I Want It All achievement in Forza Horizon 3

I Want It All

Complete every page in the Skill Shop (excluding temporary perks).

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How to unlock the I Want It All achievement

  • WyyvernWyyvern531,010
    30 Sep 2016 24 Sep 2016 18 Oct 2016
    94 20 30
    [As the achievement description says, you do not need any temp perks for this achievement. Just the permanent ones]

    This is the method I've been using to get skill points (skip to 6:20 to see the area):

    The idea is to buy a Ram Runner, convert the drivetrain to RWD, switch the engine to the V10 (not the V12) and fully upgrade the rest.

    Then take it to just south of the airport, where "DRY RESERVOIR" is displayed (I stick to the part just southeast of the writing). Drive over this terrain in circles and you'll get lots of air/destruction/drift skills. You can get a 50,000x6.0 combo in about two minutes. There isn't much to look out for, just a few dead unmoveable trees. I've never rolled over doing this method.

    To speed this up, work on the "skills" part of the tree first and buy these perks as soon as you can:

    External image

    Also use the skill songs! Calex dEUS recommended listening to "Timeless FM" as the songs are longer than other radio stations (sometimes over 20 minutes), giving you more time of double skill points.

    AH GamerScore added some important points. There is a maximum of three skill points for one combo, so aim for a maximum of 300,000 points. This means 50,000x6 or 25,000x12 if a skill song is playing. You can also use a skill boost horizon edition car instead of the Ram Runner to speed up the process (you can get them from a wheelspin or the auction house) however there's an increased risk of rolling over.

    Hope this helps, credit for the car and location goes to TC9700Gaming

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    DenJuandeMarcoGlitch! For several months I am through, frustrating...
    Posted by DenJuandeMarco on 22 Apr 19 at 09:28
    MattyBH85Mine is still locked at 98% laugh and is the only achievement outstanding for me...
    Posted by MattyBH85 on 17 Oct 19 at 04:25
    HeRo aSaPFor those who the achievement is stuck, I find a way to unlock it on the digital game (should work on the physical game) witheout loosing your save.

    So you have to start a new game, to proceed you have to delete the save from the hardware (Manage Game -> Save Data -> Remove).
    Once, launch the game, soon the game will synchronise with the cloud, stop it (Pressing B - Stop sync’).
    Now you are able to start the game from the very beginning, now you have to play till unlock the 2nd festival site, after reached the site you will unlock horizon on line and the shop, simply get 1 prowess point and buy one perk (or more if you are stuck at 96% or less).
    You have to do all the process ine ONE SHOT witheout lefting the game till the achievement pops otherwise I think you will loose your save or restart the process.

    Now you can left the game, remove the save again, launch the game, the game will sync’ with the cloud, this time you have to let the game sync’ and that’s it, you should be able to play with your initial save, it worked for me.
    As I can’t guarantee it will work for everyone, if you are scared, you can do all the process at the end of the game when you’ll only miss this achievement.

    I hope it can help some of you.
    Posted by HeRo aSaP on 17 May at 12:38
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  • DropDeadHorizonDropDeadHorizon247,827
    12 Nov 2016 12 Nov 2016 14 Nov 2016
    45 0 25
    To simplify Stahps guide to fixing this achievement this is all you have to do in a much easier way.

    If you are stuck at 95% like I was after unlocking every skill you will need to follow these steps.

    •Disconnect your wifi or Ethernet cable from your Xbox (Do Not select go offline if you are using wifi)
    •Go to Forza Horizon 3s Manage game and delete your save file.
    •Start a new game. Unlock the skill points I needed. (To Be sure I unlocked 7 skills as man the skills)
    •Pause the game and dashboard to the Xbox main menu. Go to manage game and delete the hard save file again. (DO NOT QUIT THE GAME)
    •With Forza Horzion still running and the save file deleted, go back to your settings and connect the wifi. If you are using an Ethernet cable plug I think in now.
    • Go open Forza Horizon and the achievement will pop.

    This solution also works for Exhibition Expert I had completed every exhibition and the achievement was stuck at 97%. And it unlocked at the same time as I want it all.

    Do keep in mind that your game progress may not show the correct stats. Do not worry. Nothing will rest as everything is backed up on your cloud save.
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    oooo Smurf ooooI dont seem to have a save file anywhere?
    Any ideas please, I'm also stuck at 77% and also Exhibition expert (fully completed but stuck at about the same.) Plus I have left 1 highlighted xp board but it isnt where it shows on the map, its invisible lol but can't unlock the billboard achievement as stuck n 99% because I cant find this last board. angry
    Posted by oooo Smurf oooo on 19 Oct 18 at 16:09
    XxLukzillaxXThis is the best guide ever!!! I was stuck in 93% in I Want It All and 98% in Like a Boss. Doing this procedures, both popped. Still works in nov/2019. Thank you so much
    Posted by XxLukzillaxX on 17 Nov 19 at 13:09
    Ne0N PrimeThis worked for me. Achievement unlocked delayed with no notification.
    Posted by Ne0N Prime on 22 Mar at 19:29
  • LavindatharLavindathar1,658,776
    01 Jan 2017 01 Jan 2017 17 Feb 2017
    22 3 4
    This is a heads up to those stuck at 96% and are looking at solutions that require managing offline saves etc.

    Before you do any of that, if you are stuck at 96%, make sure you aren't making a silly mistake.

    The achievement is for all perks, excluding temporary perks. That's the top row on each skill right? Wrong.

    The top row on the two left trees, Festival Boss and Skills are temporary. You can tell as below there is a 0 (or however many times you have unlocked it). The top row on the right tree, instant skills, do not have this. They aren't temporary. The top row on the instant skills tree is required.

    And if you do the math.....all skills except the top rows on all three trees equals. You guessed it, 96%.

    So make sure the top row on the instant skills tree is unlocked, as well as all three skills at the very top which you give you the three bonus cars (one from each tree), this will give you 100% without having to delete games. And it's far quicker to earn the skill points with all ugorades than running through the start of the game again.

    Hope this helps, as I thought mine was bugged until I worked this out.
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    LavindatharThankyou, amended.
    Posted by Lavindathar on 17 Feb 17 at 13:27
    Negan BetaStuck at 97% and i have all perks unlocked nothing is empty anywhere so this may help some but not in my case as there is nothing left to unlock at all.
    Posted by Negan Beta on 02 Feb 18 at 14:14
    Evan Owns Youstuck at 98%, unlocked every permanent perk. What an annoyance! Thanks for your help.
    Posted by Evan Owns You on 05 Jul 18 at 13:19
  • Zog ReturnsZog Returns196,028
    30 Sep 2016 29 Sep 2016 29 Sep 2016
    20 4 0
    This is one of a few different ways to earn skill points quickly in this game. In my opinion though, although it can get a little bit mind numbing, I feel it is one of the quickest and most reliable ways to earn skill points as fast as possible.

    Here is a video showing how I earn my skill points.

    Essentially, this method revolves around chaining drifts together on the air strip found in the Outback region (North West of the map).

    Before we begin, I have a few hints and tips that you may find useful.

    First, and very importantly, it is worth saying right now that there is a limit to how many skill points you can unlock in one chain! You can earn a maximum of 3 points (or stars) per chain. Each point is equivalent to 100,000 points, so you want to aim for about 300,000 points, bank the points and start again. I spent plenty of time achieving point scores of over 1,000,000 only to find that I was still only being awarded 3 points. So if you are just trying to beat your friends and have bragging rights over who has the highest score, by all means, knock yourself out, but it isn't really worth it if you want to unlock skill points quickly. So for this guide, I recommend we just stick with aiming for the standard 300,000 ;)

    I recommend you get yourself a fast 4WD car. As you can see, I used a Nissan GT-R, but feel free to choose whatever you are comfortable with. The reasons I recommend 4WD is purely for the control it gives you whilst drifting, you are less likely to completely spin out/over-steer (potentially ruining your chain) and if you have to, it gets you going again really fast and up to speed again if you need to get your chain going again.
    Just make sure that you have plenty of power running through those wheels to keep them spinning ;)
    (You might notice that I left the traction control on, but that was because my GT-R has plenty of power to keep the wheels spinning, so I did not feel that I needed to turn it off.)

    I also recommend that when you are driving down the runway, try to stick to the left hand side of it as much as possible as this is the flow of "traffic" for the drivatars/A.I. just like it is on the road.
    You should also try to keep an eye on what is ahead of you and definitely keep an eye on your mini map for any drivatar icons on it to keep you alerted of what is ahead. There was a point in my video where you can see I was trying to get ahead of an A.I. car and nearly ended up losing my chain because I did not notice there was a car coming towards me (I got incredibly lucky as I only "traded paint" and did not lose my chain)

    But essentially, I would aim to drive at roughly 100MPH whilst constantly zig-zagging down the runway, trying to get "ultimate" drifts as much as possible to maximise my points scored. it may be different for each kind of car, but I found that with my GT-R, once I had started my drifts, I could keep my "foot" to the floor at full throttle and the car would maintain a decent speed for drifting.

    There are many perks under the skills section of the skill shop that can help make this process a little faster. For example, Skill legend increases your chain multiplier from 5 to 6 (from 10 to 12 during skill songs), Drift star increases drift scores by 10%, Radio star increases the frequency of skill songs etc. You'll be earning more XP from doing all of this too, so more free wheel spins too.

    Just remember to be aware when skill songs are coming up, certain ones are longer than others, but they make a nice boost. Below is roughly what you want to be aiming for in terms of score to bank. But bear in mind, the game has to play catch up to all the drifts who have done, so I tend to go a bit overboard and end up scoring more than I need sometimes, but you will get a feel for when to stop.

    Scores to aim for:

    5x multiplier = 60,000 (60,000 x 5 = 300,000points)
    6x multiplier (skill legend perk) = 50,000 (50,000 x 6 = 300,000points)
    Skill song - 10x multiplier = 30,000 (30,000 x 10 = 300,000points) Skill song - 12x multiplier(skill legend perk) = 25,000 (25,000 x 12 = 300,000points)

    Good luck, and happy drifting.
  • BradLeafsFan9BradLeafsFan9375,335 375,335 GamerScore
    08 Oct 2016 08 Oct 2016 09 Oct 2016
    19 4 2
    This is how I got most of my skill points, just go to the location on the map from the video and continuously drive around the small patch of grape vines jumping and sliding around keeping your combo until you want to cash in your points. Keeping your combo going is really easy in this location!

    Obviously having more skill perks that are related to building skill points will help you build bigger combos. I used a car that was a "Horizon Edition" with a Skills Boost which lets your combo multiply go higher than normal, but it doesn't affect your maximum multiplier while a skill song is active.

    Also for the possibility of longer skill songs, change your radio station to "Timeless", you can get up to a 23 minute skill song! music

    [Edit]: You can only get a max of 3 skill points per combo which equals to a 300,000 point combo, so if you want to gain skill points id recommend stopping your combo at that point, then start again to get the most skill points in the least amount of time!

    Thanks to Tendoman77 for pointing that out
  • BastiXS96BastiXS96124,585
    29 Oct 2016 29 Oct 2016 29 Oct 2016
    15 1 2
    I figured a good way out to make a good amount of Skillpoints.

    i created a bucketlist-challenge at the GoldMine called "XP" - just add me as a friend on XBL and you should see the bucket list.

    External image

    External image

    You just have to drive along the lonely highway without other traffic and collect your ultimate-speed-skillpoints
    you can add Wreckage-Skills when you crash some poles near the street

    just go up and down nearly to the time limit and then finish the race.

    External image

    best is, when you have an "HE"-Car with Skill- or Speedpoint-Boost

    i managed to get about 150k Skillpoints per direction from start to finish
  • StahpStahp718,127
    09 Oct 2016 09 Oct 2016
    17 4 1
    It seems that this achievement may be bugged for some. After I unlocked all the perks, my achievement progress bar was at 94%.

    What I did to unlock it is :
    - to unplug my ethernet cable (then beeing offline)
    - to delete my local save (the cloud save needs to be sync before)
    - to start a new game until being able to unlock perks (more or less when you open a 2nd horizon site)
    - to unlock enough perk (I was at 94% before, so I needed 4-5 perks, but to be sure, I unlocked 6)
    - to quit the game and remove my local save again
    - to replug my ethernet cable
    - to restart the game while online
    when the game started to download my cloud save, the achievement popped.
  • DCNats34DCNats3425,282
    26 Nov 2017 25 Nov 2017
    6 0 0
    First, you want to get the right car. Go the Festival>Autoshow>View All>Ram>Ram Runner 2013. Buy the car, it's not too much (like 100,000 or less credits I believe). Then, go to Garage>Upgrades>Load Upgrade>Search "I Want It All" or (I made one) search for creator "DCNats34". This car is ideal for drifting, going fast and being offroad. There are multiple areas specified above that are good for skill points, in my opinion the best is either fields/farms or the Dry Reservoir as other areas may look good, but are easy to crash in. Remember to stop after 50,000 (before multiplier), as you can't get more than that in one go.
  • cotto69cotto69491,659
    15 May 2017 15 May 2017 15 May 2017
    7 1 0
    It looks like you can only get a maximum of 3 skill points each time now.

    So get your x6 multiplier (unlocked on skills in the skill shop) on the airport runway and hit upto 50,000 then stop to get your 3 skill points then rinse and repeat

    Helps to have a horizon edition drift skills boost car
  • V3ntilatorV3ntilator184,905
    04 Aug 2018 18 Jun 2018 04 Aug 2018
    5 0 0
    Here is how it unlocked for me without getting all perks.
    There is 8 temporary perks which have a 0 below them.

    - Skills Tab. You only need to unlock the car on top row + complete 4 lines below.
    - Festival Boss. You only need to unlock the car on top row + complete 4 lines below.
    - Get 100% of the perks on Instant rewards.

    Timeless radio channel have the longest songs, and nice for skill songs.

    A very fast way to grind perks.

    Cars i use is Bugatti Veyron and Porsche 911.
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