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Use 10 Medical Supplies on your allies.

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Achievement Guide for Shallya

    19 Jul 2017 19 Jul 2017 21 Jul 2017
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    Your character can carry and equip one healing item in the cn_left spot on your inventory. This can be either medical supplies or a healing potion. Press cn_left to bring it out, and cn_RT to use it on yourself. For this achievement, however you need to use medical supplies on others (Potions don't help with this at all.) When near another character, hold cn_LT to use the medical supplies on them.

    You will usually start with one medical supplies already on you, and can collect more during a mission, look for small boxes with a green outline.

    I'm not sure if using supplies on Bot teammates count for this achievement, please let me know in a comment if they do.
  • B2GRogueHamsterB2GRogueHamster162,078
    30 Apr 2018 15 Mar 2018
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    To be able to start with Medical Supplies, you need to be playing on easy, (Normal starts you with a Healing Draught, and Hard starts you with nothing at all), simply select the Medical Supplies and press LT to give it to someone who requires aid
  • FG x TattoueurFG x Tattoueur302,032
    06 Oct 2016 06 Oct 2016
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    When you have to occasion use a health pack on one of your friend. You need to do this 10 time to have this achievement. (potion dont work on this one)
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