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Master Protector achievement in BioShock 2 Remastered

Master Protector

Get through a Gather with no damage and no one getting to the Little Sister.

Master Protector0
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How to unlock the Master Protector achievement

  • BroflexionBroflexion661,637
    17 Sep 2016 17 Sep 2016
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    I managed to get this with on Hard with my very first little sister that I adopted doing the first gather at Ryan Amusements (not the gather in the room with the turret. Also the same method I used in the 360 version). I sat crouched back to the left of the little sister on a pile of rubble in the corner near the door after I had set a few rivet traps on both sets of stairs. I noticed I had a few splicers come down the stairs, a couple from behind the vending machines, and a couple that dropped from the walkway above us and they landed right in front of me. Sitting in the corner with my Electrobolt and rivet gun I was easily able to pick them off one by one because they are all thuggish splicers so having some distance between you and them is best. One by one I hit them with the electrobolt and 1 rivet gun shot to the head and they were down.

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    Gamer0364I also did it at the first one on Hard, but it took me a few tries; two Leadhead Splicers burst through the door beside said pile of rubble right at the end. I had to kill everyone else, then use Telekinesis to throw the red barrel through the door right as they finish cutting through it, otherwise they managed to get a shot off at me every time.
    Posted by Gamer0364 on 12 Feb 17 at 05:51
    Sensei NeoWorked fine. I would just add that I got shot twice from open balcony above. Juts put a few Traps there & your good
    Posted by Sensei Neo on 07 Mar 18 at 21:48
    GR34TD3STR0Y3RThanks for the tip. Worked first time on hard, spammed the crap out of trap rivets. The two poeple coming through the door, same, as soon as the door dropped just shoot about 8 trap rivets down.
    Posted by GR34TD3STR0Y3R on 04 Jul 20 at 07:48
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  • CodeMonkeysGuyCodeMonkeysGuy498,655
    06 Oct 2016 06 Oct 2016 06 Oct 2016
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    So there's a painfully easy and low-resource spot for this in Minerva's Den; specifically, the gather point inside the Workshop in McClendon Robotics. As you first leave Porter's Office, you get your first opportunity to slay a Lancer and grab the Lil 'Sis. From there you can just head straight on to McClendon Robotics and the Workshop within.

    First, find two Security Bots around somewhere. If you've played the DLC, you'll know that this is far from hard. But if you're still struggling, right as you enter the Workshop itself, there's a camera to your left past some water that you can use to get a couple free Bots if you let it see you. There's a shutdown right outside of there; locate it before you try this, but it's not hard at all to find. Further, there's a ton of enemies upon your first entry to this room with Security Bots.

    So if you haven't been to this room yet, clear out at least the bottom floor and the turret on the upper floor. You should have the Rivet Gun from inside McClendon Robotics as well, you should have seen it as you enter. You can find a few sparse scattered Trap Rivets inside the Workshop, those'll come in handy (and upon finding them, you can buy more). And you should have found the multiple Mini Turrets before going in there as well, sitting on a set of chairs by the Ammo Store within McClendon Robotics.

    Beyond setting it to Easy, I would recommend removing the "Master Protector" tonic (if you have it on) at the Gene Bank within McClendon (back towards the exit of McClendon itself, going past the Ammo Machine you should see it through the water as you head down the short stairs). Now you can do it with the Tonic on, I did, but you'll have more Splicers to deal with (The Fiery Brute often doesn't come in unless you have the Tonic on, and you have far less Spider Splicers).

    Now, the final tip. Down by the gather body, you see that lit glass box? That's your hidey hole. Around back, you can crouch into it and enter. Even if any Splicers come around back, which has never happened to me, they'll be unable to hurt you.

    So now for the setup itself. SAVE FIRST.

    1. With your weapon of choice, destroy any lingering disabled Security Bots. They explode after a time, which could damage you or your turrets/bots.
    2: With your two bots and your difficulty/tonics arranged how you'd like (obviously would recommend getting Handyman from near the camera inside the Workshop), place down all your Trap Rivets around the Gatherable body.
    3: Place down your Little Sister.
    4: Quickly, place your mini turrets down by the body, facing the exit door to the Workshop.
    5: Hide in your safety box and watch the Splicers get destroyed.

    Should you fail, just reload your save. Of course you can add any more traps you like (the main key is just the box really, feel free to experiment, but this is the most localized and easy way IMO).
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    TheBongoFuryVoted positive since I got it at this point. I found out no matter you have the tonic or not it randoms between either the Brute Splicer or the Spider Splicer.
    Using the Decoy plasmid helps as well, as having some extra robots (especially those with lasers)
    Posted by TheBongoFury on 13 Dec 16 at 20:24
    BrasshandeWorked perfectly with just two turrets and one security bot, plus about nine trap bolts. I did this after a good few retries at Imago Fine Arts on the 360 version but this time around i got it first time here without having to fire a shot or use a plasmid
    Posted by Brasshande on 19 Jan 17 at 19:54
  • cooper101183cooper101183792,298
    30 Oct 2016 30 Oct 2016 31 Oct 2016
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    Here are a few tips if playing on hard.

    Equip Demanding Father Tonic - Halves time taken for Little Sister gathering process.

    Hardy Machines Tonic - Raises health of turrets. Also equip Deadly machines tonic if youv'e earned it

    Fully Upgraded Rivet Gun or Machine gun

    Decoy - Most Important plasmid for this achievement. If they aren't aiming for you, you cant get hit

    Proximity Mines/ Trap Bolts/Mini Turrets- Away from body, spread out.

    Location: If you are in a big open room forget it. You need a small location with cover which can easily be defended. I got this in Dionysis Park outside of J.Fischer Gallery. Make a save before attempting.

    Method: Once you have mini-turrets/ trap bolts and prox. mines and find a body, prepare the location. Set up you mini turrets on each side of you and in front of doors (Not to close to the body). Set up prox. mines and trap bolts, again not to close to body you dont want to be damaged. Make a second save on a separate slot. (Make sure you have full health)

    Keeping the little girl protected is easy, its yourself you need to be cautios over. One hit and its finished. Equip decoy and place the target away from the girl in front of a turret.

    Make sure that you re-cast decoy every 30 seconds or so. Help out your turrets by firing a rivet gun with heavy rivets. If you have head hunter then 1 head shot will kill them even on hard. After every 3 shots re-cast decoy.

    Provided you have Demanding Father equipped, you will only face about 4 enemies and then she is finished. If any enemies break through then your mines, traps should take them out. If after the battle you realise your location is terrible load up the first save, if you almost did it then load up the second save with your traps already set, and retry.

    The key is patience, waiting until you are fully prepared and finding the right location.
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