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Decathlon Points Premiere

Score over 9000 points in the Decathlon.

Decathlon Points Premiere0
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Achievement Guide for Decathlon Points Premiere

    10 Sep 2012 15 Sep 2012
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    i will list what it takes to get 900pts in each event so you get in idea what you need to do.

    10events times 900pts =9000pts and the achievement

    long jump=7.36m
    shot put=16.79m
    high jump=2.1m
    110m hurdles=14.59sec
    pole vault=4.96m

    note: remember you are working with an overall athlete and not someone who specializes in a single event so your decathlon athlete will run 5% slower and throw 25% less than what you were doing in training.

    below is what i got and what the best cpu did against me on my first decathlon.

    100m =11.00sec-860pts --1st***forgot to track, cpu/2nd
    long jump=7.93m--1043pts--1st***forgot to track, cpu/2nd
    shot put=17.19m--925pts--1st***cpu=15.54m/2nd place
    high jump=2.07m--869pts--1st***cpu=2.04m/2nd
    400m=46.38sec--989pts--1st***cpu=47.72sec/2nd place
    110m=15.02sec--847pts(hit hurdle)5th***cpu=13.83sec/1st
    discus=51.90m--910pts--1st***48.61=cpu took 2nd
    pole vault=5.2m--973pts--1st place***4.9=cpu took 2nd
    best cpu who took 2nd overall=8415pts

    as long as you know how to get each events achievement, you should have no problem with this.

    i thought this was easier than heptathlon.

    it takes about an hour to play by yourself with one controller. remember to use the start/pause button when running so you get the most points out of the event.

    to start the decathlon goto "competition" then "play on this xbox 360" then "select any country to use" then "hit LB" choose "decathlon" then scroll down to start the game.

    good luck.
  • BeanpotterBeanpotter990,591
    27 Aug 2008 15 Apr 2009
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    This event consists of ten events and you'll be awarded points based on your performance. Obviously the higher/faster/longer you jump/run/throw, the more points you'll receive. 9000 is your target to get the achievement which requires a fairly good performance on all 10 although will get a lot more points if you can get near a world record. This can compensate for an event you're not so good at. The events are: -110m hurdles, high jump, shot put, 400m,
    long jump, javelin, 1500m, 100m, pole vault & discus.
  • FanciestDragoonFanciestDragoon58,320
    25 Apr 2014 11 Mar 2014
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    Can't see how people think this is easier than the heptathlon,the high jump is a pain in the arse,in the ladies it's easy to get 1000 points but in the men's in finding it difficult to get 800pts,still with fresh hands should be able to make the lost ground up elsewhere
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