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Totally meant to do that...

Perform a Barrel Roll in any Buggy.

Totally meant to do that...0
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  • TabbeTabbe270,007
    24 Sep 2016 24 Sep 2016 29 Sep 2016
    111 6 15
    First you need to build Outback festival, then you are able to buy buggys.
    Once you have a buggy, you need to do a barrel roll with it and since we can't do tricks you need to force the car into it.

    For me it worked driving down to the back of Redstone airport with a Ariel Nomad and hitting a ramp with 2 weels and the other two ouside of the ramp. The car started to roll and as soon as I was back on all 4 wheels, the cheevo popped.

    Valnor2 also suggests:
    At the Redstone gold mine there is a fast travel board in a tunnel under the road, it had rounded sides and I was able to get the achievement there easily
  • thefancypancethefancypance54,439
    11 Nov 2016 12 Nov 2016 12 Nov 2016
    60 3 8
    I tried the other solutions without success. I went to the airport like they suggested but after missing a few times I fell down into one of the tunnels and found this:

    External image

    Not all of them work though, you have to go to the position below because the rest have a ridge that acts as a wall. The southern entrance to the western tunnel acts as a ramp which is perfect for low speed barrel rolls.

    External image

    Get up to about 65-70 mph and put the wall right in the middle of the car. Then at the last minute turn just a tiny bit towards the tunnel and you will get it. I tried it several times and got it at least half of the time.

    Here's a video I made for further explanation.

  • S1yfaS1yfa348,358
    27 Sep 2016 28 Sep 2016
    55 0 5
    Tabbe's solution is great, but I was having trouble getting enough air from the airport ramps to complete the barrel roll before hitting the ground.

    An alternative spot is the timber mill in Kiewa Valley. There are 3 really big stacks of logs that make up tabletop ramps, and approaching them from the direction in which the main timber mill buildings are on your right hand side gives you a clean, smooth run which means you can carry decent speed.

    Hitting the side of the right-most stack of logs with 2 wheels on, 2 wheels off the ramp and within 3 tries I had enough air, speed and rotation to fully barrel roll in the air and pop the achievement. I did it in an A800 class Alumi Craft but I imagine other buggies will all work fine too.
  • Boneless117Boneless117256,822
    06 Oct 2016 07 Oct 2016 07 Oct 2016
    41 4 2
    Just following on from @Tabbe 's post,

    I can confirm that hitting a ramp at the Ariel Nomad airport was a good way to get this.

    Here is the clip of me getting it just for reference.
    I was using the Ariel Nomad and I had to clear out the Solar panels on the path back to ramp to make it easier.

    Created this as you can't add clips to comments.
  • Ian333333Ian333333351,636
    12 Jul 2017 12 Jul 2017
    5 0 0
    I used the Ariel nomad and went to the shipwreck area, to the west of that area there is a jump with 2 rails that bend upwards, I drove at the bent rail on the left of the jump and as I took off it caused me to do a barrel roll

    It seems like you have to land on your wheels for it to register
  • QuietJoey409071QuietJoey40907175,735
    11 Apr 2017 11 Apr 2017
    5 1 0
    This is a very easy achievement. Simply go to the Redstone Airport and use the ramps there to do it. Make sure you get two tires on the ramp and two tires off the ramp so the buggy spins. TIP (use rewind if you need)
  • Gt 302 BossGt 302 Boss133,462
    16 Oct 2016 16 Oct 2016
    7 5 0
    I got this at the timber saw mill the big log ramps is what you need to shoot for. I did this not even trying, so my suggestion is go for the ramps anywhere just don't try hard or put pressure on yourself.
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