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Hardcore Olympian

Complete Olympic Games mode without quitting or failing a day.

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How to unlock the Hardcore Olympian achievement

  • dennomandennoman132,843
    10 Apr 2009 18 Apr 2009 09 Nov 2012
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    You have to start up a NEW GAME in Olympic Games Mode (ALL STATS AT ZERO), then play through it in a SINGLE PLAYTHROUGH WITHOUT TURNING OFF YOUR CONSOLE OR QUITTING TO THE MENUS (2-3 hours est.) AND WITHOUT FAILING A DAY. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE CHALLENGE DAYS. You simply have to get the quota for every basic day to clear it.

    For example: if the game tells you to get 2 silver and 1 bronze medal, you can simply get the required medals on any event that day and you'll go through. However, my advice is to go for the gold and Olympic or World Records as often as you possibly can, because it gives you much needed stat boosts. If you're good at a particular event, go for the gold. Like a true champion :) Table Tennis is a great event for bonus points, I've gotten as much as 9,500 points out of a single Table Tennis championship event. You'll want to try and get your stats full for the final day.

    Challenge days ARE NOT required to get this achievement (they are optional AND I got the achievement having failed one of them), but you might as well do them to the best of your ability to get your stats up for the last day.

    Realistically speaking, doing the whole playthrough isn't that hard. All the difficulty in this achievement is basically to be found in the final day, because the requirement for this one is to get no less than 4 gold medals. On most days it's not that hard to get gold medals for nearly every event, especially the ones that involve a lot of swimming or gymnastics. But basically, you can have an absolutely flawless run with maxed stats and then easily screw it all up on the very last day. Here are the events for the last day:

    * Swimming: 50m Freestyle (Men)
    * Parallel Bars (Men)
    * Long Jump (Men)
    * 100m (Men)
    * 25m Rapid Fire (Men)

    Get plenty of practice in for these events before heading into Olympic Games. Swimming and 25m Rapid Fire both have very easy mechanics, so those should be guaranteed gold medals. If you haven't been able to max out your stats by now (it takes quite a few gold medals and record bonuses), be sure to give absolute priority to Speed, Accuracy, and your Slow-motion meter. You might need the slo-mo for the 100 meters if you suffered a rocky start, and it's always a good idea to have a scrap of it left for the Long Jump, as it can be extremely hard to get a perfect angle for a gold medal jump. There's a sequence in the Parallel Bars regarding to how you should move your LS and RS to balance out your athlete. Be sure to practise this event LOTS, as it could definitely be your downfall, Long Jump being so random to nail perfectly as it is.

    The achievement unlocks during the custom fireworks display. Good luck!

    (NOTE: You really HAVE to start a NEW GAME with stats AT ZERO. I did a complete playthrough without quitting or failing a day with existing stats and the achievement didn't unlock. After starting a new game and thus resetting my stats, it did.)

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    daveLuxXxI can confirm that saving did not hurt me getting the achievement. i accidently saved twice on the first 2 days and i kept going and got it on my first try , allbeit tying for 1st place in the parallel bars. but anyways it popped for me so saving does not influence it if you ask me.
    Posted by daveLuxXx on 18 Oct 12 at 15:14
    dennomanThanks for the feedback Dave, I removed the Save thing from the solution.
    Posted by dennoman on 09 Nov 12 at 11:29
    FanciestDragoonI haven't got this yet but should be a piece of piss,by my reckoning the most important things are speed,strength and stamina,not accuracy as only need it for the shooting on the last day

    If your like me and use the sticks,i recommend doing as little racing as possible,just do enough to qualify,save your hand and fingers for later on

    In the jumps and throws nail a good qualifying jump or throw leave the rest alone as you get another 3 jumps in final
    Posted by FanciestDragoon on 05 Mar 14 at 11:07
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  • daveLuxXxdaveLuxXx325,975
    18 Oct 2012 19 Oct 2012 19 Oct 2012
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    This shouldn´t be too hard until the last days. All of the annoying disciplines like the Vault or Judo can be easily compensated. Whatever you do , just make sure you dont quit out off the Olympic mode.

    ANd another thing: Make sure you´re able to get 17,9+ scores on parralel bars, it helps a lot in case the AI comes up with some magical jump in the Long Jump.( What helped me most was : when you need to direct the circles onto the hands, instead of going left and right i pressed up on both off the Sticks and adjusted very slowly and this gave me loads of stabilty. This way i was able to get mostly "Good" on them and getting excellent or perfect on the trigger taps , should prove to be more than enough for 17,9+ scores.

    Doing every challenge and not even gold medalling a lot i still managed to get my stats maxed out and i could attack the last day:

    Whatever you do, make sure you spread your weakest events apart , as you slow-mo will recharge if you dont use it for an event. In my case i did it this way and it seems fairly logical to do :

    100m : used my slow-mo for great start then use bits of it , if your button-mashing or stick-waggling skills have left you like they left me after 4 hours of non-stop grind.

    then onto the easiest event :

    25m Quickfire: just make sure you get at least excellent on breathing, which shouldn´t be too hard, and it makes this event a breeze.

    This allows your slow-mo to load up and you will only need a little bit for the next event:

    50m Freestyle:
    Just make sure you get a good start and give it your all. Shouldn´t be too hard,

    then getting onto the final straight:

    Parallel Bars:
    If your struggling with this one, make sure you practice it extensively before you try this achievement. It can be done without , but its so much easier with it. 17,9+ score are needed( look at my guide above)

    Long Jump:
    Now if your lucky like me , you have won your 4 events by now ( I had a tie for 1st in the Parallel Bars(17,9 score)) and you can lay back.
    Otherwise, you should have a full Slow-mo bar to work with .
    Sprint up to the 3 markers that are close to the end of the run-up and start your slow-mo. make your guy get close to full speed but especially to have excellent if not perfect jump and very near to 45% angle. If you fail , you should still have enough slow-mol for the 2 other tries. Rinse and repeat.
    Dont rush it, even if you mess up one try, stay calm , get the slow-mo right and just jump.

    Et voila:

    After you completed the day , just before the fireworks ceremony, the achievement pops.

    Congratulations to you ! :)
  • GlennmasamuneGlennmasamune645,904
    16 Oct 2010 16 Oct 2010
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    To start with I would get some gloves for this achievement or an ice pack for your hand because your going to need. Most of the days are either really easy or very hard. The last is the hardest out of the 16 when you have to get 4 out of 5 golds and the A.I. is at the top of their game.Those are the events you need to practice most.
    1.100m use the slow down to get off blocks perfect and the lean in at the end.
    2.Long Jump Angles is the most important you can get a ok launch and will max speed and 44 degree angle usually you will get gold.
    3.Multishoot-by far the easiet of the day just go straight across and fire when you think it crosses the center of the target.
    4.50m Swim-like the 100 meter run you need to use slow-mo to get a good start and then its up to you to finish strong.
    5.Parallel Bars-Just practice in training alot until you can get 17.90 or higher to get the gold.

    Other events that suck are judo- all you do is press the arrow direction with both sticks and then press Y Twice then instant win. Ping Pong just move the stick in the direction you want and hit A before the ball gets to the paddle like way before. Kayaking,Vault,and skeet don't worry about because those events come up with legit events on those days.Work on Uneven Bars,High Jump,Rings,and pole vault and you should be suffiecient to get the achievment. I would reccomend doing everyday and getting the highest score on every event because you will need the points to make things easier. In training you are already max out so you can get achievements or work on the last 5 events knowing how strong you will be by the last day.
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