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Research Master achievement in BioShock 2 Remastered

Research Master

Max out research on all 9 research subjects.

Research Master0
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How to unlock the Research Master achievement

  • odiedodieodiedodie514,832
    25 Sep 2016 25 Sep 2016 20 Mar 2018
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    a seemingly simple cheevo but take heed!

    Ok the Bioshock 2 camera differs from B1.

    It's found in the Paupers drop level and is required as a goal in the game.

    Whip it out o_o, turn it on when your target is in view and you automatically switch back to your last gun.

    Now dispatch your foe in a creative and varied manner for more research points.

    Big sisters (and to a lesser extent Alpha Daddy) pose an issue as there are a severe limit to their numbers - they appear approx every three sisters that you "deal with".
    To maximise your score, (whip the camera out again to film) electrobolt, then drill melee (no need to use fuel - hit B), and repeat until dead - bolt n drill

    I post this as I didn't get the Sisters researched until the last couple. I changed my strategy using the tip above and got loadsa points.

    Obviously when you spot a new enemy try your very best to snap every one and max your score as soon as. Certain enemies (such as thuggish) fritter out towards the end of the game. If you're half paying attention like me then only the sisters will pose an issue.

    Thanks to Renton for pointing out that if you fail to max a certain research track by the end of the game you can start a new game and finish the subjects your still need to max eg thuggish splicers and the cheevo should pop.

    Any negs, please comment.
    Any other solutions, please explain why mine isn't good enough ^_^

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    DrJeklMine 97% even though all research is complete
    Posted by DrJekl on 19 Mar 20 at 22:51
    UncreativeNymMine also stopped at 97% with all complete.
    Posted by UncreativeNym on 22 Aug 20 at 23:40
    AriesPr1meI just finished the game and unlocked this cheevo. I had the same problem as DrJekl and UncreativeNym above - I was stuck at 97% for the brutes but had done 100% on all the rest.

    I got 100% for the brute research in Persephone outer first, when you resume control after switching back from being a little sister. There is one body of a brute when you wake up that you can snap a pic of and then 2 of them attack you in the next room (where you originally see Eleanor from and fight the 2 big sisters). I used the camera and killed the 2 brutes one after another. It gave me the armored shell 2 reward that you get when you complete the research but the achievement didn't unlock.

    So I re-loaded the save point and did it again. It unlocked the 3rd time when I also fought the 4th brute in Inner Persephone (the first one - there are a few you fight in that level and until the game ends).

    So no need to go back to earlier levels. Just reload the save point and keep trying and it should unlock.
    Posted by AriesPr1me on 04 Nov 20 at 06:34
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  • Arc VampireArc Vampire267,776
    01 Dec 2016 03 Dec 2016 03 Dec 2016
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    The best method for completing this achievement is using the Shotgun with Phosphorous Buck Shot. You will pick up the Research Camera in Pauper's drop, but you will not find Phosphorus Buck Shot until Siren Alley. Use any preferred method of research until you find Phosphorus Buck Shot.

    One other thing that will help is the Keen Observer Tonic found in Pauper's Drop, or bought later at a Gatherer's Garden for 40 Adam.

    Before starting any research, equip the Shotgun with Phosphorus Buck Shot as your weapon, then switch to the Camera. When you start the Camera, you will automatically switch back to your last equipped weapon. When you shoot the Phosphorus Buck Shot at an enemy it will stick to them and then explode a couple of seconds later. For some reason this causes your research score to increase exponentially. You will be able to achieve an A or A+ rating during each session. Using this method you should be able to complete all research before Persephone.

    On thing to note is you will only research a subject until the next level, and then the Camera will stop. An example would be a Leadhead Splicer with only 200 points until the next level. This will probably only take one shot of Phosphorus Buck Shot to gain the next level, keep this in mind to conserve ammo when needed.

    Have fun and enjoy Rapture's many strange inhabitants...
  • AwolTurtle8AwolTurtle8106,630
    30 Oct 2016 30 Oct 2016 10 Apr 2018
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    To earn this achievement, you will need to max out research for:

    Thuggish splicer
    Leadhead splicer
    Brute splicer
    Big Daddies (Rosie and Rumbler work together with this one)
    Big Sister
    Houdini Splicer
    Alpha Series
    And finally the security (cameras, turrets and bots work together with this one instead of them having to be individual like the first game)

    Keep changing up how you defeat an enemy when you are researching them. If you continuously defeat them the same way, you will have lower scores.

    When you are in the inner Persephone (last level), you will get kind of a mix of all the different enemies so if you are missing something you might be able mop up a little bit.

    Some gene tonics to make sure you equip:
    Extended reel- which will run the camera longer, allowing you to get more points. Can be found in Dionysus Park in the projector room on the top floor of the Triton Theater, or bought at a Gatherer's Garden.

    Keen Observer- Increases players research score by damaging enemies. Can be found in Pauper's Drop on a table with a microscope near Grace Holloway's room, or bought at a Gatherer's Garden.

    Keen Observer 2- ( I honestly don't know if they stack like the first game) Increases the research score even further. This can be picked up at a gatherer's garden for 50 ADAM.
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    DwaggieniteIt's 'leadhead' not 'leather head'
    Posted by Dwaggienite on 09 Apr 18 at 20:25
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