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This. Is. FORZA!

Create and complete a Championship with 100+ miles of racing over 10 events.

This. Is. FORZA!0
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    This is pretty easy to manage once you have upgraded and added more Horizon hubs.

    Find an event that has Championship enabled, you should have gotten these by the time you unlock enough events as one of the events you do is a Championship.

    Now, go to the event and select Championship then Blueprint.

    Here you want to create a Championship with 10 events in it. I did 8 sprints and 2 course events. To get over 100 miles I had to set the two course events to 20 laps each. This is good as it'll get your LOADS of levels, skill points and spectators at the end.

    When complete, you'll see a poster of your event before you confirm the details. Make sure it says 10 events and shows over 100 miles. Now simply race them. Luckily you don't have to do them all in one go so if you get bored, just do something else and come back to them. Each event you selected will have the "Continue Championship" option and will show as a white background icon on your map.

    I had upgraded my main hub 5 times, and unlocked all hubs at level 1 or 2 before doing this.

    The Achievement will pop after the 10th event.
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    24 Sep 2016 24 Sep 2016 25 Sep 2016
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    Do not complete this achievement in co-op (with players who also want the achievement), only the host will unlock it. :(

    Just throwing this tidbit on for the time being. Once a formal solution has been written, I'll take this comment down, as it's not a solution at all! Hopefully they'll include this information to keep others informed!
  • BloodwCinnamonBloodwCinnamon537,918
    09 Oct 2016 09 Oct 2016
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    I recommend waiting until Byron Bay is upgraded to level 5, so that you can run this championship from the Goliath Circuit race. This race alone circles the entire map, is fun and relaxing to drive, and you can set the number of laps. With the addition of nine other events, you will easily meet the criteria of 100 or more miles.

    Set up a championship blueprint from Goliath Circuit, located on the east side, right near the Horizon Festival Hub. Two or three laps should be sufficient. Add nine other events you'd like to race. Tweak the laps of your circuit races until you're at or above 100 miles.

    10 events. 100 miles.
  • Anima PuraAnima Pura275,634
    30 Sep 2016 30 Sep 2016
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    After progressing enough in the Campaign, you will be given the opportunity to participate in Championships, which function just like Horizon 2. The new thing here is that you can also create Championship Blueprints.

    To unlock this achievement, you need to drive up to a Route that enables you to start a championship from and create a new Blueprint. You must add 10 events. Make sure that two of them are circuit events and make them be around 15 laps. For the sake of saving time, let the other 8 be sprint events.

    Once you've selected those, back out to the screen that all available Blueprints for that Route are. You'll be able to see your Blueprint's poster, on the bottom of which are the number of events (that should obviously be 10) and the total miles that you'll run for that Championship. You need to make sure that's 100 miles or more for the Imperial and 161 kilometers or more for the Metric system.

    If those two number are ok, complete the Championship and the achievement will pop. You don't have to win it too to get it.
  • MurphX2100MurphX2100303,348
    05 Jul 2017 05 Jul 2017
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    I set up a blueprint for anybody that doesn't want to bother. Just add me and restart your game. It's at the Mill Cross Country Circuit directly west of Maroondah Reservoir.
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