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PR Superstar

Get 3 stars on all PR Stunts.

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  • BradLeafsFan9BradLeafsFan9359,980 359,980 GamerScore
    05 Oct 2016 06 Oct 2016 16 Apr 2019
    222 8 45
    You have to have all festivals upgraded to level 5 in order to unlock all of the stunts.

    For the Speed Zones you can use any car with good stats to complete them pretty easily.

    For all of the Drift Zones I used,
    Car: 1974 Toyota Celica GT
    Tune: "230+ MPH C-CLASS"
    Creator: "Don Joewon Song"
    This setup makes the drift zones a lot easier as this car just racks up the drift points!
    P.S. You will also unlock the "Underdog" Achievement for getting 3 stars with this car.

    As for the Danger Signs and Speed Traps, A fast car can complete most of them without much trouble but, I have created a YouTube playlist of 3 Star PR Stunts that include the more challenging ones, I will include more upon request.

    Here's the link:

    I hope this is helpful!
  • SpringbockSpringbock131,917
    05 Oct 2016 06 Oct 2016 06 Oct 2016
    51 4 9
    I entered this as a comment on AUS Timebomb's solution but thought it might help to be on the first page with some tweaks.

    I personally found drift zones the most frustrating. Generally for tarmac drifts I used an a800 boss 302 Mustang, dirt drifts I used an s1900 2005 wrx with rally suspension and tyres. And lots of perseverance.

    Rewind was my friend as if I stuffed a drift I could rewind and tweak it a little to keep from spinning out. Also, on tarmac especially I found that fishtailing on any straight bits helped me squeeze out extra points.

    For the drift zones maintaining speed is important so don't try to push drifts too far as you won't have enough momentum to get good points on follow up corners. I think use awd if you go above A class as the RWD power of s1 or s2 could be too much.

    I personally didn't spend that much time on tuning the cars except for tyre pressure to just under 1.9 bar and gear ratios to maximise acceleration.

    Speed zones and traps can be really simple I was lucky enough to be able to use a Koenigsegg one:1. I gave it awd and race tyres so it had handling to match. Apart from traffic the speed zones and traps were simple. Also gave it rally tyres and suspension for the offroad speed areas. Makes it pretty simple. If you also give it the race transmission make final drive 3.00 and you're pretty much in the sweet spot without needing to fiddle too much more.

    equivalent cars to the one:1 would be the regera, Veyron and Hennessey venom. The ultima 1020 as well but I think that's one of the bonus cars for VIP or pre order so maybe not everyone has it. Any of the pagani cars as well. Basically for speed traps and zones you need all stats as high as possible so the car is fast enough and able to maintain speed through any bends.

    I ended up using the koenigsegg for danger signs as well but didn't really struggle too much with them. Danger signs you sometimes have to hit a little sideways so that you don't hit any obstacles like trees or bridges that would cause you to fail. From memory the surfers paradise danger sign has a tree right in the middle so you want to try going a little right. Also a danger sign near the Yarra festival next to the bridge you want to try going a little to the left as straight found me always hitting or landing on the bridge.

    My biggest tip:
    A couple areas have water through them. In those I used a mixed out Range Rover Supercharged. Ends up with something like 9.7 speed and max launch and acceleration. Rally tyres and suspension for offroad bits. The range rover's extra mass (2500kg+) helped me maintain speed or drift through the water. Any other car I used just seemed to get bogged in the water whereas the rangie felt like it powered through better.

    For those who are interested I'll share all my tunes for the cars I used with the name PR Stunt. Gt: Springbock
  • STEVEtheP1R4TESTEVEtheP1R4TE86,091
    11 Jan 2017 11 Jan 2017 17 Jan 2017
  • ShakeThatBear14ShakeThatBear1476,295
    27 Mar 2017 24 Mar 2017
    23 0 0
    I posted this in the forum but figured I'd post here too. For anyone struggling with the drift zones I highly recommend the Tesla Model S. I kind of laughed when I saw it because I did a lot of case studies on them in school, and it wasn't a car I expected to see. But oh man I was thoroughly surprised. For those who don't know -- Teslas Model S is equipped with "Ludicrous Mode" which is essentially a battery powered engine that only has one gear. Despite this its still the quickest production car in the world, so the acceleration is absolutely insane.

    But to my point. Once you give it a full upgrade it is extremely useful . This is my first Forza game and drifting is what I have most struggled with. But after running a couple races with the Tesla Model S I ran straight through an 80,000 pt drift zone in two tries.

    Also, its useful if you;re looking for an XP bump but struggle with manual. Since it is all a single gear you can put on 'manual with clutch' and pick up an extra 10xp for your assists multiplier. For that matter I also recommend taking off traction and stability control (an xtra 10xp each -- 20xp total) because the way the tesla is made to run its really not necessary. And the lack of traction allows you to throw 3800 lbs side ways with an ebrake and slide straight through the drift zones due to its insane engine spinning the tires and pushing you through.

    Sorry for the long post. Hope this helps someone.
  • DonkeyBong71DonkeyBong71589,736
    17 Dec 2017 17 Jun 2017 17 Dec 2017
    13 0 0
    Viz Top Tipz:
    Tired of pesky moronic Drivatards scuppering your 3-star runs? Simply ninja them away by doing these in a private online free-roam session with just yourself in it!
    It doesn't remove the ambient traffic unfortunately, but with the crazy nutcase A.I. gone it can make some of the speed zones, speed traps and drift zones a little easier to complete. For the danger signs though, i recommend going back to solo so you can use rewind.
  • Furiously FastFuriously Fast16,912
    16 Jun 2018 16 Jun 2018
    6 0 4
    This is mainly a solution for the Drift zones. I managed to get 3 stars on all the PR Stunts yesterday. It was mainly the Drift zones I had left, some with only 1 star previously. By far the best car I have used for Drifting is the Ferrari 166MM Barchetta 1948

    It is expensive so get it from Auction, during a sale or use your boss perk from the skills screen to get it.

    I've made a tune for it, it should be the first one you see if you search by Drift. You only need it tuned to max C class so this will also help you get the PR Underdog achievement. To get 3 stars in a C Class Car.

    I'm not great at Drifting but I got 3 stars on all Drift Zones usually in 1-3 attempts. So check it out!
  • ZonkyZonky38,271
    14 Sep 2018 26 Sep 2018
    3 2 0
    For those people struggling to achieve 3 stars for the drift zones there is a car and tune combination that turned me from not getting any 3 star drifts, to completing them all in a few hours.

    Car: Holden Torana A9X Horizon Edition

    Tune: Drift King by AYE TODDY

    With stability/traction turned off, and ABS off I got them all easily done in this car and tune.
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