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Relic Hunter

Restore 15 Barn Finds.

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  • Skycaptin5Skycaptin5680,562
    19 Sep 2016 22 Sep 2016 06 Dec 2018
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    There are 15 Barn Finds to collect in Horizon 3. These are found scattered across the map in various areas and show up after a certain amount of play time as your mechanic friend will let you know of some car rusting away in a barn. It'll show an indicator on the map of where the barn find is located. Head over to this area and then search for a barn and drive into it. Once that's done it'll trigger a cutscene, the car will be taken away and restored. The achievement unlocks once you've restored fifteen cars. I've included a full map with 15 barn finds below along with a video showing the location of each barn find. The map included is 4k in size and courtesy of Gamerheadquarters , click on it for a full view which should make it easy to spot barn finds.

    External image

    15 Barn Finds Cars:
    -Dodge Charger Daytona Hemi (1969)
    -Ferrari Dino 246 GT (1969)
    -Ferrari 166mm Barchetta (1948)
    -Ford XB Falcon GT (1973)
    -Ford Super Delux Station Wagon (1946)
    -Holden Sandman HQ Panel Van (1974)
    -Holden HQ Monaro GTS 350 (1973)
    -Holden 50-2106 FX UTE (1951)
    -Jaguar MK II 3.8 (1959)
    -Lamborghini LM 002 (1986)
    -Maserati A6GCS/53 Pininfarina Berlinetta (1953)
    -Meyers Manx (1971)
    -Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec (1993)
    -Reliant Supervan III (1972)
    -Toyota FJ40 (1979)

    Edit: Note, it would appear some people are having the achievement get stuck at 93% despite restoring all vehicles. You're not the only one, with the newly released Barn Find you can apparently get the achievement by collecting/restoring it since it's fixed quickly. There are now more than 15 cars available, you only need to find 15 of them
  • SockGORE828SockGORE828423,408
    04 Oct 2016 29 Sep 2016 29 Sep 2016
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    The other guides are perfectly fine, but if you are a gamer that likes to try to find things on their own such as myself may I suggest using drone mode to find the barn finds.

    To access drone mode (something new to Forza Horizon) you must unlock it using skill points you gain from leveling up. It is one of the first skills you can pick up. Once you level up and get to the skill shop it is under festival boss on the bottom middle tile.

    Then press cn_start and in the home tab you will find it on the bottom right under photo mode. This will allow you to fly a drone that that is much more maneuverable and can rotate easier than any car you use, especially in the hilly tree filled areas the barn finds tend to be in.

    Just drive to the purple area highlighted on your map and deploy your drone. Anything you see with your drone will be marked on your map making it easier to drive directly to it. I have found this has saved me a bit of time once i started utilizing it. I have also found some bonus boards this way.

    If anyone has any problems or anything they think should be added let me know so I can edit the post. I hope this helps!
  • NE0182NE0182184,702
    25 Sep 2016
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    There are 15 Barn Find cars in Forza Horizon 3. These Barn Finds give you rare and classic cars. While you progress through the story you will get notifications of barn rumors.

    After you find them in the barns you have to wait a while until they are restored until you can drive them.

    The Barn Finds are collected clockwise starting from the bottom the Forza Horizon 3 map.

    All 15 Locations + Car Showcase

    1 - Holden Sandman HQ Panel Van 00:03
    2 - Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec 01:11
    3 - Jaguar MK II 3.8 02:20
    4 - Ford Super Deluxe Station Wagon 03:31
    5 - Ferrari Dino 246 GT 04:46
    6 - Maserati A6GCS/53 Pininfarina Berlinetta 05:52
    7 - Holden HQ Monaro GTS 350 07:03
    8 - Reliant Supervan III 08:18
    9 - Charger Daytona Hemi 09:30
    10 - Toyota FJ40 1979 10:42
    11 - Ford XB Falcon GT 11:58
    12 - Holden 50-2106 FX UTE 13:12
    13 - Ferrari 166mm Barchetta 14:27
    14 - Lamborghini LM 002 1986 15:44
    15 - Meyers Manx 1971 16:57
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