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How to unlock the No Page Unturned achievement

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    In total there are 11 documents to read in the game. Be sure to press the X Button on each document to see the text of the document on the screen, otherwise it won´t count.

    On floor level 1:
    1) The Diary contains 2 pages, both have to be read (don´t forget the X-stuff). You can find it in the top desk drawer on the left side of the computer you do your daily routine on.

    2) In the pantry / toilet room where you can choose, what your next meal would be is a clipboard with information about the food supply.

    3) When you enter the sick bay you will find a clipboard to the right side, read it.

    On floor level 2:
    4) When you switched on the light in the dark room with lots of computers and desks in it look to left side in the middle of the screen and you will find some top secret documents.

    5) After that room you will come to another room with 2 doors on the right side and the fuse panel door far away on the left side. First go through the left door or the 2 doors on the right side. It´s the commissioner room where you have to read the rooster update document on the desk.

    6) Now go through the other right door and you will end up in the meeting room. Right to the blackboard you will find another document to read.

    On floor level 3:
    7) In the room where you get the gas mask, read the safety guidelines that you will find in the middle of the room.

    On floor level 4:
    8) When you are in the room with all the steam there is a computer and when you turn on the light on the desk you can read the air filtration unit document.

    9) And on the same spot you need to search the area infront of the keyboard to reach out for the drawers underneath. There is an incident report in it that you need to read.

    10) When you fix your broken arm you have to open the medicine locker. Choose the bottle on the upper shelf first and read the stuff that is written on it.

    On radiation:
    11) On your way out you will come along a long floor with a blue door, don´t go to that door, turn to the other side and walk along the floor. At the end you will come to a closed door. Look to the left corner on the ground to read the last document. It can be found in the toolbox.

    The cheevo should pop up right after you read the last document.

    Feel free to like and comment....Have a nice day :-)

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    KenH2k4I'm pretty sure a lot of the issues with this are caused by how the game saves. If you quit and come back to your game, it may not save the document. I finally unlocked this playing through getting them in one sitting.
    Posted by KenH2k4 on 28 Jul 18 at 02:40
    Lurking LawyerStill bugged in December 18 - counter stuck at 90% and despite starting three new games the document on the desk next to the PC in the Commissioner's office steadfastly refused to allow me to interact with it.

    I quite enjoyed the game but this completion-breaking bug has really marred the experience :/
    Posted by Lurking Lawyer on 19 Dec 18 at 00:16
    Maiden Ty OneNOTE: You cannot interact with the clipboard in the food room in the normal 'Routine' sequences. You have to wait until the Routine is over, when you're standing outside your room instead of clicking on the door at the end of the corridor, look on the ground and click on the footsteps that appear. This will take you to the other end of the corridor and you can enter both the food room and the sick bay and now you can click on the documents.

    This really should have been specified in the Solution, I just wasted about 15 minutes restarting the game several times to try and interact with the clipboard in the opening scenes.
    Posted by Maiden Ty One on 09 Feb 19 at 20:44
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  • Maka91Maka911,138,815
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    There are a total of 11 unique documents that you will need to collect during 1 playthrough:

    14:14 - Document 1 (top drawer of the computer desk in your room)
    15:55 - Document 2 (in the food storage room; on left)
    16:25 - Document 3 (on the right bed in the sick bay)
    23:34 - Document 4 (level 2 first area; left side desk)
    24:50 - Document 5 (classroom, near the top middle of the screen)
    28:47 - Document 6 (Commissioner’s Room - on the desk)
    38:15 - Document 7 (In the suit closet, document in the middle in a box)
    41:44 - Document 8 (Vent area office room; in the top drawer)
    41:59 - Document 9 (Vent area office room; under the lamp on the desk)
    52:02 - Document 10 (Read the medicine bottle label in the medicine cabinet)
    56:55 - Document 11 (At large blue door, look down and to the left to find box with note inside)
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    Marine1TenJust unlocked this. Used a different guide on you-tube my first run that missed items. Even though I am pretty thorough and used the "Mother" guides here on TA (which are good), I still missed it the first time. I think due to Not using the X button to 'read' text in the first few docs and failing to read through the entire achievement list before I started playing. Had 81% at end of first game and unlocked it in the same place in Maka's guide on my second run. Be careful to give the white search icons time to load onto the documents you need to select. Haste makes waste! You will earn all game achievements in this guide. Tx, Maka
    Posted by Marine1Ten on 18 Mar 17 at 01:13
    AlbertCampdereally really helpfull thanks!
    Posted by AlbertCampde on 10 Jul 17 at 08:09
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