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Fear the Reaper

Defeat Akasha and complete the campaign in Insane.

Fear the Reaper0
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How to unlock the Fear the Reaper achievement

  • hatchywatchyhatchywatchy119,014
    13 Nov 2009 13 Nov 2009 16 Dec 2010
    36 2 8
    Here is the list of levels I chose to complete Chapter V. Where I have written [Select], I have been given a choice and this is the level I selected.

    Important: If you select different levels to the ones I have listed below, your last level may also be different

    (01) Omicron Dawn
    (02) Sandstorm
    (03) [Select] Sanctuary
    (04) Fearless
    (05) Necropolis
    (06) Vertebrae
    (07) FloodGate

    (08) Sentinel
    Card: None (You are not able to select a card).

    I highly recommend doing this with friends on LIVE as it is seriously difficult and you will also gain the achievements for completing the Campaign in co-op. I played this with 2 others, we all grouped by the Rocket Launcher (atop the ramp covering the U-Damage). A player stood either side of the ramp, and the 3rd stood a little further back. You'll find Akasha always tries to head up the ramp hugging the wall, using the rocket launcher she becomes and easy and predictable target.

    If you don't manage it at first, keep trying. We managed to complete it on our 3rd attempt and won 20 - 8.

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    Stoogiemeisterpeople negative voted my solution, however it is worth mentioning, all u have to do is get 1 kill on akasha with the rocket launcher then hide behind the pillar (up and to the right) of the shield belt, and wait for the timer to run out and u will win, its quite easy. i have done it on PS3 and 360 check my gamertags
    Posted by Stoogiemeister on 29 Aug 12 at 10:50
    InToTh3PiTby far one of the easiest achievements to obtain in that game, and the boss fight was surprisingly fun to try and kill her
    Posted by InToTh3PiT on 03 Mar 14 at 20:07
    xTOMOxwon the game with 12 kills to 10 when the time run out .
    Posted by xTOMOx on 15 Jun 16 at 19:47
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  • SpazpolSpazpol1,021,193
    23 May 2010 24 May 2010 31 Jan 2011
    30 1 6
    Follow hatchywatchy's guide up till switching to Insane. Now this was found out the hard way when we had been boosting with 3 people and lost to Akasha at least 8 times. You can do this solution with 2 people as well.

    Basically whoever is going for the achievement needs to be hosting the chapter (so if 2 people are doing this, each of you have to start chapter 5 as host and have the other person do the following). Have at least one other person join the match. When the match starts, have the non-host person drop. You will get -1 scored but you do get an insane bot in their place. (You may be able to get them to drop prior to the match start and not get a -1 and the bot but can't confirm).

    I was able to get the win with 2 bots and myself on the first try. I have another friend that had me drop and was able to get the achievement with 1 bot and himself. 2 people against Akasha is next to impossible, so first try with 1 bot in a person's place may be the way to go.

    --- Removed 2nd controller suggestion, does not work ---
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    dR3x4cK xDYour solution worked perfectly. You can even reinvite the players that dropped out before the end of the match and all of them will get the achievement in the same game (as long as you manage to get the last one or two kills yourself). Also, ordering the bots to hold position around the shield belt (using dpad left) helped a lot.
    Posted by dR3x4cK xD on 17 Jan 12 at 09:46
    PrimeBigTimeThis is the best solution. The First time I lost 20-19! The second time I won 20-9. Othello was awesome. Some things you may want to add: the other person should drop BEFORE you hit "Begin Mission". It will still put the bot in and you don't risk getting killed right away, and the bot will be there from the start. Also, I found that if you try to distract Akasha by shooting then hiding without actually going for the kill the bot will usually get a clear shot.
    Posted by PrimeBigTime on 14 Mar 13 at 06:49
    Jay InsomniakThis is what a friend and I are doing. I got it first try, but my friend is having some issues with the bot being usefulcry +1 for my experience though won 20-15
    Posted by Jay Insomniak on 27 Dec 13 at 19:28
  • austex360austex360186,941
    21 Aug 2009 09 Jan 2011
    16 1 1
    This is definitely a hard achievement when it comes to simply beating up Akasha 1v1, but there are many things you can do to give yourself an edge over her while playing. I made a video demonstrating my strategy.

    Key things to note in the gameplay:

    Health vials [+5 health] (both spawns, 3 of them near rockets and 5 of them on the walkway under health packs)
    Health packs [+25 health] (walkway near sniper)
    Armour [+50 armour] (down flight of stairs from Bio Rifle)
    Shield Belt [+100 armour] (Akasha will ALWAYS go for this when it is up)
    U-Damage [+100% damage] (Akasha will ALWAYS go for this when it is up)
    Rockets are main weapon, Bio rifle works well also.
    If Akasha has a link gun, it'll slaughter you in seconds close range.
    Good luck!
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    Hooded Claw 006I just did this, went to the time limit and I won 5-4. Akasha got stuck on the jump platform by the rocket and was bouncing up and down for 10 minutes! It was 4-4 at the time so I just waited until there was 10 seconds left, stepped round the corner and zapped her with the Link Gun! Haha!
    You must have some serious skill to beat her properly! :)
    Posted by Hooded Claw 006 on 18 Aug 11 at 12:20
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