill Him with return to sender but kill the rocket guys first and the soldier as they don't use the skyline

    Round three (3)
    Defeat wave with hazards or support brought in through tears
    bring in the tesla coil and stay in cover and kill one at a time this was an honest pain due to it being so boring (my last enemy didn't move at all from his position even after I ran around so I had to redo it ).

    Round four (4)
    Defeat the wave using a different weapon or Vigor on every enemy
    self explanatory just use different things on each enemy and never use the same thing try to use different weapons as the enemies

    Round five (5)
    Defeat both Handymen while they are electrocuting the skyline
    Weaken both of them and then kill them when they hop on the sky line to shock it to get you off of it shoot them to finish them off and you will have to do one at a time obviously

    Round six (6)
    Defeat all enemies using only the shotgun
    Self explanatory just keep your shield and health up and keep moving. keep moving around side to side to avoid the sniper's shots. be sure you have a door purchased just in case

    Round seven (7)
    Defeat two enemies with the fireman's suicide explosion
    weaken all the enemies and bunch the together. Harder than you think trust me. I used undertow to separate the bunch and quickly damaged the fireman this will be annoying but keep at it once he is weak make sure the other enemy is beside him.

    Alcapwn6969 stated in my comments "Note on 4-7: it looks like this ribbon can glitch to count towards your achievement even if you don't get it. Others have posted that they have unlocked the achievement without getting the ribbon, and I had the progress tracker report 59/60 when I just had 4-7 and 2-13 left to go. I then focused on 4-7, got it, and no achievement. The achievement did unlock for me after I then got 2-13.
    So, my *strong* suggestion is to save 4-7 for last, and potentially spare yourself the pain of trying to control the firemen suicides."

    Round eight (8)
    defeat the wave in 1:20
    Once more use charge on the patriots and to get to the ledges without having to go around the long way I reached the last ledge with one bar left on my salts and my salts is a 10/10 so on the first patriot just shoot him to death quickly if you are not maxed out on salts then start to use charge and hop around with the freight hook on the building.

    Round nine (9)
    Defeat the Siren before destroying the zeppelin
    The siren will be right at the end there is a decoy to use in the middle of the room she will resurrect a few enemies you can charge at them there is a salt in the middle right when you walk in the door all you must do is kill her before destroying the engine.

    Round ten (10)
    Defeat all enemies using the sniper rifle
    Upgrade your damage before hand and aim for criticals (there is gear in the bottom section called headmaster where criticals do 50% more damage also scavenger's vest (40% chance that enemies will drop ammo when killed) which is in the second gear category if you die you will respawn with more ammo so make sure you have a extra life.

    Round eleven (11)
    Defeat all enemies while they are distracted with a Booker decoy tear
    Just be sure to have an extra live and weaken the 2 handyman as much as possible (charge + grenade luncher) ! There is two decoys on the map ! Just travel to one, try to kill a handyman, then travel to the other...Do it again and again and again until they are both dead! Crows are great for weakening handymen as they just stand there swatting at the birds.

    round twelve (12)
    defeat all soldiers and zealots with bucking bronco followed by a charge just switch off between the two if you get them together at all it will be a little easier just stay aware of all the enemies you can die while you are about to charge and deal with the patriots if possible before hand as you don't need to do it to them.

    round thirteen (13)
    defeat each weapon type using the same weapon it wields
    Use Return to Sender to shield you. (Blue orb this time, no trap) Have the Pistol and Shotgun equipped. The four guns the enemies have are: 1: Shotguns, 2: Machine Guns, 3: Pistols, 4: Hand Cannons. There are only two women with pistols and two women with hand cannons. When the wave starts, there is initially one boat with two women with pistols, guy with hoods carrying shotguns, and guys with horns carrying machine guns. On this boat is all four weapons that you will need. So why choose the pistol and shotgun? Well, the two women will come out of the boat including all the shotgun guys. Take out the two pistol women with your pistol. Careful because this makes the next two boats come in. Wait behind cover for all the shotgun guys to come and take them out. Soon the two women with hand cannons will come, but IGNORE them. After the two women with the pistols are killed and the shotguns guys are dead, jump to the first boat that was there when the wave started. (Be warned though, have full salt and keep using Return to Sender cause those boats will be full of machine gun guys!!!!!) Grab the machine gun and hand cannon, activate the tear with the hook on the BUILDING and get back to the building. Find cover and take out the hand cannon woman. Finally finish off the remaining machine gun guys. One last tip, I highly recommend fully upgraded health, salt, Return to Sender. Also get a respawn!

    round fourteen (14)
    defeat the handyman with a motorized patriot tear
    Weaken the handyman (charge and the grenade launcher) and summon the patriot when he is near death (you can use return to sender to protect you)

    Round fifteen (15)
    Knock 4 corpses off Columbia before the Siren can resurrect them
    A ship will drop dead bodies off, you can throw them off using Undertow it will unlock as soon as you throw the bodies off the ledge and she floats away.

    Here is a link to a playlist of videos for Emporia Arcade showing each challenge with its own video by Banehowl.

    If you vote negatively please leave a comment saying why!
    I take no credit for the videos all credit goes to Banehowl
    Also thanks to Alpha Wesker 5 for a strategy tip
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    infamousSparkle To save anyone the trouble. The glitch that works on PS3/PS4 does NOT work on the xbox one version.
    Posted by infamousSparkle on 13 Feb 19 at 22:58
    outlaw player05 Just to let everyone know, you can use tear allies/turrets to your advantage as using these guys makes each kill count as friendly fire and this won't harm your Blue Ribbon challenge.
    Posted by outlaw player05 on 11 May 19 at 10:48
    Liquid Yin Just for anyone who still wants to unlock this achievement, for the Raven's Dome wave 13, I think there might got a stupid glitch with it. For the last patriot, I swear that I killed it from the back while he was shooting the decoy, then the game said I failed the blue ribbon challenge.

    This happens to me 3 times before I finish it and I don't know why.
    Posted by Liquid Yin on 01 Aug 19 at 08:05
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