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Murder He Wrote achievement in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Murder He Wrote

Find all pieces of evidence behind the Saridakis murder.

Murder He Wrote+0.1
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How to unlock the Murder He Wrote achievement

  • Roose91Roose91867,879
    24 Sep 2016 24 Sep 2016 02 Apr 2017
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    This is a rather straightforward, though missable achievement that is awarded for the completion of a side mission during this DLC's story.

    I only thought to make a guide as I experienced what I'm sure was a bug and was unable to complete the mission and thus achievement requirement until I reloaded an earlier save.

    To start this side quest speak to the man outside of the Palisade Blade entrance and he will tell you about his dead wife and thank you for listening.

    When you are infiltrating the Palisade Blade there will be a room on the third floor (note this guide and the game use the British floor numbering system in which the initial entry level is the 'Ground Floor' and second level up is the 'First Floor') that you will have to enter to complete Shadowchild's side quest by putting the figurine on the desk in that room (which grants you another achievement if you complete that). On the computer in this room is the first piece of evidence you need to gather.

    On the top floor of the building, but before we head up the lift to the server area, there is an office room which it is a primary objective to enter. Once inside you need to hack the computer to progress anyway, but make sure you read all of the emails on this computer for the second piece of evidence.

    You should by now have an additional side objective to search room 209. Once we are in the secure server area, there are various vault type areas. 209 is upstairs on the other side of the room to the one you need to go in to progress. 209 is filled with poison gas however and if you don't have the lung augmentation, you will obviously take damage and die if you remain in there too long. This was the problem for me as I hadn't bought the lung upgrade and with all the green gas obscuring the screen, I was unable to find what I was supposed to be looking for and so decided to progress on with the story and come back once I had more Praxis kits. The game does give you the opportunity to come back here briefly but when I found the Pocket Secretary after doing the part where Jensen goes into the NSN to save Pritchard, it was showing up as 4/4 for evidence but not letting me read the pocket secretary, complete the quest or let me have the achievement. The lung upgrade isn't 100% necessary here but makes it easier to spot; look around the left hand side of the back wall and you should see it, and to reiterate, do this part BEFORE entering the area that you have to upgrade your Pass-Port to enter. Credit to vcllist for the addition that the valve to turn off this gas is in the first room you enter upon leaving the elevator.

    The last piece of evidence is unmissable as it's on a pocket secretary in the first room of the next area which you must acquire for Oshiro's voice sample. Once you gather the last piece of evidence the achievement should pop straight away.

    Recommended augments for this DLC are max Glass Cloaking, max Battery, Lungs and either the first leg upgrade or the strength arm upgrade. If you end up with Praxis to spare, maybe upgrade the hacking to allow you to do higher levels but there are so many Multi-Tools and crafting materials to make more lying around if you explore thoroughly that hacking isn't necessary really.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers guys.
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    vcllistThe gas can be turned off using a valve that is behind a panel in the first room of that vault, no need to have the augment. Though I didn't know there was anything in there to find when I was there! I'll have to go back. Thanks for the tips.
    Posted by vcllist on 26 Sep 16 at 00:05
    Roose91Thanks for that! I knew there must have been one somewhere but couldn't find it.
    Posted by Roose91 on 26 Sep 16 at 01:54
    TheCrookedManMDYou may want to change the figurine office floor number to 3. That is the marking on the wall next to it. I was confused when I got the prompt in the office by chance. Though I suppose it is floor 4 if you consider the floor you enter on to be floor 1. Though I do not believe Palisade does.
    Posted by TheCrookedManMD on 03 Oct 16 at 02:33
    JayD101Dude guide is great but that valve for the poison gas is in the first room of vault/server chamber 209, in a panel on the left. It's nowhere near the first room off the elevator! I was looking for ages (I use the term "ages" very loosely :) I just thought I should mention it as the first room off the elevator is where you first encounter heat sensing cameras and robots that you can't turn off and is a huge pain searching for a non-existent valve for posion gas! The comment says first room of the vault which is confusing I know because 209 is called a server chamber but I found it! Each server chamber has a smaller room in front of it that's where it is, on the left straight before you enter the gas! The rest is all great! Usually by the dlc I just wanna smash it out and get on with things so appreciate the guide!
    Posted by JayD101 on 28 Jun 17 at 11:40
    Tao Logos+1 JayD101. Saved me a ton of time. Funny thing is, after I picked up the secretary, I leveled up and had the praxis for the rebreather...
    Posted by Tao Logos on 19 Jan 19 at 18:40
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