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Exhibition Expert

Complete an Exhibition at every race route in the game.

Exhibition Expert0
06 November 2019 - 3 guides

Achievement Guide for Exhibition Expert

  • WyyvernWyyvern494,059
    30 Sep 2016 01 Oct 2016 11 Oct 2016
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    Exhibitions are the single races that you can start from the race routes on the map. There are 63 in total, and you need to fully upgrade each festival for every one to be unlocked.

    You don't have to win the races to unlock this achievement! Only complete them.

    You can shorten the amount of time it takes to get this achievement considerably if you use the blueprints. When editing them, select "race options" and set the time and weather to a clear day (if it isn't already). Most importantly, if it's a circuit race, set the amount of laps to one.

    You may want to switch cars depending on what surface you'll be racing on. A supercar may be the fastest on the road, but on an off-road sprint you'll be spending half the time rewinding because it bounced everywhere and went off course into a tree.

    Note: there is a known bug where every event shows up gold but the achievement stays at 98%, view this thread post for a possible fix ---> All exhibitions achievement ?
  • DropDeadHorizonDropDeadHorizon241,457
    12 Nov 2016 12 Nov 2016 12 Nov 2016
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    If you are stuck at 97% and sure you competed all the Exibition races you will need to follow these steps

    •Disconnect your wifi or Ethernet cable from your Xbox my (not go offline)
    •Go to Forza Horizon 3s Manage game and delete the save file.
    •Start a new game, play offline still and unlock the races you may need. I was at 97% and completed two exhibitions to be sure.
    •Onve you have completed the races needed, pause the game and dashboard to the Xbox main menu. Go to manage game and delete the hard save file again.
    •With Forza Horzion still running and the save file deleted, connect your wifi or Ethernet cable and the achievement will pop.

    (Keep In Mind that this will get you the achievement but may not not progress your game.)
    I hope this helps!
  • TickTockRobTickTockRob215,771
    30 Dec 2016 30 Dec 2016
    18 4 1
    If your map is showing that you've done all exhibitions (all locations are grayed out) but your game and achievement progress say otherwise, simply change the filter on the map screen to only show 'Routes', by deselecting everything else (or deselecting 'All'), and the incomplete exhibition locations will miraculously be no longer greyed out.

    Even better, they will remain this way when all filters are returned to normal, so the map will now work as expected.

    The map must have just needed a refresh or something.
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