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Discover every beauty spot in the game.

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Achievement Guide for Backpacker

  • NE0182NE0182184,707
    23 Sep 2016 25 Sep 2016 25 Sep 2016
    176 4 15

    There are 13 Beauty Spots in Forza Horizon 3. These are spots all across the map that you can drive up to and activate to see a little slideshow.


    1 - Byron Bay 00:03
    2 - Maroondah Waterfall 00:42
    3 - The Twelve Apostles 01:15
    4 - Great Ocean Road 01:49
    5 - Glass House Mountain 02:20
    6 - Maroondah Rainforest 02:54
    7 - Maroondah Reservoir 03:27
    8 - The Outback 03:58
    9 - Pink Lakes 04:29
    10 - Ormistion Gorge 05:02
    11 - Parkes Satellite Array 05:36
    12 - Surfers Paradise 06:11
    13 - Silver Sands Shipwrecks 06:43
  • ASAnaparadaASAnaparada479,556
    26 Jan 2018 28 Jan 2018
    10 0 3
    For those having the bug problem like i did (i collect them all but the track was showing that i had 93%), here's how i get it:

    1. Go to your games and apps, on the Forza Horizon 3 and choose Manage game
    2. Go to your save data, choose it and Delete from CONSOLE (Only local save! we don't want to restart the game all over)
    3. On your X1 go to Settings - Network - Go OFFLINE.
    4. Now start the Forza Horizon 3. It should start by you racing a car, then you will choose one car, with this car you will race 2 Exhibition and make a danger sign jump. After this you will upgrade your festival to level 2.
    5. Only after upgrade the festival you will be able to search the beauty spots. Follow any guide that you have and collect all the 13 spots. Remember that you are offline.
    6. Complete Close the game. Tap Xbox Button cn_guide, go to the forza horizon 3 and press menu button cn_start and then close game.
    7. Right now you can go ONLINE again. Tap the Xbox Button cn_guide and choose Connect to Xbox Live (It will take you to the Network screen, choose Go Online there). Wait until it shows your NAT.
    8. Just to make sure that you got you achievement, go to your profile and then achievements. This will pop Backpacker achiev (Weeeehhh!! dance.
    9. Repeat the step1 and step2 (Go to your games and apps, on the Forza Horizon 3 and choose Manage game, in the save data choose to delete from CONSOLE one more time)
    10. After the local save be deleted you can start the forza horizon 3. Your cloud save will be sincronized and you will be able to continue the game from where you stop. And hunt the challenges. And be happy.
  • daqqer2kdaqqer2k22,329
    30 Aug 2017 31 Aug 2017
    4 2 0
    Here is my video about Beauty Spots.
    The first part is cinematic.
    The locations are shown from 3:10-...

  • xTGExTGE305,025
    23 Sep 2016 23 Sep 2016 23 Sep 2016
    7 8 0
    Around the map there are 13 'Beauty' spots which show off some of the most beautiful locations around Australia and these are indicated by purple square icons on the map.

    Here is a video showcasing all their locations:

    1) The Twelve Apostles
    2) Great Ocean Road
    3) Silver Sands Shipwrecks
    4) Surfers Paradise
    5) Parke's Satellite Array
    6) Ormiston Gorge
    7) Pink Lakes
    8) The Outback
    9) Maroondah Reservoir
    10) Maroondah Rainforest
    11) Glass House Mountain
    12) Maroondah Waterfall
    13) Byron Bay
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